Literature Review Writing Assignment Help

Literature Review Writing Assignment Help. Literature Review Writing Assignment Help.

Write two paragraphs that includes the list on the bottom and put the cite with the paragraph. Try to answer the list instead of trying to make the whole page full.

  • For each article you need to include:
    • Methodology (participants, variables, research design)
    • Findings (what did their results show?)
    • Conclusions (what did the authors conclude and how does it relate to your study?)
  • Only include relevant information – conciseness and brevity are key!

  • You are responsible for figuring out how to correctly cite the specific articles you chose
  • You will lose points if you don’t take the time to do this right
  • Remember that you can cite within the sentence or at the end of the sentence (but don’t do both, or combine the two)
    • Spahr (2019) found that PSY 301 is the best class
    • Previous literature found that PSY 301 is the best class (Spahr, 2019).

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please answer below question Computer Science Assignment Help

Implementing various technologies and addressing remote access concerns ensures your systems and data are protected. Some of the technologies used in remote access are RADIUS, RAS, TACACS+, and VPN.

Using this course rules of writing, please address each of these technologies with a minimum of two paragraphs on each. In writing about these remote access methods, please include the role they play as it relates to the organization network security. Each section should have at least four (4) complete sentences, as well as a different citation supporting the presented claim. The SafeAssign score should not be more than 30%.


Social Change Humanities Assignment Help

Social Change

Earlier in this course, you explored the development and implementation of public policy in a democratic government. Specifically, you considered which tools and practices are most effective in the making of public policy. Think about how public policy might be used to better society. Begin by thinking about the role of public policy in society. Public policy is generally developed in response to a public issue or problem. Should public policy be used to drive social change issues, or should social change drive public policy? This question has occupied the thoughts of elected and appointed government officials for years and is likely to be a topic for future discussion and debate. As you ponder this debate, consider the link between public policy and social change in democratic governance.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the article “Toward an Anthropology of Public Policy” in this week’s Learning Resources. Consider the direct influence that public policy may have on society at large. Think about how public policy may effect social change in society.
  • Browse the article “Shaping Tomorrow Today: Near-Term Steps towards Long-Term Goals” in this week’s Learning Resources. Choose one of the three public policy topics presented at the conference to review. Think about how the policy topic you selected might effect social change now or in the future.
  • Consider the effect that short-term public policy decisions might have on shaping future public policy.
  • Focus on the connection between public policy and social change and consider ways in which public policy might be used to impact social change.
  • Think about whether it is legitimate to use public policy as an instrument of social change

Required Readings

Rohr, J. A. (2007). Ethics and comparative administration. Public Integrity, 10(1), 65–74.
Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.

Wedel, J. R., Shore, C., Feldman, G., & Lathrop, S. (2005). Toward an anthropology of public policy. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 600(1), 30–51.
Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.

Dobel, J. P. (2006). Public management as ethics. In The Oxford handbook of public management, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 161–181. Retrieved from…

Lempert, R. J., Popper, S. W., Min, E. Y., & Dewar, J. A. (Eds). (2009). Shaping tomorrow today: Near-term steps towards long-term goals. Retrieved from…

Document: The United Nations of South America (PDF)


Capitol Markets Economics Assignment Help

APA Format

Part1:400+ words

use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Locate 2 transactions in recent financial news to illustrate and explain the roles of financial intermediaries, and banks in particular, in these transactions. Furthermore, explain how these transactions would occur without a financial intermediary.

Part Two: 600-800 words

By reviewing the Federal Reserve website and/or other relevant resources, refer to the latest 2 changes to the discount rate and federal funds rate target made by the U.S. Federal Reserve and discuss the following:

  • How did the stock market indices react to these changes?
  • How did long-term U.S. Treasury bond yields react to these changes?
  • What happens to borrowers, savers, investors, and bank profits inside and outside the United States as these rates change?

Part three:400+ words

  • Why do you think that inflation is so low in the U.S. economy at this time?
  • Explain how monetary policy and actions by the Federal Reserve influence national economic goals of achieving full employment, controlling inflation, sustaining adequate growth, and achieving a stable balance-of-payments position.
  • Which of these national economic goals have recent actions by the Federal Reserve addressed?
  • In your opinion, have they been successful in achieving a balance?

Part Four: 600-800 words

What is inflation targeting? What are the advantages and disadvantages of inflation targeting? Compare and contrast the inflation targeting in the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand.

Part 5: 400+ words

Should financial institutions face more regulation, face less regulation, or do they already face sufficient regulation? Please focus your discussion on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Part 6: 600-800 words

  • Locate a U.S. municipal bond. You can use this bond screener to search for a municipal bond. Provide a description of the bond, the bond’s current yield, the bond’s yield to maturity, and the bond’s credit rating. Is the bond an investment-grade bond? How can you tell? Do you think that the bond will experience much interest rate risk? Please justify your decision.
  • When federal, state, and local governments issue securities, what key roles do they play in the financial markets?
  • How do these decisions affect you?


Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). (2018). Bonds Retrieved from

Part7: 400+ words

Name and describe at least 3 factors that impact the demand for money. What do you expect the price of a new laptop computer and a new car to cost in 6 months? Please justify your answer.

Part 8: 700-900 words

Assume that the U.S. economy just entered into a recession. What can the Federal Reserve do to try to get the economy out of a recession? Among other comments that you may make, please be sure to discuss the following:

  • Describe the role of the Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve in the United States, and describe the tools available to the Federal Reserve to influence the nation’s money supply.
  • Discuss the Federal Reserve’s open-market operations, and the importance of its role. How does another key central bank around the world conduct such operations, and why are they important? What recent open-market operations have the Federal Reserve and another country’s central bank taken?
  • Explain what happens to the U.S. money supply when the Federal Reserve buys and sells Treasury bonds. Describe in detail how this has affected U.S. banks’ abilities to lend and the overall U.S. economy.
  • Explain what has happened to the U.S. money supply and economy when another central bank outside the United States has bought and sold U.S. Treasury bonds.
  • How do you think that you will be personally impacted by the recession?

Include at least 4 professional references and follow APA formatting.

Part 9: Fiscal Policy 900-1000 words

  • What is the importance of exchange rates?
  • Who benefits and who loses when a country’s currency appreciates?
  • Who benefits and who loses when a country’s currency depreciates?
  • In the long run, what are the major factors that impact exchange rates?
  • Understanding central banks impact exchange rates, select three central banks and demonstrate/ explain how this occurs.

Include at least 3 professional references and follow APA formatting.


Benchmark – Treatment Plan Completion and Essay Writing Assignment Help

Hi there! This is going off of the previous assignment. Complete your treatment plan template for Eliza based on the previous assignments findings and any feedback received from your instructor. Additionally, write and submit a 700 word essay that includes the following:

  1. The treatment theory you would use and why.
  2. A description of how you would address any mental health, medical, legal, and substance use issues that the client exhibits in the case study through the lens of your counseling theory of choice.
  3. Include at least three scholarly sources in your paper.

Submit the paper and the treatment plan to your instructor.



no question Writing Assignment Help

PART TWO: Chapters 5-8.

  1. Examine a primary source found in the text or suggested Web sites. How does this first-hand account compare/contrast to the textbook information, a secondary, synthesized source? What does this document reflect about the history of the Revolutionary War period or New Republic? Please utilize only sources found at these sites: A. “American Voices” or “Voices From Abroad” excerpts (one page documents) found in Chapters 5-8. B. “For Further Exploration” Suggested Web Sites (found at very end of each chapter) Chapters 5-8.
  2. Write a brief essay of less than 300 words, 1.5 spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font size.

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there is a study guide refer to Business Law class, fill it in the correct way. Business Finance Assignment Help

This examination is a fillin examination. You are required to read the Factual Pattern. After you read the Factual Pattern, proceed to the second section of the Examination. The second section of the Examination contains a report. You will note that there are numbers throughout the report. A word or phrase has to be associated with each number to make the sentence substantively or meaningfully correct. Utilizing the words listed on the Answer Sheet at the end of the Examination, choose the word or phrase that best fits. Write the number next to the corresponding word or phrase on the list at the end of the Examination. THE BLANKS CORRESPOND TO THE NUMBER IN THE NARRATIVE.


2 pages critical writing About Liberal Art: Read these two essays and write answer these questions. Writing Assignment Help

Consider both the Jones and Pew Research essays about the value of a liberal arts education. If you
had to describe the kinds of arguments each other makes, what seems to the characteristics of each?
What kinds of evidence do they use to make these arguments? Which do you find more convincing, and
why? precisely 2 pages.
12 size new times, double space.

And also if you find the argument, please highlight them, and also please annotate these two essays. Thank you so much.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.


need two seperate papers for both 1& 2 follow apa guidelines Other Assignment Help

1)For this discussion forum, discuss, in what ways, will the cloud provider perspective and cloud consumer perspective be helpful in the real word? Be sure to explain. Is one perspective more important than the other? Be sure to explain why. Do not forget to follow the discussion forum guidelines. need 350 words

2)Create a power point presentation that compares Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS products. Include in the presentation which company you would choose for each delivery model? If there is a tie, rank the vendor in order. One will be the number one choice and three will be the last choice. Cite five sources or more from the University’s library to support your presentation.


need to update resume Writing Assignment Help

need to update with this information I currently work on Boeing T38c talon at Edwards Air Force base started last July 2018 currently still there there’s a lead position open that I want to apply for I also have my FAA remote pilot certificate

1. On a day-to-day basis, analyzes performance, tests, inspects, troubleshoots, identifies and isolates malfunctions, disassembles, modifies or repairs and reassembles test stations or ECM Pods and their associated peripherals. Considers the complex interrelated variables arising from a mix of computer hardware and software, stimulus and measurement systems, and special purpose test subsystems. Analyzes malfunctions using schematics, logic and wiring diagrams, programming tables, computer program flow charts, software user guides, computer program listings and factory drawings. Diagnoses circuit operating characteristics using computer query, system peculiar test equipment, and computer diagnostics. Isolates problems to the failing part using self-test diagnostics, oscilloscopes, frequency meters, signal generators, digital, and differential voltmeters, computer registers and printouts and other special and standard tools and test equipment. Removes and replaces components, assemblies, subassemblies, or parts using special and common hand tools, soldering devices and special electronic instruments.

2. May modify and updates avionics Pods, support equipment and support software according to applicable technical publications. Analyzes program data and determines if the criteria is sufficient to provide adequate testing and troubleshooting. Examines recurring malfunctions and software deficiencies to determine testing voids and initiates corrective action by submission of quality deficiency reports, software deficiency reports or proposed modifications.

3. Provides hands-on training instructions to lower grade personnel concerned with repair of computer controlled automatic test equipment, manually controlled test equipment, line replaceable units and aircraft integrated systems. Also provides on-the-job instruction to newly assigned personnel, regardless of grade level. Prepares for and participates in various types of readiness evaluations.

4. Performs other duties as assigned.

**SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE:**A working knowledge of programming principles sufficient to analyze aircraft avionics equipment or Pods as well as computerized test stations software and software problems and to work with engineering personnel to correct them. A comprehensive knowledge of electronics, software controlled test stations and their peripherals, test results, a variety of test equipment, self-test programs and technical data containing schematic diagrams, signal and data diagrams, test procedures, program information, and mathematical formulas to identify and isolate malfunctions and determine if a malfunction is in the program, the units under test (UUT), Pod or the test station. A thorough knowledge of the interaction of the electronic systems that are interfaced with the test stations (e.g., radar, fire control, instrument, flight control, inertial navigation, malfunction analysis and recording equipment systems). A working knowledge of hydraulic and pneumatic principles as well as system pressurization, dehydration, liquid and gaseous cooling systems and other systems assigned to the test station.


Literature Review Writing Assignment Help

Literature Review Writing Assignment Help