Leibniz Monadology, philosophy homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Leibniz Monadology, philosophy homework help Humanities Assignment Help. Leibniz Monadology, philosophy homework help Humanities Assignment Help.

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Listed below are a series of questions. Pick TWO of the question and answer them as if you were the philosopher. To do so, you will need to do two things for each question. State the question before answering the question. 1) Find and quote passages from the appropriate source (Monadology that is attached). 2)Paraphrase the passages, explaining in your own words what they mean, giving original examples to illustrate,as appropriate. Use parenthetical citations after each quotation. (ex: (Monadology,12)) source and paragraph number. 5-10 sentences or more per question, in addition to the quotations. answer from a first -person point of view; pretend that you are the philosopher. incorporate your quotes into your explanation

1)Leibniz, why do you think that experience alone is not sufficient to give us general knowledge? What kind of knowledge can experience give us?

2)Leibniz, why do you think that the principle of sufficient reason, along with the existence of contingent truths, proves the existence of God? What sort of being is God?

3)Leibniz, why do you think that this is the best of all possible worlds? Why did God choose to create this world, and not some other?

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Questions on Readings What is the dilemma that Mrs. Peters faces in the play, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help


  • 1))) Post
    some ideas you have about Disciplinary Perspective you think are
    appropriate for the three plays you have read. Be specific and detailed
    and remember not to confuse theme with topic/ subject matter.

long as you follow the rule that it is impossible to describe a theme
in one word, you are on the right path. A theme will require at least
one sentence to describe it.
Of the three, which did you enjoy the most and why ?? 150 words

Question on readings

1. What is the dilemma that Mrs. Peters faces in the play? What complicates

matters for her? Why does she decide to suppress the evidence against Mrs.

Wright? Mrs. Hale experienced no such dilemma. Why?

2. In “Apropos of Women and the Folk Play,” Rachel France writes that “… the

truly ‘awful thing’ was not the murder of John Wright but the life that his wife

had been forced to endure, isolated in the Wright home” (in Women in

American Theatre, ed. H. K. Chinoy and Walsh, p. 150). Agree or disagree.

You do not need to have read the piece that is referenced here but you are

just evaluating the statement that comes from it. Why or why not?

3. In “The Women’s World of Glaspell’s Trifles,” Karen Stein says that Glaspell

“explores sympathetically the lives of middle-aged, married, rural women,

characters who would usually be minor figures in a play. In this way, Trifles

… is a uniquely female and, indeed, feminist document” (in Chinoy and Walsh,

p. 251). Consider both parts of Stein’s statement. Why might such

characters usually be minor ones and what is this really saying? How is the

play a “feminist document”? What does it document?

4. Trifles begins with a lengthy testimony by Mr. Hale in which he provides the

sheriff and the audience with background information or exposition. Most

plays follow the lead of Oedipus and provide exposition in bits and pieces as

the action develops. What are the advantages and disadvantages of opening

a play with such detailed exposition? Is it possible, as a director, to keep

Hale’s opening speech from being tedious and undramatic?

5. The men do not do a thorough investigation. In fact, their actions involving

this case are inept right from the moment they hear of the murder. List their

mistakes or actions that you would consider unprofessional.

6. Mrs. Wright requests certain items from prison. Why does she request an

apron and a shawl? Why does she care so much about her preserves when

she is held for murder? Reread the passages in which we hear of her

requests. Is Mrs. Wright being shrewd? Has she started to enlist the support

of the women with these requests?

7. Consider Mrs. Wright as a wife. What are her duties? What kinds of

relationship did she have with her husband? Did she accept her role and

positions within her marriage?

The Zoo Story- Edward Albee

1. Did you see the ending coming in the play? If so how, and if not, how did the

ending strike you?

2. How does the playwright create suspense and drama in this play?

3. How would you describe the characterization of the two characters?

4. What does this play reveal about isolation and the perils associated with


5. What universal Issues do you see in the play?

Fences—August Wilson


Fences describes the problems facing African Americans when they had to face new

legal freedoms that had not become social reality. There is a strong sense of fatherson

disillusionment and the death of the head of the household. The characters are

a depiction of those representing the results of an unjust society run by whites. This

play is the black experience of the time for the average African American of that


Pay attention to Troy’s inability to see the world changing around him and adapting

to that change, and as he becomes embroiled in a futile struggle against the forces

of life and the world be makes a tragic mistake and then pays for it dearly.

He became trapped in the very life he built to protect himself and his family as a

defense against the world, and he ends up cut off from his family.


1. Sometimes the following inscription is printed with Fences:

When the sins of our fathers visit us

We do not have to play host.

We can banish them with forgiveness

As God, in His Largeness and Laws.

How does this poem, written by August Wilson, affect your reading of the play?

How is Fences a play largely about forgiveness? What sons in the play had to

forgive fathers? Why? Who else needed to forgive? How does the ending reflect

this theme?

2. Troy says he was born with “two strikes” against him. What do you think those

two strikes could be?

3. Fences is about the black experience in America. What does this play say about

that experience? Give examples to support your response. Consider Rose’s

statement to Troy, “The world’s changing around you and you can’t even see it.”

4. Discuss Troy’s relationship with Bono. Why does Bono seek out Troy for his

friend? Why does he stop being close to Troy?

5. We see three generations of Maxson men in the play. How is each generation

similar and different? Can we say that from Troy’s father to Cory the Maxson

man has progressed morally? Consider Troy’s father’s physical abuse and Troy’s

standing above Cory with a baseball bat stopping himself from striking.

6. What is the significance of Troy’s song about Old Blue? Is it in anyway about the

failure of human love? Consider the theme of loyalty in the song and that Blue

woke Troy after his father’s brutal beating. What can we infer from Cory and

Raynell’s singing it together?

7. Although Fences is a serious play, there is much humor (some sexual and some

political). What did you find funny? Was any of the humor for satirical purposes?

What does the humor tell us about the characters?

8. The description of the home in Fences is revealing. How does it reflect the state

of the characters living there?

9. Discuss Troy’s refusal to allow Cory to accept a football scholarship to college. In

his interview with Savran, Wilson said that athletic scholarships are often

exploitative. Athletes “were not getting educated,” he said, “were taking courses

in basketweaving. Some could barely read.” Universities, he continued, “made a

lot of money off of athletes.” Do you agree or disagree with Wilson? With Troy?

Is the situation better today than in 1957?


NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training Health Medical Assignment Help

Start weekly personal workout assgn. (Mon.Apr. 10th – May 7th ). 2 – 3 days per week minimum, – review instructions below

In order to exercise correctly and be able to assist other people, you must have the knowledge and be able to demonstrate the proper execution of a variety of exercises.

Perform the exercises listed in the Workout Sheet (or variations) for at least Two – Three sets of 8-12 reps on two – three different days weekly.

Alternate exercises can be performed if you have an injury or joint/muscle problem.

It is recommended that you have an “exercise buddy” to assist and provide feedback on your performance, get medical clearance if you have a health issue or have not performed any physical activity in some time and please be safe during exercise session. Body weight modes can be used, a good set of dumbellscan be purchased an used for a variety of exercises(see textbook).

Include any other fitness components you conduct: flexibility, yoga, warm-up etc.

Your personal exercise plan can be used but it must be inclusive of a total body w/o.

Make additional copies as needed of the exercise sheet included with assignment.

* In all it should be a total of 4 worksheets starting the week of April 10th-14th( 2 days out this week, 1st worksheet), week of April 17th-21st( 2 days out this week, 2nd worksheet), week of April 24th-28th( 2 days out this week, 3rd worksheet, week of May 1st-7th( 2 days out this week)

* Now I know the first couple of weeks has passed by, but you don’t have necessarily to do the exercises just fill out the worksheet as if you did performed the exercises and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.



Course Number:











Leg Press or Squat pg. 319/20

Leg Ext

Pg. 323

Leg Curl

Pg. 326

Bench Press

Pg. 314

Shoulder Press

Pg. 327

Lat pull-down

Pg. 304


Pg. 305

Calf Raise

Pg. 313

Biceps Curl

Pg. 308

Triceps Pushdown

Pg. 311

Back Extension

Pg. 286

Abdominal Crunch

Pg. 286


Reflective Class Journal for Human Resource Management Business Finance Assignment Help


The assignment is to write a reflective class journal for Human Resource Management that includes most of the topics we covered in class. Below are the topics I need to mention on the paper

  • Human Resource Management: An Overview
  • Define human resources management and the changing role of human resources from past to present
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Describe the legal and ethical aspects of HRM in decision-making
  • Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Workforce Diversity
  • Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination Questions And Answers
  • Sexual harassments and HR
  • conceptual and practical issues involved in planning, staffing, development, collective bargaining, compensation, and employee relations.
  • What various complexities, challenges and issues related to human resource management
  • What challenges facing human resource management in a global economy.
  • What is role of human resource management in organizational change efforts.
  • how to implement HRM policies to achieve a competitive advantage.
  • Performance Management and Appraisal

For assignment, the following criteria will be used to evaluate my work:

6 pages singled space

  • Relevance: Were the ideas, concepts and information provided relevant to the talent management initiative?
  • Application and Integration: Was the application of various theories/models accurate? Were you able to integrate both theory and practice?
  • Research: Was it thorough? Did you correctly cite any relevant scholarly and practice-based research if appropriate? Did you reference others work appropriately?
  • Format: You must use APA format.
  • Style: Were expression and arguments clear and coherent?
  • Structure: Was the paper easy to follow?
  • Professional Presentation: Was the paper typed and edited?
  • Use 12 – point font.
  • Include your name and number the pages.


Trompenaars Dimensions of Management Culture Comparison Chart on Norway, New Zealand, Australia, US Business Finance Assignment Help


Using the same nations you selected for Discussion Board Forum 5, compare the dimensions of national management cultures with the Trompenaars dimensions of management cultures identified in the USA.

The rationale behind Discussion Board Forum 6 is for you, as a graduate-level student, to build on Discussion Board Forum 5 work. In Discussion Board Forum 5, you were given a specific website to conduct the Hofstede. No such corresponding website exists for the Trompenaars Analysis. The challenge here for you as the researcher is to be able to take the information from Discussion Board Forum 5 and use what you have learned regarding the Trompenaars Analysis and come up with a similar analysis on your part. This requires skill and competency as a graduate-level student, and the challenge is the entire rationale behind the Discussion Board Forum 6 deliverable.

Your thread must be placed in the Discussion Board text box and adhere precisely to the following headings and format:

  • SECTION I: Trompenaars Dimensions of Management Culture Comparison Chart



New Zealand



U v. P

I v. C

N v. E

S v. D

A v. A

S v. S

I v. E

  • SECTION 2: Analysis of Section I Results

In your own words, provide an answer to each of the following questions:

  1. How do the dimensions of management culture of the 3 foreign nations differ from each other?
  2. How do the dimensions of management culture of the 3 foreign nations differ from the USA?
  3. How are the dimensions of management culture of the 3 foreign nations similar to each other?
  4. How are the dimensions of management culture of the 3 foreign nations similar to the USA?



E-Food and the Online Grocery Competition, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help

Complete the Assignment by designing the appropriate data collection methods for a marketing research study. You must use the same case study from your Unit 6 Assignment.

  • E-Food and the Online Grocery Competition
  • In a 7-10 slide narrated PowerPoint presentation, cover the following marketing research criteria: add speaker notes as well

    1. Provide a brief explanation of the research problem you formulated based on the case study in Unit 6.
    2. Secondary Data: Collect a minimum of three secondary data resources to improve your understanding of the research problem and topic area. Present a short summary of each secondary data resource as an annotated bibliography. To learn how to construct an annotated bibliography for your secondary data resources, Be sure to explain why each secondary research resource will be useful in solving the research problem.
    3. Primary Data: Review the survey you developed in the Unit 6 Assignment for this case study and make needed improvements to the questions. Explain why the improvements you made are important, and provide reasoning.
    4. Sampling & Data Collection: Prepare a brief plan on how you will choose the sample, and explain how you will go about collecting the data from the sample in your marketing research study.

    Presentation Format

    In Microsoft© PowerPoint©, create a title slide containing your name, the topic, and the date. Be sure to apply a design to your presentation.

    In this Assignment, you will be using the Microsoft© PowerPoint© narration tool to create your own audiovisual presentation. Once you have done this, you can put this skill on your resume. Audiovisual presentations are used in everything from customer service response, training employees, solving problems in the workplace, explaining instructions to colleagues and responding to stakeholders concerning business issues. For a tutorial on adding audio to your Microsoft© PowerPoint© presentation,

    For additional requirements in relation to this Assignment, download the grading rubric below.

    Directions for Submitting Your Assignment

    Review the grading rubric below before beginning this activity. Compose your Assignment as a Microsoft© PowerPoint© document and save it with your first name initial and last name (Example: TAlex-MT355 Assignment-Module 7.ppt). Submit your file by selecting the Module 7: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Module 7.

    I have attached Unit 6 Assignment that includes the link to the survey

    I have also attached the E-Food and the Online Grocery Competition case study

    E-Food and the Online Grocery Competition, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    English litterary analysis Humanities Assignment Help

    This is an English literary analysis NOT a research project. Nothing should be googled. This literary analysis I about the book Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton. There must be 500 words minimum or 700 maximum. You must buy the book which is $14 on ibooks for iPhone and $10 on google play for android phones. I am giving you the the 14 dollars for the book and 36 dollars for the assignment. Please do not bid any higher than $50 I will not pick you. I will withdraw the money if you did not buy the book and you tried googling the book because their are different stories just with the same title. You will also need to screenshot me proof that you have bought the book. Make sure to write the analysis on a word document. I am also attaching a planning guide but the planning guide is just to help you. You do NOT have to fill out the planning guide. Once again the analysis that you wrote has to be all from the book and ZERO from google. You must also read the whole book thank you.


    will pay to answer the following question Writing Assignment Help

    Question is below. Please answer with 200 words or more- We own a soccer shop

    Explain which performance
    metrics are most important for understanding how your business is doing. What
    does success mean for you, and how will you know it when you see it? Is it
    critical to contain your direct costs in a low-margin industry? To generate a
    certain number of leads to keep your sales pipeline full? To get a certain
    level of traffic on your website or convert a certain percentage of those
    visitors into customers? To keep a certain amount of cash in the bank?


    Healthcare Quality Management Assignment, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

    Healthcare Quality Management Assignment

    Imagine you are the chief executive officer (CEO) at King Fahad Medical city. Complaints about long waiting times are becoming more frequent and intense than in the past. Clients are unsatisfied with the current waiting times at different clinics on your medical city. As a CEO, you asked the manager of outpatients department to find out a solution in order to keep your clients satisfied with the waiting time. What would you expect from the manager to do for improving the quality of waiting time in King Fahad Medical city?

    Use what you have learned in the healthcare quality management course in order to solve this problem through the following criteria:

    • What improvement tools would the manager use to identify all possible reasons for the increase in the complaints about waiting time at different clinics in the Medical City?
    • What improvement tool would the manager use to gather data to confirm the reasons for the complaints about waiting times?
    • What improvement method would the manager use to improve this situation? You have to critically analyse what improvement method would the manager implement to improve this situation and critically analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the method the manager would use.

    The total assignment should be between 1,500- 3,000 words.


    Copy rights in the music industry, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

    This is related to the subject “Law”. So, you need to address the issue from law prescriptive

    Topic: Copy rights in the music industry

    You should give examples of music websites that upload songs to the Internet illegally and breach copy rights.

    Use plenty of visual aids to support the argument (e.g. statistics, graphs, photos, etc.)

    Equal to 3 pages in Word.

    Submit the same content (completely similar) in both Word and PPT.

    Should have introduction

    Content (different titles)


    References (Harvard style)

    All should be in bullet points. Simple sentences and words. No paragraphs


    Leibniz Monadology, philosophy homework help Humanities Assignment Help

    Leibniz Monadology, philosophy homework help Humanities Assignment Help

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