Lesson 3: Law and the Constitution, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Lesson 3: Law and the Constitution, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help. Lesson 3: Law and the Constitution, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help.


Americans hold the Constitution in high regard. One reason is that it has existed largely in its original form since 1788. Although only a few pages in length, this document has served this nation for over 200 years.

To understand the greatness of the Constitution, it is necessary to examine its ideas and objectives. They are:

1. To establish a republican form of government based on a federal system. This is a government run by elected representatives of individual states. These states are tied together by a central federal government.

2. To establish a division of powers between the state and federal governments.

3. To create a separation of power among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal government.

4. To establish a system of checks and balances. This helps keep any one branch from becoming too powerful.

5. To provide a means for amending, or changing, the Constitution.

6. To allow for future needs by making it possible to enlarge the meaning of the Constitution.

The greatness of the Constitution rests upon its link to law. The United States is a democracy or “government by the people.” For that reason it, like all democracies, is “a nation of law, not of any individual, or group of men or women.”

Our society is familiar with many different types of laws, such as traffic laws, voting laws, and crime prevention laws. However, there is a broader and more general type of law, which is the idea of legal authority. This concerns the power to make and enforce the laws that govern us as a society.

The United States is known as a nation of law. What is law? Law is the body of rules set down by legal authority. The legal authority is given to the government and the courts, which enable them to make, interpret, and enforce laws. It is this concept of law that makes it possible for a democracy to live by its laws. Law gives power to the government and the courts. Law also places limits on the government and courts as well as on individual people and businesses.

The Constitution and the Law
State and federal constitutions define the ways in which law functions in the United States. These constitutions establish and define the powers and limits of the various branches of state governments and the federal government.

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land. It was designed to provide the basis for the American system of government and law. The purpose behind the Constitution was set forth by the delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1788 in the preamble to the Constitution.


We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


United States law is based upon the federal Constitution and the constitutions of the states. In addition, United States law is based upon statutes, court decisions, and rules and regulations. These are the outcomes of the procedures established in the Constitution.

Lesson 3 Review

Directions: Answer each question below by writing a strong paragraph that includes supporting information from the lesson.

A strong paragraph includes a minimum of three to five details from the lesson and is written in Academic English form. Please cite your outside resources.

1. Give reasons why you think the following add to the greatness of the Constitution:

a. The republican form of government.
b. The division of powers between state and federal governments.
c. Providing a means for amending the Constitution.
d. Providing a system of checks and balances.

2. In your opinion, what is the importance of the United States being “a nation of law, not of any individual, or group of men or women”?

3. How does the idea of a “nation of laws” affect people and governments?

4. A British statesperson once called the Constitution of the United States, “the most remarkable work… to have been produced by the human intellect, at a single stroke.” What do you think he meant by that statement: Why do you think many people agree with what he said? Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Give reasons to support your opinion.

5. Explain in detail the meaning of the Preamble to the Constitution. Give one example of how the Preamble has affected your own life.

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The Inferno by Dante, homework help Humanities Assignment Help

The writer of this should be familiar with The Inferno by Dante and you should use Spike Lee’s film Do The Right Thing as well to make analysis and synthesis. First, read the attached file to clearly understand the requirements of this assignment. Then, select one of the three questions. Then, offer your commentary about at least four texts–use the menu offered. The Inferno and the movie are required texts; you have some choice with what other documents you use, as the menu makes clear. But your responses to the question that show your interpretations of the texts are most important. There is no one correct answer. Your commentary will reveal your special understanding. I have tried to attach the files that contain the four readings for b and c in the text menu, but it says that the file is big. If there is another way to send the files, please let me know. It should be 3-4 pages, 12-point Times New Roman, and Double spaced.


Assess Change Management Theories, assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

Identify 5-7 recent scholarly articles related to procurement change management. Identify the theoretical or conceptual frameworks used by the various authors. Write a paper in which you explain each identified theory or framework (including the key assumptions and organizational uses of the theory/framework), and evaluate each theory’s application to procurement change management in an organization of your choice.

Imagine you are conducting a case study on your chosen organization’s change management practices in procurement contexts. Which theory would you select to frame your study, and why? Formulate 1-2 research questions based on the chosen theory, and explain how you might collect data to answer those questions. Finally, explain how your chosen theory would help inform interpretation of the data you collect.

Support your paper with minimum of five (5) resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.


Denmark’s prison system, Discussion Board help Humanities Assignment Help

Watch the video and the material upload and answer the following question you must use the materials as well please cite the references. Must be 3 paragraph.

our Discussion Board topic for this

week is to watch the video below concerning Denmark’s prison system.

Post your thoughts on this topic using the material on p. 363 in the

“International Focus: Punishing Criminals in Denmark and the

Netherlands” in your textbook to support your opinions. Be sure to post

and reply to

2 fellow students. Remember that this is a college course and that

your work will be graded accordingly. (Proper grammar, sentence

structure, subject/verb agreement and spelling are required.)


Watch Video
Penitentiary system in Denmark — Vridsløselille prison


Analytical Book Review on Alain DeBotton’s book Status Anxiety, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Sociology 3343: Social Stratification

Alain deBotton, Status Anxiety

Analytical Book Review

The term paper assignment for this course is an analytical review of Alain DeBotton’s bookStatus Anxiety. We will discuss this book extensively throughout the course.I don’t expect you to draft your review until you have had the benefit of the readings and discussion. An analytical book review is one that does considerably more than summarize the work. I do not want a summary. Instead, what we are after here is a reasoned and thoughtful reaction to the book; an analysis of both its content and its larger meaning. The assignment you turn in should be at least 2,000 of your words on the subject. If you need a model to follow, get a copy of theNew York Review of Books, or any other periodical that does extensive essay reviews of scholarly works.

This work must be your own. Ideas not your own, paraphrases of the ideas of others, or quotes from other works must clearly be cited as such. There are many reviews on the internet of this book. You may consult them, but plagiarizing them will immediately be flagged by the system. Make this your own work.

For those of you not familiar with formatting and writing social science papers, I suggest you follow the APA or ASA formats for referencing and style and your paper will be in compliance. If you do not have a copy of the APA guidelines, any general manual used in writing for the social sciences will be helpful. Also, students in previous classes have found APA format guidelines online. ASA or MLA is acceptable, only be consistent when choosing a writing style. I pay attention to grammar and punctuation so be thorough and use proper English when writing your paper.

Due Date: This assignment is due in the Safe Assignment Box onMonday, May 8 at midnight



Does Facebook Have Generally Positive psychological effects?, homework help Humanities Assignment Help

  • The paper must be at least 3, double-spaced pages and stapled at the top. A cover sheet should be attached that includes reaction paper title, name, name of course, and time of course. Pages of the paper should be numbered.
  • The first page should review the Yes side of the issue as presented by the author. The second page should review the No side as presented by the other author. The third page (and fourth if you choose) is your response to the topic–”Yes” or “No”–including how your response was influenced by the two authors’ arguments.


Thanks in Advance !

Does Facebook Have Generally Positive psychological effects?, homework help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

reyes fitness company, assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment Three: Paper (20%) – – Submit Files

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Assignment Three: Paper (20%)

This paper will summarize the findings of the first two power point presentations and incorporate them into a paper that will add an action plan of major tasks, persons or departments accountable for the actions, time to complete. The time line with be explained in a narrative manner but will also include an action plan in graphic plan such as a Gantt chart, PERT chart, excel spread sheet or just a list of tasks with relevant information.. Students will also identify metrics for the evaluation of the recommended transformation; explain the risks for not implementing the changes, the significance of the strategic and administrative role of Human Resources, and description of the resources needed for the transformation.


political science questions, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

I have 5 outline/drafts based on the following 5 questions and I need to turn them into 500 words mini responses. In other words, each of these question has an outline for the key points and I need to elaborate on the key points mentioned in the outline related to each question within 500 words. You are not required to write your answer in an essay format. However, you should coherently organize your points and put them into proper sentences. The answers should be comprehensive and clear. In your answer, you should provide examples wherever it is necessary. there is no need for quotes/citations/bibliography or paraphrases and you are free to use any sources that you like to gather information as long as it is being written in your own words and not copy pasted.

1 outline and elaborate on the main principles of Canadian constitution.

2- outline and elaborate on main events/developments that eventually led to Canadian political independence from Britain

3- Outline and elaborate on factors behind western alienation.

4-What is regionalism, what are causes of regionalism and how has Canadian government attempted to address regional disparities?

5- Specify and elaborate on the main models of inter-group relations. which of these models have been adopted by Canada?


How did the activity help to increase your knowledge of vocabulary related to assessment?, Week 1 Assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Guess the Meaning

As you have discovered throughout this first week, “assessment is an essential educational tool that complements curriculum and instruction” (Howard, V. F., & Aiken, E., 2015, p. 11). In order to effectively utilize this essential tool, it is helpful to have an understanding of the language most commonly used in assessment. To begin this journal you will need to complete “The Language of Assessment” interaction that is located within the Summary and Resources in Chapter 2 of “Assessing learning and development in young children.” After completing the activity, reflect on the following questions:

  • How did the activity help to increase your knowledge of vocabulary related to assessment?
  • What assessment terms are you still confused about?
  • How did completing this activity help you to feel more confident about the content you will be learning in this course?

Suggested Assignment Length: One to two double-spaced pages (not including title and reference pages).

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your journal entries


Frontier Capstone Sustainability, homework help Writing Assignment Help

Frontier Capstone Sustainability | The Giant (Supermarket) Sustainability Challenge

As the famous adage goes, “we are what we eat.” However, how much do you really know about what you eat? Where was it grown or raised? How far did it travel? Who harvested it, processed it, packaged it, and delivered it? If we are lucky, we might be able to get some of these answers.

The Giant (Supermarket) Sustainability Challenge is an attempt to let our food tell a story. In some cases, the story is clear, simple, and straightforward. In others, we will be left scratching our heads. As you go through this activity, think about the various stakeholders in our food system, what motivates them, and what it would take to create a sustainable food system.

1. Find the product with the most food miles in the entire store.Name the product and how many miles has it traveled?

2. Find a local product. Where was it produced? Local means within 250 miles of DC

3. Find two products that have been labeled “natural.” Does “natural” have a standard definition? Look up the definition of natural

4. Find a food product with excessive packaging. How would you improve the packaging to include less materials without compromising food quality?

5. Find two products that have been labeled “USDA Organic.” Does “USDA Organic” have a standard definition? State the definition if there is one.

6. Is grass-fed beef available at Giant? If so, how does the cost compare to beef that is not grass-fed? If not, is there any beef that makes sustainability claims?

7. Build the most sustainable meal you can for a family of four. Your budget is $40. You must select a main dish, a side dish, a drink, and a dessert.Please show the products (with pictures—use your smart phone camera)that make up a meal for a family of 4.

Copy Paste questions to the word document and answer it. I live in Maryland , US. so you can make up stuff based on that. easiest way just go to giant.com or if you shop there a lot for groceries then it shouldn’t even take you more than 20-30 mins


https://anyessayhelp.com/ for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your journal entries