Just have to read and answer questions Humanities Assignment Help

Just have to read and answer questions Humanities Assignment Help. Just have to read and answer questions Humanities Assignment Help.

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work through your thoughts about the common assumptions about scientific practice and the role of experts. What role does technology play within society? Could societies understand science and technology in a more sophisticated manner that would actually allow people to recognize the power and limitations of these institutions?

Secondly, explore ethical responsibility more generally. That is, how might we understand human nature, and how might that concept inform our sense of what a right or wrong action is? In particular, why might we be willing to think of ourselves as pleasure seekers, and what does that mean in terms of ethical responsibility?

Just have to read and answer questions Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

exposure monitoring plan based on a hygience scenario Writing Assignment Help

Project Objective: Develop an exposure monitoring plan, for the scenario attached.


to consider all possible hazards by understanding the process. The plan
itself addresses airborne, skin, and surface exposure. If other hazards
are present, list but do not include in the overall plan. A rubric is
available for guidance. The exposure monitoring plan is submitted in a
report format following APA guidelines. You may deviated from APA
guidelines to save paper and use 1 point spacing with narrow page
margins. However, font is 12 pts. Font for captions and labels along
with font within tables can be 10 pts. Tables are preferred over large

  • Gain a basic understanding of the process
  • Define objectives of sampling strategy
  • State all assumptions
  • Research contaminates and develop a health hazard evaluation
  • Research and select sampling methods to meet the objectives
  • Indicate desired flow rate, sampling duration, number and type of media along
  • Include who, when and where for sample collection.
  • Discuss how exposure results are prioritized.

Analyte Detail search, http://www.slh.wisc.edu/wslhApps/Wohl/search.php,

Please let me know if you need additional info.


English 120 read article Writing Assignment Help

Your essay should have:

  • An introduction with a hook, background information and a thesis that directly respond to my prompt
  • A minimum of 2 (and up to 3) PIE body paragraphs with a clear Point that is an opinion, Information that is properly introduced quotes from the articles and Explanation that is thorough and connects the reader back to the point.
  • Transitions to help the reader move through different paragraphs and examples.
  • A conclusion that restates your thesis and provides a final thought.
  • Do not worry about MLA formatting for this timed draft.


I need to some one write eassy for me Humanities Assignment Help

step 1

Slowly and carefully read through the two articles below on the subject of social media and your careers.

Once you have carefully read both articles, write a short essay (600-800 words) that answers the prompt below.

step 2

  • Do you think social media will help or hurt students’ college and career goals?

Your essay should include:

  • An introduction with a hook, background information and a thesis that directly answers my prompt
  • 2-3 body paragraphs that follow PIE structure, starting with a Point that is an opinion, using quotes from the articles as Information and Explaining the quotes thoroughly.
  • A conclusion that restates the thesis and gives a final thought.


MHA 5016 week 7 Health Medical Assignment Help

Stakeholder Communication in Health Information Systems


Refer to the Vila Health scenarios you have been using throughout this course. The intended audience for this analysis will be one of the stakeholder groups presented in the media simulation.

Review the recommendations you made in the Unit 3 assignment as well as any feedback you received from your instructor.


Imagine that you have been asked to summarize and analyze how your recommendations on EHR or HIM system at Independence Medical Center impacts stakeholders.


For this assignment, write a 3–5-page brief for the hospital’s leadership. In your brief:

  • Explain your previous recommendations and the timeline for implementing them.
  • Analyze how your recommendations impact:

    • Stakeholders.
    • Resource allocation, training, and workflow.

  • Depict stakeholders and their interests using the Stakeholder Matrix Template (linked in the resources). The fully completed matrix should:

    • Include relevant stakeholders.
    • Align critical success factors with the primary internal and external stakeholders.
    • Include a value statement for each stakeholder. (A value statement meets the needs and values of each key decision maker. See example in the Stakeholder Matrix Template.)

  • Describe how you would communicate these changes to stakeholders to improve your chances of acceptance. Support your reasoning with evidence.

Additional Requirements

Your assignment should also meet the following requirements:

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting standards.
  • Number of resources: 3–5 peer-reviewed resources from scholarly journal articles.
  • Length: 3–5 pages, double-spaced, excluding the title page and reference page. You do not need to write an abstract for this assignment.
  • Appendix: Include Stakeholder Matrix Template as an appendix to your assignment.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.



what is an american Writing Assignment Help

You’ll begin this assignment before we read Crevecoeur. First, provide a Google image that represents your running definition of an American thus far in the course (10% of grade). This image must be appropriate for all audiences.

Then, after we read Crèvecœur’s definition of what an American is, compare and contrast your definition and his (200 words, 60%). What surprised you about his definition? How similar or different was it to your own? Does your opinion of Crèvecœur’s definition change when you remember that the American Crèvecœur is speaking of is STILL a subject of the British crown? Does it change when you remember Crèvecœur is French? Do you have any problems with his definition? Be sure to quote from Crèvecoeur‘s text and cite it appropriately.

Ask a reflective question with your new definition, and you’re done with this part of the discussion board.

Finally, reply to at least two of your peers’ reflective questions (100 words, 10% each). You can also comment on how his or her definition compares or contrasts with your own, or you may comment on how his or her definition varies from Crèvecœur’s.

Also, periodically check your own thread and reply to your instructor’s questions or your peers’ questions.

This discussion board will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and will help students meet the following objective:

1. Students will synthesize their definition of an American thus far.

2. Students will reflect on their definition and compare it that of J. Hector St Jean de Crèvecœur.

This section will help you think about:

1. The value of non-American perceptions about what it means to be an American.


Image 10 Percent

Text Discussion 60 percent

Reflective Question 10 Percent

Peer Discussion 20 Percent

what is an american Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

JavaScript program help – Create Stack Computer from Stack Programming Assignment Help

Hi, I need help creating JavaScript code to perform the instructions as outlined below. The word document also contains the base code I have so far. This code will require additional logic and functions in order to work per instructions.

Implement a Stack in Javascript. Do not use an array as the stack or in the implementation of the stack. Repeat – You MUST implement the Stack (start with your linked list) without the use of an array..

You will build a Stack Computer from your stack. When a number is
entered it goes onto the top of the stack. When an operation is entered,
the previous 2 numbers are operated on by the operation and the result
is pushed onto the top of the stack. This is how an RPN calculator.

For example

2 [enter] 2

5 [enter] 5 2

* [enter] * 5 2 -> collapses to 10

would leave at 10 at the top of the stack.

The program should use a simple input box, either a text field or prompt and display the contents of the Stack.

[Push to Stack]

Contents of Stack:

NOTE: Implementation of a Stack using an array will not be accepted. A stack computer created using a Stack (with correct
push and pop) that performs all operations correctly – and does not
allow bad entries (non-numeric or operation, no operations until 2
numbers on stack) is what I am looking for.



financial analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

  1. Read https://hbr.org/2008/03/when-growth-stalls
  2. Research publicly traded companies to identify one company that has stalled. An example of an approach would be to look at the S&P 500 composition over the years to research firms that have fallen off – this is just one approach.
  3. Select a company that you feel meets the criteria of company outlined in the article.
    1. Assemble financials from 10-K and/or other sources to support your selection
    2. Build a list of what metrics the company could have been looking at to identify the problem early on and what steps the company could have taken to prevent the stall. This could lead you to prepare a full financial analysis [common size financials, ratio analysis, etc..], but it’s not require to do all of this work for your submission; however, please do enough work to convince me and your group mates that this company is the one that should be used for your group project. Perhaps, the company did take steps to reaccelerate growth and if so, this would further support your selection but it is not necessary to find a company that fixed the problem.


HS305 Research Methods for Health Sciences Unit 8 Assignment Health Medical Assignment Help

View an introduction to the Assignment here. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.


Once we have collected data, what do we do with it? For the Unit 8 Assignment, you will be extracting data either from the Unit 6 Assignment dashboard that you created or using the Prevalence of Diabetes in the World located in the Course Documents, to formulate a research question. In order to formulate your research questions, you will need to explore scholarly sources (journal articles or information from government or higher education websites) to see what the literature is saying about your results.

When the research question has been determined, you can infer how to address the problem and who will be involved. This helps to make data-driven decisions and utilize resources in the most effective way possible.


Download a copy of the data table template. Locate a minimum of three scholarly sources (journal articles or information from government or higher education websites) to support the data from the Unit 6 Assignment dashboard that you created or use the Prevalence of Diabetes in the World dashboard from Tableau Public.

Once you have completed your research, formulate at least two research questions, and then complete the data table by filling in each cell with detailed information on how your research question could be answered. Submit the completed table to the Dropbox for grading.

Template—Version1: Data



Time Period:

Research Question


Recommendations for Action/ Decision

Decision-Maker (DM) and Other Stakeholders (OS)

Communication Channel to Reach DM & OS



Submitting Your Work:

Upload Assignment to unit Dropbox.

Grading rubrics for this Assignment are located under Course Resources.


comprehensive marketing plan for a new product (a good or service) Business Finance Assignment Help

a comprehensive marketing plan for a new product (a good or service)

There are important things to consider as the plan is created.

  1. Is the marketing idea valid?
  2. What is unique or distinctive about the product that separates it from competitors?
  3. Does a viable market exist for the product?
  4. Is the target market large enough, accessible, and capable of purchasing your product?
  5. Are the financial projections sound?
  6. Is the management team competent?
  7. How will investors get a return on their investments?

In order to help you answer these and similar questions, create your marketing plan utilizing the following course resources.

View the BUSN319_Marketing_Plan_Outline.docx

Your final marketing plan must be 3-5 pages in length, cover all sections of the marketing plan
outline, use at least three research sources ,
and follow all APA guidelines. First submit a two-page
topic proposal. then submit the
final marketing plan.

First submission write a two-page description of your product, including the following.

  1. Information about ownership and company structure
  2. A description of product
  3. A mission statement
  4. Marketing goals
  5. Who a typical customer might be

Second submission

submit the Final marketing plan Be sure to use the BUSN319_Marketing_Plan_Outline.docx from the Files


Just have to read and answer questions Humanities Assignment Help

Just have to read and answer questions Humanities Assignment Help

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