Intrest group

Intrest group. Intrest group.

I’m working on a Law exercise and need support.

This assignment will assess the following competency: Analyze how bureaucracies, public opinion & the media, and interest groups influence law and public policy.

Directions: Write a brief essay using the following format:

Answer the directions below in no more than 1,500 words.

The assignment should be submitted using Microsoft Word with default margins, using 12 point Times New Roman black font, be double-spaced, and be in essay format.

Default Margin Formatting:

Alignment: Left

Outline Level: Body Text

Indentation: Left and Right: 0

Special: None

By: Leave blank

Spacing: Before and After: 0

Line Spacing: Double

At: Leave blank

Don’t add space between paragraphs of same style: check

Answer the following questions:

1. IDENTIFY how social media, and the regular media, shaped public opinion about law enforcement officers after August 9, 2014, when Michael Brown was shot. Specify A. Which type(s) of social media were used to shape public opinion; B. What interest group(s) ‘led’ the shaping of public opinion about law enforcement officers; and C. What the interest group (previously identified) argued was ‘true’ about law enforcement officers i.e. what were their claims?

2. EVALUATE the validity of the interest group’s claims (from above). This is required to be done through the use of existing statistics (the Bureau of Justice Statistics is great source) and answers, based on opinion, will not receive credit.

Intrest group

Intrest group

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