Interview Paper Writing Assignment Help

Interview Paper Writing Assignment Help. Interview Paper Writing Assignment Help.

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We are discussing the issues of justice, discrimination, civil rights, feminism, etc.

I want you to interview 3 people, preferably of various ages and ethnic groups. Pose the same 5 questions to them regarding the pre-mentioned topics. Some possible questions may be: Have you recently been discriminated against? How would you feel about your son/daughter dating our marrying someone from another racial group? Do you believe that women are treated equal to men in our society? These are some possible questions; I’d like you to include others that you pose.

Write a paper (4-5 pages, double-spaced) summarizing the answers. Give details about the people interviewed, i.e., single, white male, 24 years old; married, black female, 40 years old, etc. Do not use their real first names. After you’ve summarized the responses give your own comments and observations. Did you think any of the comments could be perceived as judgmental, prejudice or racist, why? Were the people reluctant to answer the question? etc. Okay ?

People may be reluctant to give specific answers to your questions. Try to persuade them to give answers beyond a “Yes” or “No.” Tell them that their real names will not be used. They could be assured of that.

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Memo # 3: Negative Message Business Finance Assignment Help

Header: Begin your memo with the four standard memo heads (Date, To, From, Subject).

In the first paragraph of the body include your reasons for the decision. Memos do not begin
with greetings or salutations. Fully explain why the change is occurring and what the current
situation is.

The second paragraph is where you add a positive spin to the situation. This is where you
should outline the proposed merger and the process by which employees will be evaluated.
Think of other important elements employees may want to know such as timeline, severance
packages, etc.

In the third paragraph, be sure to validate any anticipated concerns employees may have about
this adjustment. Explain the greater benefit in the long-term this decision provides and conclude
your memo by indicating how the reader may contact you if he/she has any questions.


critical response ( at least 300 words) Business Finance Assignment Help

please read the following articles, and write a critical response, the response should think about the question of having newcomers to a community is a good but also a problem. How do successful communities keep and integrate newcomers into their fold? please use APA format and the response should include the in-text APA citation.




to answer homework question about bipolar junction transistor Engineering Assignment Help

the problems are in the attachment

Problem 1:
In this problem you will design a BJT to achieve a punch through voltage V CE greater than 6 V.
The emitter, base, and collector doping levels of the BJT are given as
N E=2×1019
, N B=4×1017
and NC=6×1016
What is the required minimum metallurgical base width W BM such that the punch through voltage
V CE (PT ) is greater than 6V ( V CE=V CB+V BE ). Assume operation in active mode with
V BE = 0.75 V. Due to emitter high doping, band gap narrowing of 0.09 eV occurs in emitter region
which also reduces the base-emitter built-in voltage. For depletion widths x pBE , x pBC at the
base-emitter and base-collector junctions, respectively, and neutral base width W B
, the
metallurgical junction width W BM is defined as:
W BM =W B+x pBE+x pBC
a) What is the BJT neutral base width at punch-through ?
b) What is the effective built-in voltage at base-emitter junction?
c) Calculate the depletion layer width x pBE
d) What is the built-in voltage at base-collector junction?
e) What is the voltage V CB at punch-through?
f) Calculate the depletion layer width x pBC
g) The metallurgical base width?


Photo Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Photo ESSAY: MINIMUM 6 IMAGES. All these images need to relate to each other.

You need to submit a short proposal for this project.

* Story Board: It can be a narrative, create a story through photographs frame by frame. You can also adapt a short story or a poem and turn them into visual poetry.

* Study of specific subject: Architectural (bridges, buildings, furniture, etc), landscape, nature, still life, nude, etc.

* Photojournalism style: It can be an event or find an interesting subject: portrait of homeless people, a marathon event, cherry blossom festival, etc. Be creative! Please include caption (a short paragraph) about the project.



Valuing Companies Assignment Writing Assignment Help

Read PowerWater Beverages, Inc. case (Attached)

Based on the information you find in the case material and the techniques you have learned in this course, please provided a pre-money valuation and a post-money valuation for PowerWater Beverages, Inc. You must tell me the techniques you will use up front, show your initial calculations, and explain your findings. Submit through Turn-it-in Assignment link.

Understand that the addition of a chunk of money into any company’s account immediately makes it more valuable. If we value Google at $1 billion and then we throw $1 million dollars into their bank account, then the value of Google has immediately increased by $1 million. Similarly, growing businesses are valued at a pre-money valuation in order to establish most of the deal terms and the post-money valuation becomes the pre-money valuation plus the amount of money invested in the company. It is important to establish both numbers and understand which number you are discussing when negotiating with an investor.

For this assignment, you must use multiple techniques to establish a valuation for PowerWater Beverages (each technique will give you a different valuation), decide how much to weigh the result of each technique, and establish a final pre and post-money valuation.


Pre-money valuation and explanation – 5 points

Post-money valuation and explanation – 5 points

Explanation of techniques, calculations, and correct use – 10 points



Assignment info

Pre-money valuation

  • Techniques that will be used
  • Calculations
      • name of technique
      • explanation of process
      • calculation
      • explanation of result
  • Valuation

Post-money valuation

  • Valuation
  • Explanation

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sociology Humanities Assignment Help


The Project is made up of five parts. The end result is an eight- to nine-page written paper about your selected topic. Topic choices are (select one):

  1. The Obama administration recently ended twenty years of government-funded abstinence education; however, cultural taboos continue regarding sex and young people—even talking about sex with young people. How might these be reconciled?
  2. Conformity to gender norms that place aggression at the heart of idealized masculinity is viewed as a root cause of violence. In fact, violence against women remains a huge problem, the murder of gender-nonconforming people of color has been skyrocketing, and over 90 percent of school shootings are done by white males. Examine gender roles, gender conformity, and their link to the perpetration of violence. What are potential remedies?
  3. Examine current trends in the sociological literature that speak to urban poverty. Why do some cities seem to be thriving while others seem to be in collapse? How are the urban poor making out? Why? And what can be done in response?
  4. The United States has a long and tragic history of racism that continues to hold strong today. Discuss the status of contemporary racism. Using this current state as a lens, examine the Black Lives Matter movement and other recent efforts to combat the various manifestations of racism. Does color-blind racism, for example, help to explain the difficulties experienced on many college campuses when attempting to have productive conversations and debates about racism?
  5. What is next for the LGBT movement? Did the gay-marriage win shift the movement in a good direction? Or has what is referred to as the “mainstreaming of the movement” taken us far away from the transformative vision of the early gay rights movement? What are the pros and cons of this?
  6. Discuss the phenomenon of global warming denial and its impact on the general public, environmental activism, and policymaking. Can we sustain the discrepancy between those who deny it and the existence of solid evidence of global warming’s validity?
  7. Examine the dominant ideologies that characterize contemporary U.S. society: individualism, competition, and so forth. Use these ideologies as a lens through which you explore the deep anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment in this country.
  8. In recent years, prominent politicians and others have called for an end to the War on Drugs. Some say that the War on Drugs has, in fact, ended. What is the status of the anti-drug efforts of our federal government? Taking into account current social, political, and economic trends, consider whether the War on Drugs should be over and, if so, what should follow?
  9. Is STEM education a useful strategy for combatting or remedying educational inequality? Why? Why not? How does (or can) STEM education respond to inequality in the workplace?
  10. Link sociological theory with a contemporary social problem. Consider current or recent social movements across the globe. Select one to examine using the main ideas of three of the most influential of the early sociological thinkers: Weber, Marx, and Durkheim.

Your paper’s focus must include all of the following areas:
1. Introduction (statement of the problem)
2. Literature review
3. Background information/history
4. Global perspective
5. Future implications
6. Conclusion
7. References


  • Discuss sociology, its origins, and the concept of adopting sociological and global perspectives when observing society.
  • Specify the key elements of science that are applied by sociologists to the scientific study of social groups and society, defining the key scientific terms and describing how they are used in sociology.
  • Explain the sociological meaning of the concept of culture and its components, providing examples of each.
  • Identify the characteristics of social structure and explore the relationship between social structure and individuality.
  • Discuss basic concepts relating to the social institutions of kinship, family, and marriage on both the local and global levels.
  • Explain the four (4) basic principles and different systems of social stratification.
  • Explain the role that gender plays in socialization in the family, the peer group, schooling, and the mass media.
  • Distinguish between race and ethnicity, and describe racism and prejudice, identifying the three (3) perspectives theories of the latter.
  • Explain the basic components used by demographers to study populations and describe demographic changes in the United States throughout its history, using the perspectives of Ferdinand Tönnies, Emile Durkheim, Georg Simmel, Robert Park, and Louis Wirth on urbanization as a way of life.
  • Describe the four general characteristics of social change, discuss the different sources of social change, and compare the perspectives on social change as offered by Ferdinand Tönnies, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Karl Marx.


  1. Develop the following information:
  • Topic Choice: List your project topic choice.

Assignment Submission:

  • The use of outside resources is strongly recommended, and all papers must be cited and written in current APA format.

“I need to stick with the same tutor due to the project is for 3 months. Thank you. “


Week 4 Assignment 1 Marketing Business Finance Assignment Help

  • Positioning Statement and MottoDue Week 4 and worth 175 pointsClick here and for a step by step video tutorial on this assignment.In this assignment, you will create a Positioning Statement and Motto for one (1) of the following brands: Alfa Romeo, Hewlett Packard, Subway, or Sony.Select only one (1) brand. Use the information listed, as well as your own research, to assess the brand by completing the provided template. At the end of the template, be sure to develop what you believe would be a new or better positioning statement and motto for the brand.Click here to download the required template.Submit the completed template via the Assignment 1 submission link.*Remember to only select one (1) brand from the options below (click on Option A, B, C, and D to view each available brand).
    Chrysler in motionAlfa RomeoGeneral Brand MarketingReflected in the distinctive, fluid lines of an Alfa Romeo is the brand’s long sporting tradition.Every model is a finely-engineered balance of style, performance, comfort and safety. As a result of the continuous innovation in the use of light-weight materials and advanced engine technologies, Alfa Romeo cars are best-in-class in combining operating efficiency with a level of performance and handling that all add up to pure driving emotion.
    AmazonHewlett-Packard (HP)HP’s 2013 Mission Statement
    “The HP Way”, which states company’s values and objectives.
    Our vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere – every person, every organization, and every community around the globe. This motivates us – inspires us – to do what we do. To make what we make. To invent, and to reinvent. To engineer experiences that amaze. We won’t stop pushing ahead, because you won’t stop pushing ahead. You’re reinventing how you work. How you play. How you live. With our technology, you’ll reinvent your world.
    AmazonSubwaySubway’s 2013 Mission Statement
    “To provide the tools and knowledge to allow entrepreneurs to compete successfully in the Fast Food industry worldwide, by consistently offering value to consumers through providing great tasting food that is good for them and made the way they want it.”Subway’s Vision
    Our vision is to make our restaurants and operations as environmentally and socially responsible as possible.
    AmazonSonySony’s Vision Statement
    With regard to its corporate vision, Sony states, “Our vision is to use our passion for technology, content and services to deliver kando, in ways that only Sony can.” In this vision, emphasis is on the concept of kando. The following components are present in Sony Corporation’s vision statement:

    1. Deliver kando
    2. Use our passion for technology, content and services
    3. Ways that only Sony can

    Sony’s Mission Statement
    Sony’s corporate mission is to be “a company that provides customers with kando – to move them emotionally – and inspires and fulfills their curiosity.” The mission highlights the importance of kando and what it does for customers. Sony’s mission statement has the following components:

    1. Provides customers with kando
    2. Inspires and fulfills their curiosity


Hate Crime Writing Assignment Help

Final Paper Hate Crimes

For your paper, you should select one type of hate crime in one region of the United States

(15pts) Scope of the problem. Your paper should cover the scope of that particular problem – use statistics. What hate organizations are involved? Who is impacted? What actions can remedy this problem? 1-2pgs

(35 pts) Literature Review– What do prior studies show about this type of hate crime and associated groups? What has been done about it? Use 4-5 studies that have researched the problem. Use studies and case studies to illustrate your points. 4-5pgs

(35pts) Legal& Policy. What law and policies are in place to address this problem? What has been done? What should be done? 3-4 pgs

(15pts) Limitations and Conclusion. What did you find? What are the limitations of prior studies? What should be done in the future in terms of law, policy and research. 1-2pgs

This should be roughly 10-12 pgs (this does include title page or references), double-spaced, 12 pt. font, Times or Arial and written in APA style.


2 page Rhetorical Analysis essay on article Writing Assignment Help

Please read all of the requirements before placing a bid on this question, I am only looking for tutors who are capable of completing this assignment. Thanks


-Analyze the elements of academic texts—particularly argument, genre, audience, context, purpose, and strategies.

-Articulate in writing key rhetorical concepts.


2 pages mla format

For this paper, you are asked to write a comprehensive argument analysis based on the article written above that addresses the following prompt:

Identify and provide a brief explanation of the author’s argument; identify two persuasive strategies that the author uses to support his or her argument and analyze how those strategies might persuade the reader to support the claim; discuss the assumption(s) on which the argument is based; and evaluate the extent to which the reader would find the argument convincing. Be sure to follow these directions carefully, rather than simply agreeing or disagreeing or writing an extensive summary of the article.

Successful papers will:

  • Begin with a concise introduction that contextualizes the argument being evaluated and signals the structure or layout of the paper
  • Provide an account of the rhetorical situation sufficient to establish the audience’s presuppositions
  • Accurately map the basic layout of the rhetor’s principal sub-claims; identify claim, data, and warrant
  • Explain how the rhetor employs at least two rhetorical strategies to further their argument among their intended audience.
  • Note that the length of this paper is capped at two pages. Accordingly, you must budget your space by writing succinctly. The goal is to convey meaning using as few words as possible. This takes a great deal of time and revision.

Rhetorical Analysis: Structure/organization

Sample structure/organization

There isn’t a single, universal structure to rhetorical analysis. However, I offer here one approach to guide those who may be searching for a starting place.

1. Introduction

a. Background/context

For this part, think of a rhetorical precis in which you outline the rhetorical situation, accounting for the intended audience, rhetor, and exigency. Additionally you should note the rhetor’s main claim and purpose

b. Thesis/contract

Make clear the aim(s) of your work, and signal (implicitly or expressly) the

scope of your project

2. Body paragraph #1

a. Sub-claim #1/Rhetorical Strategy #1

i. Begin with a statement that summarizes the rhetor’s sub-claimii. If not noted in the first sentence, identify the rhetor’s principal

reason or data

iii. Examine the warrant to identify the assumption(s) on which the

rhetor’s claim relies; is the claim warranted?

1. Optional: Is there backing?

2. Optional: How about rebuttal/reservation?3. Optional: Qualification?

iv. Identify the rhetorical strategy used and note how it advances the rhetor’s claim

v. Back your observation with textual support (i.e. bring in a quote).vi. Describe how the audience is affected and whether (and how) this

furthers the aims of their argument. Is it persuasive?

3. Body paragraph #2

a. Sub-claim #2/Rhetorical Strategy #2

i. Begin with a statement that summarizes the rhetor’s sub-claimii. If not noted in the first sentence, identify the rhetor’s principal

reason or data

iii. Examine the warrant to identify the assumption(s) on which the

rhetor’s claim relies; is the claim warranted?

1. Optional: Is there backing?

2. Optional: How about rebuttal/reservation?3. Optional: Qualification?

iv. Identify the rhetorical strategy used and note how it advances the rhetor’s claim

v. Back your observation with textual support (i.e. bring in a quote).vi. Describe how the audience is affected and whether (and how) this

furthers the aims of their argument. Is it persuasive?

4. Conclusion

a. Simply bring the matter to a close

Note that by the time you reach this point, you want to leave very little doubt to your conclusion. Your audience should be well aware of your end point because, if you’ve written it well, the paper will lead necessarily to this end. In other words, your conclusion should be the natural result of the work you laid out in your analysis.


Interview Paper Writing Assignment Help

Interview Paper Writing Assignment Help

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