Korematsu v USA Writing Assignment Help

Korematsu v USA Writing Assignment Help. Korematsu v USA Writing Assignment Help.

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I need a full answer to all these questions before 12 noon!

This is more like analyzing the document.

Write a thoughtful answer questions I pose. Make sure to address all parts of the question. 2 paragraphs. and mention a quote from the document at least and address it.

On what grounds did Supreme Court Justice Robert dissent (i.e. disagree with) the majority opinion on the constitutionality of Executive Order 9066 in Korematsu v USA? How can Executive Order 9066, signed by FDR, be reconciled with the notion of liberty as such as well as the 14th Amendment?

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Unit 5 discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Read attached file:

About Men

Then, briefly identify how your chosen essay connects to one of the themes from Unit 2:

  • Love
  • Alienation/Otherness
  • The American Dream/Nightmare
  • The Quest for Identity/Coming of Age
  • Conformity/Rebellion

Part II: In 150-200 words, write your own original, personal Creative Non-Fiction narrative based on the same thesis or theme that you identified in the essay you chose above. Be creative and use this opportunity to connect events in your own life to an aspect of the work you chose above (For example, if you focused on the theme of nonconformity in this week’s reading, in your own narrative you might describe a time when you yourself did not conform.)


Someone in Miami area, assisting to the FIU Symphonic Band Celebration tonight. Paper instructions bellow. Writing Assignment Help

Concert Guidelines:

Questions for a Concert

What kinds of musical concerts are NOT acceptable for this paper?

High school or other children’s performances/recitals, outdoor festival performances, any type of pop, rock, rap, Latin, country, or reggae, for example, are not appropriate for this paper. If you’re not sure about your choice, ask me.

Print out and take with you so you can be thinking of the questions as you watch the show.

  1. Head your paper with your first and last name, a title, the name of the performance, the name of the theater or venue, and date you attended the performance.
  2. Program Notes – most performances have a printed program with printed notes. Read this before the performance begins and save it for reference when you write your paper. However, do not copy phrases or content from the printed program from your event, (except to answer question #3 below) or from any source you use for research.
  3. List the performers and/or the name of the group and the instruments included in the concert. List all the pieces that were played (see program notes for the concert), the name of the person who composed and/or arranged each piece, and the date each work was completed (if possible).


The Turtle Island String Quartet includes Joe Bloe, first violin; Sarah Marah, second violin; Topsy Turvy, viola; S. Popping, cello.
Their program:
Still so Cheerful by Sarah Marah, composed in 2001
Getting up Late by S. Popping, composed in 1998
Saturday Night by Berry Berry, composed in 2004

What to Write About:

  1. Below are some things you can write about, but the most important is the MUSIC. You don’t have to write about every piece on the program. Do write about how the sounds affected you, which voices, selections, or instruments touched you most, what you learned of interest about the composer(s), the performing group, and the compositions.
  2. Ambience – Every gathering of people has a feeling tone, a mood: This is the ambience. Notice the people as they come in, find their seats, see what kinds of clothes they are wearing. Look around the theater; notice the lighting in the room, the stage area. If you have some particular feeling about how you fit in, how you feel being a part of it you might make a comment in your paper.
  3. You will understand and appreciate a concert more, and write about it best if you do a little research. It’s easy to research on the Internet. Type in the name of the group and a list of websites will pop up. The same is true for many composers. If the pieces were written in another century find out what you can about the type of composition, something about the composer.
  4. Music is the most illusive art form. Like the dance, music happens in real-time: It’s gone as soon as you hear it, and impressions are difficult to recall. Program notes give you information that is helpful when you think back on a performance. Program notes give you information about the composers, the music, and in voice concerts you may have translations into English of the words in a song.
  5. Each composer had a concept, an idea, and chose specific instruments or voices (types of singers) because of the sounds they make. Listen to how the instruments and/or singers each have their own kind of tone. Typically men have deeper voices than women, but in opera the highest male voice (the tenor) has the same range as the highest female voice (the soprano). The difference in the way they sound is called tone, or, timbre.
  6. A voice or instrument may sound brilliant, have a warm luster, may be light or heavy, sweet or somber. Composers use the characteristics of voices and instruments to create a sound painting that disappears as soon as it is heard. What you left with are impressions.
  7. Stating the type of concert you attended is important.
    • Chamber music is for three to about twenty musicians.
    • A symphony orchestra will have from about 45-75 or so musicians.
    • Opera is a play set to music with acts, sets, costumes, music composed by one person and words (the libretto) composed by another.
    • Some contemporary music includes synthesizers, computers, and other technology.
    • A vocal concert may be one vocalist and a piano. The size of the group and the voices or instruments involved are things the composer chose in order to display whatever sound painting was in his/her mind.
    • Some groups mix styles and instruments, fusing different kinds of sounds and styles of music to take off in a new direction.
    • The music may be specific to one culture, such as Klezmer music. Find out about it before you write your paper. Before or after the concert do some research on the Internet or use your textbook to help you understand some things about the music.
  8. Generally, in a music concert, some pieces or performers stand out more than the others. Everyone likes to hear about a special or even spectacular performance. You can’t write about every detail of every piece and every performer, so choose what seems most noteworthy.
  9. Remember, the concert you attend must be a sit down concert where the audience faces the staging area and is silent during the performance. The more you know about the music, the composers, the musicians, the more your attention will be engaged during the performance. People fall asleep during performances because the sound painting is streaming by and they don’t know what to listen to, to listen for; thus, they zone out.
  10. Music is extremely important in human existence. It accompanies so much of life that it is a regular backdrop to our impressions of reality. It is very different to listen to a concert than it is to let it stream by as background. What makes the difference is in being informed about what you are hearing.


answer the case study Business Finance Assignment Help

Department of Business Administration

MGT 322, Semester 1st , 2018-19

Assignment : 2

Submission Date by students: Before the end of Week- 11th

Place of Submission: Students Grade Centre

Weight: 05 Marks

Learning Outcome:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of how global competitive environments are changing supply chain management and logistics practice.
  2. Apply essential elements of core logistic and supply chain management principles.
  3. Analyze and identify challenges and issues pertaining to logistical processes.

Assignment Workload:

This assignment is an individual assignment.

Case Study

This case focuses on the incredible growth that Timberland Corporation has experienced since the 1970s, and how the growth has impacted Timberland’s supply chain management and logistics systems. In the early 1970s, Timberland was a small New Hampshire-based company that manufactured rugged, high-quality shoes. As a result of the quality of its products, Timberland eventually attracted the attention of an overseas buyer and started selling in a foreign market. As the company expanded to additional overseas markets, its once simply logistics and supply chain management system became inadequate. In fact, the company found that its logistics system was literally breaking down under the strains imposed by its rapid overseas growth. In an attempt to address this problem, Timberland partnered with ACS, a freight forwarder, and The Rockport Group, a software house, to significantly improved its logistics and global supply chain capabilities. The company’s efforts have been successful. Today, Timberland is able to deliver products to customers, in all of its foreign markets, exactly when they need them.


1. What caused Timberland’s logistical problems?

2. What was the key to solving Timberland’s logistical problems?


Finance management accounting problems. Business Finance Assignment Help

Managerial finance problems. See attached and below:

Problem 18-01
Profit or Loss on New Stock Issue

Security Brokers Inc. specializes in underwriting new issues by small firms. On a recent offering of Beedles Inc., the terms were as follows:

Price to public: $5 per share
Number of shares: 3 million
Proceeds to Beedles: $14,000,000

The out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Security Brokers in the design and distribution of the issue were $480,000. What profit or loss would Security Brokers incur if the issue were sold to the public at the following average price?

  1. $4.5 per share? Use minus sign to enter loss, if any.
  2. $7 per share? Use minus sign to enter loss, if any.
  3. $4.25 per share? Use minus sign to enter loss, if any.

Refunding Analysis

Mullet Technologies is considering whether or not to refund a $225 million, 12% coupon, 30-year bond issue that was sold 5 years ago. It is amortizing $3 million of flotation costs on the 12% bonds over the issue’s 30-year life. Mullet’s investment banks have indicated that the company could sell a new 25-year issue at an interest rate of 11% in today’s market. Neither they nor Mullet’s management anticipate that interest rates will fall below 11% any time soon, but there is a chance that rates will increase.

A call premium of 11% would be required to retire the old bonds, and flotation costs on the new issue would amount to $3 million. Mullet’s marginal federal-plus-state tax rate is 40%. The new bonds would be issued 1 month before the old bonds are called, with the proceeds being invested in short-term government securities returning 5% annually during the interim period.

  1. Conduct a complete bond refunding analysis. What is the bond refunding’s NPV? Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer to the nearest cent.$
  2. What factors would influence Mullet’s decision to refund now rather than later?

Problem 22-03

Merger Bid

Hastings Corporation is interested in acquiring Vandell Corporation. Vandell has 1 million shares outstanding and a target capital structure consisting of 30% debt; its beta is 1.40 (given its target capital structure). Vandell has $9.79 million in debt that trades at par and pays an 7.8% interest rate. Vandell’s free cash flow (FCF0) is $2 million per year and is expected to grow at a constant rate of 4% a year. Both Vandell and Hastings pay a 30% combined federal and state tax rate. The risk-free rate of interest is 5% and the market risk premium is 6%.

Hastings Corporation estimates that if it acquires Vandell Corporation, synergies will cause Vandell’s free cash flows to be $2.4 million, $2.7 million, $3.4 million, and $3.69 million at Years 1 through 4, respectively, after which the free cash flows will grow at a constant 4% rate. Hastings plans to assume Vandell’s $9.79 million in debt (which has an 7.8% interest rate) and raise additional debt financing at the time of the acquisition. Hastings estimates that interest payments will be $1.6 million each year for Years 1, 2, and 3. After Year 3, a target capital structure of 30% debt will be maintained. Interest at Year 4 will be $1.453 million, after which the interest and the tax shield will grow at 4%.

Indicate the range of possible prices that Hastings could bid for each share of Vandell common stock in an acquisition. Round your answers to the nearest cent. Do not round intermediate calculations.

The bid for each share should range between $ per share and $ per share.



I need help with assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

Second Writing Intensive Assignment – Using Analytical Procedures to Assess Client Audit Risk

Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is to assess client audit risk using analytical procedures .


  • A memo consists of one or several paragraphs.
  • Memos can contain bullet points, but they need to make sense to the reader.
  • Memos cut straight to the point.They are NOT essays.
  • ·
    A paragraph should contain
    and develop ONE idea.

    It should contain a topic
    followed by other sentences to develop the topic.

    The structure of a
    paragraph should be topic sentence, supporting sentences, concluding sentence
    (optional) or transition to another paragraph.

    Supporting Sentence(s) – provides descriptive or
    factual details, illustrations or examples, definitions, or appeals to
    authority. You may use whatever is
    necessary to give a clear understanding of what you are trying to explain.

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Case study- insanity defense and ethical considerations Writing Assignment Help

Andrea Yates: More to the Story

The case of Andrea Yates, who drowned her five young children in a bathtub on a beautiful June morning, captured the attention of society’s legal and psychological community. The defense she used was “not guilty by reason of insanity,” which subsequently failed. The Time magazine online article, “Andrea Yates: More to the Story” examines the role of the key prosecution witness, a forensic psychiatrist who was paid $500 an hour to dispute claims that Andrea Yates was insane under Texas Law.

As you learned in this week’s unit, the term “insanity” is a legal, rather than psychological, concept. Although the case was later overturned on a technicality, the original jury did not adhere to the defense’s claim of legal insanity.

For this Assignment, you are to discuss the insanity defense and ethical considerations. To help you prepare for this week’s Assignment, review the following sources:

  1. In your text, Chapter 14: “Mental Health Services: Legal and Ethical Issues”
  2. Roche, T. (2002, March 18). “Andrea Yates: More to the Story.” Retrieved from http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,218445,00.html
  3. Duran, M. V. (2013). Juries and Insanity. Retrieved from http://www.cengage.com/custom/ems/psych/shared/video/player.html?video=jries_and_insnty_16555

Proceed with the Assignment locating one credible source from the Library or the internet about a criminal case where the defendant used the not guilty by insanity defense. You can use the Andrea Yates case. Address the following:

  1. Provide an overview of the case story.
  2. Explain why it is difficult for the defendant in the chosen story to be found not guilty by insanity in a court of law.
  3. Discuss any ethical concerns that pertain to the chosen case story.

The best answer will discuss how it can be determined whether a mental illness affected the individual’s ability from knowing right from wrong at the time the crime was committed.

other resourses to use are

American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders(5th ed.). Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Publishing.

Durand, M. V., & Barlow, D. H. (2013). Essentials of abnormal psychology. (6th ed.). Mason, OH: Thomson Wadsworth.


Pay, Benefits, and Terms and Conditions of Employment Writing Assignment Help

It is your responsibility as the HR Director of the same organization from Assignment 2 to a) create policies regarding pay and benefits for the selected job opportunity, and b) develop methods for both addressing unionization and implementing OSHA regulations. You will present your findings to the Vice President of Human Resources for approval.

In preparation for this assignment, review the following articles on contractors vs. employees and temp workers:

Faculty Note: If there is a hardship for any student in being able to secure a microphone to complete this assignment, allow the student to use the notes section of PowerPoint to write a narrative of what he or she would say if actually presenting.

Create a PowerPoint presentation with fifteen to twenty (15-20) slides in which you:

  1. Create a Wage and Hour standard for the job opportunity that you had selected in Assignment 2, and support your standard by using the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Equal Pay Act to prevent any potential discriminatory impact.
  2. Decide on three (3) benefits required for the job opportunity using ERISA. Propose two (2) methods that the employer can use in order to manage the fiduciary duties wisely and with the employees’ best interests in mind. Provide a rationale for your response.
  3. Elaborate on two (2) rights regarding unionization that Section 7 of the NLRA guarantees. Next, examine two (2) unfair labor practices, and argue the importance of your organization refraining from using such practices during any self-organization and collective bargaining activities. Explore two (2) potential repercussions of an organization’s interference with self-organization and collective bargaining practices.
  4. Propose three (3) ways to discourage employees from considering unionization. Then, compose one (1) strategy for championing a supportive and satisfying work environment within the organization.
  5. Select one (1) OSHA violation case, and determine whether the resulting penalties were sufficient to deter the organization in question from repeating the same violative action. Justify your response.
  6. Outline a plan for investigating workplace injuries, and formulate a policy that explains the process for filing a worker’s compensation claim within the selected organization.
  7. Narrate each slide, using a microphone, and indicate what you would say if you were actually presenting in front of an audience.
  8. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Format the PowerPoint presentation with headings on each slide and relevant graphics (photographs, graphs, clip art, etc.), ensuring that the presentation is visually appealing and readable from eighteen (18) feet away. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a title slide containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The title slide is not included in the required slide length
  • please use the notes section to write the narrative of what would be said when presenting


A marketing plan activity to achieve the objective Business Finance Assignment Help

I’m doing the Banana Republic project and right now our campaign is to rebrand this company,

write a marketing activity to achieve this point:

Increase sales 8 % by redefining the value proposition, working on presenting clothes that are coherent with the brand identity:

    1. 30 % of sales from re-merchandised existing designs (the classics).
    2. 70 % of sales from new designs for seasonal collections.

    such as sponsor, or hold an event etc and briefly explain that how to use that activity to get that goal(increase sales 8%) just like the paragraph that I’ve attached below..

can you just write a paragraph just like that?(so I have already write about traditional media and digital media in that objective) maybe 200-300 word is fine.


Compare and Contrasting essay (must have read the comic book Descender) Writing Assignment Help

Compare & Contrasting AI


For this project you will:

For your third essay, you will be writing a compare and contrast analysis of Descender & a media interpretation of an AI.

Topic 1: Compare and Contrast Tim-21 with another media interpretation of AI e.g. Ava in Ex Machina or Wall-E

Topic 2: Compare and Contrast a symbol in Descender with a symbol in Ex Machina

Topic 3: Pick a villain in Descender and compare/contrast them against another monster in Ex Machina

Topic 4: Create your own compare and contrast topic about Descender and Ex Machina

Task Overview:

  • Make notes about the signs and symbols in both texts & whether those signs and symbols change for different people/Robots in the movie
  • Develop a hypothesis about your topic
  • Use research and visuals from the film to back up your thesis
    • If you are using any film outside of the one shown in class, you will need to get approval.

Due Dates;

Folder Materials

3 Outside resources

Thesis and Outline

Rough Draft

Final Draft

1. Thesis and Outline

2. Quote Sandwiches (5 from the movie)

3. Movie Analysis Notes

4. Outside Source List (In MLA Works Cited Format)

5. Tutoring Sheet

6. Rough Draft & Peer review sheet


Essay Requirements:

Ø 1000-1200 words (about 3.5-5.5 pages Double Spaced).

Ø Have: Name, Class, Date, Assignment, and Topic in upper left hand corner.

Ø A title that is not GENERIC

Ø All drafts, pre-writing, and outline must be turned in with the final copy of the essay.

Ø Typed

Ø A works cited is required for all outside research & Sources

Ø Use The Easy Writer to help with citations

1. An introduction that provides context on the topic, eases the reader into your essay, and has a “hook” that grabs people’s attention

2. A thesis statement or controlling idea that takes a stand

3. Transitional topic sentences that are clear, provocative, and develop your thesis and provide unity in your essay

4. Body paragraphs that help prove your argument

5. Plenty of support from the text: Remember you must have a minimum of 6 quotes from the story you choose


7. For each quote, please use the direct model discussed in-class

8. Some analysis of all your supporting examples

9. A conclusion that offers some ideas about what can be done about the situation

10. Strong sentences that are both grammatically correct and sophisticated

11. Use proper MLA formatting, in-text citations, and Works Cited entries. NOT having proper MLA citations will result in a 0/100 on the assignment.

12. Write in 3rd person NOT first person.

Project Requirements and Breakdown


A Successful Essay Will Have


* A title specific to the topic

* An attention getter

* Background on the topic (please make it clear which prompt you are answering)

* End with your thesis

* A clearly stated thesis (your opinion – your 1-2 sentence response to the essay prompt) which speaks to the “so what” of the issue and is not merely a list plan of development.


* Topic sentence that is related to the thesis

* Supporting evidence

* Quotes from the text (Remember to cite the quotes)

* Consideration of and rebuttal against the other side of the topic


* DO NOT bring up a new topic

* A suggestion of the consequences of your position for society, readers, individuals, what you want to happen in the future, or how the author might feel about your position, etc.

Works Cited Page

  • That cites all sources using current MLA guidelines.


  • Format:

Book: Single Author

Author. Title. Place: Publisher, Date. Medium


Bolling, Linda. My Life with My Best Friend in Colorado. New York: Time-Life, 2008. Print.

Evaluation Criteria for Your Essay:

I will use the following criteria to evaluate your position paper:

  1. Have you engaged the readers’ interest at the beginning and throughout the paper?
  2. Have you chosen an arguable position and defined it carefully (e.g. placing the issue in its historical or cultural context, citing specific instances to make the issue seem less abstract, or establishing or redefining the terms of the debate)?
  3. Have you organized your paper into an introduction, body (containing several paragraphs), and conclusion?
  4. Have you included at the end of the introduction a thesis statement that asserts a clear, unequivocal position on the issue you have chosen and, possibly, forecasts the stages of the argument, identifying the main reason or reasons that you will develop and support in the essay?
  5. Have you given reasons why readers should take your position seriously?
  6. Have you organized your reasons into a logical order (e.g. placing the strongest reason last and the second-strongest reason first, with the other reasons in the middle)?
  7. Have you supported each reason with examples, facts, analogies, statistics, anecdotes, or quotes from
  8. authorities? Remember: you need 5 quotes from the readings.
  9. Have you anticipated readers’ questions and their positions on an issue, counterarguing as needed?
  10. Have you signaled explicitly the move from one topic to the next using forecasting statements, transitions, topic sentences, rhetorical questions, and/or summaries?
  11. Have you cited at least 5 quotes in your essay, using MLA in-text (parenthetical) citation strategies correctly?
  12. Have you integrated the sources into your essay, using signal phrases to introduce long quotations or incorporating shorter quotations into the sentences smoothly?
  13. Have you included an MLA Works Cited at the end of your essay?
  14. Are the sentences clear and correct?
  15. Is the essay between 1000-1200 words. Longer papers will be returned for editing.


Korematsu v USA Writing Assignment Help

Korematsu v USA Writing Assignment Help

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