Litigation, Censures, and Fines, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Litigation, Censures, and Fines, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. Litigation, Censures, and Fines, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Research the Internet for recent litigation, censures, and fines involving national public accounting firms. Examples of litigation cases against national public accounting firms include fines by regulatory authorities and censures by professional societies.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

  1. Analyze the primary accounting issues which form the crux of the litigation or fine for the firm, and indicate the impact to the firm as a result of litigation or fine. Provide support for your rationale.
  2. Examine the key inferences of corporate ethics related to internal controls and accounting principles which lead to the litigation or fine for the accounting firm.
  3. Evaluate the primary ethical standards of the accounting organization’s leadership and values which contributed to approval of the accounting issues and thus created the litigation or fines in question.
  4. Identify specific conduct violations committed by the organization and accounting firm in question. Next, create an argument supporting the actions against the organization and accounting firm, based on the current professional code of conduct for independent auditors and management accountants.
  5. Make a recommendation as to how regulators and professional societies may prevent this type of behavior in question for the future. Provide support for your rationale.
  6. Use two (2) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Analyze business situations to determine the appropriateness of decision making in terms of professional standards and ethics.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in accounting.
  • Write clearly and concisely about accounting using proper writing mechanics.

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Litigation, Censures, and Fines, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Think different, social science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

in 1997, Apple, Inc., supported its “Think Different” marketing campaign with a one-minute commercial featuring black-and-white footage of 17 iconic 20th-century personalities. The commercial was conceptualized by the Los Angeles-based advertising agency TBWA/Chiat/Day.

Find a copy of this commercial, also known as the “Crazy Ones” commercial, on the Internet and watch it.

Review the University of Phoenix Material: Creative Thinkers.

Choose a subset of one or two individuals per team member from among these 17 creative thinkers.

As a team, discuss the following questions:

  • What did each of the individuals contribute to the world?
  • How was each contribution rooted in creative thinking; that is, how did each change existing paradigms of seeing or experiencing the world?
  • Are there defining characteristics shared among all or most of the individuals?
  • Why did Apple choose these individuals to appear in this advertisement?

Summarize your findings in a 700- to 1,050-word document. Your summary does not need to include a direct answer for each individual and/or bullet point.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.


1.13 Lab: Temperature of Water and Soil, science homework help Science Assignment Help


Activity 2: Temperature of Water and Soil 1 (ONLINE)


Climate and weather depend on a variety of factors. One is the unequal heating of earth’s surface. Earth’s surface is unevenly heated due to

  • differences in the concentration of heat energy on the surface
  • differences in surfaces (for example, pavement, soil, grasslands, water, etc.)

In this laboratory experiment, you will determine how the temperatures of water and soil vary.

Part 1: Form Your Hypothesis
Climate is affected by differences in the temperatures of soil and water. Write a hypothesis that describes how temperature varies with soil and water. Write the hypothesis on your Lab Report.

Part 2: Test Your Hypothesis

  1. Fill one container three-quarters full with potting soil. Leave the soil loosely packed. Tap the container gently on the table so that the soil settles.
  2. Fill the other container three-quarters full with water.
  3. Place both containers on a flat surface.
  4. Place a thermometer in each container. Make sure that each thermometer is covered by no more than 0.5 cm of water or soil.
  5. Read the temperature of each thermometer. Record this in the data table on the Lab Report.
  6. Place the heat lamp 25 cm above the containers. Turn on the lamp.
  7. Measure and record the temperature in both containers at intervals of 1, 3, 5, and 10 minutes.
  8. Turn off the lamp. Allow the soil and water to cool down.
  9. Measure and record the temperatures of the soil and water 5 minutes after turning off the lamp. Repeat at 10 minutes.


microeconomics, economics homework help Economics Assignment Help

Question 1
A production function for pianos is given by: Q = 10K0.5L0.5.
a. If the firm is using 1 unit of capital and 16 units of labour, how many pianos are produced?
b. If 4 units of capital are used, how many units of labour are needed to match production?
Question 2
A paper company needs to produce 2,000 reams of paper for its customers. The firm’s long-run production function and the marginal productivities of the inputs are:
Q = 4K0.75L0.25 MPL = K0.75/L0.75 MPK = 3L0.25/K0.25
where Q is the number of reams produced, K is the quantity of capital rented and L is the quantity of labour hired. The weekly cost function is C = 20K + 2L, where C is the total cost of production.
a. What ratio of capital to labour minimizes total costs?
b. How much labour and capital will need to be employed to produce 2,000 reams a week?
Question 3
Suppose a firm has a ‘Cobb-Douglas’ production function, and marginal productivities, as
follows: Q = 0.5K0.5L0.5 MPL = 0.25K0.5/L0.5 MPK = 0.25L0.5/K0.5
Labour costs W = $10 per hour and capital costs R = $40 per hour. The production target for the firm is 100 units of output.
a. If the firm is operating efficiently (i.e. minimizes total costs), how many units of labour will be employed? How many units of capital? What is the cost of producing 100 units of output?
b. What will happen to the firm’s production mix and total cost if the rental rate suddenly drops to $10 per unit of capital (if it still wishes to produce 100 units of output)?
c. Does production exhibit constant, decreasing or increasing returns to scale?


Work/Life Balance, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Hello, please read the SHRM Research publication: Work Life/Balance: Challenges and Solutions.

Review the 5.1 Devotion and Scripture reading for integration in this assignment.

In this workshop, for the Dropbox written assignment, you will complete a written paper with inclusion of a section for each of the following steps, using similar headings in your paper:


Defining Work/Life Balance. A number of definitions have been proffered for work/life balance. What are some of the key characteristics found in the work/life definitions you have found in your research? Based on your findings and other criteria, write your own definition of work/life balance and provide an explanation for it.

Identifying the Need. Why is there a need for work/life balance and flexible working?

Different Kinds of Flexible Working. What are the different kinds of flexible working, and what are their advantages and disadvantages? (This may be placed in table format with a brief introduction narrative.) Note: If the table is larger than a half page, locate the table in the appendices section of the paper but be sure to provide two paragraphs in your paper detailing your research findings.

Steps to Developing a Flex Work Policy. What are the steps for developing a flexible working policy in the workplace?

Flexible Working and the Law. Identify in a table format (to be placed in the appendices section of the paper) those laws having implications with a flexible work policy. Provide an overview paragraph in your paper with inclusion of a reference to the table located in the appendices of the paper.

Work/Life Balance: Making It Personal. In light of the 5.1 Devotion and Scripture reading, answer the following questions as listed in the textbox in the devotional:

How is your own work/life balance?

In what areas do you need more balance?

Do you have a ministry-life imbalance?

What one change could you make in your life that would result in a better work/life or ministry/life balance? (Fully develop your response, addressing each of the aspects of a SMART goal: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timeframe.)


Your paper should be 800-1000 words in length, not including the title page, reference page, or the laws table in the Appendix of the paper.

Use APA format. Cite two reference sources, at a minimum, which are to be different than the source used for your previous annotated bibliography entry, although it can be used beyond this minimum. For this assignment, fulfillment of one of the two required references can be the SHRM Research publication: Work Life/Balance: Challenges and Solutions used to write the paper. Each reference should be at least 3-5 pages and published within the last 3-5 years.

Please use this article as a reference:…

The Flexibility Paradox



write an analysis of a case currently in front of the US Supreme Court, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Can you write an analysis of a case currently in front of the US Supreme Court? I would need 25 pages.

The case is Salman v. United States. The requirements for the paper are fairly straightforward:
– Frame Q and Issue
– What does legislature say, etc
– Pros and cons
– Talk about cases that have dealt with the issue
– Don’t just argue the law

Here are a few links of shorter analyses of the case to give you an idea of what the case is about:

Here is the case from the lower court and my outline for the assignment. I suspect that the Supreme Court will come to a similar conclusion.

write an analysis of a case currently in front of the US Supreme Court, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Foundations in American Government, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Before you begin your project, consider the following:

  • What was the Enlightenment?
  • What were the biggest challenges in implementing the Constitution?
  • What ideals influenced the creation and structure of the Constitution?

Part One-
Create a storyboard of the formation of the US Constitution. You may
use the website linked below to create your storyboard, but do not
forget to save it and submit it. You should have at least six frames in your storyboard with at least 150-200 words total.

You can use either Storyboard That,
a free service that will help you create your storyboard, or you may
create it as a series of drawings or use a presentation program. If you
use Storyboard That, choose the option that allows you to make two rows
of three frames each, so that the two rows are on top of each other.
This will allow you to make the storyboard for free.

Part Two-
After you have created your storyboard, create a story book for 5th
graders explaining the various parts of the US Constitution. You may
create your story book in a series of written text, drawings, or
cartoons. The purpose of this project is for you to apply your knowledge
and understanding of the US Constitution and be able to thoroughly
explain it. You can create your story book however you wish within
reason, but the text of it must be at least 400 words total.

You must use at least 2 credible sources

other than your textbook and provide a Works Cited page with your

sources. Failure to include a Works Cited page will result in a rejected



Research paper, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

You are to conduct a research study and write a research paper per the guidelines specified in the previous assignments.

The research paper should adhere to APA style and include (1) a title page, (2) an abstract page, (3) the research paper content of at least 2500 words, and (4) a references section.

The research paper content should be a traditional FIVE section paper: (1) Introduction, (2) Research Background, (3) Research Method, (4) Findings, and (5) Conclusion. Each section should be clearly marked with an APA Level 2 header.

Additional formatting and style requirements are listed here. Refer to the grading Rubric for specifics on how this assignment will be evaluated and scored.

Plagiarism (using someone else’s content word for word without properly giving credit for it) will not be tolerated and is justification for receiving a zero on this assignment.

A Turnitin analysis (see (Links to an external site.) for information on this product) will be automatically applied to your assignment submission to indicate the potential degree of “originality,” which means that you have interpreted and are discussing your research results “in your own words” (paraphrasing) or are using proper APA citation methods to include the words of others. A Turnitin analysis percentage of 15% or higher may result in your having to repeat this assignment in order to receive any credit for it. Blatant offenses may result in an automatic failure for this assignment, this course, and further disciplinary matters in accordance with the Academic


management, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

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A) What is business intelligence?

B) Describe the Microsoft SQL Server BI framework.


Concepts tested by this program, assignment help Programming Assignment Help

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Project 5

Concepts tested by this program:

  • Learn to organize code within a function
  • Learn to pass data to and return Boolean data from function
  • Use of loop
  • Use file processing

Program Prime Numbers
A prime number is an integer that is greater than 1 and that
is only evenly divisible by itself
and 1. For example, the number 5 is prime because it can only be
evenly divided by 1 and 5. The number 6, however, is not prime
because it can be divided evenly by 1, 2, 3, and 6.

Write a function name isPrime, which takes an integer as an argument





Litigation, Censures, and Fines, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Litigation, Censures, and Fines, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

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