LTEA 120B UCSD Locating Taiwan Cinema in Twenty First Century Research Paper Writing Assignment Help

LTEA 120B UCSD Locating Taiwan Cinema in Twenty First Century Research Paper Writing Assignment Help. LTEA 120B UCSD Locating Taiwan Cinema in Twenty First Century Research Paper Writing Assignment Help.

a research paper on a Taiwan film or director around one of the following possible topics:

film option:

A Borrowed Life 多桑 (dir. Wu Nien-jen, 1994),
Beautiful Duckling 養鴨人家 (dir. Li Xin, 1965)

Terrorizers 恐怖份子 (dir. Edward Yang, 1986)

What Time is It There 你那邊幾點?(dir. Tsai Ming-iang, 1999)

Au revoir Taipei 一頁台北 (dir. Arvin Chen, 2010)

Wawa No Cidai太陽的孩子 (2015, dir. Losia Shumi)

The Great Buddha大佛普拉斯 (dir. Huang Hsin-yao, 2017)

Viva Tonal: The Dance Age 跳舞時代 (dir. Kuo Chen-ti, 2003)

Or director option: Edward Yang, Tsai Ming-iang, Ang Lee

a) language and cosmopolitan vernacular;

b) camera work: location shooting; long shot, special effects, multimedia mixing, etc.

c) film and the question of agency: freedom to act;

d) disruptive innovation in theme, technique, genre, style, pace, body movement, among others;

e) experiments with new social realities such as the subaltern class, gay identity, gender equality, trauma and memory, violence, political crisis, and so forth;

f)Uses of literary symbolism, motifs or metaphoric designs;

g) personal as political: life into art, narrating the nation, cultural critique, and so on.

Paper Format: Please consult the latest edition of MLA Style Manual or MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. You may want to visit MLA formatting website at for guidance. Your paper must be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margin on all four sides of the page. Please staple your 5-6 pages of text followed by a works cited page. You should proof-read your writing carefully, making sure that there are no spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes.

LTEA 120B UCSD Locating Taiwan Cinema in Twenty First Century Research Paper Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

CSU The Competitive Nature of the Technology Industry Essay Writing Assignment Help

You are the Director of Human Resources for a rapidly growing technology firm. In the past three weeks, your organization has seen a huge increase in profitability and has contracted with 30 new corporate clients. Your employees are doing the best they can to ensure the success of your organization during this time of being understaffed, but the CEO, CFO, managerial staff, and others know that the company needs to hire new employees.

For this Critical Thinking Assignment, do the following:

  • Provide information about the technology industry. Specifically, explain details through conducting research regarding the competitive nature of this industry.
  • Make a case for hiring either full-time, contingent, or contract employees. Explain the benefits and drawbacks of hiring your selected workforce type(s).
  • Since you will need to recruit over 100+ technology employees, given organizational growth, explain if you believe that the recruitment function should be kept in-house or outsourced. Justify your rationale.


  • Write a 4- to 6-page paper not including the title and reference pages, which are required.
  • You can download and save the APA Template Paper (Links to an external site.) as your own paper and replace the placeholders with your own information. This template is already formatted in APA style. Do not change the formatting of this template.
  • This is an individual paper; however, you should reflect on our discussion forums and incorporate ideas from there, as appropriate.
  • Include a formal references page. You must support your analysis with at least 4 to 6 scholarly references and can include resources from this course. Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to the standards.
  • For this assignment, a credible source is defined as:
    • A scholarly or peer-reviewed journal article.
    • A government-based website or publication.
    • A trade or industry journal article, publication, or website, including those from trade organizations such as and


EDP University of Puero Rico Learning Styles Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

I’m working on a nursing exercise and need guidance to help me learn.

Objetivo de la actividad

Mediante este proyecto el estudiante demostrará el dominio de las competencias en el uso de aplicaciones de las productividad MS Word 2016, MS Power Point 2016 y MS Excel 2016.


Acceda al siguiente enlace. proyecto final.docx


La actividad es de carácter individual. El trabajo debe ser entregado a tiempo, sin errores ortográficos ni gramaticales. Los trabajos serán sometidos a la herramienta para detectar similitud de contenidos (ahora Urkund).

De tener dudas o preguntas debe publicarlas en el Foro Dudas y Preguntas con tiempo para poderles ayudar de forma oportuna.

no copiar y pegar por favor


Walden Unversity Measuring Job Satisfaction Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Measuring Job Satisfaction

In order to select the most effective instrument for a specific assessment of job satisfaction, you must analyze the instruments and consider the factors they measure. Not all instruments will contain the set of work factors needed (e.g., pay, opportunities for promotion, environment) to adequately measure job satisfaction or facets of job satisfaction across all groups. Only a few of the instruments may meet reliability and construct validity criteria. Investigators measure constructs using reliable and valid instruments. A reliable instrument provides a consistent measurement every time it is used. For example, a standard 12-inch ruler is an example of a reliable instrument—it will always measure 12 inches. Even if the instrument is reliable, you still need to know whether it is valid. Validity is the idea that your instrument empirically measures what it is intended to measure.

Now consider what you know about measuring job satisfaction and what you have observed about the employees’ problems with job satisfaction at Walden Sports. For this discussion you will select a suitable instrument to measure job satisfaction and describe the psychometric properties of the instrument.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review 4 minute clip on Walden Sports
  • Using the Learning Resources and Walden Library, search for an instrument to measure job satisfaction at Walden Sports.
  • Recall the stages of the consulting cycle and where measurement would fall in the cycle. Also consider the value of communicating to the client psychometric properties and how that explains the rationale for using an instrument in helping them solve organizational problems. You likely covered many aspects of the consulting cycle in a previous Walden learning experience; however, review Optional Resources for more information on the consulting cycle if necessary. (Some texts listed in Optional Resources you may have acquired in a previous course.)
  • Read the article “Moderating Role of Job Satisfaction on Turnover Intention and Burnout Among Workers in Primary Care Institutions: A Cross-Sectional Study.” Identify the model of testing job satisfaction, burnout, and turnover intention and the items and surveys used to do so. Read the article “Measuring of Job Satisfaction: The Use of Quality of Work Life Factors.”
  • Read the article “The Efficient Measurement of Job Satisfaction: Facet-Items Versus Facet Scales.” Consider the rationale when choosing facet items versus facet scales in measurement instruments.
  • Review the website Tests Reviewed in the Mental Measurements Yearbook Series. Identify potential instruments for measuring job attitudes.

By Day 3

Post a response to the following:

Provide a description of the instrument you selected to measure job satisfaction of the employees at Walden Sports. Then, explain why this instrument is appropriate for measuring job satisfaction. Finally, provide an example item, taken from the instrument you selected to measure job satisfaction or another relevant instrument, one that you might use in a diagnostic survey. Then, describe the scale anchors used to score the instrument and the psychometric properties (reliability and validity) of the instrument. Finally, post how instrument selection fits in the consulting cycle stages and how it would be presented to the client. Keep in mind that your client might not be familiar with job satisfaction questionnaires or psychometric properties, so explain how you would address your audience in your presentation at this stage of consulting.


Chen, X., Ran, L., Zhang, Y., Yang, J., Yao, H., Zhu, S., & Tan, X. (2019). Moderating role of job satisfaction on turnover intention and burnout among workers in primary care institutions: A cross-sectional study. BMC Public Health, 19(1), 1–10.

Lepold, A., Tanzer, N., Bregenzer, A., & Jiménez, P. (2018). The efficient measurement of job satisfaction: Facet-items versus facet scales. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(7), 1–19.

Buros Center for Testing. (n.d.). Tests reviewed in the Mental Measurements Yearbook series.


Concordia Ethical Decision Making in Business Monsanto Company Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

This is my last case study I really need to do well.

This case study is on page 374-384. Please try your best I know you provide the best service on here!

For your case study, write out the question and thoroughly respond using APA formatting (example: in-text citations, double spacing, etc.). You do not need a cover sheet, running head, or an abstract, but you are required to have a separate “Works Cited” page. Generally, a quality case study is approximately three pages or about 3/4 of a page double spaced for each response. This does not including the “Works Cited” page. Your responses should be supported by at least one primary or secondary source per question.

My expectation is that your responses will be succinct, and that they will be supported by both key facts from the case study and from your source data. In reading your responses, it should be clear to me that you have read the entire case study, and haven’t tried to respond by “cherry picking” information that only pertains to the question. If anything, your issue is not going to be that you don’t have enough information to respond to the question. Instead, it will be keeping your response succinct. Please review the section in the syllabus on acceptable source data before beginning.

Sometimes the issues aren’t so obvious. For example, in the Starbucks case study, the company is concerned with expanding their brand in a socially responsible manner. To do so, they needed to address the needs of their primary stakeholders. Who are they and what actions did Starbucks take? Lastly, evaluate what Starbucks did to expand their brand in a socially responsible manner. Were they successful? Is there anything else they could have done? These responses should be incorporated in to your response questions.

The case is on PAGE 374-384

MAIN QUESTION that needs to be answered:

1. Does Monsanto maintain an ethical culture that effectively responds to various stakeholders?

2. Compare the benefits of growing GM seeds for crops with the potential negative consequences of using them.

3. How should Monsanto manage the potential harm to plant and animal life from using products such as Roundup?



Climate Change and Infectious Diseases & Epidemiological Standpoint Discussion Science Assignment Help

1. What is the major problem with thawing permafrost, at least from an epidemiological standpoint?

2. Skim through the attached report or do a little research on your own and report to the class another example of infectious diseases that have changed as a result of climate change from any cause, in any part of the world other than regions with permafrost.

3. With everything else that is going on right now, is it unnecessarily alarmist and “doomsaying” to go looking for new sources of disease in places like Siberia, or should we take these threats seriously and urge our leaders to take action now to prepare for potential disease outbreaks from previously unrecognized sources?

Climate Change and Infectious Diseases & Epidemiological Standpoint Discussion Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

EDP University Reflexión de Aprendizaje Vida Universitaria Paper Health Medical Assignment Help

I’m working on a nursing exercise and need guidance to help me study.

Objetivo de la actividad

Reflexionar sobre lo aprendido en el curso Vida Universitaria Exitosa.


En este buzón van a subir su archivo de la reflexión de aprendizaje.

Reflexionar sobre lo aprendido favorece el internalizar y consolidar el conocimiento adquirido, es lógico que cómo actividad final reflexionemos sobre lo aprendido en este curso.

  1. Debes preparar una reflexión de aprendizaje sobre lo aprendido en el curso. El formato debe tener un mínimo de 300 palabras y un máximo cerca de 500 palabras, letra Arial, tamaño 12, alineado a la izquierda y con espacio entre líneas de 1.5. Incluye una página de portada. Recuerda que la estructura debe incluir un párrafo introductorio, uno o varios párrafos del cuerpo y un párrafo de conclusión.Este aspecto de formato y estructura, tiene un valor de 5 puntos.
  1. El escrito deberá acogerse en su contenido a las guías para redactar una reflexión y en caso de citar a los formatos de citar de APA. Los párrafos del cuerpo deben responder mínimo:¿Qué he aprendido?, ¿Qué sigo sin entender?, ¿Sobre qué quiero aprender más?Este aspecto tiene un valor de 5 puntos.
  2. La redacción y ortografía representaránlos otros 5 puntos.


La actividad es de carácter individual. El trabajo debe ser entregado a tiempo, sin errores ortográficos ni gramaticales. Los trabajos serán sometidos a la herramienta para detectar similitud de contenidos (ahora Urkund). Entregar las respuestas en un documento de Word, con la descripción arriba expuesta. Debe incluir las referencias en formato APA, de tres años o menos.

no copiar y pegar por favor


Troy The American Revolution A Unit Plan for Grade 5 to 12 History Presentation Writing Assignment Help

You are to produce a unit of instruction. This unit will contain elements as listed below, but must be presented in Microsoft PowerPoint or an equivalent. There is to be a maximum of 20 slides. The intent is for you, the candidate, to see the big picture for instructional design with regard to a specific topic.


The following elements must be present in the Unit Portfolio:

  • Title page with your name, course and section number, date of submission, and title of unit.
  • Subsequent slides include the following:
    • Section 1
      • The subject of the overall unit
      • Grade/topic
      • State and national standards addressed by the unit
      • A listing of the general goals
    • Section 2
      • The specific character principles (and where these principles will be focused on)
    • Section 3
      • A review of the specific learning objectives covered by the entire unit
      • A listing of the key critical concepts being addressed in the unit
    • Section 4
      • The unit map showing the main unit theme and the lessons related to the central theme and to each other.
      • The unit schedule: A description of the Unit Duration (not actual dates but rather a schedule of days)
      • The course map: The context of that unit (a course map of all units for that grade/ subject combination and a demonstration of where that unit is) as related to the overall course.
    • Section 5
      • An overview of the learning activities to be included in the unit (including the lessons that have been detailed).
      • A list of all resources and materials to be used (and which lessons these resources will be used for).
    • Section 6
      • A description of the classroom diversity and differentiation (can be identical to the lesson plans) and how these are being considered. This must include both cultural and learning diversification.
    • Section 7
      • The diagnostic assessment tool employed at the beginning of the unit.
      • The formative assessments interspersed appropriately among the lessons.
    • Section 8
      • A description of the diagnostic, formative and summative assessments.
    • Section 9
      • A description of how this unit considers curricular connections.

Terms and Expectations Explained

The following elements are some guiding notes to help clarify the above sections:

Subject: The subject of this unit will be chosen by the candidate.

Key Critical Concepts: The concepts should arise and permeate throughout the unit (like democracy, freedom, and environmental influence). These should be explored through the unit and instruction.

Launching Activity: This should be an attention-grabbing activity. The best of these are those that help to see the real-life relevancy of the lesson/ unit.

Assessments: The unit should have a diagnostic assessment (for the beginning of the unit), formative assessments (formal or informal) and a summative assessment. These do not have to be classical paper-pencil but can be. Be creative AND appropriate.

Course Map and Unit Map: The maps both demonstrate context (where the unit lies in a course and where the lessons lie in the unit). This forces collaborators to know where you are going and what is necessary before exploring particular topics.

Unit Schedule: This schedule should give day counts, not a specific schedule (i.e. not attached to dates). It is best to show this in a table with topics of instruction, unique activities, and assessments.

Resource Expectations: You should use a mixture of resources, including: technology where appropriate and possible, texts and hands-on activities.

Lessons: The lessons should be connected by the unit and should build towards the accomplishment of the actual unit.



Broward College Weston Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

Directions. You are to create a PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) of an analysis of the Broward County CEMP (base plan) that is to be no more than 50 slides. Be as creative as you want! You may include graphs, pictures, videos, self-videos, etc.

In your analysis, include the following:

1. Describe the structure of Broward County’s emergency management system as per the CEMP: Who are the main players? How is the system organized? How are each phase of emergency management (preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation) addressed?

2. Compare the Broward County CEMP to that of another Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). This can be from another county (i.e. Miami-Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach, etc.), a municipality (i.e. Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, etc.), a private business (i.e. Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc.), a faith-based organization (Salvation Army, Archdiocese of Miami, etc.) , or a non-profit agency (i.e. United Way, American Red Cross, etc.). What are their similarities and differences?

3. Based on the comparison, describe, if any, improvements that you think can be made on either plan. If no improvements are needed, why not?


The project must be submitted in either APA or MLA format. Outside resources or any of the materials in this course can be cited if you feel the need to do so and are included as part of your analysis. It is your choice to present your project in double space or single space (with double space between paragraphs). Grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be considered gradable items.

Learning Materials

  • Broward County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)
  • An Emergency Operations Plan or CEMP chosen by the student from a public, private, or faith-based organization (i.e., Miami Dade CEMP, American Red Cross, Catholic Charities).


MMHA 6300 Walden University Criminal Behavior in Healthcare Providers Research Business Finance Assignment Help

Conduct an online search to find a legal case, journal article, or detailed news article that describes a recent criminal case involving the kind of health care facility in which you are interested in working. The case you select may involve fraud or abuse (such as defrauding the Medicare or Medicaid programs, the Stark self-referral law, anti-kickback statute, or price-fixing) or other criminal act, such as patient abuse, murder, or theft. Evaluate the laws that are involved in your case, and consider the ramifications of this criminal action on the individuals and organizations involved.

A good source for cases is the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Consider looking through one or two state websites, which can be accessed at:

As you analyze your case and prepare for the Discussion, consider possible motivations behind this criminal act. What could an administrator do to prevent this from happening or to address it effectively once it is detected? Would a compliance program (see “Compliance 101” in this week’s Learning Resources) be of value in preventing or detecting and then correcting this criminal issue?

a cohesive response to the following:

Briefly describe the case you selected. Evaluate the state and/or federal laws that are involved in your case. (If you are an international student, evaluate the regional laws that are involved in your case.) Then explain the ramifications of this criminal action for the individuals and organizations involved (for example, states work with the federal government in capturing fraud).

Support your response by identifying and explaining key points and/or examples presented in the Learning Resources.


LTEA 120B UCSD Locating Taiwan Cinema in Twenty First Century Research Paper Writing Assignment Help

LTEA 120B UCSD Locating Taiwan Cinema in Twenty First Century Research Paper Writing Assignment Help