local waste/landfill, or recycle center, or water treatment facility, or sewage treatment plant.

Writing Assignment
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The assignment requires 1,000 words

**Go ahead and post your essay to this discussion forum. You will all have great info shared about important local topics!**You do not need to send it to me as a separate document.

Writing Assignment #1 Look at the following Options for your Writing Assignment. You will earn up to 100 points for discussing one of the following topics. Please provide adequate detail and list any resources that you use (may consist of personal correspondence with employees as well as newspaper, Internet, or article references), for full credit. If you are interested, many of the local sites will give you a tour of their facility if you call and inquire. The Lake Havasu City Wastewater Treatment Plant is especially interesting and currently expanding. Post your findings on the discussion forum.

A typical response for full credit would consist of approximately 5 paragraphs, much the same as if you were answering an essay question on an exam. However, the discussion will be awarded for the thoroughness of your response, and answers to a number of the sample questions provided below for each topic.

Topic: Research your local waste/landfill, or recycle center, or water treatment facility, or sewage treatment plant.

Option Landfill:

Find out what landfill (city/county/state) your trash goes to and write on waste and landfill(s) in your area.

To help guide you in your research, some sample questions are provided below. Note that you may or may not be able to answer all the questions, but these are examples of content that might go into a discussion. The onus is on the student to provide an in-depth review of their local landfill, whether they use the questions below or not.

How many tons/day are received? (If there are no weigh stations

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