iteration papers Business Finance Assignment Help

iteration papers Business Finance Assignment Help. iteration papers Business Finance Assignment Help.

Role: Internship at NexSolv Inc. as a Business Analyst

Project: Business analyst for successful completion of projects in NexSolv Inc.

Methodology and Proposal paper

All Iteration papers are to include your Plan, Action, Observations, and Reflections.

  • Plan – at least one page in length, should include a description of all the planning activity that has taken place…may include agendas or other manuscripts as appropriate
  • Action – at least one page in length, should include a description of that actual activity
  • Observation – at least one page in length, should include a description of all the information collected as well as any analysis
  • Reflection – at least one page in length, should include a description of your thoughts about what happened, what went well, as well as not so well. If your iteration was a meeting, you may want to discuss the effectiveness of the meeting, did you have the best participants, did you miss any (not invite) or learned during the meeting you should have invited someone else..if so, what are your thoughts regarding mitigation …etc…

AR Iteration 1: The first step is to collect all the organization’s information regarding project performance and materials needed for the research. Also, data from other companies which have BAs will be collected to show NexSolv Inc that BAs are vital for their projects.

AR Iteration2: Having familiarized myself with the company and the roles played by BAs, I will try to identify the projects which have been successful in the company as a result of having BAs. I will also identify projects which have failed and find out the reasons. Nevertheless, I will focus on those projects which failed, thereby, find out the reasons. Identify successful and unsuccessful projects in NexSolv and find if they had any BAs assigned.

AR Iteration3: Finding the relationship between project success in the firm and the need for BAs. Did those failed projects had BAs? Find why NexSolv need BAs

AR Iteration4: Having obtained the information I needed, it is now time to analyze data and prove why BAs are needed in NexSolv Inc.


Action research Include official project sponsor while writing the paper.

Each iteration should be 4 pages (i.e Plan-1page, action-1 page, observation-1 page, reflection-1 page).

AR Iteration1, AR Iteration2, AR Iteration3, AR Iteration4 need to be total of 25 pages.

APA format

25 pages word document and ppt (pages as required)

0% plagiarism

Include diagrams as required in the paper.

paper should have 10 peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years.

Paragraph in-text citation (each paragraph need to be cited)

100% quality work needed

iteration papers Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Information Systems Project Management Project Programming Assignment Help

The Project Information Management System (PIMS) is used for collecting, storing, and organizing project documents for easier access and usage of project information. It allows authorized users to access, share, update, delete, copy, and generate project information. It helps the organization keep track of their projects and its documents. This also provides an organization the tool to analyze and evaluate their past performances using project information.

I have attached the different Project documentation templates needed to complete this project. It is a project that will take time but i do need the different parts on different deadlines.

I need the project charter template completed by Sunday 9pm March. 4th

I also need the Project Status Report Template completed by Sunday 9pm March 4th.

The actual overall project i need done and completed by May 1st 2018.

***The documentations (templates) is what i need as the project goes along


Business skills management with some accounting/maths Business Finance Assignment Help

? Please bid for this assignment only if you can adhere to the following:

  • Stick to the given deadline, NO extension will be given.
  • Be responsive, communicate with us regularly.
  • Send us the assignment progressively on the 50% mark and when it has been completed.
  • No copy and pasting work, DO NOT plagiarise. We use the Turnitin system to check for plagiarism, we do not recognise any other plagiarism checking tool.
  • No using of fake references. References used must tally with content written.
  • Do not take up any assignments from us if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


    excel and microsoft Business Finance Assignment Help

    1. Select a company name for your cookie company.
    2. Determine job specifications: cookie quality, size, appearance, special features (types of chips, nuts) quantity, and packaging. (See the quality standards information below).
    3. Determine production tasks and feel free to enlist your family, friends or classmates in this project.If you enlist help, you may want to make team assignments (i.e., mixer, baker, timer, quality control, materials purchaser, accountant, marketer).
    4. Select a recipe.
    5. Using Excel, develop job measurement document. (See information below)
    6. Using Excel, develop job order cost card. (See information below)
    7. Produce your product and complete the job measurement and job cost information.
    8. Take a picture of your final product and create a promotional piece for your product. (Create in Microsoft Office Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text format (rtf.)
    9. Evaluate results of your process, and final product.Determined your quality standards. (See information below). (Create your final evaluation results in a Microsoft Office Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text format (rtf.) for submission.)

    Job Measurement Document

    • Cost per cookie
    • Number of cookies produced=number meeting specs + number rejected + number reworked + number sampled for quality control + unexplained differences
    • Size of cookies before baking
    • Size of cookies after baking
    • Total throughput time=mix time + (bake time for one cookie sheet x number of cookie sheets processed) + packaging time + downtime + cleanup time

    Required Comments:

    • What is your cost per cookie?
    • What measures did you use to effectively evaluate production performance?
    • What measures did you find unnecessary? Why?


    Writing responses Business Finance Assignment Help

    1)Domestic Violence Cases (POST)

    ***(Make sure you watch the video to help you answer this) 8 Sentences Min***

    Another specialized court that exist in many jurisdictions include domestic violence courts.

    These courts concentrate on the safety of the victim, the prosecution of abusers, and the rehabilitation of those convicted of DV related crimes. They can be very effective.

    Watch the video in the following link and read about this hearing.…

    If you can’t hear the video (I wasn’t able to), you can still read part of the transcript below.

    Some things to consider and write about:

    Why might a domestic violence victim not want to show up for court, even if she is being abused and going to court to testify would protect her life? What can prosecutors do to help encourage victims to come to court? What happens when a victim isn’t available to testify? Do you agree with what the judge did in this case? Why or why not?

    2) Write a helpful response to the students paragraph, stating how you agree and why followed by your opinion on the topic. keep it positive! 5 Sentences Min

    Students Paragraph:

    In working at Victim’s Assistance for the District Attorney’s Office, I came in contact with number of domestic violence victims. One thing I noticed during my time there was that victims were less likely to show up for court if they did not have a support system. Even if their testimony would protect them in the long run they would not follow through with the process if they did not have family, friends, and effective victim advocates supporting them. I believe prosecutors could help encourage victims to come to court by being more sympathetic, and providing a team of personal supporters that are accessible to the victim during the entire process for whatever they may need. If a victim isn’t available to testify they can be found in contempt of court like this week’s video. Personally, I do not agree with the judge in this case because one would have to consider that everyone has different levels of anxiety, and thresholds for what they can or cannot handle. As a judge she should be mindful that everybody is different, and for some people testify my cause more trauma or harm than just forgetting about the situation in an attempt to move on.

    3)Drug Courts (POST)

    ***(Make sure you watch the video to help you answer this) 8 Sentences Min***

    We are talking this week about “Specialized Courts.”

    One very common type of specialized courts are drug courts.

    Review the following link: It gives a good overview of what drug courts do and their main purposes.

    Then find “Headlines” on the right of the webpage. Choose one of the topics and click on it. Read the article and share what you learned.

    4) Write a helpful response to the students paragraph, stating how you agree and why followed by your opinion on the topic. keep it positive! 5 Sentences Min

    Students Paragraph:

    In the TED talk “Drug Court, Justice meets Treatment” by Chief Justice of New Hampshire’s Superior Court Tina Nadeau, Nadeau goes on to explain how effective drug courts can be. They focus on treating people in order for them to stop substance abuse through positive techniques such as checking in everyday, random drug tests, and interactive conversations with their peers and judges. Drug courts help address more of the issues people who suffer from addiction face in reality by being able to continue to be part of their community & being held accountable for their actions. For example, drug courts recognize that people suffering from addiction do not benefit from being incarcerated because it typically enables them to continue to be addicted to substance when they get out. Prison is not a “real life” situation, when they are released back into the community they are faced with their present issues. I was aware that there is more negative effects that rise from being incarcerated, what I found surprising to learn is just how much less costly it is for drug court for one person versus that same person spending a year incarcerated. It seems that the drug court approach is much more team-oriented, meaning all the criminal justice members working together to address positive behavior rather than just punishing bad behavior. It’s refreshing to learn that a more personal approach (judge getting to know people more personally) has such positive results.



    Answer the questions Humanities Assignment Help

    1.To what extent is the anarchic international system, which is organized by sovereign state membership, equipped to deal with transnational security issues such as international terrorism, refugee crises, and genocide? What are some potential solutions to these challenges?

    2. How can sovereign states overcome international environmental problems? To what extent are international institutions likely to work effectively? What are some other potential solutions?

    For each question, write more than 300 words. And the answers should use the following materials to answer the questions. Outsider materials are not allowed.


    Frieden, Jeffry, David Lake, and Kenneth Schultz. 2015. World Politics: Interests, Interactions, Institutions (3rd ed.). New York: W.W. Norton.

    (Chapter 13 and 14)

    Mingst, Karen A. and Jack L. Snyder. 2016. Essential Readings in World Politics (6th ed.). New York: W.W. Norton. (Mingst and Snyder. 11 (pp. 636 -659))

    Shiraev, Eric. B. and Vladislav M. Zubok. 2016. Current Debates in International Relations. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Shiraev and Zubok. Sections 10.2 and 10.3)

    Answer the questions Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    please use segment or strategic groups analysis Automobile retail sales Business Finance Assignment Help

    please use segment or strategic groups analysis Automobile retail sales.

    Provide a thorough description of the industry you have been assigned. What is the revenue size and other relevant statistical information for your industry (growth rates, typical margins)? What macroenvironmental factors affect your industry? Who are the major competitors and what shares do they control? How concentrated is the industry? What other industries affect your industry? What are the major segments within the industry, and what is their size? What are the key success factors that a player in this industry should possess? When you describe the relevant factors, be sure to include recent trend information.

    Note: I don’t need the WORD which come from internet. So please use your own work. Do not plagiarism!

    I need the WORD file at least 4 pages.

    Please accept the work as you are able to do it, do not let me down.


    Business Project Business Finance Assignment Help

    Please read the requirement carefully very easy to understand it and if you cannot do it than do not waste the time.

    Choose 4 variables so basically One variable for each student so all you have to do choose one variable and do it thats all. SEE THE PAPER below to read the requirement and answer the question.

    THE SECOND PAPER IS THE REST OF variables THE OTHER STUDENTS DID SO JUST TAKE A LOOK AT IT AND ADD THE OTHER variable and the last paper is the project we did so please take look at them carefully to understand this assignment


    Gender Inequality Humanities Assignment Help

    Write a position paper about FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION IN SUDAN

    Building an original and complicated analysis or cohesive argument, why is this a problem for women in Sudan

    Papers must be 800 -1200. The Works Cited page or bibliography is not included in the word count. You may not write about the same topic twice; each position paper must address a new issue or theory. These are academic essays and not personal statements; papers should adhere to standards for academic writing. Papers must include at least two quotations or references must be appropriately cited in either MLA or APA style. Papers must include a Works Cited page or bibliography.

    Take a social, familial, religious, political or cultural idea, event, practice, or belief and show how gender operates within this paradigm.

    Tie together an issue (for example, water access) and a theory (for example, an analysis of women and work in Gender in History) to demonstrate how theory or research better helps us understand an actual issue.

    The key to a successful paper is to analyze and use formal academic writing. A superior paper will not rely on examples from personal experience, but on the theories in our textbook, essays or analyses you find elsewhere, and your own analysis. For example, you may find the concept of woman as Other to be compelling (Wiesner-Hanks 87) and apply that concept to religious rules and obligations for women described in our other text, Women Across Cultures, or as these are unfolding more visibly within Islam. Or perhaps Burns‘ description of sweatshop labor made you curious to learn more: your paper might analyze women‘s labor in sweatshops in a certain region or argue that sweatshops, while dangerous, may be better than no paid labor options at all. In other words, your paper will theorize and analyze, and not simply report or inform. Please read the sample papers in Content and use these as models for your own work.

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    IT in the global age (Question and Answer) Writing Assignment Help

    Answer the following questions.

    Each question should be no less than 250 words.

    • Explain the difference between the Internet and World Wide Web. Include how the Internet was developed and who did it. Explain how the world wide web works and who developed it.
    • Discuss the difference between using a Wiki, Blog, and Podcast. What are their uses and how do they influence the way we work and communicate today.
    • How is application software different from system software? Define each type and give examples and names of software you use daily/weekly or monthly.
    • There are different types of hackers. Define each type and explain how they work. Do they make our information systems and personal data safer? Please discuss.

    as much details as possible in your answer.


    iteration papers Business Finance Assignment Help

    iteration papers Business Finance Assignment Help