Marketing for a Career Business Finance Assignment Help

Marketing for a Career Business Finance Assignment Help. Marketing for a Career Business Finance Assignment Help.

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This assignment assesses your ability to apply Microsoft Word to potential marketing campaigns and for business needs. Please prepare a one-page brochure or flyer using MS Word in support of a business headquartered in the USA in your chosen field. You must have a minimum of 200 words. The company must align with your career choice for assignment 1 and you should present the material as if you were going to a job fair and trying to recruit applicants to your chosen field. Include appropriate graphics and information (you should be the original author—this means if you copy from a company website, you are plagiarizing), to produce a tasteful item. This item could become a piece of your writing portfolio that employers may request. The page should demonstrate an understanding of the company, be well organized, and tastefully attractive. It should also be computer generated with strong visual appeal and use it to make your career more desirable.

Marketing for a Career Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Portfolio Sections #1-4 Writing Assignment Help

Complete your Portfolio, Parts 1-4, as ONE document. Again, you cannot complete the different sections of the Portfolio separately, but ONLY as ONE entire document.

You will need to use outside and onsite references. Cite everything you use.


***I attached the instructions for the Portfolio 1-4.

***I attached the portfolio grading criteria.

***Some of them will require accessing books and documents, Let me know and i will provide access.

You must go through all documents and videos I provides!!!!

Section #1 Lecture:…

Section #2 Lecture:…

Section #3 Lecture:…

Section #4 Lecture:…


discussion post on nursing Health Medical Assignment Help


“Katherine Garcia, Joe’s 76 year old mother, has been complaining of fatigue and a persistent cough for approximately 2 weeks. Joe scheduled an appointment for his mother at the family clinic. Katherine appears disheveled. Her clothes are mismatched and rumpled, and her hair is tousled. Normally she appears at the clinic dressed as though she were going out for the evening. She had a hard time signing in at the desk and tells the receptionist she has a 1:00 pm appointment, but it is 9:00 am. Katherine’s vital signs are as follows: BP, 142/90 mm Hg; pulse, 94 bpm and regular; respirations, 24 and labored; temperature 99.6 F oral.

  1. What additional assessment data would be useful to gather at this time?

During her visit at the clinic, you notice that Katherine is extremely confused. Her weight has dropped 7 pounds since her visit last month, her mucous membranes are dry, and she is quite dyspneic with any activity. Katherine is diagnosed with pneumonia. Because of her rapid decline, she is admitted to the hospital to receive antibiotics administered intravenously. At the hospital, her initial pulse oximetry reading is 90%, and she is unable to cough up secretions.

  1. What are three appropriate nursing diagnoses to focus interventions for Katherine?
  2. What actions should you anticipate taking?

After four days in the hospital, Katherine is discharged to home. She asks the hospital nurse, “What can I do to make sure I never get that sick again?”

  1. How would you answer this question?”


Testing for One-Way ANOVA Mathematics Assignment Help

Assignment 1: Testing for One-Way ANOVA

You had the chance earlier in the week to practice with the one-way ANOVA and obtain peer feedback. Now it is time to put all of that good practice to use and answer a social research question with the one-way ANOVA. As you head into the assignment, be sure and pay close attention to the assumptions of the test. Specifically, make sure the dependent and independent variables (factor) are amenable to use in the ANOVA (i.e., be sure to note levels of measurement).

For this Assignment, you will examine the one-way ANOVA based on a research question.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources and media program related to one-way ANOVA testing.
  • Using the SPSS software, open the Afrobarometer dataset or the High School Longitudinal Study dataset (whichever you choose) found in the Learning Resources for this week.
  • Based on the dataset you chose, construct a research question that can be answered with a one-way ANOVA.
  • Once you perform your one-way ANOVA analysis, review Chapter 11 of the Wagner text to understand how to copy and paste your output into your Word document.

For this Assignment:

Write a 2- to 3-paragraph analysis of your one-way ANOVA results for your research question. Include any post-hoc tests with an analysis of the strength of any relationship found (effect size). Also, in your analysis, display the data for the output. Based on your results, provide an explanation of what the implications of social change might be.

Use proper APA format, citations, and referencing for your analysis, research question, and display of output.

I do not know how to upload the dataset as it wont allow me to upload. I can try to email or share it somehow with whomever takes on this assignment.


Writing a Journal Format​ Business Finance Assignment Help

Writing a Journal Format

Body-Worn Camera Cost /Benefit pp.7-17 and De-Escalation (“BB Content Section”).… this is the book

I suggest using a three-ring binder to store your journal entries after they have been read and graded. Each journal entry should contain several paragraphs, written in your own words, and should conform with the following format:

Journal Format

Author ______________________ Reading Title ________________________

Your Name ___________________ Date ______________________________

  1. Summary

  • Write from memory, noting what you recall as the main ideas of the reading.

  1. Integration

  • In your own words, how does this reading “connect” (amplify, contradict, substantiate, etc.) to other information about this topic? The other information may be in the form of other readings, news stories, or images of the police portrayed in popular culture.
  • What do you see as the implications of the ideas covered in the reading?

  1. Application

  • How can you use the information in this reading?
  • Does the reading change your view of some aspect of policing? Explain.
  • If you think there is no application for the material, say so. However, provide a rationale for your position.

  1. Evaluation

  • Describe your reaction to the reading (like, dislike, etc.). Why?
  • Who is the appropriate audience for this reading? Why?
  • What would make the reading more useful?

5. Essay question

  • Create an essay question based on the reading that requires critical thinking (comparing, analyzing, evaluating, critiquing, justifying, etc.). The question should be capable of being answered by someone who has read this and earlier readings in our class.

We will use the journal entries in class as a catalyst for reflection, making connections among ideas and topics, and as a means of demonstrating knowledge of concepts, ideas and important points.



BIO LAB – Animal Behavior – Investigation of the Correlation between Crayfish arm leght and aggressive Behaviors. Science Assignment Help

Animal Behavior Assignment Guidelines

Brief background: In this exercise you measured various morphological traits of crayfish. You then determined dominance of individual crayfish by observing agonistic behaviors when interacting with other crayfish. The goal of this project is to determine whether ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ crayfish statistically differ in size for the various traits you measured.

BEFORE LEAVING LAB COMPLETE #’s 1-5 BELOW and get signed by TA to receive participation points.

• 1) Discuss with your table and have each group
member select their own unique to write about. No student in a group should have the same variable. Write your variable below:

Arm length

• 2) What is the null hypothesis for study?

Arm length does not matter

• 3) What statistical test will you use for this


• 4) What type of graph will you make? Bar Graph

Below is a list of expectations to help guide you as you complete this assignment:


¨ Your name, section number, student ID, and TA name included at top of document

Title Formatting

¨ Title is formatted correctly and contains the three main components expected Abstract formatting

¨ Abstract body logically flows from Introduction to Discussion and includes all expected components


¨ 1 figure is presented and is properly formatted Figure Captions

¨ 1 Figure caption below figure that includes all expected components References

¨ 2 relevant JOURNAL references cited in CSE format

BIO LAB – Animal Behavior – Investigation of the Correlation between Crayfish arm leght and aggressive Behaviors. Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Each answer should be at a minimum two- three page and doubled spaced. Humanities Assignment Help

Select any four questions of your choice and ensure that you answer all parts of the question. Each answer should be at a minimum two- three page and doubled spaced. The average papers for all four-question range between 10-12 pages. You do not have to cite your sources. I encourage you to use the internet to expand your answers with the primary text book.


  • What were the demographic effects of the Columbian exchange?
  • Compare and explain the reasons for differences or similarities between the European colonies of North and South America.
  • State and justify your position on the role of the Catholic Church in regard to relations with the Amerindian people in either the Spanish or the French American colonies.


  • Describe capitalism and mercantilism and explain their roles in the development of the Atlantic system.
  • What factors led to the development of the African slave trade?
  • What effects did slavery have on economic life in Africa?


  • How was the Ottoman Empire administered under Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566)?
  • What were the roles of the Portuguese, Oman, and the Dutch in the development of trade in the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia?
  • What factors led to the decline of the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires?


  • What did the Russian and Qing Empires have in common, and how did these common features affect the relationship between the two?
  • Both the Qing and the Tokugawa governments were in decline by 1800. What reasons lay behind the decline of each government?


  • Discuss the causes, conduct and consequences of the French, and the Haitian revolutions.
  • What roles did Enlightenment thought and folk cultures play in the making of the eighteenth century revolutions?
  • How did revolution in one country help incite revolutions elsewhere?


  • Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Britain rather than in continental Europe or the United States?
  • What exactly is meant by the Industrial Revolution? What were the economic changes that revolutionized manufacturing in the eighteenth century and led to the factory system?
  • How did the Industrial Revolution change people’s lives and the environment in which they lived and worked?
  • 7.
  • What were the benefits and drawbacks to the Ottoman Empire as they attempted to modernize and reform during the Tanzimat period?
  • Discuss the causes, conduct and consequences of the Crimean War.
  • What internal and external challenges did the Qing Empire face in the early 1830-1870s?


  • What were the causes of the revolutions for independence in Latin America (Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil between 1800 and 1850s?
  • Who were some of the key individuals associated with the fight for independence in Latin America?
  • What economic and social factors led to the abolitionist and women’s rights movement? Who was William Wilberforce and how did he contribute the abolition of slavery in England?

MANDATORY QUESTION: How did Britain secure its hold on India and what colonial policies led to the beginnings of Indian Nationalism?


Write a Research Paper Writing Assignment Help

The main topic is

Why do post secondary education have input on career outcomes for international students.

so there are 4 questions under this topic and I am supposed to write on the question

how can post secondary education help international students build there career?

Make sure the stuff you are writing under this question should be relatable to the main topic

reference should be apa and almost from one and a half page to 2 pages. double spaced

atleast 2 references

and from where ever you take the article to refer you need to write a summary of that article that what did you read in it

EDUC 1150

Research Paper Outline (WORTH 20%)

­­­­­­­­­­Academic research and writing are amongst the most challenging and important tasks faced by post-secondary students. The ability to locate quality research and discern and clearly communicate the value of that research to others is a distinguishing feature of the truly educated, critical thinker. While many students think their research and writing abilities are strong, the standards in post-secondary are often very different than those required in high school or the workplace. Moreover, no matter who you are (elementary school student to university professor) and no matter what your current abilities, your writing and analytical skills can always be improved.

The purpose of this assignment is to:

1) explore an issue of relevance to contemporary higher education in depth,

2) learn how to analyze and assess the merits of ideas in scholarly papers and other forms of research (e.g., government or business reports; scholarly books),

3) learn to cite and acknowledge the scholarly sources on which your analyses are grounded appropriately using APA format and,

4) introduce you to standards of post-secondary scholarly work by presenting logical, well-structured analyses in a concise research paper outline format.


This assignment is independent. However, it will be done in conjunction with your group project.

1.Find at least 2 peer-reviewed academic sources that pertain to your specific “group research question”.

2.Prepare a research paper outline and reference list in APA style. Length: 1 -1.5 page double-spaced (12 font, Times, Times New Roman, or Arial) plus 1-page reference list.

How to Develop A Research Paper Outline

For this assignment your task is to find a topic that is:

-“debatable” (i.e., has at least 2 different views on it); AND

-“researchable” (i.e., you will be able to find articles on it in one or more academic disciplines).

THUS: A paper outline that discussed the physical, emotional, and mental effects of marijuana would not meet the first criteria as it would be descriptive only, with little to debate. A paper outline that discussed whether hockey players who are found to have used steroid should be removed from the NHL Hall of Fame would not meet the second criteria, as there is no academic literature on this topic.

IN ADDITION: Ensure you avoid ethical (“should”) questions such as “should abortion be legal/illegal? Should stem cell research be legal?, etc” for three reasons:

  1. To be effective in an academic sense, such arguments require the use of sophisticated philosophical concepts and arguments.
  2. There tends to be little scholarly peer-reviewed academic literature on these kinds of topics.
  3. People tend to pick these topics because they hold strong views on them and as a consequence resort to making arguments based on emotion rather than logic. Such arguments are not appropriate in academic contexts.


Using the following format, provide a hard copy of your thesis statement, outline, and reference list. The outline should be in point form OR short sentences EXCEPT your Introduction and thesis statement (which must be written out in proper sentence format).

Title Page (on a separate page)


Research Statement: (2-3 paragraphs)

oProvide a thesis statement, which is one sentence that summarizes the argument of your paper. This statement must include both the PRO (thesis statement) and CON (counter point) sides of your research question.

oAn example: For the research question How does social media impact student learning? could write the following research statement:

o“Some educational experts claim that social media use can improve university students’ grades (your thesis statement-how you plan to argue the question) while others claim that it is related to lower grades” (con-counter-point-a relevant point that does not support your thesis statement, but one that needs to be addressed for a well-rounded argument).

Summary of Argument (point form)

Supporting source for “pro” side of topic (point-form)

oInclude brief summary of the source

oInclude analysis of the source. Is it sufficient, relevant, representative? Do the conclusions add up? Note: If the source doesn’t answer your research question directly, explain what information it does provide that is relevant to your question.

Opposing source for “con” side of topic”. (point-form)

oInclude brief summary of the source

oInclude analysis of the source. Is it sufficient, relevant, representative? Do the conclusions add up? Note: If the source doesn’t answer your research question directly, explain what information it does provide that is relevant to your question.

  • Conclusion. (point form)
    • Briefly sum up your sources and how each contributes to your research question.
    • Draw a conclusion based on your evaluation of the sources and their answers to your research question (i.e., take a stance).
    • Present a thesis statement based on your conclusion (see Resource Links below).

References: (On a separate page)

Reference List in proper APA format (a minimum of 2 scholarly sources*)

Submission: Hand in a hard copy of your assignment (see Requirements above) at the start of class on the due date and submit electronic links of your articles to moodle titled Contemporary Views: Scholarly Sources.

Resource Links:

KPU Library link for general help in academic writing (thesis statements, citations, writing papers, avoiding plagiarism etc.):

Sources on how to write a thesis statement and research paper components:…***………


Needs Work



Intro & Thesis

The thesis is not clear and the reader has to read several points/statements into the outline to determine the main point.

The thesis is present in the introduction but the writer’s position is only partially described.

The writer provides a clearly articulated position in the introduction.

Supporting sections

There is often more than one theme per section and a connection to the thesis is missing.

There is generally one theme per section but some of the supporting claims seem to wander from the thesis.

There is one theme per section and the writer offers a clear and convincing connection between all claims and the thesis.


There is no evidence that the writer is aware of a counter-argument OR counter-argument is brought up but not addressed.

The writer addresses counter-argument, but does not address it fully.

Counter argument is not only well-articulated, but thoroughly addressed (i.e., explained & rebutted)


Conclusion may not be clear and connections to the thesis and research are incorrect or unclear, or just a repetition of the findings without explanation.

Conclusion is clearly stated and connections to the thesis and research are mostly clear: some aspects may not be logically connected.

Conclusion is clearly stated and connections to the thesis and research are clear, relevant, and convincing.


Outline is poorly organized and difficult to read – does not flow logically from one part to the next. Technical terms may not be defined or are poorly defined.

Outline is generally well organized and sections are easy to follow.

Outline is coherently organized and the logic is easy to follow. Terms are clearly defined.

Use of scholary sources

The writer doesn’t use scholarly source material well or the material used does not match the argument.

The writer uses varied source material that supports the argument; some sources are more effective than others.

The writer uses several different sources effectively; most or all sources are scholarly.

APA in-text citations

There is little evidence that the student is aware of APA style for in-text citations.

In-text citations generally follow APA, but there are a few errors in citations.

The in-text citations are accurate.

APA References

References page does not include scholarly sources and/or does not follow APA style.

References page has scholarly sources but it is not in APA style.

The references page is in APA style and the source list is scholarly and credible.


Unit 3 assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

Task one

In this assignment, you are required to create and present an essay that addresses a real-world scenario regarding the anticipation of a devastating crisis emergency (student selected), and you must make an assessment of the necessary technology (software or hard technology) to mitigate, resolve, and restore normalcy. The scenario may be of a terrorist attack, a natural phenomenon (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flooding, etc.), a school shooting or act of workplace violence, an infrastructure failure, a natural gas line explosion and resulting fire, a forest fire threatening homes and lives, and so forth.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in an essay of 750–1,000 words:
    • In detail, describe your selected scenario.
      • As stated above, your scenario can include terrorist attacks, natural disasters, violent domestic acts, school shootings, infrastructure failures, natural gas explosions, forest fires, and so on.
    • Regarding your scenario, what are 1–2 types of technology that you would use during each of the different phases of emergency management? Consider technology that is used to improve operational efficiencies, such as communications, industrial technology, and data storage.
    • The 4 phases that need to be addressed are as follows:
      • Mitigation
      • Preparation
      • Response
      • Recovery
    • For each technology that you have selected, address the following:
      • Is this technology applicable to any of the other emergency management phases? Why or why not?
      • Based on past use, how effective is the technology? Explain.
      • How much does the technology cost? Explain.
        • Consider equipment, training, maintenance, and implementation costs.
      • Considering future advancements, is the technology practical for long-term applications? Explain.
  • Compile your responses into the final essay
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Task two

We are entering New Orleans, LA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in late August of 2005. The storm has come and gone, the levies have broken, and there are floods throughout the city. Many people have evacuated to sites designated by the city’s leadership and are now experiencing the effects of horrendous heat and limited supplies. Police officers, reportedly concerned about the welfare of their families, have abandoned posts throughout the city.

National Guard personnel are inundating the community from all 54 states, and territories creating a force protection requirement of unprecedented proportions. The political leadership of New Orleans and Louisiana are seemingly at odds with federal leaders and agencies. Stocks of supplies that were supposed to be in warehouses have been pilfered and are nonexistent. Thousands of people are on rooftops, porches, portions of highways, and elsewhere awaiting rescue from anybody who will come. Thousands of small watercraft for the city and neighboring states are attempting to make rescues, taking risks and congesting limited routes. Hundreds of hungry, frightened dogs abandoned by fleeing victims are tied to porches or loose. Mosquitoes potentially carrying diseases and pathogens are feared to be multiplying as the waters linger. Gas lines burst and dry portions of the city are ablaze. Looting grows more common and violent. Survivors seem shocked, dazed, and deeply saddened; many have lost everything, including loved ones.

You will use a mixed methods approach to studying one slice of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

  • Select your field of study: criminal justice, emergency management, or homeland security.
  • Choose the issue that you would like to approach, whether directly from the scenario or as implied by the conditions listed.
  • Determine what research method designs you will employ to tackle your problem.
    • You will outline a mixed methods approach, but consider what forms of both quantitative and qualitative you can use to approach your problem.
    • Remember that you will want to understand the problem fully; collect fresh data and/or consider existing data; interpret findings; and make recommendations to be integrated into policies, programs, or other initiatives as you would advise.
  • In 1,000–1,250 words, draft an outline for your selected research methods and instruments, and present it with at least the following elements:
    • Problem Statement: Describe the problem fully, using real-world, factual information from credible sources. This portion should be at least 200–300 words and properly referenced using APA format.
      • What are the merits of examining this problem? Explain.
      • How important is this problem to undertake? Why?
      • What is the scope of this problem? Explain.
      • What value or applications might the findings or results have, and how can they be used? Explain.
    • Provide at least 2 research questions.
      • Design 1 to go with a quantitative approach to the problem you chose and 1 for a qualitative approach.
    • Produce at least 2 hypotheses for each research question.
      • Depending on which primary approach you choose, these may come early or later in your designs (in the weeks ahead); but for now, to solidify the principles, present 2 hypotheses for each research question.
    • Operationalize all variables for all hypotheses.
      • You may notice this is easier to do for one approach than another based on your problem. This should give you a clue as to which approach makes more sense for taking on the problem you intend to research.
    • List, describe, and justify the types of evidence you would collect to test your hypotheses, and support or refute these.
      • Do your best to make your list thoroughly comprehensive.
    • Consider at least 2 different outcomes for your research.
      • Discuss what routes you would take, given a particular outcome.
      • Consider whether you would rework your research plan, continue on with another method or instrument, scuttle the whole project, or advise policy makers to take certain measures. Explain how these differing potential outcomes could affect your progress or focus.


discussion- stress and anxiety Humanities Assignment Help

Post needs to be 400-450 words min.

According to the psychological perspective and research, how can early childhood stressful experiences (e.g., neglect, abuse, or lack of a secure attachment) influence the developmental of behavioral problems?

Next, referring directly to the textbook, briefly explain all three elements of the Integrated model.

Last, select one form of an anxiety disorder and explain how one of the elements of the integrated model can be used to explain the origins of that disorder. Anxiety disorders to choose from include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety phobia, specific phobia, separation anxiety disorder, selective mutism, and agoraphobia.

The strongest answer will refer to the textbook and concepts from the Reading material.


Cooper, J.O., Heron, T.E. & Heward, W.L. (2007). Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd Ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall


Marketing for a Career Business Finance Assignment Help

Marketing for a Career Business Finance Assignment Help

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