M3A1 Assignment 3 Essay

You are not being provided with the forms for this assignment as part of the assignment is for you to locate the correct forms and then fill them out.

For the purposes of this assignment the Raccoon City Fire is a Type III incident at this time (Type I incidents are the most complex incidents and require the most resources while Type V incidents are the least complex and require the least amount of resources). Follow the directions below carefully to ensure that you complete this assignment correctly.

Read the attached Racoon City Fire 201 document. A 201 is an Incident Briefing Form. This is the incident that you will be working on for subsequent modules as you work to complete components of an Incident Action Plan (IAP). Assume for this and future assignments that the incident in this briefing is true and accurate, including the date and times given to you to fill in on the forms. Also assume for the purpose of this assignment that the resources on the Incident Resources Personnel document are now available and awaiting your assignment.

Follow the steps below to complete this assignment.

Step 1 – Go to FEMA’s ICS Resources website by going to: https://training.fema.gov/emiweb/is/icsresource/index.htm

Step 2 – Locate the section entitled ICS Forms and click on this section

Step 3 – Locate the ICS form entitled ICS Form 203, Organization Assignment List (v2).pdf

Step 4 – Using the attached Incident Resources – Personnel Document complete the ICS Form 203, Organization Assignment List. You will notice on the Incident Resources – Personnel Document a list of names and next to each of the names you will notice various descriptors. These descriptors are the typing levels that each of the individuals has achieved. Example: The first name and descriptors are- Charles Xavier – Type II Incident Commander, OSC, PSC, LSC, SO, PIO and LO- This means that Charles Xavier has been trained/certified/typed and is qualified to fill positions to the level of a Type II Incident Commander, Type II Operations Section Chief, Type II Planning Section Chief, Type II Logistics Section Chief, Type II Safety Officer, Type II Public Information Officer and a Type II Liaison Officer (if you are qualified at a Type II then you have also met all the requirements for a Type V, Type IV and Type III). When filling out the form take these typing/qualifications into consideration.

You need to assign EVERY resource on the Incident Resources-Personnel Document to a position on the ICS Form 203 Organization Assignment List document. A person can only hold one position so do not put them in two positions and make sure that when you are doing the assignments that the person you are putting in that position is qualified/typed to hold the position. *** Put your name as the Planning Section Chief on all documents and under the assignment area put your name in as the Planning Section Chief (PSC)***. This section is worth 58 points.

Step 5 – After you have completed the ICS Form 203 Organization Assignment List (v2).pdf save it. This section is worth 30 points.

Step 6 – Update your ICS Form 207, Incident Organization Chart (v2).pdf with the names of the people you have assigned to that position based upon the information that you put on the ICS Form 203 Organization Assignment List (v2).pdf. Save the updated version of ICS Form 207.

Step 7 – Continue filling out both forms by completing additional sections on the forms as indicated below, each of these sections is worth 2 points each for a total of 12 points:

At the top – Section 1. Incident Name: For this section type in Raccoon City Fire #105-F-2017
At the top – Section 2. Operational Period: For this section where it says “Date From” type in 11.05.2017, where it says “Date To” type in 11.05.2017, where it says “Time From” type in 1200, and where it says “Time To” type in 2359.
At the bottom – Section 4. Prepared By: For “Prepared By” type in your name, for “Position/Title” type in PSC (PSC is the abbreviation for Planning Section Chief”, and where it says “Date and Time” type in 11/5/2017

Step 8 – Ensure you have completed and saved both documents and upload them both to this assignment area.

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