Macroeconomics, economics homework help Economics Assignment Help

Macroeconomics, economics homework help Economics Assignment Help. Macroeconomics, economics homework help Economics Assignment Help.

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Directions: The assignment grade will be based on two criteria: content and how well you follow the format. I am willing to be rather flexible as to the content of the parer. whatever the topic you choose needs to be about macroeconomics. You can write about a person from econ history, past or present; a current or past event; a concept or institution; a policy issue; a “school of thought”; and etc etc. The grading will be as follows: 20 points for content; 10 points for the format; 30 total.

Format Directions:
typed (black ink)
12 font
two pages—minimum (about 500 words)
double spaced
normal margins
at least two references—internet is okay
references listed on separate (last) page; (footnotes are not necessary)
no cover page
no binders etc—staple, upper left corner is sufficient
in own words (there are websites where this can be verified—they’re free & I
use them)

and, your paper should have a conclusion

and proof-read^10

and, Wikipedia: caveat emptor

Macroeconomics, economics homework help Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Case Report, marketing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please read the article that provided on PDF file then answer these questions as following


Case questions:


1.How has Natureview succeeded in the natural foods channel?

2.What are the two primary types of growth strategies under consideration by nature view?

3.How do the three options compare financially in terms of yearly revenue, gross margin, required investment, and profit potential?

4.What are the strategic advantages and risk of each option?


5-What action plan should the company pursue? (mention changes in the current marketing mix, sales, brand and channel partner arrangements)

Case Report Instructions

Case reports are to be a maximum 2 pages single spaced 12 pt. font. All tables or documents should be in an Appendix. All submitted documents should be in MS Word format..

Reading the case

Have a look at the case questions before reading the case. Use the reading as an opportunity to create a map of where thing are in the case and to relate them to your analysis. If you come across matters relating to question 1, write q1 beside the information or you can label the information pricing, branding etc. If the case is lengthy, it may be more efficient to go through the exhibits at the end rather than flip to an exhibit each time one is mentioned.

Responding to case questions:

My preference is for a series of short paragraphs—usually not mere than three to four sentences (may do more). Determine 3 to 5 essential supporting arguments for the position you will take/make on a particular question and explain each point using a short paragraph.You can bullet each paragraph if you like.This approach forces students to come up with multiple separate supporting arguments. Avoid long drifting paragraphs. Don’t become preoccupied with filling up two pages.If the question asks for pros and cons or the benefits of something, do a bullet list of points with complete sentences (single or multiple).

There is no need for an introductory summary of the case. Go straight into answering the questions.

If the decision or position is not clear, present pros and cons of the situation and then on-balance recommend or conclude.

Avoid rewriting sections from the case in your reports. Certainly you need to present supporting arguments but this should not involve restating the case verbatim. Assume that the professor is familiar with the case. Rewriting sections of the case takes a lot of space but brings into the question a student’s ability to prioritize information and draw inferences.

Draw inferences and insights from the facts of the case: These are not explicitly stated in the case but follow logically from the facts of the case. They may require a leap-of-faith, but nonetheless reveal strategic options. Calculate ratios for comparison and state things like price and market share relative to major competitors.

Challenge the opinions of key actors in the case. Students sometimes rely too assuredly on the opinions of case actors when in fact these opinions need to be challenged.

Identify trends in the case that hold implications for your recommendations.Some important trends related to: how customer (consumers and firms) behavior are changing; are the key attributes that influence the purchase decision changing; what is the relative importance of price in customer decision; what are the competitive trends; what are the significant advertising and promotion trends.

Making recommendations

It is my experience that students unintentionally avoid making recommendations.It takes a little deliberateness and effort to do well at this. Typically, the last question is a “what should the company do. It definitely gets better with experience over the course. One mistake students make is to review the issues of the case and put a single recommendation in the last line of the paragraph. I recommend that the first sentence of your recommendation be the recommendation. “I/We recommend the……. Each recommendation should be a decisive statement followed by “how details.” The following are examples.

Review existing service standards and develop new service standards and communicate these standards to customers. Specifically, 2 service standards need to be changed.XYZ restaurant needs to add 1 more drive through window.Until this is done, a 7 minute customer turnaround is more likely than a 3 minute turnaround during peak service. Place live display board indicating customer turnaround time if it exceeds 7 minutes.

Launch a new brand of cell phones to be called ZZ-UP targeted at the under-20 age group.A launch budget of $15m is recommended.This should be spent on event sponsorship and display vehicles at locations and events frequented by the target market.20% of the budget should be spent on some key magazines and web sites frequented by the target market (try to be specific). Be creative in your suggestions.

Launch a premium brand to appeal to customers who have progressed in economic and social status and wish to remain loyal to XYZ Company. Follow up with “how” details suggesting key aspects like brand name, positioning, pricing etc.

Your recommendations should be financially realistic given the circumstances.Don’t make recommendations that cost $50M (e.g. launch national television campaigns) if the company’s turnover is $30M.

Recommendations are typically assessed on the basis of (1) logical flow from analysis and facts of the case, (2) effort and (3) creativity.

Read over your case report. It is important to not have typos, especially obvious ones.Typos in (especially in group work) may be an indication of insufficient effort.

Your recommendations should be strategically important in solving the major issues in the case.

Bad recommendations:

Generic recommendations: It is important that your recommendations not appear generic. To avoid this, your recommendations must be embedded in the facts of the case.This is the purpose of the “how” part of the recommendations. Be specific in your recommendation statements. Don’t say: “introduce new services or products to attract more customers.”This applies to any company or situation.

Recommendations do not flow logically from the analysis. This is a frequent problem with case reports. Often the recommendations do not address the problems identified in the case. The analysis may have revealed that customers do not believe the brand has the reputation to support the new product being suggested or that the product will not appeal to the target market. The analysis may indicate that the firm should exit a market and re-focus rather than expand. Recommendations should build on strengths to exploit opportunities.

Don’t recommend that the marketing function be outsourced because the firm is not good at marketing or for some other reason.Marketing teams are relatively inexpensive compared with an outsourced agency, which will expect a percentage of sales.Even if this case can be made, the question still remains: what will the strategy of the sub-contractor be?


Network proposal, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

You have been hired by Crete LLC as an Information Technology consultant to develop a technology proposal. Crete LLC manufactures and distributes solar panel for the consumer market. Your job is to submit a proposal that meets their criteria.

Current Implementation/Concerns:

  • The company will have 3 locations (Los Angeles, Dallas, and Houston) but are planning to grow rapidly due to high demand in solar panels. Main staff will be at Dallas and Houston offices.
  • Data security is priority since patent and trademarks are at stake.
  • Los Angeles sales personnel will need secure remote access to Houston office.
  • The WAN connectivity is in place and it is not an issue. There is ample bandwidth in place.
  • Feel free to make other assumptions but they need to be noted in the paper.

Topics to Cover:

Your document should cover the content presented in the course. The outline below contains recommended points to cover. You are free to add other related information.

Describe the technical and business reasons for each choice, citing other resources as appropriate. The Windows Server 2012 operating system should be used for all aspects of the solution.

The topics include:

Active Directory:

  • What forest/domain model should Crete LLC implement? What is the domain name?
  • Where should the domain controllers be place? Should RODC be part of the consideration?
  • FSMO Roles placement
  • Plan for AD backup and recovery

Group Policy:

  • Is Group Policy needed?
  • What settings might be considered via Group Policy?


  • What namespace should Crete LLC implement?
  • What types of zones needed?

File Services:

  • How will the shares be secured?
  • Will quotas be used? FSRM be configured?
  • Will DFS be implemented?

Remote Services:

  • What technology will be implemented to provide secure remote access for users?
  • Who should have remote access?
  • How will the servers and clients be updated?
  • How will new servers be deployed?


How will the servers and clients be updated?

How will new servers be deployed

The final submission should contain at least 7 pages’ worth of text written by the student (not counting title page, images, diagrams, tables, or quotations)


Innovations in iMED, health and medical assignment help Health Medical Assignment Help

Your job is to read HSV700_ ACHE FutuerScan Document and analyze and answer the questions for the four chapters. Try to concisely, but comprehensively address the questions for each of the four chapters. The chapters that you are to analyze and use for this assignment are: 1- chapter 2 – Transparency, p. 10. 2- Chapter 4 – Volume to Value, p. 23 3- Chapter 5 – Innovation in Primary Care, p. 33 4- Chapter 8 – Innovations in iMED, p.43 Note: You will notice that each chapter required to answer the same tow questions, so each question requires one page with single spaced for each chapter. I already created toyou the document that you will use it to post your answers.

I will upload the chapter once I select a tutor.


Implementing a Global Business Technology, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

You are a management consultant who has been commissioned by an organization to produce a report on the conditions necessary to successfully implement a global business strategy. The organization has recently identified extensive changes in technology and business dynamics in the markets it serves (you select which country or region for your scenario USA is preferable), and the organization’s plan is to enter a “new” country or region (you must select a country or region different from the one in which you reside, South America or China or any country rather than USA).

The senior management team wants you to assess its current strategy and to produce a realistic strategy and development plan for entering the new market.

The strategy will be based on your review of the organization’s industry, product, or service, and it must be supported by your findings from research of relevant theories and models.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

• Be 3-4 pages in length, not counting your reference page(s), which you must include.

• Be formatted according to academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.

• Include citations from the textbook (Foundations of Strategy, 2nd Edition, by Robert M. Grant, Judith J. Jordan 2015) in support of your position, as well as citations from at least two additional outside, credible sources.



Macroeconomics, economics homework help Economics Assignment Help

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Assignment Overview
Type: Individual ProjectDue Date: Wed, 1/11/17 Points Possible: 100 Points Earned: 0 Deliverable Length: 1,200–2,000 words, including research in essay format View objectives for this assignment
Details Scenario Learn Read
My Work
Online Deliverables:
Assignment Description
Lester Scholl’s administrative assistant calls you on Monday afternoon to set up a conference call between you and the chairman tomorrow morning to discuss the board’s reaction to your list and to discuss your next task. You call the number she gave you, and Lester joins the call shortly after.
“I’m pleased with your work,” he says. The board was impressed with your list of factors. Your ranking made sense because your explanations were well-written. I suspect they read everything you sent because it was concise and clear. Good job.”
“Thanks,” you say, and you feel relieved that your first assignment was well-received.
“Your list provided the basis for a good conversation about the manufacturing operations,” he says. “We want to know more about the economy of both countries to further inform our decision-making process.”
“That makes sense,” you say. “The United States and South Korea hold many distinct economic factors that may affect AutoEdge’s long-term financial performance.”
“Right,” he says. “Your research on the two economies will give the board enough information so we can advise the new, incoming CEO.”
“What should my research include?” you ask.
“In your research, you must take into consideration several macroeconomic factors,” he says. “We want to see information about the gross domestic product (GDP), unemployment, interest rates, and inflation for both the United States and South Korea. Make sure your research is current; that is, no more than 6 months old.”
“I’ll get started right away,” you say.
“Very good,” he says. “Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll put you in touch with some of the other members of the board if I can’t provide the answers you need.”
“Great,” you say. “Thank you.”
Please submit your assignment.
For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Macroeconomics, economics homework help Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

business law, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Joe contracted to excavate and install a swimming pool in Barney’s back yard for $20,000. Halfway through Joe found solid rock just eight feet below the surface. Joe had not known about the bedrock and digging a hole for a pool out of the rock would naturally increase Joe’s costs tremendously. Joe explained this problem to Barney and asked Barney to pay another 5,000 for the job. Barney agreed to this as he was anxious to use the pool because temperatures were already hitting 85 degrees F. Joe finished the pool but Barney refused to pay any more than the original $20,000.

1. Could Joe require Barney to pay the additional $5,000? Articulate answers for both parties’ positions (homeowner vs. contractor and vice versa).

2.Assume contractor had not installed any pools in any of the neighbors’ yards but is experienced. Discuss whether it is relevant whether contractor had put in pools (below ground level) in the area close to Barney Rubbles property.

As always, neatly number and space your responses according to my numbered questions. Be specific and thorough.


Develop a profile of marketing environment, marketing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Need serious help in Marketing. Using internet or book from Marketing: MKTG 9 (9th ed). By Lamb, C., Hair, J. & McDaniel, C (2016) for this assignment. Research Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) and develop a profile of its marketing environment. Use the REI Marketing Environment questions to develop your analysis. Answer below questions and add as attachment with your develop profile of marketing environment

U.S. Economy

How does the current U.S. economy affect REI retail operations?



Global Economy

How does the current global economy affect REI retail operations?



Legal and Regulatory Environment

What types of legal and regulatory forces affect REI in the U.S.?



Socio-Cultural Forces

What types of social and culture trends affect REI?



Technological Forces

What type of technology changes affects REI?




Question 1: A host is sending a file from a PC using FTP,computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Question 1: A host is sending a file from a PC using FTP. Explain the process the PC undertakes, between the time the application begins sending the file and the electrical signals leave the 100BaseT interface card. Make sure to clearly discuss what happens at each layer of the TCP/IP Model described in the textbook.

Question 2: Calculate the approximate bit rate and signal level(s) for a 7 MHz bandwidth system with a signal to noise ratio of 163?

Question 3: Which transport layer protocols do File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Domain Name System (DNS) use? Give reasons why each one is used.


General Thoughts, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Watch the video, then answer the following questions

apa, in-text with reference page

The video is in the link below:…


1) What realization did Dr. Natterson-Horowitz come to due to her work as both a cardiologist at UCLA and a contractor who helped the Los Angeles Zoo? What question did that raise in her mind?

2) What is one of the explanations Dr. Natterson-Horowitz gives for why there’s such a divide between treatment of humans and animals in contemporary society?

3) Name and describe one of the three conditions Dr. Natterson-Horowitz mentions that have been well-studies by veterinarians, who might have insights to provide in diagnosing or treating those conditions in human patients.

4) Do you find Dr. Natterson-Horowitz argument that physicians can learn a lot from veterinarians convincing? What part of her argument is, to you, especially strong or weak?


Macroeconomics, economics homework help Economics Assignment Help

Macroeconomics, economics homework help Economics Assignment Help

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