JV education strayer 11 Business Finance Assignment Help

JV education strayer 11 Business Finance Assignment Help. JV education strayer 11 Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Part 1

Recent societal movements have focused on issues faced by women and people of color (i.e., Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March). How do recent movements such as those mentioned impact the learning experiences of women and students of color in the 21st century? Be sure to use information from your text and scholarly research to support your response.

Part 2

Educators today should have a strong understanding of the impact various cultures can have on instructional delivery and student learning. Evaluate three ways how having an understanding of culture can impact student learning and instructional delivery. Support your conclusions with sound research

Part 3


Religion is a contentious subject in the field of education. Many educators do not fully understand laws pertaining to what can and cannot occur in a school setting pertaining to religion. Using the First Amendment Schools site located here, research and discuss how one piece of legislation about religion in school impacts modern school cultures. Be sure to support your information with research.

Part 4

Single-sex schools are having a resurgence in some communities. Proponents say that students perform better with the removal of the distractions of the opposite sex. Research and discuss three reasons single-sex schools are making a comeback. Be sure to support your reasons with scholarly research.

Part 5

Gender inequality is another significant topic in modern society and within our schools. Local education agencies are constantly faced with ensuring that schools provide a safe learning environment for all students. Analyze and discuss two research based strategies that educators can use to address gender inequalities in today’s diverse school and classroom environments.

Part 6 See the directions, and don’t use Prezi! Students have overwhelmingly asked not to use Prezi!

Create a Prezi presentation in which you propose a short training demo for new teachers, selecting one (1) philosophical approach to multicultural education as described by the author. Use multicultural resources of your choice to support your examples.

Create a fifteen to thirty (15-30) slide Prezi presentation in which you:

1.Create a section (five to ten [5-10] slides) in which you:

a.Compare and contrast three to five (3-5) diversity approaches, focusing on their application to a classroom environment.
b.Analyze key instances in which you have experienced each diversity approach in action in your own life, focusing on events that took place in a K-12 environment.
c.Provide between three to five (3-5) images that demonstrate diverse classrooms in each instance discussed in the question above.

2.Create a section (five to ten [5-10] slides) for multicultural approaches in which you:

a.Design a unit that relates to your grade level and area of instruction that focuses on the approach to multicultural education you have selected.
b.Choose resources that could be used to deliver this unit. Consider the use of any appropriate adaptive learning technologies as well as incorporating International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards (NETS).
c.Recommend at least three (3) strategies that teachers can choose from to integrate multicultural techniques into their classrooms.

3.Create a section (five to ten [5-10] slides) for philosophies of multicultural education in which you:

a.Create a diagram that demonstrates your personal philosophy of multicultural education and its major applications to a K-12 curriculum.
b.Determine which evaluation criteria you would use to examine the effectiveness of a multicultural curriculum.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Follow APA for formatting guidelines. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover slide containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover slide and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

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fix summary and annotate article Humanities Assignment Help

further write why the article thinks the idea of the messy order cf the Canterbury tales and the grouping of the tales came from the Arabs by stating and explaining briefly some of the examples provided by the writer. And the summary has to have a thesis statement at the end of the introduction that explains what is discussed in the next paragraphs to come. Please add a thesis statement. In addition, please annotate the article, write a few comments on the border that are important and helpful in writing the summary and attach it later on with the summary. Please AVOID PLAGIARISM AT ALL and please avoid grammatical errors


Discussion board. Post Writing Assignment Help

I have uploaded the required files. read the instruction properly and let me get the discussion essay soon then I will request for response of 150 words from a classmate once I posted my response to discussion question :

Address the following Questions:

For this discussion you can do a google search or search some of the major articles/ balance sheets. Do not use Wikipedia.

1) Locate a health care-related balance sheet.

– The source of the balance sheet can be internal (within a health care facility, heath care organization, health care institution of some type) or external health care related article that includes a balance sheet (from a published article or from a health care company’s annual report, for example). The balance sheet of choice can also be on a quarterly basis and or annual basis.

-Post a copy of the balance sheet as a Link (URL), JPEG, screen shot, PDF or copy and paste the balance sheet within the discussion board forum with your response.

See Example Heath care Related Quarterly and Annually Balance Sheet link below:

Molina Healthcare.pdf

2) Write your impression and or comment about the assets, liabilities, net worth, revenues, etc. found on your balance sheet. Would you prefer more details? Yes or No? Explain your reasoning.

3) Do you think the balance sheet you have posted/reported gives you useful information? Why or Why not? How do you think it could be improved? Explain your reasoning.

4) Refer to Chapter 5: What do you believe the proportion of revenues from different sources is for any healthcare organization? Do you believe this proportion (payer mix) will change in the future? Why?Explain your reasoning.

Your experiences may be very helpful and interesting to all of us. However, be sure that you also back up your posts with factual information from the text (when it applies to the initial discussion board question (s) and responses to peers) or other creditable sources. A minimum of one reference is required to support your response to the discussion question and reply to a classmate. You may cite the course required textbook and or other sources. Make sure your references are in APA format.

B) Reply to a classmate: Respond to one classmate post by including a respectful substantial response that includes supportive facts and details. Minimum of 150 words or more (excluding references). The responses to your classmate’s postings should actively stimulate and sustain further discussion by building on peers’ responses including:

— Classmate by name
— building a focused argument around a specific issue or
— asking a new related question or
— making an oppositional statement supported by personal experience or related research.

-Your experiences may be very helpful and interesting to all of us. However, be sure that you also back up your posts with factual information from the text (when it applies to the initial discussion board question (s) and responses to peers) or other creditable sources. A minimum of one reference to your classmates posting. You may cite the course required textbook and or other sources in which you have used content from. Make sure your references are in APA format.


Spanish PowerPoint! (NEEDS TO BE DONE IN COMPLETE SPANISH! Foreign Languages Assignment Help

I need someone that can write a “memory story” of what you have learned about art and culture. It needs to be about Famous Hispanic Painting or Traditional Holiday in a complete written presentation as if you were writing a book about your personal story.

Using the option you selected, pretend to tell a story of a “memory” using the visual you selected. For example: if you pick “Las Meninas” from Diego Velazquez, write the story from the point of view of the infanta represented in the painting.

Finally it needs to be done in COMPLETE SPANISH! Accent marks, tildes, and any upside down question marks!

You need to make 6-10 slides, each with a picture. You must have a total of 15-20 sentences. Remember your sentences must correspond to the pictures/slides you share of the actual painting, literary work, holiday, or vacation location specifically in your Slideshow!


500 word essay and 5 annotated bibliography on the instructions below. Humanities Assignment Help

Required Reading: Introduction to Consequentialism

Required Reading: Introduction to Utilitarianism

Required Reading: Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill



In 500 words or more (no less), research the trolley problem and tell me why you would or would not pull the lever. Make sure you use the concepts introduced in the material above. You may use examples, but you will still need to include a full scholarly definition of each, with commentary. You may use any scholarly source other than a dictionary, to include online video lectures. You may use Wikipedia as a starting point, but be aware that Wikipedia is not a scholarly source and therefore can never be quoted in your paper or counted as 1 of your 5 bibliographic citations. You will need to include inline citations in your essay (last name, date, pg#) and must still cite any sources beyond the five required that you use to write your paper in the references section of your essay. If you include an inline citation, there must be a corresponding entry in the reference list or bibliography. You can find tools and examples of APA citation formats at the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

You are required to submit a separate annotated bibliography. Using the resource center and the scholarly research tools I listed in the course introduction, for your research. With that information, create an annotated bibliography with 5 sources related to the ethical theory of the week.

This is an example of the progression your research might take. Start with Wikipedia, follow that with the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and move then to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. In the future, you should follow a similar path along with any required readings (in this case, The Tragedy of the Commons). You may not directly quote or use Wikipedia as a source for your paper, it is there for you to use to get up to speed before digging into your research.



NAEYC Core Values Activity Writing Assignment Help

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment (Links to an external site.).

As an early childhood educator, you will often run into situations that require the application of NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment. While this document is important, it can sometimes feel lengthy and hard to remember. Choose one the following methods to change this written statement into something more intriguing, interesting, and easier to comprehend:

  • Rewrite the Code of Ethics as a pictogram and attach.
  • Rewrite the Code of Ethics into a song or a poem and attach.
  • Rewrite the Code of Ethics into a children’s book using Storyjumper (Links to an external site.) and attach.
  • Rewrite the Code of Ethics into a poster for your classroom and attach.

For your discussion, attach your Code of Ethics revision and explain why you have selected this approach. If you have created a visual (such as a poster, book, or pictogram), explain in detail what your visual looks like and the word selections you used. If you created a song or poem, include the lyrics within your post.



NAEYC Core Values Activity Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Writing essay-07 Writing Assignment Help

Choose ONE ! of the following essays for your response:

1. “The Dark Knight and the Evilness of Evil” by Ashley Cocksworth

2. “The Exceptional Darkness of The Dark Knight” by Todd McGowan

3. “What do you believe in? Film scholarship and the cultural politics of the Dark Knight franchise” by Martin Fradley

Write a summary and response essay.

  1. The summary section of your essay (200-300 words) should clearly and objectively present the main ideas, as well as the important sub-points, of the essay you have chosen to write about. The summary should be written almost entirely in your words; only use particularly important quotations when they are necessary to your summary. The response section of your essay (400-600 words) should include an original idea as its main thesis. While the summary is objective, the response is subjective and presents your ideas on the subject. The response can take one of the following forms:
  2. (1) an explanation of your agreement or disagreement with the author’s claim (s)
    (If you choose to agree, you must go beyond simply saying you feel similarly by presenting new information or reasons that you feel the author’s position should be supported.)
  3. (2) an evaluation of the author’s presentation of his or her argument. Your response should present evidence from your own knowledge and experience to support your argument. You do not need to use additional sources in this essay.

Length: 700-900 words ( 2 1⁄2 – 4 pages)

Turning in your work: Along with your final essay, turn in the annotation and the outline you have made about the article you are responding to, and any process work you have done while writing this essay. Compile all components of the essay into one Word document, and upload to BeaconLearning (directions to follow).


add some sentences to make one page. fix the grammar is important. Also, make some sentences make sense to the essay Humanities Assignment Help

First Day at School.

I was confused on first day at school at UVU. I woke up at 7:30 to my alarm clock. I do as usual taken shower. And I dressed heavy clothes such as huge jacket, loose jeans and oversized ROCKY Men’s Iron shoes because it was a snowy day. I did everything to be ready to go to school. I was excited for my first day at school. I could not open my apartment door because it was frozen shut. I tried many times but there is no clue. Then, I kicked the door twice until the it opened.

Unfortunately, I saw the snow up 4 inch’s around my apartment. I thought there is no school today because it snows a lot. I headed back to my apartment, in which I went looking to my email but there no messages that say no classes today. I walked down to the parking spot and I saw my car window is freezing. I brought Ice Scraper with Snow Brush for car and I worked approximately 15 to 20 minutes to remove the snow in my windows. I started driving to school, I found out this car could be dangerous to drive in snow time because black ice. I decided to park my car back and walk to school. I walked to school about 20 minutes and I did not see any one around campus. I straight confused that should I continue to see where my class or go back home. I walked back to my apartment and the door again was freezing. I pulled my door harder but, I could not open it, I kicked the door many times and the police officer showed up. He said, how can I help you? I told him I had rough day and this my apartment and this door not open because is freezing. He asked, can I have your keys? He wanted to make sure this is my apartment. he pulled too hard until the door opened. And he asked again why you have rough day? I told him, today is Monday and it is first day at school and I went there, I found no school today and the university did not mention anything about the weather issue. He smiled and told me, today is Sunday Big boy and tomorrow is your first day at school. I realized that school in United State of American starts on Monday not on Sunday.


Short answer for the following question of marketing. Business Finance Assignment Help


Question 1

If a friend or family member told you they wanted your thoughts on them becoming a professional influencer, what would your advice be?

  • Would you encourage or discourage them becoming an influencer? What’s the rationale for your answer?
  • What recommendations would you make for how they would get started?
  • What types of attributes would you tell them they need to have to be a successful influencer?

Type your response below (two short paragraphs will be sufficient).

Question 2

In general, consumers complain about display ads saying they can be annoying. However, the numbers show that they work helping businesses make millions of dollars. Briefly describe why you think they work and what can advertisers do to make them less annoying.

Type your response below (two short paragraphs will be sufficient).

Question 3

Many organizations have a marketing department and a public relations or communications department. Both of these departments need to use social media. Which department do you think should control the social media platforms for an organization? It doesn’t mean the other department cannot use the platforms at all; however, someone has to be in charge. Briefly describe your recommendation and why.

Type your response below (two short paragraphs will be sufficient).

Question 4

Describe something related to content or advertising that you learned about in the materials that you found interesting and include why it was interesting.

Type your response below ( two short paragraphs will be sufficient).




The objective of this problem set is to become familiar with the mechanics and the implications of the Harrod-Domar and Solow growth models.An excel template to this problem set can be found in the Problem Set 1 folder on Canvas. You should fill out the excel and copy each of the figures and paste them in the designated boxes in this document. For each graph, make sure to provide the chart title, legend (if applicable) and label the axes. Feel free to work individually or in small groups (<=3). Your group will turn in one PDF of this document on Gradescope. When submitting, you will need to create a group on Gradescope and include all your group members’ names in addition to listing them on this document. Please fill in the questions below in their designated boxes. Please provide final equations along with numeric answers wherever necessary. DO NOT change the size of the boxes. Also, paste the graphs as images into this word file.


JV education strayer 11 Business Finance Assignment Help

JV education strayer 11 Business Finance Assignment Help

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