Justice book review chapter 1-5 Business Finance Assignment Help

Justice book review chapter 1-5 Business Finance Assignment Help. Justice book review chapter 1-5 Business Finance Assignment Help.

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you have to write a 3 FULL pages SINGLE-SPACED with 10pt font Times New Roman!! so it’s 10pt font, NOT 12pt as usual!!

Use APA format to cite in text from the article attached below (cite the page too!)

Your paper should have the following Headers: Introduction, Background Information, Summary, Evaluation and Conclusion

  • Formatting
    • 3 typed pages, single-space, 10pt font, Times New Roman, justified margins, APA bibliographic citation of the work as your ‘title’
  • Heading
    • Include the bibliographic information of the article
  • Introduction
    • Identify what your review intends to do
    • Include the author & title again
    • Include a very brief overview of the article, its purpose, & your
    • reaction/evaluation
  • Background Information
    • Place the article in context and discuss the criteria for judging the article/book
  • Summary
    • Discuss the main points of the article/book, quoting & paraphrasing key ideas from the author
  • Evaluation
    • Your evaluation, consider the following –
    • How well the article/book achieves its goal
    • What is the central lesson of the article/book
    • What are the article/book’s strengths and shortcomings
    • What personal experiences have you related to the subject
  • Conclusion
    • Provide a final overview
    • Suggested recommendations for further research
    • Why this study matters

Justice book review chapter 1-5 Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

analyzing and visualizing data Writing Assignment Help

In Chapter 2, the author talks about four key stages with regards to data visualization workflow. Select one key stage and expand on the author’s comments about the stage.

A discussion question will be posted prior to the start of each week (Weeks 1 – 11, 13-15). A detailed response to the discussion is required No Later Than (NLT) the following Wednesday, midnight of each week. At least two replies to your classmates’ posts should be posted NLT midnight, Saturday of each week. In order to receive full credit for the discussion posts, you must include at least two citations (APA) from academic resources (i.e. the textbook, UofCumberlands Library resources, etc.). Please post any APA or Discussion Guideline Questions to this Thread.

Here is a link to an APA Online Formatting Guide Resource



Religion class Science Assignment Help

1200 words minimum and 3 scholarly sources……….NO PLAGIARISM

1.How did the Egyptian “Instruction of Amenemopet” influence the Israelite book of Proverbs?

2. What is the role of Satan in Job 1 and 2?

3. Why is Ecclesiastes called skeptical wisdom?

4. What evidence suggests that the book of Psalms is a collection of songs produced over a long period of time?

5. What are the various ways readers might understand the designation Qoheleth?

6. Identify Ptolemies, the Seleucids, Antiochus the Great, and Antiochus Epiphanes.

7. What position concerning Jewish ethnicity does the book of Esther support?

8.Why do some interpreters view the book of Ruth as a response the marriage policies in Ezra and Nehemiah?

9. What were the viewpoints of the universalists and the particularists in post-Exilic Judaism? What conditions gave rise to these opposing views?

10. What are the two major divisions of the book of Daniel?

11. How were the Samaritans related to Judaism?

12. Why is the Dead Sea Scrolls set identified as an apocalyptic group?

13. Why is it not completely accurate to speak of the Apocrypha as extrabiblical literature?

14. Why does the Protestant Old Testament not include the books of the Apocrypha?

15. What do the Dead Sea Scrolls contribute to our knowledge of the Bible and first-century B.C.E. Judaism?


Communication Self-Assessment Paper Writing Assignment Help

Read the results of your completed DiSC® Platinum Rule® Assessment.

Create a 1,050-word communication style self-assessment based on the results of your DiSC® assessment and your own reflections. Include the following in your assessment:

  • Identify the different DiSC communication styles.
  • Compare the different DiSC communication styles. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?
  • Discuss how understanding your personal DiSC communication style, and the DiSC communication style of your team members, helps you to be more effective as a project manager.
  • Determine your primary and secondary DiSC communication styles.
  • Discuss the DiSC communication style that presents the biggest challenges for you.
  • Discuss the information on your DiSC assessment that was most surprising to you.
  • Identify one way in which you will adapt your DiSC communication style to be more productive.
  • Describe a real-life scenario in which you might apply this adaptation and how you will incorporate it into the situation.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.


please need the following work I have complete answer I will provide but should not look like plagiarized it must be ur own need two copies in different docs Engineering Assignment Help

Week02 HW

Attached Files:

Identify all questions that you attempted in this template

Q1 Textbook Theory Questions http://faculty.marshall.usc.edu/gareth-james/ISL/

1. For each of parts (a) through (d), indicate whether we would generally expect the performance of a flexible statistical learning method to be better or worse than an inflexible method. Justify your answer.

(a) The sample size n is extremely large, and the number of predictors p is small.

(b) The number of predictors p is extremely large, and the number of observations n is small.

(c) The relationship between the predictors and response is highly non-linear.

(d) The variance of the error terms, i.e. σ2 = Var(), is extremely high

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a very flexible (versus a less flexible) approach for regression or classification? Under what circumstances might a more flexible approach be preferred to a less flexible approach? When might a less flexible approach be preferred?

6. Describe the differences between a parametric and a non-parametric statistical learning approach. What are the advantages of a parametric approach to regression or classification (as opposed to a nonparametric approach)? What are its disadvantages?

Q2 Textbook Applied Questions – Attempt with Python

8. Exploratory Data Analysis: College data set: College.csv. It contains a number of variables for 777 different universities and colleges in the US. Do all the exercises in Python:

8a. Read the csv file with pandas

8b.Fix the first row as row headers


  1. produce a numerical summary of the variables in the data set.
  2. produce a scatterplot matrix of the first ten columns or variables of the data.
  3. produce side-by-side boxplots of Outstate versus Private
  4. Create a new qualitative variable, called Elite, by binning the Top10perc variable and divide universities into two groups based on whether or not the proportion of students coming from the top 10 % of their high school classes exceeds 50 %
  5. Produce some histograms with differing numbers of bins for a few of the quantitative variables: Room.Board’,’Books’, ‘Personal’, ‘Expend’
  6. Examine the elite schools more closely.

Q3 Textbook Applied Questions – Attempt with Python

9. Exploration with Auto.csv data.

Make sure that the missing values have been removed from the data.

(a) Which of the predictors are quantitative, and which are qualitative?

(b) What is the range of each quantitative predictor?

(c) What is the mean and standard deviation of each quantitative predictor?

(d) Now remove the 10th through 85th observations. What is the range, mean, and standard deviation of each predictor in the subset of the data that remains?

(e) Using the full data set, investigate the predictors graphically, using scatterplots or other tools of your choice. Create some plots highlighting the relationships among the predictors. Comment on your findings.

(f) Suppose that we wish to predict gas mileage (mpg) on the basis of the other variables. Do your plots suggest that any of the other variables might be useful in predicting mpg? Justify your answer.

Q4 Textbook Applied Questions – Attempt with Python

10. Exploration with Boston.csv data

a) How many rows and columns in the data set? What do the rows and columns represent?

(b) Make pairwise scatterplots of the predictors (columns) in this data set. Describe findings.

(c) Are any of the predictors associated with per capita crime rate? If so, explain relationship. (d) Do any of the suburbs of Boston appear to have particularly high crime rates? Tax rates? Pupil-teacher ratios? Comment on the range of each predictor.

(e) How many of the suburbs in this data set bound the Charles river?

(f) What is the median pupil-teacher ratio among the towns in this data set?

(g) Which suburb of Boston has lowest median value of owner occupied homes?

What are the values of the other predictors for that suburb, and how do those values compare to the overall ranges for those predictors? Comment on your findings.

(h) In this data set, how many of the suburbs average more than seven rooms per dwelling? More than eight rooms per dwelling? Comment on the suburbs that average more than eight rooms per dwelling.

Hint – several github sites have the complete solution in python e.g.





Anthropology writing paper -02 Writing Assignment Help

Written Assignment #1 Peopling of the Americas:

This week we focused on the first peopling of the Americas during the Pleistocene epoch and the major debates surrounding this topic. Your assignment is to write a short essay (700-1000 words) that summarizes the required readings assigned for Week 2 and includes the following:

  • Compare and contrast the ‘Clovis first’/ice-free corridor hypothesis with the the coastal migration/‘kelp highway’ hypothesis. Specifically, what do each of these hypotheses claim in terms of the timing and migration routes of the first people in the Americas?
  • For each hypothesis, include discussion of specific archaeological evidence/sites that are central to these debates. For example, what evidence supports and/or challenges each hypothesis?
  • A critical synthesis of what you think is the most likely scenario given the evidence for or against each hypothesis.
  • You must include both in-text citations and a bibliography for all articles you reference. Please format citations and references using APA style (i.e., not MLA). You may pull information from lecture material but it must be appropriately cited. You will be graded on writing quality, so be sure to check spelling, grammar, and sentence clarity.

Readings (see attached file):

1. Braje, T.J. et al. 2017. Finding the first Americans. Science 358, 592–594.

2. Waters, M. R., & Stafford, T. W. (2013). The first Americans: A review of the evidence for the Late-Pleistocene peopling of the Americas. Paleoamerican odyssey, 543-562.

3. Erlandson, J.M., et al. 2007. The Kelp Highway Hypothesis: Marine Ecology, the Coastal Migration Theory, and the Peopling of the Americas. The Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology 2, 161–174.

4. Potter, B.A., et al. 2018. Current evidence allows multiple models for the peopling of the Americas. Science Advances 4, eaat5473.

Anthropology writing paper -02 Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Using the guidelines provided in this week’s chapter (and other resources as needed), create a step-by-step IT security policy for handling user accounts/rights for a student who is leaving prematurely (drops, is expelled, and so on). Computer Science Assignment Help

Using the guidelines provided in this week’s chapter (and other resources as needed), create a step-by-step IT security policy for handling user accounts/rights for a student who is leaving prematurely (drops, is expelled, and so on).

You will need to consider specialized student scenarios, such as a student who works as an assistant to a faculty member or as a lab assistant in a computer lab and may have access to resources most students do not.

Write your answer using a WORD document. Do your own work. Submit here. Note your Safe Assign score. Score must be less than 25 for full credit.

You have three attempts.

300-500 words, references, APA format, NO PLAGIARISM

Required Videos

VIDEO. System Admin Tools

Click HERE to watch or click embedded video below.


American History Humanities Assignment Help

Paradox of Progress

Industrialization and the development of finance capitalism deeply
transformed the U.S. economy, society, and culture at the end of the
nineteenth century. As a small number of capitalists and industrialists
made fortunes, the living and working conditions for most American wage
workers and immigrants worsened, which produced divergent positions on
the causes of growing income inequality. Henry George’s Poverty and Progress (1879) and William Graham Sumner’s What Social Classes Owe to Each Other (1883) exemplify some of these positions.

After reading the sources listed below, briefly synthesize George’s
and Sumner’s arguments. Then, using Phillips Thomson’s poem and Father
Edward McGlynn’s comments explain how they reflected on the causes of
unequal distribution of income and opportunity. What do you think
influenced these views?

Henry George, Poverty and Progress (1879). (Links to an external site.) Read pp. 3-13 only.
William Graham Sumner excerpt from What Social Classes Owe to Each Other (1883) (Links to an external site.)
Phillips Thomson, “The Political Economist and the Tramp” (1878) (Links to an external site.)
– Comments on Henry George by Father Edward McGlynn in Louis
F. Post and Fred C. Leubusher, Henry George’s 1886 Campaign: An Account
of the George-Hewitt Campaign in the New York Municipal Election of
1886 (1887) (Links to an external site.)


  1. In approximately 150-250 words, post your response to the
    question(s). Your post should use evidence from the provided sources.
    You may also use the textbook, but only as additional support. Your
    focus should be the above sources. Use a concise, professional and
    academic style of writing, free of grammatical errors and


Week 5 Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

For this assignment, refer to the assigned Readings & Resources. Using the American Advertising Federation Principles, the IAB Native Ad Evaluation Framework and the PRSA Professional Code of Ethics provided, research a recent example of unethical brand communications as defined by the AAF, IAB or PRSA. Your example shouldbe recent in order to address current issues in digital media, privacy and branded content – no more than two years old, and from a credible source such as the New York Times media section,ADWEEK,Advertising Age, BRANDWEEK, or other professional publication or website.

Important: Please use the same example for your assignment as used for the discussion – the feedback from classmates and your instructor will be helpful in writing a quality essay.

Then in an essay, answer the following questions/prompts:

  1. Provide a summary of your example, including the client, agency and brand communication involved. Evaluate the critical ethical issues which are relevant to your example by citing the specific AAF, IAB principles and/or PRSA ethical codes that have been violated.
  2. Reflect upon your own personal values. What if you were working there? What would you have done? Provide a detailed recommendation on how the brand communication decision should have been handled by the agency or firm involved in such a way that is guided by the AAF, IAB and PRSA principles.

Completed essays should be a minimum of 3 pages of content, written in MLA format with a Works Cited added as the 4th (last) page.


MNGT 6000: Writing Assignment Writing Assignment Help

Week 3

This is the week when you will have to make your decision on the problem for your final paper. Be sure to take advantage of all of the resources the book has to offer as you begin to work on this process. The topic that you choose to research should be a problem for American managers today.

The chapter you will read this week is about qualitative research – the focus is on capturing and studying the complexity of real world phenomena.

Did you know that you have access to articles from trade magazines and journals, specialized article databases, company directories, and more at the Webster University Library? Begin your research early to ensure you will be able to acquire all of the materials you will need.


Submit Assignment 1: Research Problem Identification and Justification which includes the:

  • Problem
  • Sub-problems
  • Data and sources
  • Assumptions and delimitations
  • Importance of the study
  • Hypothesis

If you are submitting a business plan you will need to include:

  • Introduction
    • Explain need for the business and what problem your business will address
    • Where will you be researching your information.
    • What assumptions are you making with your proposed business plan
    • Why is your business important – what will it contribute to the business environment.
    • Why is your business important
    • What is your hypothesis regarding your business
  • Profile of Entrepreneur
  • Profile of the Business Venture


Justice book review chapter 1-5 Business Finance Assignment Help

Justice book review chapter 1-5 Business Finance Assignment Help

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