Java project, May 19th, HTML, Web, CSIS294 Programming Assignment Help

Java project, May 19th, HTML, Web, CSIS294 Programming Assignment Help. Java project, May 19th, HTML, Web, CSIS294 Programming Assignment Help.

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This project will simulate communicating with a drone that is surveying land for information (part 1) and then

provide a portal for drone data storage in a database as well as reviewing summarized data results (part 2).

The target of the Drone Recon data collection is your choice. Suggestions include:




Search and Rescue


This project will involve the following:



REST Web services





Part 1 – DRONE Communication: Data collection and guidance


Zip file provided… Files provided in zip file:

i. dronerecon/drone_launch.jsp (needs code added by you)

ii. dronerecon/drone_sim.jsp (needs code added by you)

iii. dronerecon/js/dronesim.js

iv. dronerecon/js/jquery.min.js

v. dronerecon/js/webservice_client.js

b. The “


” folder should be placed in the “


” folder in your Tomcat installation.


Fill in the drone_sim.jsp and drone_launch.jsp template code that is provided


i. Simply look for places where to adjust code marked with ########.


i. This is a servlet that provides a RESTful web service to the drone_sim.jsp page.

ii. The service does all the following:

1. Receives last grid tile data from drone and sends data to Drone Recon Portal web service for DB

storage (Sending to Drone Recon Portal is in part 2).

2. Based on previous tile passed in and grid specs passed in, it returns to the drone that called the

next tile to fly over and which direction the drone should be going all in a JSON structured string.

iii. The template file for this is provided.

iv. This should be done in a class library project and then compiled into a JAR file and put in the “WEB-

INF/lib” folder in your web app.

Part 2 – DRONE Data Portal: Web front end and DB


In this section, you are creating another web app similar to Part 1, but this app will have a DB file in it and

will provide a web service for writing data.

b. Zip file provided… Files provided in zip file:



b. Rest of files are the standard web app structure and the servlet and DB JARs are in lib folder.



“dronereconportal” folder in your “webapps” folder in Tomcat.


All the following Java files can be put in the same project.


All files will be in


b. Java files provided:


(no additions for you to make)


(There are


you need to make – look for #######)


Create a new Java file:


ii. Just 5 instance variables (


: Make all of these “



1. areaID – String type

2. x, y, r, g – All int types

3. timestamp – String type

d. A JAR of all these files should be created and placed in


d. Call the PortalDBService from the file from Part 1.


Do this using the same code example used in the weather web service lab.

b. The code should be in the doGet method just after Step 1 where you are getting the values from

the request object.


Remember, you also have to get two more parameters from the request object that you weren’t

getting before: “r” and “g” (these are already there for you to get).

d. You are adding the values retrieved from the request to fill into the URL:

i. The URL would look something like this:…

e. Lastly,

create two JSP files






: It has a text box input for area ID and a submit button that submits to a second








Step 1

: Be sure to import the required classes you need with this type of syntax as we’ve

done in earlier labs:

<%@ page import=”” %>

Hint: You also need to import DBManager and the ArrayList type (in java.util)


Step 2

: Get incoming area id from other JSP.


Step 3

: Create an instance of DBManager.


Step 4

: Adjust DB location on DBManager object with similar line of code I provided in

oDBManager.DBLocation = System.getProperty(“catalina.base”) +

“\webapps\dronereconportal\db\” + oDBManager.DBLocation;


Step 5

: Call readAreaGridTiles and pass in area id.


Step 6

: You get back an ArrayList<AreaGridTile> type.


Step 7

: Loop through and print out to the screen…

1. The x,y values of the record with the highest r value.

2. The x,y values of the record with the highest g value.

Java project, May 19th, HTML, Web, CSIS294 Programming Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Reflective Essay Writing Assignment Help

Over the course of the semester, you have been asked to think critically about your place within the global village. As you look back, how has your thinking on globalization evolved? Do you now see yourself differently in connection to the global and the local context? How do you see yourself evolved as a writer and critical thinker? What do you consider to be “good writing”? We did a lot of peer revision and meeting with me in person. Do you view the process of revision differently compared to when you started the semester? In terms of course evaluation, what seems to work well in this class? What should I do to make the class better? Please make sure that you state your claim and provide evidence to support your claim.

Please follow the MLA format. Please check your grammar. You should write in complete sentences, not fragments. The essay should be ta least 350 words.


someone with IPOD Writing Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to categorize and understand the 4 essential elements of family literacy programs as established by the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL).


  1. For this assignment, you will need to create an account for or download the Popplet Lite app (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. on your iPad.
  2. Once you have your account set up, create a new popplet. Place in the main popplet “The 4 Essential Components of Family Literacy”.
  3. Then, create other 4 popplets around the main one that explain each of the components. Learn how to install and use Popplet Lite.
  4. Next, create another Popplet to explain how the Habits of Mind you selected might serve you as you are working on this week’s readings, and
    as you reflect on your strategy for using the Habits of Mind, what did it involve?

Borrowing College of Education iPads: Some assignments will require you to have access to an iPad. If you do not own one, you may sign out an iPad. You are allowed to take the iPad home and return it by a specific date that will be discussed with your instructor. You will be responsible for anything that might happen to the iPad. Please talk to your instructor if you need to sign out an iPad.

If you do not have access to an iPad: refer to this list of other applications that are similar to Popplet. You may also search for your own application, but make sure it does the same type of concept mapping.…

Type of Assignment: Individual

Possible Points: 10

How to Submit Assignment: Upload your Popplet in the assignment dropbox.

Criteria for Evaluation: Dropbox Rubric (PDF)


Response Needed Humanities Assignment Help

For this assignment respond with 200 words

Egoism is the ethical theory that believes that since the rest of the world is already acts out in selfishness, then it is moral for one to act with their best interest in mind. This theory not only unjustly relies on the circular reasoning that it is moral to be selfish simply because everyone else is, but it also incorrectly states that it is moral for one to put their own interests, wants, and needs above those of everyone else in this world. In an argument between an individual versus a community, the community will always supersede the individual. Procrastination is my form of egoism. I am a huge procrastinator because I would rather be doing something that I enjoy, rather than finishing assignments that need to be done. While this form of egoism does give instant gratification, it has a major weakness. When the time comes for me to actually complete tasks and assignments, I have procrastinated to the very last minute, leaving me not enough time to proper complete assignments and giving myself enormous amounts of stress and anxiety.


Sociology essay Humanities Assignment Help

No plagiarism please.

write a brief essay (3-4pages double spaced) that evaluates the #MeToo Movement using a global perspective and draft a resolution to the UN as outlined below. Each question is worth 3 points. One point will be given to mechanics and citation. Be sure to apply relevant sociological concepts in your answers.

Your essay should address the following questions:

1- Is this an example of a global social movement? Why or Why not?

Pay particular attention to:
social contextsin which the movement has received support (what do these
have in common, how are they different?)

social location; the voices we hear AND importantly, the voices we don’t hear;
who benefits from these discussions, whose concerns are represented, whose
concerns are not?

2. Do you think the movement will have the power to make a difference in the world?
Use examples to explain why or why not. Be specific about claims and grievances

as they relate to movement goals and success.

3. Provide three suggestions to the [#MeToo organizers/United Nations Women] who

hope to spark a global social movement



Create ERD and use Microsoft Access to create Data Model Transformation Programming Assignment Help

  1. Part A — Entity-Relationship Diagrams

(50 marks) (50 marks)

Draw an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the data storage requirements described in the case study below.

The case study will contain conflicting, ambiguous, vague, and missing information. Seek clarification and/or make reasonable assumptions to complete the requirements: your assumptions and clarifications need to support all details of the ERD that are not already provided by the case study. Document any assumptions you make and clarifications you obtain in an appendix named‘Assumptions and Clarifications’. There are two options:

  •  Seek clarification about the case study by searching the forums. If your question has not already been discussed, please post your question.
  •  Make reasonable assumptions about missing or ambiguous information in the case study. However, marks may be lost for unreasonable assumptions. For example, it is unreasonable to assume that people only ever drive around with one passenger in their car.Notes:
    • Your ERDs should be neat, clear and easy to read.
    • Please follow the modelling standard used in the text book and lecture slides.The Case StudyWe are creating a web service/app that is a rideshare service to chauffeur kids to events such as school or extra-curricular activities. You will need to record information about the cars, the drivers, the kids and the trips that they make. When one person decides to drive somebody else’s kids, they both need to give permission, and these permissions need to be recorded. Please specify the data storage requirements.

COIT11237 – Assignment 2 Specifications Page: 1.

(50 marks)




Car trips need to be recorded. Trips allow people to attend events at the trip stops.

  •  Example: Jamie taxis his kid Ben from home to Freshwater school each morning at7:50am. Jamie then ends his trip by returning home.
  •  Example: Karen drives her child Thomas from her home to Freshwater school eachmorning at 7:50am. Karen then proceeds to her work.
  •  Make an assumption about how many locations a trip can consist of.


The system records the information used to determine which trips are optional “taxi trips”. That is, record who needs to attend which stops.
 Example: Jamie does not need to be the person who taxis Ben to school. In fact,

Jamie would be happy if somebody else could take Ben. However, Karen feels compelled to drop Thomas off each morning.


If an optional trip overlaps with another trip, and there is room in the car, then the system will offer the (optional) taxi trip to the other driver. Do not record the offers made, just the acceptance of the offers. You do not need to figure out which trips are optional. You only need to record the information that will be needed to determine which trips are optional taxi trips.

  •  Example: Karen lives near Jamie, and Karen’s son, Thomas, goes to the same school as Jamie’s kids. Since Jamie’s trip is an optional taxi trip, and Karen has room, then Karen is asked whether she would be willing to take Jamie’s kids. The system records Karen’s acceptance of the offer.
  •  Make an assumption about how to calculate “room in the car”.


Two stops overlap another if their locations are close and both parties are at their stop within 10 minutes of each other. Record enough information so that we can determine which stops overlap.
 The specifications of locations are not crucial at this stage. Make your own

assumption about what ‘close’ means.


Permission is sought from the (original) driver when their trip is offered to another driver. Do not record the offers made, just the acceptance of permission.
 Example: Jamie gives his permission for Karen to take Ben.


Once we have permission from both the original and new drivers, the system will assign the trip to the new driver.
 Example: since Jamie and Karen have accepted the offer for Karen to take Jamie’s

kids, the system will record that Karen’s trip is a substitute for Jamie’s trip.

How You Are Marked for the Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)

You need to ensure you pay attention to the following aspects when developing your ERD:

  • Correct entities are identified
  • Correct unique identifiers
  • Appropriate attributes for each entity
  • Appropriate notation
  • Correct relationships and cardinalities (min/ max cardinalities)
  • Assumptions/ clarifications support all details provided in the ERD

(6 marks) (6 marks) (8 marks) (10 marks) (10 marks) (10 marks)

COIT11237 – Assignment 2 Specifications

Page: 2.

Part B — Data Model Transformation (50 marks)

Implement the ER model you developed in Part A as a relational database design.
1. Transform your ER model into a relational database design. (25 marks)

Note: Document the tables in your design using the Relation Notation shown below.Customer(CID, Name, Street, Suburb, State, PostCode, DiscountPercent, Email)

SalesOrder(SOID, CID, Number, FullPrice, Discount, FinalPrice, TotalPaid, Status) foreign key (CID) references Customer(CID)

Provide a brief explanation about cascades for each foreign key.

How You Are Marked for the relational database design

Please pay attention to the following aspects when developing your ERD:


  • Correct tables and primary keys
  • Correct foreign keys
  • Correct cascades
  • Documentation of cascades

2. Implement enough of the database to demonstrate the following. You do not need to implement the entire database.

  1. primary key constraints: provide five examples
  2. foreign key constraints: provide five examples
  3. cascading delete: provide one example
  4. validation rule with a validation text: provide one example
  5. table constraint (a constraint that compares more than one column): provide oneexample. You will need to check the SQL Server Compatibility (ANSI 92) for yourdatabase before you write an SQL alter table query. (5 marks)

You need to include a brief documentation (in a word document) that highlights where the above items are demonstrated in your database, e.g. where the primary key constraints are. Marks may be lost if your documentation is missing, unclear or not concise.

How and what to submit

Submit your assignment on the unit web site. Please submit two files:

  1. A Microsoft Word document containing:
    • Your Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for Part A
    • Your reasonable assumptions/points of clarification for Part A (if you have any)
    • Documentation for Part B.
  2. A Microsoft Access file containing the tables and features you have implemented to support the requirements for Part B.

Create ERD and use Microsoft Access to create Data Model Transformation Programming Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Business Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

The president of Gentiva Health Services is considering increasing her number of Medicare patients served next year. However, to do so she must begin to use RNs for client visits, which Medicare reimburses at $45 per visit. An RN costs $35 per hour versus the current cost of $15 for an LPN or nurse’s aide. The president believes she can increase her patient visits by 15% by accepting Medicare patients. She is also aware that if she increases her Medicare patients, the company’s administrative costs will increase by approximately $10,000 per year because of the claims file complexity.

Use the following websites to gather data:

Use the following volumes for your calculations:

Volume for the year:

  • Flexible budget: 6,000 visits
  • Static budget: 5,945 visits
  • Actual budget: 5,889 visits

Prepare a two-page report that addresses the following:

  1. How many more visits will the company generate if it accepts Medicare patients?
  2. What would be the estimated profit or loss associated with the Medicare service line?
  3. Would you recommend that Gentiva Health Services increase its number of Medicare patients served? Why or why not?

The second task is: Business Plan

Review the quarterly report and develop a business plan for the organization for its upcoming financial year. Be sure to include the following in your organized business plan:

  • Organization segment
  • Marketing segment
  • Financial segment
  • Projected cash flow statement
  • Projected income statement
  • Projected balance sheet

Feel free to take liberties with information needed that is not available in the report.

You may find the quarterly report at

Gentiva® Health Services Reports Third Quarter 2014 Revenue and Adjusted EBITDA Results

  • Your assignment should be addressed in an 8- to 10-page document.


Question is attached Business Finance Assignment Help

Sea Green Enterprises reports the following assets and liabilities on its balance sheet.

Net Book Value Fair Market Value
Assets $600,000 $925,000
Liabilities 200,000 200,000

Sea Green has just lost a product liability suit, with damages of $10,000,000 being awarded to the plaintiff. Although Sea Green will appeal the judgment, legal counsel indicates the judgment is highly unlikely to be overturned by the appellate court. The product liability insurance carried by Sea Green includes a payout ceiling of $6,000,000.

For how much of the judgment is the entity and its owners liable if Sea Green is a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a C corporation, and an S corporation?

If an amount is zero, enter “0”.

c. If the form of the business entity is a C corporation, the C corporation is ultimately liable for $ and the shareholders of the C corporation are ultimately liable for $.

d. If the form of the business entity is an S corporation, the S corporation is ultimately liable for $ and the shareholders of the S corporation are ultimately liable for $.

I cant figure out c&d.


Problem-solving practicum essay for around 25 pages! and formal deep outline to it Business Finance Assignment Help

Problem-solving practicum essay



Deep thoughts and APA 6th format,GREAT GRAMMAR!

i would like you to write a problem solving essay on something about getting us citizenship (naturalized )and problem about it ( it can be that a lot of people do not know english well but still getting us passport. the citizenship test its too also need to find 3 ways to solve this problem,choose 1 and explain why)

please help me with the name of topic,essay and outline to essay

also the structure of essay is must be this way:


1)identify and discuss the problem or issues to talk about (5-6 pages) (about getting us naturalized citizenship problem ,test is too easy on English language part people with no language can memorize answers and easily pass it)

2)3 ways of solving this problem(i mean alternative solutions 3 options)(10 pages) (for ex. change test questions every year, add more oral interviews,every time change structure of the interview or before getting us citizenship requirement can be to pass esl classes at city colleges of people do not know what to expect because people retelling to each other so even do not know english well they can memorize and pass tests)

3)choose one way of solving to your opinion what is the best to solve the problem and why.( ex. requirement to pass esl course so person who apply for citizenship know english well.


APA format,good grammar,deep own work


Textual Analysis and Critical Thinking Essay of a Theme in a Selected Shakespeare Play Humanities Assignment Help

Using one of the following theme, write a 6-7 page double spaced essay about Hamlet:

The Complexity of Madness

In your discussion, you will need to quote or paraphrase directly from the text.


For each body paragraph, you are to use 1 or 2 quotes each only.

Must be able to not only simply understand the scenes and translate it, but be able to connect them to a deeper meaning.

All quotes must be cited, and any outside sources. Please use the least amount of outside source citations as possible.

All quotes must support the theme, and require: Translation, Textual Analysis and Critical Thinking

For example: What is the quote saying? What do they mean? How does this connect to the complexity of madness? Why would this be considered madness? Make detailed connections of Hamlet and his madness….. etc etc.

Size 12 Font Times New Roman

Double Spaced

MLA Format

Expecting a minimal of 7-8 Body Paragraphs

Guidelines to Follow:

– Make certain that your thesis states the topic and asserts something specific and significant about it.

– Underline the thesis, which should be the last sentence in your introductory paragraph.

– Your topic sentences should point backward in that they prove part of the thesis, and they should also point forward in that they are a predictor of what will be discussed in particular paragraphs.

– Check for logical coherence in your paper. Link your ideas together by using themes, transitions, and/or inserting phrases or subordinate clauses when appropriate.

– Your conclusion should drive home the main idea of the essay and summarize key concepts that you want your reader to take away from your essay.


Java project, May 19th, HTML, Web, CSIS294 Programming Assignment Help

Java project, May 19th, HTML, Web, CSIS294 Programming Assignment Help

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