Managing work shift requirements, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Managing work shift requirements, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help. Managing work shift requirements, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help.

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CT 3 ops404 – leadership in ops management * Option #1Motivation Recognition Paper

Read three scholarly peer-reviewed sources from the CSU Global Library and prepare a 3-4 page paper.

The sources you select should each focus on a different firm with all three firms representing different industries. After reading these sources, develop a comparison between the leadership of the firms to answer the following questions and prepare a 3-4 page paper:

  • Explain the leader’s role in employee engagement.
  • Explain how leaders can motivate others through recognition.
  • Explain how leaders can motivate using social equity theory.
  • Explain the characteristics of coaching and how to practice coaching skills and techniques.
  • Explain goal theory and if this theory was or was not successful and why.


  • Write a 3-4 page paper, or about 1500 words, not including the title and reference pages—which are required.
  • Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to theCSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. must have title and reference page. must be double spaced, have section headers according to APA requirements, be in 12-point times new roman font, have reference page, in-text citations, and have cover page and running headers and page numbers! use the sheet attached as a guideline!
  • You must support your analysis with at least three scholarly references and can include resources from this course. Each source will focus on one firm with all three firms coming from different industries. Sources such as Wikipedia, USA Today, Fox News, or MSNBC news will not be accepted. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.

Managing work shift requirements, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

write about possibility of life on a particular planet, chemistry homework help Science Assignment Help

Write a research paper on the possibility of life on a particular world; this can be a planet or moon in our solar system, or

an exoplanet. you will critically analyze the possibility that life exists there. The research will involve selecting

several different published studies and synthesizing the results from these studies to arrive at your final assessment.

You can write about the possibility of life (which is habitable) in Europa or Venus. either one…

min. 650 words


You can use a minimum of 3 sources


MS Project 2013, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

MS Project 2013 (Part One) –

For this assignment – you will complete the MS Project 2010 assignment that begins on page 445 of the course text and continues through page 470 (sections 1 – 4). Upload your file. You can download MS Project 2013 from DreamSpark – you will find that there are some slight differences you might have to work through.

MS Project 2013 (Part Two) –

For this assignment – you will complete the MS Project 2010 assignment that begins on page 470 of the course text and continues through page 505 (sections 5 – 9). Upload your file. You can download MS Project 2013 from DreamSpark – you will find that there are some slight differences you might have to work through. If you need extra help –view the videos in the Additional Web Reading/Viewing Exploration section of the course.


Project Planning, Control and Analysis Coursework Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

The aim of this assignment is
to develop your planning and analytical skills in the context of a complex
project orientated environment.

Outline of Task:

You are required to develop a
defendable project that will be implemented within a new Life Style
Centre (LSC)
. This project is situated in a village of 12,000
inhabitants. The LSC is situated on an area that was acquired from the
Lancashire Council of dimensions 150 metres by 70 metres. LSC involves the
following physical spaces:

  • New village library facility/Learning
    information support
  • Multi-faith centre
  • Gymnasium
  • Crèche/Mums & Toddlers
  • Multipurpose functional spaces
  • Car parking facilities

Your defendable project will be in any area that can be
addressed within the LSC facilities,
(e.g. IT, security, building, interior design, social mobility, Alcohol
anonymous (AA), Ramblers club, Photographic society project, Historic
Lancashire, Silver surfers, and Cafeteria).

Your area of focus should be
clearly stated at the start of the assignment. The submission must include a
project schedule of at least 40
and clearly identify the logic of activity sequencing and
relationships between the activities.
All dependencies, constraints and resources are to be included. This
report will contribute to 60% of the final assessment of this

The assignment is as follows:

Section 1: A detailed project schedule applying procedural logic,
and clearly showing dependencies, constraints and resource implications. Provide
a list of all assumptions you have made in constructing the schedule.

Section 2: Using the schedule developed in section 1, set the
Baseline of the project, and increase all activity duration by 10% and cost by
15%. Produce an Earned Value
tabulated report that presents values for the following:

  • Budget at completion (BAC)
  • Actual costs (ACWP)
  • Planned Value (BCWS)
  • Earned Value (BCWP)
  • Schedule variance
  • Cost variance

    Section 3:
    Prepare a report that critically evaluates your solutions in relation to the
    tools and techniques you have used in constructing the project schedule. Also
    provide a list of references you have used in your submission. Harvard system
    of references is the preferred option within the Grenfell-Baines School of
    Architecture, Construction and Environment.


    supply chain requirement, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

    module 3 ct ops405 – Option 1: Statement of Work – Product-Based

    Chapter 9 in the Burt, Petcavage, and Pinkerton text refers to creating a statement of work (SOW). Imagine that you need to hire a consultant to identify and provide production recommendations for a product-based firm. Create a SOW for the consultant that meets the criteria set forth in the chapter, and discuss why you chose to include that content. In addition, answer these four questions:

    1. What is the primary objective of the SOW?
    2. Why is it essential to differentiate between the primary objective and subordinate objectives while developing the SOW?
    3. How does the SOW affect administration of the contract?
    4. Describe the balancing act required when developing the SOW. Give two examples.


    • Your essay will require:
      • An organizational structure that includes: an introduction section, a conclusion section, and individual sections that address each of the components in a SOW for a product/firm based on a manufacturing industry (such as vehicles), and individual sections that answer the four additional questions, above.
    • Write a 3- to 4-page paper (page count doesn’t include the required title and reference pages).
    • Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to theCSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
    • This is an individual paper and and you must adhere to CSU-Global’s Re-Using and Re-Purposing One’s Own Work guidelines.
    • You must support your analysis with at least four scholarly references. Sources such as Wikipedia, USA Today, Fox News, or MSNBC news do not qualify as scholarly references. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.



    Management Information System Business Finance Assignment Help

    I want to write five paragraphs about the steps ( total 500 to 600 words) and I want response for my classmate ( I will send it later )

    I upload the case study and This is the discussion question:

    A case study analysis must not merely summarize the case. It should identify key issues and problems, outline and assess alternative courses of action, and draw appropriate conclusions. The case study analysis can be broken down into the following steps:

    • Identify the most important facts surrounding the case.
    • Identify the key issue or issues.
    • Specify alternative courses of action.
    • Evaluate each course of action.
    • Recommend the best course of action.

    Management Information System Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Writing Question, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

    need a paper work 5 pages long include cover page and reference, APA format, font 12, running-head (abrev the title), number insert, body is 2-3 pages long include introduction and conclusion.

    Broad topic: Prosthetics

    What about: Benefits in Medical field

    What specific: Amputation

    Key Q : how can prosthetics help people who has amputation (Thesis statement with reason 1, reason 2, reason3 types)

    Body paragraph: F.I.R.E.S. (facts, incidents, reason, examples, statistics)

    Paragraph 1 is called introduction that includes the thesis statement, general points about the topic, no quotes.

    Paragraph 5 is the conclusion that you mention reason 1, reason 2, reason 3, no new information, strong memorable last sentence.


    job exploration, psychology assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

    Job Exploration

    Go to an online career/employment site, such as, or and search for jobs in the psychology field. You may also review and use the job descriptions/classifieds provided in the Unit 2 Readings, if you like. After you have explored the job listings for a while, choose two of the jobs that interest you.

    Then, for each job, complete the following using the template provided:

    1. List the job title, job description and education/licensure requirements.
    2. List the skills needed for the job, taken both from the job description and your own analysis of the job.
    3. Be sure to list at least five skills, three of which are specific skills in the psychology field.
    4. Explain why each of the skills listed in #2 would be needed to succeed in the position you have selected.
    5. Discuss why this particular job interests you and how it may be a good fit for you in the future


    ​Assignment 4: Earned Value Management (EVM), assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Use the Internet or the Library to research articles on EVM.

    Project managers often use Earned Value Management (EVM) if they want to compare the status of their projects to their project plans. Using the same project from Assignment 3, develop a project scenario to explain the amount of work that you have completed with the funds allotted.

    This assignment consists of two (2) sections:

    • MS Project Exercise
    • EVM paper

    You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment for which it is written. Additionally, you may create and / or assume all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.

    Section 1: MS Project Exercise

    Assume that your project is using more resources (e.g., time, money, and / or other non-labor resources, etc.) than anticipated through 50% of the project duration.

    1. Update the project schedule to reflect related resource changes.

    2. Produce a series of EVM reports from MS project that illustrates your project’s performance. Note: Your reports should focus on the cost and schedule performance of the project.

    Section 2: EVM Paper

    Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

    3. Summarize the resource changes of your project, and discuss the performance results of your project.

    4. Determine one (1) performance measurement baseline for your MS Project. Justify your response.

    5. Apply earned value analysis (EVA) in order to forecast future cost issues. Justify your response.

    Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

    • Typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
    • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.


    Can Your Strategy Be Implemented? Strategic Leadership Skills, managerial staff help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Could you please contribute to the “Can Your Strategy Be Implemented? Strategic Leadership Skills” section it would be greatly appreciated. Please provide 2 paragraphs explaining that we will be able to implement our strategy thanks to our managerial talent. I have provided the concept of the paper below:

    Can Your Strategy Be Implemented? Strategic Leadership Skills

    We are confident our strategy can be implemented, as Company B has the primary managerial resources that facilitate strategy execution. These primary resources include managerial talent and interest. Time is also a critical component to strategy implementation, which we unfortunately do not have much of. As mentioned earlier, the finite life of the business endeavor has resulted in unforeseen difficulties. Regardless, our managerial talent and interest in our strategy will allow us to implement it. Furthermore, our firm has the strategic leadership and implementation levers that will allow proper implementation.

    Arenas, Differentiators, and Economic Logic

    Our company combines the first three facets of the Strategy Diamond Tool as they represent the hallmark of our organizational strategy. Our company seeks to match market needs and opportunities in the vehicle manufacturing industry (shown in the arenas) with its unique features of high-quality and reliability (shown as its differentiators) to ensure that we get to our target market. It also seeks to expand our footprint through repeat customers, referrals and investor goodwill (hence our economic logic). We emphasize our performance based on its financial, social and environmental impacts that our products and services will have. More specifically, regarding arenas, our strategy clearly identifies our geographic and product market areas. Our geographic market is situated in a location where we are likely to make use of efficient infrastructure to easily reach our consumers.

    The strategy diamond will allow us to integrate innovations into the vehicle manufacturing industry. The strategy is conceptualized as a proven business model aligning with industry strategies, techniques and proprietary concepts designed to target the automotive markets, increase growth of vehicles, streamline and solidify process and performance speed while enhancing strategic change and financial deliverables. The automotive manufacturing industry provides our arena with encompassing decisions that affect external environment such as product, services, geographic markets and distribution channels. Arenas have also identify value chain activities within value creation stages that we may either insourced or outsourced. For instance, we may outsource product developments until we acquire new developmental processes for a specified manufacturing process.

    The infrastructure also gives us the opportunity to attain our quality and reliability goals more cost-effectively. Our product-market is also explicitly identified as vehicle manufacturing, and this helps us in acquiring factors of production that are appropriate for this product market. Beyond this, we strive to make use of our tangible and intangible assets to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry. Such physical structures as energy-efficient housing, quality equipment, and high-tech automobiles will enhance our image among our customers (Witt, 2013). We would also make use of copyrights for specific software in our products, company logo, and goodwill to gain a competitive edge (Walker Sands Communications, 2016). We are going to achieve this through our integrated marketing communication tools in the communication strategy. Finally, on economic logic, we seek to create more financial benefits so that we fund both environmental and social causes we seek to pursue as well as maintain a stream of investors (Kuntz, 2014). This is why we seek to create goodwill for Company B.

    We are considering two critical factors in selecting differentiators that seek to answer key differentiators as well as identifying and executing successful differentiators. We plan on creating, developing and implementing differentiators that maximize productivity with customer satisfaction. To accomplish this monumental task, strategies associated with differentiation and low cost as methods as our premier strategy, successfully integrate and position our business within the marketplace and produce inexpensive to high-end vehicles equipped with high-quality features. To effectively achieve this approach, our business model will encompass lower costs pricing consistent with customers perceptions of quality produced vehicles and to improve quality to justify automotive manufacturing pricing. Strategies also include lowering cost through manufacturing scopes encompassing autonomous applications leading to the reduction of human related errors allowing us to deliver unmatchable products with proprietary features resulting in repeat customer satisfactions (Economic Logic). The vehicle produced with be using quality processes with high quality material increasing brand value, thus, sustaining business and market and customer reliability.

    Products services will also accompany manufactured products. Automotive buyers will be furnished extended warranties with the purchase of our vehicles. Extended warranties will cover all technological system requiring electric circuitry connections, the first 350,000 miles of limited coverage and one year full coverage insurance with 2 months of uninsured motorist. These service association will create an external protective program complementing the purchase of our high tech high touch quality vehicles (Differentiator).

    Economic logic that we are deploying is design to maximize profitability. The organizations business plans are foundationally developed with industry standards along with innovative proprietary concepts and strategy to align for mutual reinforcements of high performance correlated with customer satisfaction and quality of vehicle productions in a mutually exclusive manufacturing process. We intended on accomplishing our economic logic by targeting quality as our foundational structure to ensure repeat customers, increase referrals and establish industry relations with investor goodwill


    The first three facets of the strategy tool help the company to address issues within its external and internal environment as well as giving the opportunity to address the issue of company fit with its market niche. The fourth facet is the vehicle which arguments our arenas and differentiators above to communicate the direction that our strategy is taking to achieve the set goals and objectives (Ireland, Hoskisson, & Hitt, 2007). We put emphasis on quality and reliability, and thus we focus efforts on these. To realize quality, we have vowed to make use of advanced technologies in production to achieve almost zero tolerance for errors that may impact product image (Wiedmann et al., 2012). Quality assurance is an issue that is at the pinnacle of our production process, and we empower our highly trained employees to help streamline processes towards achieving this unique quality. That is to say; we engage our employees in empowerment programs such as simulated training and onboarding on an on-going basis to sharpen and align their skills with our skill needs. We highly believe that a great vehicle towards realizing the quality and consequently reliability of our products depends much on the kind of team we have and the quality tools we provide them with to achieve our product and service level goals.

    Participating in targeted arenas, entering international markets coupled with investments in research and development (R&D), our strategic approach to product manufacturing and vehicle deliverance will also streamline operational accomplishments of enhancing organizational reputability while introducing quality products for market introduction. The concept driving this perspectives are deriving from innovative developments in project management utilizing autonomies technologies as a proactive method of sustaining our manufacturing process, therefore, increasing our product life cycle within the automotive industry, surpassing quality controls and delivering value with safety as a cost effective market price.

    Staging and Pacing

    These fifth and sixth facets of the Strategy Diamond Tool helps in timing and sequencing our strategic moves. Actually, through staging, we focus on how well we can plan the staging our company manufacturing centers across the United States without compromising convenience in managing the various outlets. That is to say; our strategy simply ensures that we make use of the opportunities provided by efficient transport infrastructure between our various company manufacturing locations to allow high flexibility in management. Our managers then take advantage of this to ensure that they can reach every center within the shortest time possible. Otherwise, our strategy will seek to locate our centers among cities that are highly connected with efficient road and airline transport as well as reliable communication systems.

    We strategically developed a viable marketing plan to expand our footprint into markets of opportunity, and, to accomplish this task, we plan on staging our international operations for introducing manufactured vehicles. As our presence continues to grow within the vehicle market (Arena), we can that consider challenges of operations to further our marketing strategies.


    By utilizing the diamond standards within our business structuring, we believe that our organization has the ability to become an effective competitor within the automotive arena. Through our business structuring and plan conceptions, we also believe that our product will generate consumer interest through effective marketing and advertising campaigns and produce customer based loyalty. We are aware that the automotive industry is highly competitive and represents some of the world’s finest development utilizing innovations and technologies, however, our proprietary concepts in manufacturing will ensure that our vehicles quality is well represented through our business structuring and organizational models, disabling our organization’s mission and solidifying our values for customer goals.


    Ireland, R. D., Hoskisson, R. E., & Hitt, M. A. (2007). Understanding business strategy: Concepts and cases. Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western.

    Kuntz, B. (2014). Organic vs. Inorganic: Which Way To Grow? Retrieved October 21, 2016, from…

    Walker Sands Communications (2016). How to Build Strong Brand Image. Retrieved on October 22, 2016….

    Weidmann, K., Hennigs, N., Schmidt, S., and Wuestfold, T. (2012). Drivers and Outcomes of Brand Heritage: Consumers’ Perceptions of Heritage Brands in the Automotive Industry. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. 19(2)

    Witt, C. (2013). Compete on Differentiators: Not on Price or Quality. Witt: Communication Matters. Retrieved on October 21, 2016 from….


    Managing work shift requirements, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

    Managing work shift requirements, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

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