Investments Business Finance Assignment Help

Investments Business Finance Assignment Help. Investments Business Finance Assignment Help.

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1. One stock has traded at an average price of $50 over the course of a trading

day. The covariance of successive transaction price changes is about -0.06. Using the Roll model, what is the estimate of the bid-ask spread of the stock (measured in percent of the

average price of $50)?

2. The market index has average return 7% and standard deviation 30%. The

risk-free rate is 3%. A portfolio has beta 1.4, unsystematic variance of 0.03,

and an M2-measure of -0.01. What is the average return on the portfolio?

Investments Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

2 questions Business Finance Assignment Help

1. A 5-year bond with face value $1,000 (paid at maturity) and coupon rate 5%

(coupon paid in arrears annually) has yield-to-maturity 4.5%. What is the

convexity of the bond?

2. Assume that stock returns follow a 2-factor structure. The risk-free return is

3%. Portfolio A has average return 8% and factor-betas 0.7 and 0.9 (for

factor 1 and 2, respectively). Portfolio B has average return 10% and factor betas 1.2 and 1.1 (for factor 1 and 2, respectively). What is the average

return for portfolio C that has factor-betas 1 and 1 (for factor 1 and 2,



Coupon Bonds Business Finance Assignment Help

1. The price of a 1-year zero coupon bond is 97% of the face value, the prices

of corresponding 2-year and 3-year bonds are 96% and 91%, respectively.

You are offered an opportunity to borrow $1m in year 1 (one year from now).

The loan requires annual coupon payments of 4% of $1m in years 2 and 3,

and you must repay the capital of $1m in year 3. Should you accept this


2. The Sharpe ratio and Jensen’s alpha of portfolio A are 0.10 and 0.004,

respectively. The risk-free rate is 3%, the average return on the market

portfolio is 7%, the variance of the market portfolio is 0.09, and the

correlation coefficient between A and the market portfolio is 0.7. What is the

expected return and the variance of A


Infographic Poster Writing Assignment Help

According to Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, there are more than 320,000 libraries worldwide, 73% of them located in developing countries. In many communities, public libraries are the only place where any person, regardless of education or skill level, can have access to information and the Internet free of charge.

This assignment focuses on the important role of libraries across the world.

Choose a specific library (public or university) from the list provided and produce an infographic poster of your chosen library to explain the following focus areas:

(1) Background

(2) Architectural style

(3) Special Facilities

(4) Technological Innovation

(5) Impact on the Society.

In conclusion, the poster should include at least 5 recommendations of what you would like to see in the American University of the Middle East (Kuwait library.

Poster Guidelines:

· The poster must be clearly presented and oriented in the “landscape” position

· The poster should appear on one page and done in MS Power Point, or Word.

· It should contain simple explanations in paragraphs or with bulleted text and images.

· It should include the references (APA Style)

List of selected libraries:

(1) The Library of Congress

(2) The British Library

(3) Smithsonian Libraries

(4) Boston Public Library

(5) New York Public Library

(6) Trinity College Library in Dublin Ireland

(7) Library of Alexandria

(8) Bodleian Library in Oxford UK

(9) Yale University Beinecke Rare Book Library

(10) Harvard University Library

(11) Library of Alexandria

(12) Russian State Library


write 2 professional Job Application Letter Writing Assignment Help

write professional Job Application Letter addressed to HR manager ( request for job/ vacancy )as per the below scenario

Scenario # 1 ( Fresh graduated )

Aisha has graduated recently from XZY university ( Human Resource ) , and she looking to work in ABC company in position belongs to her field or position fit her qualification . she conducted training at XYZ company in HR and she have knowledge of HR role .

Using the important elements and writing skills, preparer letter for Aisha to be addressed to Hr Manager

200 words

0% Plagiarism

Scenario # 2 ( graduated and have experience )

Mr. Said graduated last year ( Supply chain and Logistics ) currently working in ABC company as procurement & Store manager and hes has 13
years experience in the same field , also he conducted several training courses in procurement and administration. he have knowledge of administration and procurement procedure using ERP SAP System. In addition computer programs like Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook … etc )

Mr. said decided to apply for new job in company XYZ , Help said to write letter to HR Manager appling for new job for position fit his qualification and experience

Using the important elements and writing skills, preparer letter for Mr. Said be addressed to HR Manager of company XYZ

350 words

0% Plagiarism

total 550 word



Research and annotated bibilogrophy Humanities Assignment Help

the topic is After the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others, buffalo state college students planned and held a protest to memorialize their deaths and to draw attention to the need for change. What changes do we need to implement at BSC to ensure that diverse faculty and students are represented, heard, and protected? What systemic changes (curriculum, hiring, policing, etc.) can we make in order to make our campus more inclusive?

This question has two things to do, First part, find two articles or resources that support (Anonymous polling is the most viable solution because people ( or students on campus) can voice their opinion without fear) after you choose your two resources, write them both in 500-700 words combined.

Second part, for each resource you used write an annotated bibilogrophy. each resource has to be in a two paragraphs. so we will have 4 paragraphs in total for the second part

Research and annotated bibilogrophy Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

proposing an experiment that examines sex dependent effects in any aspect of any psychological disorder.(Please reply me three ideas for the paper in five hours. ) Writing Assignment Help

Reply me 3 ideas for term paper : Hypothesis (what are you investigating), species, design, IVs/DVs in five hours. After approved by professor I would reply the topic of the paper back to you as soon as possible. If you need more pages in order to complete a high quality paper. I can raise the budget.

The paper involves proposing an experiment that examines sex- or endocrine dependent effects in any aspect (development, symptomology, neurocircuitry, etc.) of any psychological
disorder (does not have to be mood or substance use disorders). Experiments may be behaviorally and/or
molecularly focused but must examine key components of biological sex (the experiment has to be a
between-subjects design).

¡ Title page (no Abstract)
¡ Introduction
¡ Methods
¡ (Anticipated) Results
¡ Statistical analyses used
¡ What was significant/not significant?
¡ Directionality
¡ Visual aids
¡ Discussion
¡ Significance
¡ Implications for the field
¡ Future directions
¡ [need at least 4 references total]

Use 12-point font
¡ Arial, One-inch margins on all sides
¡ Double-spaced APA format


Week 1 Project: (4-6 references) Writing Assignment Help

One of the obstacles to defining the role of a leader is the difficulty in defining what leadership entails. Think about the role of leadership in the criminal-justice system and answer the following questions in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document:

  • How can you differentiate between the role of a leader and a manager in the criminal justice system with reference to the following:
    • Operational functions of the organization, such as budget planning, recruitment and hiring, infrastructure maintenance, and performance reviews
    • Relationship with subordinates in the organization
  • Are there any overlaps between effective leadership and effective management roles in the criminal-justice system?
  • Does being an effective leader in the criminal justice system conflict with being an effective manager?
  • Are leadership responsibilities tied to official job descriptions in criminal justice or could a criminal justice agent of any position be a leader? Why?
  • How do the different ways of interpreting and defining a leader’s role influence effective leadership? Explain with reference to the various definitions of leadership as a specialized role and a shared influence process.

Cite any sources using APA format on a separate page. Let’s learn how to cite sources using APA guidelines.


Research Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Central to the service learning
experience is the ability to identify, implement, analyze and evaluate
the application of core concepts explored throughout class. The ESLP paper demonstrates the student’s ability to utilize critical thinking in application of this content through the ESLP experience.

Format: 15-18 page
APA essay (includes Title and Reference Pages); 13 full-17 pages of
content (includes introduction, body, and summative conclusion); utilize
a minimum of five (5) academic sources (NASW, CSWE and/or other class resources and
remember to CITE all concepts/ideas/policies/theories that you did not
create; or that is not common knowledge to the general public; also
Wikipedia is not an academic source).

APA Style Homepage (for additional detail and sample papers)

Required Content

  1. Introduction
    offer a broad but brief societal perspective of social welfare, social
    work, the identified social welfare problem, and provide a brief
    transition into your Extended Service Learning Project (ESLP). What was
    your Integrative Seminar research question?
  1. Body (must include all required content components, listed below):

Provide examples to demonstrate your understanding and application of the 6
Core Values of Social Work; 7 Core helping Functions; 9 Competencies
(CSWE, 2015) of Generalist Social Work Practice; Strengths Perspective;
Eco-systems Theory; and NASW Code of Ethics
across the following experiences during your ESLP and research process:

  • Identifying and understanding a ‘social welfare problem’:
    reflect on why you are interested in this issue and whether you
    perceive it as a ‘problem’; and why you think society perceives this
    issue as a problem? How does the identified issue impact local and
    national populations? Compare and contrast cultural differences
    impacting the ‘problem’ within the U.S. and are these equally applicable
  • Developing the Integrative Seminar (I.S.) research question & research that followed: reflect
    on the development of your I.S. research question; how did you develop
    the question; what were the influences that most impacted both the
    development of the question and the overall research process?
  • Identifying, choosing and understanding the social service agency: how
    and why did you choose the particular social service agency and/or
    program services for your service learning placement experience? Did you
    begin by exploring agencies that addressed the ‘problem’ then assess
    available learning opportunities; or did you choose agencies and service
    opportunities based primarily on accessibility and convenience to your
    ability to complete the 40 hours of service? If you chose a service
    experience based on availability to complete hours, did this change the
    initial focus to a different problem or impact your research? Reflect on
    your choices and any changes made in this process. Did you engage in a
    service learning experience which challenged you to get out of your
    comfort zone or what was most convenient; why or why not; and was this a
    personal and/or professional choice? What is the agency
    mission/purpose? What is the theoretical foundation and operational
    perspective of this agency? What programming aspects are
    interdisciplinary and collaborative? How do agency’s services
    specifically address the social welfare ‘problem’ and impact populations
    being served? Is the agency (program services) effectively addressing
    or resolving the social welfare problem?
  • Reflections on your engagement in the service learning experience: reflect
    on becoming oriented to and familiar with the agency, program services,
    policies and procedures. What were you thinking and/or feeling during
    your initial engagement and orientation process? Describe the
    person/people you were assigned to work with. Did this change? Describe
    meetings you participated in … how did they begin; what topics were
    discussed; impressions you had? What do you think they were thinking
    about you? Describe the meeting process. Reflect on all the ways you
    were helpful to or influenced those you served or worked with and how
    they were helpful to you. Reflect on graduated disengagement. Was your
    overall experience positive or negative? Were there value based and/or
    ethical conflicts? What did you learn about yourself? Did this
    experience serve to inspire you to reconsider or dispel certain biases
    or stereotypes? What personal beliefs were affirmed through this
    experience? What did you learn about generalist social work practice?
    Are there other aspects of this experience that you found meaningful
    that you have not yet addressed?
  • Reflections on this agency’s impact on social welfare, specifically related to the identified social welfare problem: reflect
    on agency service outcomes and perceptions of societal impact and
    resolution of the social welfare problem. Provide recommendations on how
    the agency services may better address and/or resolve the identified
    problem, including specific agency programming practices, research or
    policy recommendations.

3. Summative Conclusion: provide
a brief summation of ‘take aways’ (critical learning) from this service
experience as related to societal perspectives on social welfare and
social work; include generalized implications for practice, research or policy to
improve society’s well-being; expand on project concepts but envision a
more inclusive scope than the focused ESLP social welfare problem.
Include any final related thoughts.


1.Identify and describe an understanding of generalist social
work concepts, roles, values and ethics associated with services to
individuals, families and groups of diverse experiences and

2.Demonstrate how understanding and acceptance of people who
are different enables us to move toward a society that values
rather than tolerates differences.

3.Describe your own personal values in the context of human
diversity and social justice.

4.Describe the dynamics of oppression, discrimination and
social economic injustice on and transmitted through organizations,
communities, social institutions, society and the world at

5.Identify the divergent values and philosophies that
influence contrasting viewpoints on social welfare

6.Demonstrate the ability to engage in research related in a
particular domain of social policy and critically examine the
strengths and limitations of policies.

7.Recognize and interpret contributions of research to the
current and evolving knowledge of human behavior in the social


Treynor Black model (with inputs) and bonds Business Finance Assignment Help

1. A bond with face value $1,000 and annual coupon rate 5% has dirty price

$1,050. There are 5 more coupon payments yet to be paid, the first one

arriving in 150 days’ time. What is the clean price for the bond?

2. A portfolio has beta (?) of 1, expected return 9%, Jensen’s alpha

equal to ?, idiosyncratic variance ?ar(?), and total variance equal to 0.11.

The risk-free rate (??) is 3%, the average return on the market index (?(??))

is 7%, and the variance of the market index (?ar(??)) is 0.09.

Use the Treynor-Black model/formula that gives the optimal mix of the portfolio

with the market index. According to this model, how much of your wealth

should be invested in the portfolio described above, and how much should

be invested in the market portfolio?


Investments Business Finance Assignment Help

Investments Business Finance Assignment Help

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