International Political Economy 1500-1800 words on create a “best country index” (BCI) Humanities Assignment Help

International Political Economy 1500-1800 words on create a “best country index” (BCI) Humanities Assignment Help. International Political Economy 1500-1800 words on create a “best country index” (BCI) Humanities Assignment Help.

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Your task:

Based on your advanced international expertise, you have been hired to offer advice. Your major objective is to create a “best country index” (BCI). Your BCI should identify several (at least 6) measurable indicators of a country’s “bestness”. These could include such things from life expectancy to GDP per capita to Starbucks per square mile. It is your job to choose the indicators used in determining this award. After creating the BCI and analyzing the data, your report should include an announcement of the following awards:

  • Best country in the world
  • Worst country in the world
  • Most overrated country in the world

Format of your report:

Your report should include the following:

  1. Explain how the chosen indicators determine which country is best. Why was each indicator chosen, and how does it illustrate “bestness” or “worstness”?
  2. Use Gapminder and other sources to visually compare different countries in the world using your selected indicators.
  • Using the Gapminder world tool, construct a separate graph for each of your chosen indicators. (Links to an external site.)
    • Suggestions for using Gapminder:
      • Show your different chosen indicators on the vertical axis of each separate graph.
      • Keep the horizontal axis constant for each graph (it can make them easier to compare). In most cases, keep what it starts with, which is GDP/capita. If you choose to change this, you should be able to explain why.
      • Use the most current year for which adequate data exists (sometimes you may have to go back a few years to get adequate data)
      • Use the Gapminder country selection tool (check box for selected countries in menu on right) to highlight your chosen countries (best, worst, overrated) for each of the indicators chosen
      • Save the file (or take a screen shot)
      • Include at least a few of these graphs in your report. [note: these graphs/charts do not count toward the 3-4 page limit. You may include them as attachments to your report.]
      • If you need help in how to use Gapminder, please view the lecture “Gapminder – How to Use” in the Week 1 module in Canvas.
    • Note: you may use data, graphs, and charts from other sources than Gapminder. If you do, you should highlight and note each of your 3 chosen countries on those graphs. You should also make sure to cite sources of any data used if data comes from somewhere other than Gapminder.
  1. Provide a short statement of why each country chosen deserves the award, using the selected indicators as criteria.
  2. What IPE paradigms are illustrated by your Best Country Index (BCI)? Please include a summary of any trends, patterns, or correlations in considering past themes and ideological perspectives of the class.
  3. Citation of authors and a convincing interpretation/analysis that demonstrates sophisticated knowledge of the readings and course materials. This means that you are required to quote directly from at least 2 readings. You may refer to assigned readings as well as related articles of your choice.


  • Three (3) to four (4) double-spaced, typewritten pages for your response (10 -12 point font, 1” margins), or about 1500-2000 words.
  • Include quotes from at least two sources, citing sources. Also cite sources of data used if comes from another source than Gapminder.

What makes a country “the best country in the world”? Many people and politicians assert their country is the best. We International Political Economists have the tools and analytical skills to rise above this! here are many ways to answer this question.

There are many ways to answer this question. How could you use measurable indicators to determine which country in the world is best?


Have you thought about how the 200 countries could be ranked or compared? One example is offered by policy advisor Simon Anholt, who has created an index that measures how much “good” is done by different countries (in relation to other countries in the world). Watch the TED talk video: (Links to an external site.)

Anholt has also constructed an index that rates how people in different nations think about other nations, called the Nation Brands Index. You can interact with it at the website: (Links to an external site.)

The analysis and conclusions of Anholt are given as just one example of how to rank or compare countries. How would you do it?


After graduating with a major in International Studies (what else?), you are hired as a policy analyst at the prestigious Charles Maynard Peynes Institute (CMPI). CMPI is a new organization, a rival to the Nobel Committees of Sweden and Norway, charged with bestowing international awards to countries. CMPI will begin its mission by bestowing an annual “Best Country Award”.

International Political Economy 1500-1800 words on create a “best country index” (BCI) Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Module 05 Course Project – Formal Analysis Humanities Assignment Help

Outline included. You will expand the outline you wrote in Module 3 into a complete paper. Papers must be typed in 12-point type and be double-spaced. There is no set length for the paper, though the average length is four or five pages. Citations are not necessary. Other important aspects are thoroughness, clarity, and a demonstrated sensitivity to the work of art.

Your paper should have the following elements:


  • Include specific information about the work within the first few paragraphs of your essay analysis: title, artist, date, location, dimensions, medium of the work, and the name of the exhibition/museum in which the work is displayed.
  • Introduce the reader to the work of art by writing a detailed description of it. Your writing should be so detailed that the reader can picture the artwork.
  • End the introductory paragraph with your thesis statement.


  • Discuss the Elements of Art and Principles of Design that you think are important in understanding and analyzing this work. This part of the paper should be very detailed and will take several paragraphs. Go through each Element and Principle and describe in as much detail as possible how it is utilized in the work of art. Also worth noting is any apparent lack of a particular Element or Principle. For example, if a piece is in black and white, you should also address the impact of the lack of the Element of color.
  • Discuss the medium the artist used and how the artist exploited the particular qualities of this medium. Always refer to the artist by her or his last name, not the first name, and put the title of the work in italics.
  • Explain your personal response to the work based on its form as you analyzed it in the previous sections.


Wrap up the essay by summarizing your thesis. Do not simply repeat your thesis statement; instead, reiterate the thesis while finalizing your thoughts on the entire topic.

Keep in mind:

  • Writing a formal analysis does involve your interpretation of and personal response to the work, but your reactions must be supported by referring to specific elements and qualities which you see in the work.
  • Accept the work as it is. Do not “second guess” the artist and make such statements as, “I think the painting would have been better if the artist had . . .”
  • Titles of exhibitions are in quotation marks; titles of works of art are underlined or are in italics.

Common mistakes you will want to avoid:

  • Failure to proofread your paper to check for spelling, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, etc. Don’t rely on your computer’s spellchecker; the computer may not know if you mean “there” or “their.”
  • Confusing “it’s” and “its.” “It’s” means “it is.” “Its” is the possessive of “it,” for example, “The car is red, and its wheels are green.”
  • Referring to the artist by her/his first name. Would you write English literature paper on Romeo and Juliette and refer to the author as
  • Do not use personal pronouns in academic writing. Personal pronouns include I, we, you, our, and my. Every sentence can be reworded to avoid personal pronouns.
    • For example, instead of saying “I feel Waterlillies, by Claude Monet is a beautiful painting,” you should just say “Monet’s painting, Waterlillies, is beautiful because…”
    • Instead of saying, “When you first look at Ballerina by Edgar Degas, you will notice many details,” you should say, “Degas’ painting, Ballerina, contains many interesting details, such as…”


To survive and thrive in the 21st century, our society is dependent upon our nation’s critical infrastructure. Writing Assignment Help

Assignment Instructions

Develop a six (6) page essay that fully responds to the following prompt:

Prompt: To survive and thrive in the 21st century, our society is dependent upon our nation’s critical infrastructure. Ensuring the continued functioning of all aspects of this infrastructure is a responsibility incumbent upon all facets of our society. For this written assignment, you are to select one of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors determined by Presidential Policy Directive 21, Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience, as the primary focus topic of your report (you must select a critical infrastructure sector you have not previously focused upon in a previous forum assignment). State the topic. In your report, as it relates to your chosen sector, offer the following:

  • In-depth analysis of the threats and hazards currently being addressed
  • The consequences to communities, states, and nation should that sector be compromised
  • Measures that government (local, state and federal),as well as the private sector is currently taking related to each of the five mission areas found within the National Preparedness Goal (prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery)

Technical Requirements:

Length: Six (6) pages total, double spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pitch type in Times New Roman font. Title page, abstract (if used) and reference list do not count towards the required page count.

Sources: Research outside of assignment readings is encouraged. You must use and document in your paper, a minimum of six (6) academically acceptable resources for this assignment.

Citations/References: You must use the APA Reference List (Parenthetical) style for this assignment.

Submission: All work should be prepared in Microsoft Word and All work should be prepared in Microsoft Word format and submitted as an attachment.


Family Group Humanities Assignment Help

Answer questions below fully:

1. Discuss some of the stereotypical ways men and women are expected to respond to painful feelings, such as women who are “drama queens,” and men who are “tough guys.” Which one does society see as more favorable? Can men be drama queens and women be tough guys? Are there qualities of these stereotypes that are actually positive, such as the drama queen’s candid openness, and the tough guy’s resilience?

2. Talk about relapse. What would be the consequences of abusing substances again? What would be positives of using again? What would be the negatives?

3. Discuss stress and stress management. Identify stressors and talk about ways to cope with them. Discuss the consequences of failing to cope. Discuss the upside to stress, i.e. the positive role that some forms of stress can play in your life.

4. Discuss the nature of mistakes and imperfections—can you make mistakes and still be a good person? Can you know that you are imperfect and still feel proud of yourself? On a piece of paper, write three to six sentences that state, “I might be [something negative], but [something positive],” i.e., “I might lose my temper easily, but I am learning not to take it out on others.

5. Talk about mindfulness and the importance of living in the moment. How can staying present help in recovery? How getting caught up in what ifs, and things you can’t change, and things that may never happen, hurt recovery? How can you balance planning for the future with living in the moment?

6. What support systems do you have in your life? These can be people, activities, ways of thinking or anything at all that supports your continued recovery. How do you and other group members support each other? What else can you do to be open to giving and receiving support?

7. Talk about the importance of good nutrition. What are your healthy eating goals, if any, and how do you plan to meet them? What kind of relationship do you have with food? How can having a healthy relationship with food improve addiction recovery?

8. Talk about the importance of exercise and physical activity. What are your fitness goals, if any, and how do you plan to meet them? Do you get regular exercise? What are the benefits exercises can have for addiction recovery?

9. Talk about the importance of sleep. Do you get enough sleep? Do you get too much? Are there changes you need to make to improve in this area, and how should you go about it? Talk about the importance of good sleep hygiene (avoiding too much caffeine, avoiding screen time right before bed, getting up at the same time each day, etc.).

10. Draw or paint a picture of something in nature that has found a way to thrive in a harsh environment, such as a cactus in the desert, or tree roots bursting up from a sidewalk. Talk about your own resilience in the face of challenges, and how you might learn to be more resilient in the future.

11. Discuss self-care. Do you regularly do anything to care for yourself? What kinds of things can you start doing just to show yourself a little kindness? Why is it important to show ourselves kindness in this way?

12. Discuss being alone. Can you be alone and not be lonely? What makes you feel lonely? What balance do you need between time spent alone and time spent with others to be content? What can you do to maintain that balance in your life?


OPTION #2: (This essay must include three figures that we have examined after the midterm only) Black athletes and musicians typically are perceived as distinct from the average person in their communities. First of all, as athletic and musical “entertai Writing Assignment Help

OPTION #2: (This essay must include three figures that we have examined after the midterm only)

Black athletes and musicians typically are perceived as distinct from the average person in their communities. First of all, as athletic and musical “entertainers”, there is often a debate about whether or not they should engage in social, racial, and political issues. Secondly, as celebrities and idols of people from multiple racial and class backgrounds, theyare often considered to have “crossover” appeal and acceptance in ways that other blacks rarely do.

Choose two black athletes or musicians that we examined in this class (from the readings or lectures) and one non-athlete or musician that we studied in the second half of the class. In what ways are the experiences of the athletes/musicians similar to or distinct from those of the other black figure? (This can include their activism, the challenges they confronted, and the various strategies they used to overcome those challenges.) In your analysis, please highlight the ways that the lives and actions of these black athletes and musicians support or counter the ideas about them stated above.



Kindred Character Analysis Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Dana states: “It was that destructive single-minded love of his. He loved me. Not the way he loved Alice, thank God. He didn’t seem to want to sleep with me. But he wanted me around—someone to talk to, someone who would listen to him and care about what he said, care about it.” (page 180)

  • How does the relationship between Dana and Rufus develop?
  • How does it change?
  • What are the different levels of love portrayed in Kindred?
  • Finally, discuss the ways in which the title encapsulates the relationships within the novel. Is it ironic? Literal? Metaphorical?
  • What emphasis do we place on our own kinship? How does it compare with that of the novel?

Kindred Character Analysis Discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

3-4 page paper Writing Assignment Help


For this assessment, consider that you recently applied, and were selected, for a promotion to an executive level position in your organization. The organization’s HR department conducts management training sessions periodically as needed for employees recently promoted into senior manager or executive level positions. The organization’s HR team places a high value on leadership skills and emphasizes that as part of the management training sessions. You and other new senior managers are scheduled to attend one of those training sessions. In preparation, each attendee was asked to analyze and write a short paper about leadership styles and characteristics of effective leaders. During the management training session, the papers written by participants will be distributed and reviewed.


To complete this assessment:

  • Select a leader you admire from a for-profit or nonprofit organization you know well. This should be an organization you have a positive perception of, such as an organization for which you might someday aspire to be a leader. Examine and reflect on your chosen leader’s leadership styles and characteristics as defined in the multimedia piece.


Analyze the leadership styles and characteristics of effective leaders. In your analysis, address the following:

  • Briefly describe the organization of the leader you selected and the type of products or service it provides. You should briefly include additional key organizational information, such as size, years in operation, location, and reputation.
  • Evaluate the leadership styles and characteristics of the leader whom you admire. In your evaluation, explain how these leadership styles and characteristics can determine effective leadership.
  • Compare and evaluate your own leadership styles and characteristics to those of the leader you admire, and identify what is necessary for effective leadership.
  • Evaluate how environmental and societal factors such as politics and innovation might influence your approach to leadership at this organization. How might these and other factors affect the way you lead? Would there be differences in your leadership style if this were a different type of organization?
  • Evaluate how economic conditions might influence your leadership style. Would your leadership style change during the time of a strong economy? Would your leadership style change during the time of a declining economy? Would your leadership style change if you were leading an organization through different maturation phases (including start-up, growth, and establishment)?

Formatting: APA Style, when using a direct quote make sure to use quotation marks followed by in-text citation. The same with paraphrasing. 3-4 pages in length.


Write a 5-minute play (4-5 pages – read out loud and time yourself to determine lenght) Humanities Assignment Help

Only TWO characters having a conversation in ONE place, for a duration of 5 MINUTES (don’t change location – i.e. DO NOT begin the conversation in the car and then enter the house, or say “The following day…”). Think about the importance of action that causes drama. You have 5 minutes to tell a dramatic, intense conversation.


1. Introductory paragraph with background information, setting— year, place, character description, their relationship, etc.

2. And, the tools of the playwright, as discussed in Chapter 3:

  • Dialogue – spoken text of the play
  • Stage Directions – physical movements of the characters IN PARENTHESIS ( ) — DO NOT use { }, those are brackets
  • Parenthetical – short descriptions to help interpret dialogue IN PARENTHESIS ( ), not {brackets}


doing those 1,2,3 part (do not copy from internet ) Business Finance Assignment Help

part one

Face-to-face communication is especially important early in a project to foster team building, develop good working relationships, and establish mutual expectations. Communication with other team members and the project manager should be timely.

Write a two-page APA-formatted paper discussing why verbal communication is important to project success, and describe several ways of enhancing such communication.

part two

Have you ever experienced changes in an organization? Describe the situations before, during, and after the change. In what ways do you think the changes were handled effectively, and in what ways do you think the handing of the changes needed improvement. If you do not have a personal example, you can make it a research project and identify successful and unsuccessful change efforts in a company/companies(250words)

part three

Write an discuss on resilience by (a) defining what resilience is and (b) reflect on your past in assessing your resilience in early childhood and adolescent (discuss the two developmental stages separately). Be sure to list both negative factors (e.g., stressors) and positive factors (i.e., protective factors) in developing resilience. Moreover, (c) look at your current situations and identify negative and positive factors to being resilient and (d) identify how your employer can help employee to develop resilience. Lastly, (e) discuss factors that leads to resilience in aging. Moreover, in your essay, you will need to provide details (beyond making a list of factors) in discussing resilience. For example, if you didn’t grow up in a safe neighborhood, describe what the unsafe neighborhood was like. For this essay, you will need to cite one source for each of the requirements (a, b, c, d, e) using materials( Gido, J., & Clements, J. P. (2015). Successful project management (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.) (500 words).


Read my note and the instruction file please. Business Finance Assignment Help

Hi there,

I am gonna upload the instruction of the paper, and please read carefully the instruction. It has all the information that you need to write this paper. It’s about 4 pages longs not including the reference page. Also, when you open the instruction file, it says that it’s a team project. Actually, it is and it’s not. Let me clarify this tho. The instruction file is set up as a team project but we are doing the project individual. We are 4 in the team and each of us has an individual topic to write about, but all of our topic discusses pretty much the same issue. this is why the professor put us in team so that we can do a weekly report and that’s all. I just need to clarify this so you should have not to worry about the paper.

The topic of the paper is “Forms of cognitive dissonance and job satisfaction”

One last thing, after you wrote the paper, I need you to make 4 slides powerpoint presentation because I am gonna be presenting what you wrote. And I need a note to each slide about what I am going to say in audiance. Good Luck!

Thank you. Feel free to shoot me a text if you need to 832-692-5081.


International Political Economy 1500-1800 words on create a “best country index” (BCI) Humanities Assignment Help

International Political Economy 1500-1800 words on create a “best country index” (BCI) Humanities Assignment Help

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