Is Wheatley assimilating to the new world

Use this quiz response to analyze Wheatley’s poem. The instructions are listed below. I have also attached a poetry analysis handout to help with analysis. Poetry is dense so the writer must make the connections apparent for readers.

Prompt: Is Wheatley assimilating to the new world (does she buy into what she says)? Or, is Wheatley using this poem to critique the institution of slavery?


250 words (carefully proofread)

Use quotes (quotes from the poem) from Wheatley to support your ideas


Outside sources. The only source allowed for this assignment is the literature. Do not use online sources to create discussion posts. When you submit your post it will be submitted to SafeAssign, which determines whether the entry is plagiarized or not.

First-person (“I,” “me”) and second person pronouns (“you,” “your”).

Using “I think,” “I feel,” “I believe,” and “In my opinion” because these statements prove nothing.

Using the author’s first name.

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