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Journal paper Writing Assignment Help. Journal paper Writing Assignment Help.

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read a professional (peer-reviewed) paper related to your major. After reading the paper, write a short (1-2 page) summary and comment–briefly summarize the paper, then follow that with your observations, comments, critique, etc. At the top of your page, write your name, the journal submission number (there will be 10 required and up to 5 additional for extra credit). Next, write the FULL bibliographic information of the article (author, year, title, journal, volume, pages). If accessed on the web, you must have the date accessed and the FULL URL in addition to any bibliographic information.

I need a brief 1-page review of one article (for a total of 15 papers ) differnet topics , articles.

Major: Environmental science

notes: must be professional journals ,Other web articles (e.g., Wikipedia articles) are generally NOT acceptable for this assignment

Journal paper Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

answer the questions Writing Assignment Help

We will be taking a journalistic approach for Online Discussion 4. For Chapters 21/22, assume the role of a journalist, or someone else writing a letter of the time covering national (and global) events throughout the United States. From your perspective, you will be witness to a major event, theme, or historical figure(s), or multiple. Since the chapters are titled The Modern Nation/The Great Depression, how do you as a journalist interpret the major changes that have been taking place. You are expected to discuss cultural/social/economic shifts happening throughout the country. You will be graded on the amount of details and the quality of the writing that corresponds to answering the questions. Please be sure to incorporate at least 5 key terms from the chapter in your online discussion/Journal entry. Questions to keep in mind as you write from a journalistic, perspective: Who are you and what paper would you write for? Why are you writing this piece? Male or female? This Online Discussions allows you to get creative, while at the same time answering the questions below, including your own insight, and engaging with the chapter and powerpoint. Continue to cite throughout your reporting as you have done previously.


Using the title of one of the two chapters this week, “The Modern Nation,” what do you think this entails?What are some of the main contributing factors that are central to building a modern nation? Also, your response should include a wide array of elements that will not only help you answer the question, but also think about key terms included in the chapter and how this connects to the following chapter. How did the country shift from a modern phenomenon, to a great depression? This should be a fun activity where you are putting yourself in the position of an observer, sharing your insights publicly, and a wider and more diverse audience.


finishing paper that has 3 pages of biology lap report T-DNA, and write 2 more pages Science Assignment Help

it needs 2 or 3 more pages


Explanation of T-DNA, what it is, how it functions and its biological applications 1 Provide two examples (1o Literature) of T-DNA applications 2 State the purpose of PCR and electrophoresis as used in the study 1 What is purpose of the experiment, explanation of experiment, 2 hypotheses and prediction defined 1

Materials and Methods

Use of past, passive tense 2 Include PCR method 2 Gel electrophoresis with specific details such as % gel, buffer, voltage run, 1 Visualization of gel, image acquisition 0.5 MW marker- state sizes and name of vendor 0.5


Begin with a narrative 1 Clear text description of result that proceeds figure 2 Digitized image of gel,

Inclusion of: gel picture with labelled wells, – marker, +/- control, 1 samples by number (1-6?) on x axis, 1 y axis with MW of ladder aligning to band 1 thorough description of gel qualitatively- all bands including the 1 amplified product and other amplifications,

Figure legend below image with description of DNA in each lane 0.5 Reference to figure in text 0.5


Defined objective 1 Hypothesis accepted or rejected and why 1 Sources of error 1Relationship of work to that of others/alternative study 1Future experiments/modifications to experimen.

please use the ( DNA Extraction and Gel Electrophoresis ) file to understand the experiment

# use the gel picture in the file



The first is to, essentially, create a question in the spirit of that from the Week 7 Assignment, but using different variables that you will select from the ACS. In particular, you will select an outcome variable (in my question, this was female work ho Other Assignment Help

The first is to, essentially, create a question in the spirit of that from the Week 7 Assignment, but using different variables that you will select from the ACS. In particular, you will select an outcome variable (in my question, this was female work hours) and then a variable that separates the sample into two groups (in my question, this was women that have either 1 or 2 children.) You’ll select six observations at random from the 2015 ACS from PUMA 0608511, three from each group, and arrange the data in a table as in the Week 7 assignment. Finally, you’ll carry out a difference in means test using these six observations, and say whether there is a statistically significant difference in the outcome variable across the two groups.

The second main task is to review an econometric literature that relates to your question. You will search for scholarly, academic articles that have been published in peer-reviewed journals using EconLit, JSTOR and Google Scholar. You will identify three articles, provide one sentence commentary on each one, as well as an introductory and concluding sentence, to make a concise one-paragraph literature review. (This is only a mini-term paper, after all!)

In all the term paper will have five sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review and Related Economic Theory
  3. Data
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusion

You will also have a References section, with three references, using appropriate bibliographic citation format.[1] So technically there are six sections, but the five above will contain writing, including a table and some equations.

In the introduction, you state the research question. The research question may also be the title of your paper but the intro elaborates on this question, and provides some motivation for it; tell the reader why it is important and worthy of their time. Shoot for one, five-sentence paragraph.

The literature review section should also be one paragraph, as mentioned above, and should discuss three related studies. Search 1.) the JSTOR database (visit (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., to find the link to JSTOR; once there, limit your search to Econ journals under Advanced Search, and search using keywords in your area of interest; 2.) the EconLit database (to get there, change the end of the link above from “J” to “E”). You can search EconLit by keyword; try also to search by subject (SU) and JEL code: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.; 3.) Often there is one “seminal” article that most researchers who are studying similar topics to you cite. If this is true for the area you are studying (and even if it isn’t) go to Google Scholar, search for a study, and click the link next to the ” button. This is a convenient way of doing a cited reference search, and as already mentioned the “ button is a convenient way to get perfectly formatted bibliographic citations. (Note: When you find articles on Google or through other web search, you will often need to access the university’s subscriptions. Our library subscribes to most scholarly journals.[2] Articles from the JSTOR and EconLit databases are safe choices to qualify as peer-reviewed academic or scholarly articles. If you know a journal you want to search, go to (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and click Journal Titles. Enter the journal title. You can also use Google Scholar to link to articles in the SJSU library without having to enter in your Student ID and password; on Google Scholar, set up “library links” under “settings”.)

The Data section will briefly describe the American Community Survey (I know what this data set is, but I want to read that you, the author, can describe it at least reasonably well.) Then describe the variables you are using for analysis. You should provide a description of each variable you use, arranged in a Table of Variable Descriptions. You can then present the six observations you select for analysis in another table.

The analysis section describes the calculations for the difference in means test for the six observations, calculates the test statistic, and rejects or does not reject the null hypothesis of no difference in means. Show the equations involved in calculating the test statistic, and then present the results in a table like Table 1.1 from Mastering Metrics (yours will a lot smaller as you only have one outcome variable.) If the paper also analyzes a larger sample than just the minimum required sample size of six observations, the results of that analysis can also be presened here.

Finally, the Conclusion briefly summarizes the results and indicates whether the findings were consistent with previous studies. You should try to comment here on whether the correlations you study in this paper should be interpreted as any sort of causal effect, and perhaps how one could extend this analysis in the future.

Having examined the ACS_2015_Holian_Workbook.xlsx file from which the data used in Week 7 Assignment was taken (this is the “Small” Excel file,) you will have seen how I gathered the six observations used in that difference in means test. Study that Week 7 problem, as the largest part of your term paper assignment is basically to make up your own problem along the exact same lines.

An analysis of six observations in the minimum standard for earning a passing grade on the term paper. Students should also carry out the same test on a larger (potentially much larger) sample as well. Ideally you can carry out the test using the full sample of PUMA 0608511 using R Studio. It would be sufficient for this assignment if you just report the values of the two variables (the “outcome” or dependent variable and the binary group-selector variable) for six observations, and then carry out the test, but then getting a passing grade on the paper would also require also having a good literature review section. Whereas, if you attempt to analyze a sample larger than six, I will be more forgiving if the literature review isn’t very well done. In other words you can earn a sort of “extra credit” for attempting larger samples. I don’t want to overwhelm students who are struggling with R Studio, hence the requirement of only six observations, but ultimately there’s a lot of “big data” in the world, and it would be good if you can figure out how to use a computer to analyze it.

In fact, there are millions of observations in the ACS that you can access relatively easily. Create an account at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and download a CSV file. You can download data for the whole US, for multiple years, and just the variables you need. Email me and I can help you if you want to go this ambitious but totally doable route.

You will get points for producing and answering a question of the form described above, using six actual observations from the ACS. You will also get points for producing a question that relates to an interesting causal question from economics, as well as effectively reviewing relevant papers. You don’t have to discuss the previously published papers in detail, but instead must just say what they did and what they found in general terms, and how it relates to what you’re doing.

Finally, please upload your submission as either a PDF or DOC or DOCX file.


Need help with my short assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

4 My Proposed Price(s) [ Penalty = 0.00(0) ]

100 word literature review on 9 journal articles EACH. These articles must relate to

– child sedentary behaviour and screen time usage (technology: tv, mobile phone, computer, iPad, laptop, etc)

– screen time and sedentary behaviour related to obesity or other health issues in children/adolescents aged 8-16

– influences in sedentary time In children/adolescents eg. Ethnicity, parental income and education level, etc

– how parental rules influence a child’s sedentary time using technology positively eg. Limited screen time usage could influence sedentary behaviour positively.

Articles must relate back to this study:

Ramirez, E.R., Norman, G. J., Rosenberg, D. E., Kerr, J., Saelens, B.E., Durant, N., & Sallis, J. F. (2011).Adolescent screen time and rules to limit screen time in the home.Journal of Adolescent Health, 48, 379-385 doi: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2010.07.01



Adapting science to the public Writing Assignment Help

You have to first choose a topic with me in the chat and then start working on the assignment, which is explained in the assignment sheet.

Follow the instruction in the assignment sheet and put in consideration the assignment rubric.

The Assignment is basically writing scientific findings in either an unbiased report or an argumentative article to a specific audience that is non expertise in the field.

So, you will need to use some forms of adaptation to suit the audience’s understanding.

I will also attach 2 articles that gives some ideas of adaptations.

You will also write a reflective memo that is explained in the assignment sheet. It does not have to be formal.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

Adapting science to the public Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

1 page report with analysis Writing Assignment Help

Finance Case Assignment about an expansion plan for a company. 1 page
report answering 6 questions by using calculations you made in excel.

I will attach the case and the instructions with the questions on them.
It is a single spaced 1 page report answering questions as if you are
reporting to the CEO as a financial analyst. When answering these
questions you must refer to pictures that you need to include at the
bottom of the page on the Word doc showing your calculations in Excel.
When it is submitted to me I am looking for both the report as well as
the calculations.


Prepare and Describe the Three Major Financial Statements Writing Assignment Help

you will need to download the Excel file located in the Books and Resources for this Week. From the Excel table, prepare a two-year balance sheet, a two-year income statement, and one-year cash flow statement. In addition to preparing the statements, provide a two- to three-paragraph description of each statement and its uses.

Length: 2-4 pages

Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

this is the book:  Cover Image


Writing about Conflictual harmony Writing Assignment Help

Read: “The Path to Conflictual Harmony” by Johanna Tysk (located under files/week 3).

Deliver: A written piece (ca 600-70), as well as a jpg or pdf of the filled in character template (located under files/week 3).

Writing prompts:

Think of a scenario/context in which you have experienced inner conflict, and describe the context vividly: what is the “scene”, the elements of the conflict, the dilemma? Draw out your inner conflicting perspectives into two characters, and just like Jo, Hanna and Tysk in the reading, give them separate names and characteristics. How would they each describe themselves, their agenda, perhaps where they are from, and “their story”? (feel free to exaggerate and be creative with these descriptions)

Find a wearable accessory for each character, take a selfie as each, and write a short description of strengths and weaknesses. Paste both photos and descriptions into the template found under files/week 3.

Now, describe or invent a “mediator character” inside you, and give also this character a name, a description, a wearable accessory and a selfie to REPLACE INTO the template. Write a scene in a dialogue format with all three characters present, trying to consciously build upon the strengths of the opposing characters, and a playful acceptance of whatever external circumstances are present.

Finally, briefly describe your understanding of the concept of “Conflictual Harmony” in your own words. Feel free to be inspired or build upon what is discussed in the reading, rather than trying to “get it right”.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words and Prepare a 1,750- to 2,450-word paper and discuss the advantages of integrated studies and inquiry-based integrated studies using your readings and research that you have done on your own and address Humanities Assignment Help

There are two parts that need to be done.

Each on a diferent word document.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

In all of the liberal arts disciplines, there is a powerful energy that seeks to explore, create, and understand. Inquiry is at the foundation of that exploration and the channel for gaining new knowledge. This gets to the core idea of why teachers want to connect disciplines.

  • How are inquiries conducted in different disciplines?
  • What are the similarities and differences between how a scientist and a mathematician investigate a question versus how a sociologist or an anthropologist investigate a relevant question?
  • What is the current thought about integrated studies?
  • What are researchers saying about its importance?


Prepare a 1,750- to 2,450-word paper and discuss the advantages of integrated studies and inquiry-based integrated studies using your readings and research that you have done on your own and address the following:

  • Why is it important to understand specific disciplines, their language, content, and context to apply to interdisciplinary inquiry?
  • What are the similarities and differences between how natural sciences experts, humanities experts, writers, mathematicians, scientists, and artists conduct inquiry? How does this connect to elementary school students?
  • What have we learned through the historical experiments in integrated curriculum? What commonalities, differences and questions emerged?
  • Discuss current trends in integrated studies. Provide a real-world example of a school that is using one or more of the trends.
  • Why is interdisciplinary inquiry important for the multiple-subject teacher?


Journal paper Writing Assignment Help

Journal paper Writing Assignment Help