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Major Capstone Assignment Humanities Assignment Help. Major Capstone Assignment Humanities Assignment Help.

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I want us to think about our own personal values and ethics, and compare them with the code of ethics of your present or future profession. To do this you will write a two-part paper. In the first part (Part A), you will outline your own Personal Code of Ethics by following the instructions below. In the second part (Part B), you will apply your personal Code of Ethics to a case study in your present or future profession. You may find a case study from newspapers, online articles or by researching your topic. Follow these instructions precisely and completely.

A. My Personal Code of Ethics

1. Core Values: Create a list of your core values; that is, a priority of what you value most in life and explain why each is a value in your life. For example, family: My family gives me strength and comfort, etc. Career: I love to realize my potential in a field of work that I find interesting and challenging. Spiritual: I have reverence for others and all life. Please be sure to explain why you hold these values, and tie them back to what we have learned in this class. (See # 4 below).

2. Moral Character & Principles: Do I think I have good moral character? Answer this question by including your idea of integrity, the virtues that you aspire to and practice, and the moral principles or ethical theory that you try to follow. For example, you may try to practice honesty, fairness, kindness, courage, and friendliness in your life. And you also may hold the principles of trying to produce the greatest good for the greatest number or doing the right thing based on what you think all persons should do in the same situation. Please be sure to explain why you hold this moral character and principles, and tie them back to what we have learned in this class. (See # 4 below).

3. The Value of Ethics in My Life: What is the value of ethics in your life? That is, do you think you could live a happy life without trying to be ethical? Why or why not? Explain. Give examples. Please be sure to explain why or why not you value ethics in your life, and tie your explanation back to what we have learned in this class. (See # 4 below).

4. Reflect Using Information Obtained from taking ethics course: For steps 1-3, remember to ask yourself, “Why do I have these core values? Will they be changed or been modified as a result of taking Ethics course? What articles, ethical theories helped to reaffirm my beliefs, or alter them?” I am looking for you to demonstrate and apply information that you have learned to your own life. Just stating your position is not sufficient, but rather being able to explain why and link back to course material is part of the critical thinking process.

B. Application of My Code of Ethics

1. Choose a case study from the workplace or future profession that you think will be an interesting case to analyze and resolve.

2. ABCD Guide to Ethical Decision Making: Follow precisely the Ethical Decision-Making Guide in arriving at what you think is the right ethical decision. I suggest that you specifically call out each section of the guide. You can find this in the “Lessons – Week 1” in Sakai. Make sure that you look at both sides of the argument, and apply the appropriate ethical theory to each side. In other words, argue for and against the moral agents and recipients.

3. Facts: Identify the ethical issue and give the important facts in the case. Why is this an ethical issue and not simply a legal issue of policy issue?

4. Stakeholders: Identify the moral agent(s) and moral recipient(s) in the case and explain why these people are important stakeholders in the case. What consequences may affect each?

5. Ethical Theories: Which ethical theory or theories that we have studied this semester are helpful to you in arriving at an ethical decision in your case? Explain.

6. Decision: Apply your Code of Ethics in this step to arrive at what you believe to be the right ethical decision and action in your case. For example, what role does your core values, moral character, and ethics in your life play in your decision?

Length: Your paper should be from 5-7 pages double spaced, but you may write more if you like. Please do not exceed 12 pages. (See Guidelines to Follow below).

Research: Please research your topic(s) adequately, but remember that you must cite your sources.The use of course readings is a requirement! Failure to cite sources is considered plagiarism. Be careful using Internet-sourced material in which the source cannot be authenticated.

NOTE: DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA – not considered a credible source. Do not bring in too many outside sources. (With the exception of the case you chose for this assignment. This should be sourced externally).

Arguments: Be sure to support your arguments/position on a topic. Do not rely on “ready-made” arguments that you may find in your research. This too is considered plagiarism, if it is not cited. Put your arguments in your own words. This is much more valuable to you and to me than trying to borrow language from the Internet, etc.

Please do not use non-class provided sources; the purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate a working knowledge of the theories and various situations/ articles/stories presented in this course, and apply them to your own thinking and position on situations. Also remember to cite your sources, even for the ethical theories, and write from the perspective that your reader has never heard of these theories before.

If you are looking for a source to find a case (that, of course, can come from an outside source) related to your future career, there are some good cases at the Santa Clara University site, which can be found at,

Guidelines to Follow:

The Code of Ethics Paper is to be written in a formal essay format. I am not too picky about the style the paper is created in, APA and MLA styles are acceptable.

For information on APA, Purdue University has a nice tutorial at

**I have posted APA & MLA writing samples in the Files Directory. **

I will be looking for the following criteria to be met:

1) That the paper does not exceed 12 double-spaced pages and it is at least a minimum of 5 pages long, not counting cover or reference pages.

2) Your essay should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins on all sides. APA & MLA are recommended using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. You will submit the paper in Sakai Assignment Folder in an electronic format. Emailed assignments will not be accepted.

3) It should have a cover page with a title, your name and course number on it.

4) An abstract is not required.

5) A reference page is, and the proper use of references throughout the paper is also required. Please refer to the following to determine how to properly cite your work,

Below is a rough guide on everything that should be included.

Personal Code of Ethics (Core Values, Moral Character / Principles, Ethics in Your Life)

Application of Code of Ethics (ABCD’s of Ethical Decision Making)

Awareness -Synthesis facts of the case onto a coherent narrative

Beliefs – Understands / Applies Ethical Theories

Consequences – Articulates social effects (stakeholders)

Decision – Applies the well-thought-out process of decision making to ethical dilemmas

Writing Style (grammar, spelling)

Use of supporting references

Major Capstone Assignment Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Belizean culture Business Finance Assignment Help

1) from depictions of the cultural group in U.S. media and 2) from academic journals or scholarly references explaining the communication/values of the cultural group.

Write 1,000-1,250 words in response to the following:

  1. Compare and contrast the concepts of stereotyping and ethnocentrism.
  2. Find two concrete examples that show how belizean culture is stereotypically represented by local and/or national media in the U.S. (This could include Comic Strips, Newspaper Articles, Advertisements, TV Shows, etc.).
  3. Compare and contrast these media stereotypes with research about the culture communication value orientations (pick two value dimensions from the list provided below, describe the value dimension, explain what research findings say about your culture in relation to these values, and give illustrations of how this is expressed in their communication).
    1. High vs. low-context
    2. High vs. low power-distance
    3. Individualism vs. collectivism
    4. High vs. low uncertainty avoidance
    5. Polychronic vs. monochronic
    6. Femininity vs. masculinity
    7. Long-term vs. short-term
    8. Indulgence vs. restraint
  4. Using academic sources, explain how mass-mediated stereotypes may affect communication between you and a member of this cultural group.

Use APA Format and In TeXt citations


Application of Legal Theories Project Business Finance Assignment Help

Prepare a memorandum to Mr. Steady outlining potential legal risks presented to Big Box in connection with Mr. Eager’s proposal to sell firearms.Your memorandum should identify and provide at least a one-paragraph description of at least five (5) legal issues and one (1) ethical issue presented by Mr. Eager’s proposal.The legal risks identified may be from any area of law (public, private, regulatory, tort, contract, real estate, etc.) whether these areas have yet been covered in class or not.Your memorandum should conclude with a clear recommendation from the Legal Department as to whether Big Box should or should not proceed with Mr. Eager’s proposal.

You are also not required to apply the law of any particular state, merely general legal principles.


stats project Mathematics Assignment Help


For your final project you will pick a topic for experimentation. You will create a survey and use the survey to collect your first set of data. This survey should be without bias and the data collected should be as “true” or “good” as possible. Then you will collect your second set of data, this time trying to create bias on purpose. This might mean that you change the wording of your question, require participants to answer face-to-face (when perhaps your original survey allowed them to answer anonymously), change your appearance when you ask the question, etc. The idea is to examine how your data changes based on bias. Your project should answer one of the following questions:

Does the way a question is worded create response bias?

Do the characteristics of the interviewer create response bias?

Does anonymity change responses to sensitive/personal questions?

You will write a report and create a poster/presentation/visual summary of your findings.


Build a Power Point Presentation on Project Management (Computer Science) Writing Assignment Help

Assignment Instructions


Week 8 Assignment: Build a substance-based PowerPoint presentation (with audio support using PowerPoint, Kaltura, PodOmatic or other available audio/video software) of at least 15 slides with an introduction, body and summary slides on a the concepts listed below from Week 8 Reading (Baltzan – Chapter 9).

Submission Instructions: Submit your completed presentation at this location.


Rubric for PowerPoint Presentation




Process of The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)


Traditional Software Development Methodology: Waterfall


Agile Software Development Methodologies


Managing Software Development Projects


Choosing Strategic Projects


Project Planning


Managing Projects


Outsourcing Projects




Overall Quality of Presentation with audio support using Microsoft PowerPoint, Audacity, Kaltura, PodOmatic or other available audio/video software (include images, audio, video and content hyperlinks where needed to extend presentation)






restaurant business question Business Finance Assignment Help

Need to be seperated

Need 1 page

It is common in the restaurant business for vendors to supply restaurant owners and restaurant managers with gifts when they are making purchasing decisions. How can these gifts affect profitability? What policies should be in place concerning the acceptance of vendor gifts? The policy of Wal-Mart, as specified in the recommended article, is that Wal-Mart employees should not accept anything from a supplier, not even a free cup of coffee. If they do, it can be grounds for immediate termination. What do you think about how Wal-Mart handles this issue?


Need 300 words

List the possible controls on production and menu design that you could put in place to improve profitability. What measures can put in place to ensure that your employees follow these?


Develop and design a full restaurant menu. For a Soul Food restaurant

Write an eight- to ten-page paper (not including the title and reference pages) explaining how you developed the menu. Think of this paper as a resource for the establishment to maintain alignment when making future changes to the menu.

The Final Paper should include descriptions of each of the following:

  • Demographics and competition
  • Assessment of existing operation
  • Statement outlining recipes and cost cards
  • Mark-up method to be used
  • Purchasing analysis
  • Menu analysis
  • Nutritional statement

Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.

Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.

Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.

restaurant business question Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Summarize Chapter 4 and answer one question from the book. Humanities Assignment Help

summarize the chapter (Summaries should be at least two (2) pages minimum. this should be its own, in your own words, no quotation from the book.

The Questions to select from is at the end of each Chapter Titled: Questions for Review and Reflection .Below is the question.

How do you think HIV/AIDS affects sex and sex relationships– or does it?

the answer should be at least 6 sentence.

also do not use difficult vocabulary, keep it simple

Please use the book!

The book is Marriage, families, and relationships making choices in a diverse society By Mary Ann Lamanna, Agnes Riedmann,Susan Stewart


The Socialist Challenge The Socialist Challenge Writing Assignment Help

Read The Socialist Challenge: Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.….

Read War is the Health of the State Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.…

Please read chapters to do assignment

Study Guide: The Socialist Challenge

1. Child labor was common at the turn of the century. Describe these conditions and refer to the primary sources.

2. Explore the governments role in the labor movement.

3. Describe the IWW and its goals in the US. Who supported the IWW and who was opposed?

4. How did race, skill and gender affect union organization?

5. What laws protected workers? What laws undermined workers?

6. Who was Eugene Debs and what was his vision for working Americans?

7. What was the 19th Amendment? What groups supported the amendment? What groups opposed it?

8. Describe the NAACP and its founding. What were its goals?

9. How did President Roosevelt respond to the challenges facing the nation? What motivated his actions?

10. Describe events in Ludlow Colorado. How did the government respond?


1) What was the role of the US during World War I? Who did they support? Why did the US decide to enter the war?

2) What advantages did the US see to getting involved in World War I? How did entering the war serve the interests of the US at the time?

3) Who was W.E.B. DuBois? What were the ideas he is most known for? What did he believe Blacks of the time should strive for? What was his reasoning? Why did he believe this?

4) How did citizens see World War I? Were they eager to volunteer for the war? Why or why not? Did citizens support the war effort in general? What evidence does the author provide for this?

5) What was the Espionage Act? What purpose did it serve? What was the government responding to when it passed the legislation?

6) What was the American Protective League? Why was it created? What purpose did it serve? Who were the members of the APL?

7) How did radicals see the war? Were unions supportive or against the war? What evidence did the text offer to support this?

8) What was the IWW? What were their goals? How did they see the war? Did they agree with the US decision to enter the war? Were they in favor of the war?

9) How did the government respond to those who resisted the war effort? What reforms did the government make in the hopes of dealing with resistance?

10) What was the role of the FBI according to the text? What is the role of the Department of Homeland Security? How are they similar or different from one another?

Assignment: Please take quiz…




Week Three: Brand Style Guide Business Finance Assignment Help

Using this week’s article; How to create a brand style guide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(Chan, 2016 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) as guidance, you will create your own Brand Style Guide. All components of the style guide are explained in detail in Chan’s article. Item 4 (Outline & build your guide) gives an excellent straightforward way to organize your style guide.

Your style guide is a creative expression of your brand. As such, you are encouraged to use variable media to express yourself. You may have the skills and desire to create your style guide completely through digital formats, or you may use art and craft supplies. For example, you might choose to sketch out your logo by hand. Maybe you will find pieces of fabric or paint chips from the hardware store to convey your color palette. Perhaps your image gallery will include images that you have cut out of a magazine.

You may either scan and upload your style guide to submit through this portal. Or if you have used creative mediums such as art supplies, you may submit your physical style guide via my on-campus faculty mailbox no later than 10 a.m. on Friday, June 29th. All physical style guides submitted through the on-campus mailbox will be returned after grading.

Your style guide must include:

Your Practice Name

Brand Story: This section should include your Vision statement, Mission Statement, and a list of Values or Value Statements (minimum of 1). You may simply transfer these over from your IHM 660 portfolio as is if you are satisfied with them, or you may choose to revise them even further if you feel they don’t quite convey your brand’s personality.

Logo: Using what you learned in this week’s readings, you must attempt to create a mock logo. This does not have to be professionally finished. Use the tools available to you to create a logo. This could be as simple as a hand-drawn proof, but it must convey your brand’s personality. Once you have completed a basic logo, you should detail in words the following attributes: Size, Space, Color, Don’ts.

Color Palette: Choose four or fewer colors for your color palette and include swatches of each color in your style guide. If you have decided to use specific colors for backgrounds or text, please indicate this.

Typography: Indicate what font or fonts you will use for your website and print materials such as brochures. If you will use different fonts for your headlines, body fonts, etc. please indicate this.

Imagery: Your style guide should include an image board containing no less than six (6) images. You must include at least two images for each category: Best Practices, Aspirational, and Mood (see article for definitions).

Voice: Make a list of “Words You Like” and another list of “Words You Don’t Like.”


Some Rubric (6)

Some Rubric (6)

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Brand Story

2.0 pts

Full Marks

Contains Vision, Mission, and Values or a Value Statement. Statements are complete, professional, and have correct spelling and grammar.

1.0 pts

Partial Marks

Is missing one of the following: Vision, Mission, and Values or a Value Statement. Statements are complete, but may not be fully professional or may have a few spelling and grammar errors.

0.0 pts

No Marks

Is missing two or more of the following: Vision, Mission, and Values or a Value Statement. Statements are incomplete, unprofessional, and have numerous spelling and grammar errors.

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Logo

2.0 pts

Full Marks

Logo has been designed or sketched in a manner that fully conveys the student’s intent and is aligned with the student’s brand vision.

1.0 pts

Partial Marks

Components of the logo has been designed or sketched but may not fully convey the student’s intent and may not be fully aligned with the student’s brand vision.

0.0 pts

No Marks

Logo is missing or so incomplete that it does not convey the student’s intent and is not aligned with the student’s brand vision.

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Color Palette

2.0 pts

Full Marks

Four colors are presented. Student has indicated how or when the student might choose to use these colors in their branding materials.

1.0 pts

Partial Marks

Two or three colors are presented but it is unclear how or when the student might choose to use these colors in their branding materials.

0.0 pts

No Marks

One or less colors are included. It is completely unclear how and when the student plans to incorporate these colors into their branding materials.

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Typography

2.0 pts

Full Marks

Fonts are presented in a manner that it is clear how and when student plans to utilize each for branding materials.

1.0 pts

Partial Marks

Fonts are presented but it is unclear how and when student plans to utilize each for branding materials.

0.0 pts

No Marks

No fonts are presented

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Imagery

2.0 pts

Full Marks

At least six images have been presented, two for each of the assigned categories. Images convey a clear alignment with the student’s other brand elements and practice vision.

1.0 pts

Partial Marks

Three to five images have been presented. Some categories from the assignment may not have two pictures assigned to them. Images might not convey a clear alignment with the student’s other brand elements and practice vision.

0.0 pts

No Marks

Two or less images have been presented. Categories from the assignment do not have two pictures assigned to them. Images do not convey a clear alignment with the student’s other brand elements and practice vision.

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Voice

2.0 pts

Full Marks

A list of words the student likes and doesn’t like is presented. These words clearly convey and align with the student’s practice vision.

1.0 pts

Partial Marks

Assignment may be missing a list of words the student likes or a list the student doesn’t like. It is not fully clear how these words align with the student’s practice vision.

0.0 pts

No Marks

No list is given or the list is not designated “likes” or “don’t likes”. The words are not fitting with the student’s practice vision.

2.0 pts


Alcohol Advertising Business Finance Assignment Help


finds alcohol ads that can be misleading

create one page handout brief and simple to explain the points single spaced and 12 time news roman

find up to date information on Alcohol Advertising since 2008.. About half of page laws regulations and news what has happened

this is what I have up to date information so far.. please provide reference and back up the information what has happened since than

In 2009 the Food and Drug administration sent letters to twenty-seven companies asking them to explain why caffeine was a safe ingredient in their products. Than in 2010 the agency sent the letters to four manufacturers failed to show the caffeine was safe ingerdint and it was recommended that consumer avoid them. The companies were given 15 days to respond before the agency sought court order to stop sale of their caffeinated product. All four discounted their product and counted them without Caffeine.

answer this question:

Explain how a ban or any restriction could meet the Central Hudson guidelines?

answer this question:

Do you think companies should be allowed to market other caffeinated alcoholic beverages?

Yes, companies should be allowed to market other caffeinated alcoholic beverages but the campaigns should not be misleading. And it should not target or entice the underage. Even if it does they should take enough precautions that those are not sold to them. The company should be the sole responsible entity and in any other scenario would be penalized. There were a lot of the ads of alcoholic beverages are misleading: One such example is Captain Morgan rum. Search for: captain-morgan-rum-ad-banned to get details. Reason for it was it was never correlated that alcohol boosts confidence, but that was the only thing shown which was misleading. The video exaggerated the effect and was quite enticing to the audience.

Were Spykes and Wide Eye products bad?

No, spykes and Wide eye were not bad products. The definition of bad products is very subjective. As the product is legal and is allowed to be sold it cannot be termed as a bad product. It is individuals discretion what they want to consume and view as “bad”.

Do you think they were marketed or objectionable or misleading way?

Yes, “they were marketed in misleading ways. The flavor and the attraction added was to lure a new set of customers. And unfortunately, it was the teens and an underage audience who got attracted or lured easily, making the campaign misleading. It is the duty of the law enforcers

Do alcoholic beverages companies fulfill their ethical duty to be informative and truthful in advertising ? Do they generally uphold their ethical duty to minimize potential harm to society from underage drinking?

Do alcoholic beverages companies fulfill their ethical duty to be informative and truthful in advertising ?

answer question fully about 5-6 sentences each and than answer with bullet points straight to the point


Major Capstone Assignment Humanities Assignment Help

Major Capstone Assignment Humanities Assignment Help

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