intraspecific competition induces tragedy of the commons in Allenby’s gerbils

Write a summary and critique of the major findings of the Everybody loses: intraspecific competition induces tragedy
of the commons in Allenby’s gerbils paper in terms that would be understandable to a student who has taken an introductory biology class and Biometrics. Include sufficient background material to place the study in the appropriate context. Include information on ecological concepts from the internet and other sources. Write your document in scientific format and cite all of your sources in Ecological Applications format (see Dale and Frank, 2014). You need not repeatedly cite the paper, but “never make the reader wonder” about your sources of information. In other words, if you use information from sources other than the paper you are summarizing and critiquing, cite them, and then indicate clearly when you are returning to your analysis of the paper itself. Please include photos (if available) showing the types of organisms that are examined in the paper you analyzed. Provide a figure legend for each photo and include information about the type of organism that the photo depicts. Don’t forget to provide a citation for the source of each photo.

The summary should include a title, be double-spaced, 2–3 pages in length (not including the photos and reference list).

Read the attached file before writing the summary and critique

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