its a personal philosophy of learning Humanities Assignment Help

its a personal philosophy of learning Humanities Assignment Help. its a personal philosophy of learning Humanities Assignment Help.

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Personal philosophy and theory of learning. The personal philosophy or
theory of learning about you, should include, but not limited to: 10 pts
• View of your learning ability in the classroom (how you learn)
• View of the impact of your attitudes and belief systems on the criminal
justice environment (what can you bring to the system)
• View of the impact of your ethical beliefs and practice on the criminal
justice environment (what is the foundation of your ethics and how will
you apply them on the job)
• Your view of your learning style that can be effective in the workplace,
and your effective communication style that can be effective in the
workplace, concluding with a discussion of personal beliefs that
determine your understanding of both learning and communication.

its a personal philosophy of learning Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Cyber Operations Computer Science Assignment Help

i have this Assignment and the are tow parts A&B

in part b i have protocol

Wireshark file for part B

This is the Wireshark file for Part B. You will have to analyse it and report on your findings.

Wireshark is the world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer.

to download Wireshark

to test your practical skills. You will be given a Wireshark output file containing data of network activities, which will be made available on Blackboard in the Assessment section. Please download it. You will have to analyse that file and produce a report on your findings. The tool that you will be using to examine the file is the Wireshark network protocol analyser which is a free tool and available from


what is the Mathematics Assignment Help


this project covering Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlin in Python (Chapter 2-4 in the book) here is the link of the book

The written report should contain the following six sections: (1) Introduction to the project; (2) Explanations of the data; (3) Details of the methods that you used in your project; (4) Results of the data analysis (tables and graphs) ; (5) Discussions and conclusions; (6) References.

You have to explain the data of the code and everything in the results,

(then you must answer the following questions before you start working

  • What is the topic of the project?
  • What data sets will be used, including the variables measured?
  • What questions and/or concerns do you have about the project?
  • Discuss some advantages of Python packages when you are working on your project. For example, Matplotlin can show much better graphs than those in R.)

The datasets should be less than 50 rows and 8 columns.

  • Evaluations:
  • Content: Creative, challenging or brilliant experimental question backed by well-designed experiment/project that clearly addresses the purpose of the study. Strong conclusion and analysis.
  • Organization: Topic is obvious; layout is logical and segments of the flow from one to another.
  • Appropriate: Project was able to take very difficult upper level material
  • You must submit three separate files (a final report.word, a data file and a code file)


2-2 Short Paper: Lifeboat Problem Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

Thinking back on the Virtual Philosopher, look again at the lifeboat problem:

You are on a lifeboat with 11 people (including yourself) aboard. The water surrounding the lifeboat is freezing and no one can survive it. There is no rescue ship in sight and, worse yet, the lifeboat is sinking. You notice that there is a sign posted on the lifeboat that says, “Capacity of this boat is 10 normal-sized people.” Looking around the boat, there are 10 normal-sized people and one 400-pound man. No one wants to jump out of the boat and if nothing is done it will sink, leaving 11 people to die.

You can:

  1. Push the 400-pound man out of the boat to save everyone else (achieving the greater good)


  1. Refuse to push the 400-pound man out of the boat and hope for a miracle.

Using the theories that you learned this week, write a two-page paper on your decision followed by the theory(s) that you used and why. Make sure you use in-paragraph citations and reference the text.

Short paper assignments must include a cover page and reference page, double spacing, 12‐point Times New Roman font, one‐inch
margins, and discipline‐appropriate citations. Short papers should be two to three pages in length (not including cover page and reference page).


Theory Essay on Aging and Stage of Human Development Analysis Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Stage of Human development: Becoming an older adult is a natural life transition. However, many 21stcentury images, media and policies either de-value older adults or create a culture of fear of aging. Not only are social workers likely to have older adults as clients-but we are also going to become part of this group one day. It is important to critically look at the impact of various micro-and macro-factors that impact the well-being and health of older adults. For this essay your stage of development is older adulthood.

Textbook Chapter Concepts: 14 and/or 15

Approved Theories:1) Theories of aging and/or 2) Developmental theory (there are multiple theories in these two categories).

For each essay, you must:

Select an article that targets the approved stage of human development.

Identify one or more of the approved theories you intend to use for your essay.

Read your article at least two times. After reading your article, think about how your chosen theory explains, predicts, and/or analyzes the primary social issue in your article.

Write your essay applying concepts from the theory you selected addressing the social issue. The goal is to explain what is taking place in the article using different theoretical concepts that explain or refute what is taking place. You should analyze your social issue using these particular concepts to explain your position. In Essays 2, you will use concepts associated with the approved theories and stages of human development to explain the social issue in your article and your position on the issue.


No cover page AND no title

Your essay should be 2 full page (minimum) to 3 pages (maximum);

On first page type your HEADER in the upper right-hand corner: First/ Last Name Theory Application Essay #__ (date)

Use paragraphs [Note: paragraphs must be at least 3 sentences long in order to stand alone as a paragraph!], complete sentences, correct spelling, and punctuation as well as express your original ideas clearly

Only 1 “direct quote” is allowed per essay;

Upload or attach a copy of your article in Blackboard. Do not include the article link in or at the end of your essay as a substitute. You must include the article full text;

Use 6thedition APA format to cite your two sources (textbook AND chosen article) CORRECTLY within the text of your paragraphs in your essay and Include a Reference page with your essay, which also must be correctly formatted in 6thedition APA.



PERSUASIVE Speech Topic and Assigment – SPEECH Writing Assignment Help

1) You will write and present a persuasive speech (1200 words)t. This speech must persuade us about something. This speech needs to talk about something you want to change or improve.

2) Topic must be persuasive. All of speech must relate to topic.

3) Use persuasive terms!!

Must have three sources at least! May have as many as you wish. You should cite who they are from and where they are from and when they are from when speaking them. 5 points off per source and cite you do not use.

Must include clear transitions with clear terms about what you are saying and going to say,


Tell us the message with a point preview. Must have thesis (Main point of speech, aka what you want to persuade us of) and a Point preview (the today we are going to talk about__, ___ and _____) You need to put both parts for full credit! Make them clearly labelled!

YOu need to compllete the OUTLINE according to the format included


PERSUASIVE Speech Topic and Assigment – SPEECH Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Need help with my assyngnment kind give your best in this Business Finance Assignment Help

Julia and Dave Roberts operate a small but profitable family business on the NSW central coast. They have two children, Jessica and James. Jessica wants to be an actress and takes no interest in the business but James has worked in the business since his high school days and although not a qualified tradesman he does have a very good idea of how the business is run. He has a degree in communications as he originally wanted to be a radio announcer but has decided to work in the family business. To upgrade his business skills he recently completed an MBA at UWS and is now working with his Mum and Dad to build the business.

Attached File:


Should the actions of Sacklers, be considered a modern day evil? Why? Humanities Assignment Help

opioid epidemic that started from Sackler family, owners of the Purdue pharmaceutical company.They were aware of all dangers and issues with thier product yet kept selling Should the actions of individuals or families, such as the Sacklers, be considered a modern day evil? Why? Use specific evidence to support your position.

Please support why Should the actions of individuals or families, such as the Sacklers, be considered a modern day evil? by using the evidenece and only stick to the soucres that i have listed.Please make sure you cite everything that needs to be cited and no plagrism comes up.




American Career College Los Angeles Social Organization of Law Report Writing Assignment Help

A brief (4-7 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman Font, 1-inch margins) paper linking concepts from the class, specifically from M.P. Baumgartner’s Social Organization of Law to the movie Central Park Five.
. I expect a minimum of 2 scenes from CP5 per concept from Baumgartner. I expect you to define each concept from Baumgartner and explain why your scenes highlight the concepts you are using them for, and I expect you to take one of the concepts and argue it explains what we see in the movie better than the other 2, and show why.

Here is Baumgartner‘s concept Culture, Social Organization, Morphology, Stratification: the concepts explained with central park 5 event. Here is Central park five biography who they are. For the whole movie you have to buy it in the youtube linked below. I’m including the money to the paing price. The movie price is 2.99.

Baumgartner’s concepts

Culture: What we believe to be right, true or beautiful

  • Media and tabloids – framework that they used for headlines –“wolfpack”, “wilding”, “savage”, “thugs”
  • Donald Trump taking an ad to bring back death penalty and bring back police
  • DNA did not lead to the boys (race as culture) – culture as social similarity
  • Where the trial was held – Midtown Manhattan (who the jurors were – more white, richer) – jurors related to the victim more than they did to the boys
  • Where crime took place (Central Park) – murder happened in Bed-Stuy that didn’t get as much attention — “Central Park was sacred/holy” (Koch quote)
  • Media labeling NY as capital of racial violence
  • Public feared young Black teenage boys because of media images; community turned against the boys
  • Victim was a white woman; Bed-Stuy murder was intra-racial; CP5 was interracial

Social Organization the degree to which people work together in support of a common goal

  • How police coerced confessions
  • Media forced police to be more aggressive in their questioning
  • Lawyer difference – Yusuf’s lawyer fell asleep, was a divorce lawyer, other boys had public defenders
  • Public defenders defense: My guy didn’t do it, but the others did.
  • State: Here’s one crime, all of the 5 were involved.
  • Media helped the victim
  • Police separated boys from parents, used parents’ disabilities against the boys
  • Creating the narrative of the 6th perpetrator because DNA didn’t match any of the 5
  • Police controlling narrative/timeline
  • Bringing in homicide (bringing in the best)
  • Got victim to testify even though she didn’t remember the event
  • Police drawing link between previous crimes and this
  • Protests – people coming together on behalf of the boys
  • Police and DA took advantage of the situation to advance their own careers
  • “Your friend can come with us” (Korey Wise)
  • Jury deliberating for 10 days
  • Location of crime affecting media coverage
  • Detective worked CP5 and Reyes case, ignored DNA
  • DA working the investigation with police
  • Even after exoneration, media brought back what police said – people didn’t want to believe the evidence
  • No sign of remorse during parole (police working against them)

Morphology: how well integrated is someone is

  • Jogger’s friends and family knew her jogging route
  • Victim was 28 year old wealthy white woman, police focused on her case over others
  • Protesters said focus on the victim’s boyfriend, police ignored that
  • Santana said he was new to community (moved from Harlem to Bronx) – felt culture shock – means he wasn’t well integrated
  • Wise’s friendship with Salaam as a form of integration that hurt them
  • Wise was an outsider (delinquent acts
  • Victim more integrated into community through taxes (financial investment)

Stratificationinequality in terms of wealth, power, and status

  • NY divided into 2 classes (upper and lower)
  • Drug wars – focused on heavily Black areas – which is where the boys were from
  • Meili (victim)’s dad was a senior manager at Westinghouse
  • Difference in age between the CP5 and the victim
  • Status difference between boys and victim (victim portrayed as a hero/angel)
  • Confessions made more real because they came from a lower social status
  • Victim and the 5 were strangers – the boys “weren’t supposed to be” at Central Park
  • Police didn’t hide the boys’ faces from the cameras
  • Boys’ families didn’t know their rights
  • Boys and families came from lower income, so couldn’t pay for better private criminal defense attorneys
  • Boys were labeled as a danger to society, so prosecution went unquestioned due to Black people being labeled as “an endangered species”
  • Manhattan homicide took over investigation from Central Park precinct – higher status detectives
  • Security difference compared to prosecutors and the boys
  • 6 murders a day, but this case was different
  • Victim’s status as a White woman, the 5 were Black boys (adolescents); law enforcement acted with urgency
  • Dominant social message was that no one cared if these kids (or Black/Brown kids in general) lived or died
  • Police creating timeline of the crime despite having it wrong
  • Boys interrogated 14-30 hours
  • Social class + labeling meant police didn’t look for evidence, relied on the confessions
  • Family dynamics – mothers came to the boys’ defenses, fathers didn’t


shanki-assignment 3 Computer Science Assignment Help

Research Paper #3


Discuss 5 clustering algorithms. Compare and contrast them to one another and use real-world examples (one for each clustering algorithm).

Articulation of Response:

This paper needs to be 2-3 pages of content, with additional pages for Title page and References page. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font with double spacing and applicable section headings throughout the paper. There needs to be at least three external sources used (at least 1 from the UC library) and the book (for a total of at least 4 sources cited). Remember that each reference cited in the References page needs at least one in-text citation within the content of the paper.


its a personal philosophy of learning Humanities Assignment Help

its a personal philosophy of learning Humanities Assignment Help

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