Legitimacy Challenges in Succession the Family Businesses Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Legitimacy Challenges in Succession the Family Businesses Essay Business Finance Assignment Help. Legitimacy Challenges in Succession the Family Businesses Essay Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Hi i want 2500 words

– I want from you to write on (Legitimacy Challenges in succession the Family Businesses).

– I attached below document with name Legitimacy Challenges in succession the Family Businesses outline. I try to build an outline you have to follow it. Especially that highlight it with red colour.

– I also provide some sources and information to you.

please please, please follow the structure of writing like this:

In every paragraph, you have to:

1- The problem as the topic sentence (claim)

2- supported with Evidence (sources that support there is a problem) with one or two sentences example

Critically evaluate the source and write comment regard the source shows your criticality

3- A counter-argument with evidence with one or two sentences example

I want to show the critically.

Legitimacy Challenges in Succession the Family Businesses Essay Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

HUS 1630 RU Working with Clients Importance of Ethics in Service Delivery Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

I’m working on a social work report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Step 3: You are now ready to develop your
conclusion. When writing a conclusion, you typically provide a summary.
However, for the conclusion with your Course Project, the focus will be
on an introduction of ethics in service delivery. Throughout the past
six-weeks, we have focused on the fundamentals of working with clients.
In your one-page conclusion provided at the end of your work, discuss
the following two questions:

  1. Why is ethics important when professionally working with all clients?
  2. Thinking back on the hypothetical client that you chose to work on
    for this project, discuss how failing to recognize personal values with
    professional values could have been an ethical violation in working with
    your chosen client.


BBA 3826 Columbia Southern Apples Acquisition of Intel in 2019 Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help


Research and select a company or organization that has been in some type of
current negotiations (e.g., union contracts, mergers, buy-outs, product
disputes, patent infringement.). Then, summarize the company or organization’s
history and current negotiation status. Highlight some of the
negotiator-cognition issues they may have encountered during negotiations.
Discuss decision-analysis tools that are used in negotiations. Were any of
these tools used by your company during negotiations? Next, explain what a
BATNA is and how it is used during negotiations. Try to determine if one or
both sides had a BATNA and, if so, summarize your understanding of it.
Finally, provide recommendations for the company to use in future negotiations
based on what you have learned in this unit. How could they use best practices
in negotiations to improve future negotiations?

Your case study should be a minimum of two pages in length. You must use at
least two academic sources, and any information from those sources should be
cited and referenced in APA format.


The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.


UMN Formulating Markov Chain and Finding Transition Matrix Questions Mathematics Assignment Help

I’m working on a probability question and need an explanation to help me study.

Alice has 3 umbrellas, some at at her office, and some at home. If she
is leaving home in the morning (or leaving the office at night) and it is
raining, she will take an umbrella, if there is one. Otherwise, she gets
wet. Assume that independent of the past, it rains on each trip with
probability 1/5. Formulate a Markov chain that describes the situation,
write down the transition matrix for it, and calculate the fraction of time
she gets wet in the long run.


LAVC Analysis of Peter Balakian Black Dog of Fate and Persepolis Essay Writing Assignment Help

I’m working on a english report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

For this essay you compare Peter Balakian’s Black Dog of Fate with a film or short story that shows a family that is dealing with cultural issues–such as religion, immigration, war, genocide, marriage, sexism, machismo, toxic masculinity, sexuality, racism, abuse and/or oppression. Some good film choices would be Persepolis based on the book by Marjane Satrapi or the story The Moths by Helena Maria Viramontes. Another good choice would be the film Coco. Here is a scene from Persepolis.

Interestingly both of these also deal with a close relationship with a grandmother. For this essay, explore the post-colonial issues that someone faces and the issues they face coming to terms with they culture, history and traditions. Compare Black Dog of Fate to a film or short story that deals with similar issues. You can also include research about the different cultures. Make this essay 4 to 7 pages in perfect MLA format. Include a Works Cited with at least five sources. Create a strong title and thesis statement for your essay. Analyze texts, quotes, passages, scenes and research in every body paragraph. Make sure you have nice full analytical paragraphs.



SFSU Human Resource Theory Business Success & Managing People Reflection Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

I’m working on a management writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Writing a reflection paper with the objective of demonstrating your understanding of the HR theory and moving it into practice. Consider your own experience in an internship or regular/part-time employment. You may draw upon experiences of others in your network (if you don’t have specific work experience) for examples. While reflection papers are personal and subjective, you should draw from your understanding of the HR issues as it relates to the course.

The paper should incorporate 1 topic from the course and should not be longer than 4 pages in length. You should be able to demonstrate your 1) understanding of the topic, 2) contemplate the significance of the issues, 3) explore its application in the context of your personal employment experience.

about ADDIE, Recruitment, HR core competencies

SFSU Human Resource Theory Business Success & Managing People Reflection Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Environmental Metrology and Policy Academic Statement of Purpose Writing Assignment Help

An Academic Statement of Purpose is required for your application. Be sure to check your academic program of interest for any specific requirements regarding the statement. If there are no specific program requirements, your statement of approximately 500 words should address your intellectual interests, academic and professional objectives, and proposed topic(s) of graduate study. Some points to include, as appropriate, are: your preparation and motivation for graduate study, including your academic, research and work experience; how the Georgetown program of interest aligns with your preparation and experience; for Ph.D. candidates, how particular faculty interests in your desired program align with your educational goals.

Note. I attached my CV if you need more information about me.


PADM 620 American Public University System US Mandates Impact on Hawaii Paper Writing Assignment Help

Many times the federal government or US Supreme Court creates mandates that must be implemented by the states. Sometimes they are funded, sometimes not. Choose a recent federal or judicial mandate from the federal level and explain how it impacts the State of Hawaii (and Honolulu, HI) How has your the state of Hawaii responded? If they have not responded yet, how do you predict they will respond. Who has the authority within the Hawaii to decide? Was the mandate funded? Unfunded?

One example is described at Writing State Implementations Plans For The CPP Won’t Be Easy for Regulators, And Time is Short . Your sources can be government and state websites for this assignment but you should also see what scholarly literature that is attached below and how it addresses the issue broadly. This assignment should be approximately 6 pages double-spaced using APA citation. This does not include cover page and reference page that IS also required.


Columbia College Organization Practices Concerning Social Responsibility Essay Business Finance Assignment Help


Your second case study will focus on IKEA. In the last four weeks, you have had the opportunity to examine this organization in detail and describe some of the factors that drive the organization, including company values, culture, technological practices and their response to innovation.

In addition to drawing upon your Video Topic discussions, be sure to read the Integrated Case 3.0: “IKEA: Scandinavian Style” found on page 572 of your textbook.

Your case study must be between 5-7 pages in length (using MLA style), double-spaced, 12 point, and one inch margins.

This case study must contain the following:

  • A synopsis.
  • A description of the design and structure of the organization.
  • An examination of the culture of the organization and an outline of the company values.
  • A description of what motivates the employees. (Motivational Practices)
  • An analysis of environmental concerns surrounding the organization.
  • A review of the organization’s practices concerning social responsibility.
  • An assessment of how the company is a learning organization.
  • A conclusion that summarizes your main points.

In addition to the aforementioned criteria, be sure to address the following:

  • An evaluation of the organization’s technological practices.
  • A description of the innovative qualities and indicators for change.
  • Issues you identify regarding power, conflict, control, and political stance.

In addition to references to the textbook, you must include at least three (3) quality outside references (library, web, etc.) to support your case study. Please include a properly formatted MLA Works Cited page at the end of each Case Study.

Below are the three videos for help, also attached is the Case 3.0: “IKEA: Scandinavian Style” found on page 572 of my textbook.


DVU Ethics & Technology Facebook Monopoly Violating Antitrust Laws Memorandum Humanities Assignment Help

Your final assignment will be based on a case study related to ethics, technology, and the workplace. The case will present an ethical dilemma raised by the use of an emerging technology within the work environment. The emerging technology will be one that may have certain benefits to the organization, but at the same time may have serious drawbacks depending on one’s ethical views.

For purposes of the assignment, you will play the role of an employee with a key role in the organization the case study is based on. You will need to carefully consider the pros and cons of the emerging technology and write a clear, concise, and well-reasoned message to an audience of influential stakeholders* in which you advocate for the most appropriate course of action.

Basic requirements:

  • Length: about one page, single spaced (roughly 3-4 paragraphs)
  • Style: written in the style of a formal business letter

The case study will be based on a real-life case study drawn from recent news. The case study and full response instructions will be shared at the beginning of Week 8.

Please remember that the session ends on Saturday, not Sunday. As such, the assignment is due Saturday night.

*Stakeholders refers to anyone who will be impacted by the decision you make. Stakeholders are not the same as shareholders–those who own shares in a company.

Here is the case study:

Facebook Under Fire

As you’ve probably heard, the US government, in particular the Federal Trade Commission, along with numerous states, have filed lawsuits against Facebook. The lawsuits claim that Facebook has engaged in anti-competitive behavior, and has violated antitrust laws. In particular, they have received scrutiny for their acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. These lawsuits allege that Facebook now has a monopoly over social media, and that consumers are harmed by a lack of competition.

As a remedy, the FTC and the states are advocating for the breakup of Facebook. Specifically, they want Instagram and WhatsApp to be “spun off” into separate entities that Facebook would no longer control. Most likely the lawsuits will drag on for years, and the outcome is uncertain.

To learn more about the case, please read this article from CNN: https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/11/tech/facebook-antitrust-lawsuit-what-to-know/index.html (Links to an external site.)

For this writing assignment you have two choices:

Choice 1: Government Attorney

You are an attorney, either for the federal government, or for a state of your choosing. Write a letter, from your office, to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Lay out your reasons why you believe Facebook has violated antitrust laws, why you believe they should be broken up, and how that breakup will happen.

Choice 2: Facebook General Counsel

You are Jennifer Newstead, VP and General Counsel for Facebook (the lead lawyer for the company). Write a reply letter to the Federal Trade Commission in which you make the case that Facebook is not a monopoly, and does not harm consumers.

To be extra clear, you are writing only one letter. Make sure it looks like a formal letter. You may supply any information not provided in the case study–meaning you may make up names and addresses as needed.


Legitimacy Challenges in Succession the Family Businesses Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Legitimacy Challenges in Succession the Family Businesses Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

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