MCDF Psychopathology Gender Dysphoria Attack on A Genderqueer Student Discussion Writing Assignment Help

MCDF Psychopathology Gender Dysphoria Attack on A Genderqueer Student Discussion Writing Assignment Help. MCDF Psychopathology Gender Dysphoria Attack on A Genderqueer Student Discussion Writing Assignment Help.

Gender dysphoria is a dissatisfaction with one’s natal or biological sex and the sense that one is really the opposite or “other” gender. An individual develops a sense of gender or gender identity between 18 months and 3 years of age, and both congruent gender identity and incongruent gender identity have biological roots influenced by learning. Treatment for adults with marked gender incongruence (transsexualism) may include sex reassignment surgery in conjunction with biological approaches.

Consider the following Case Studies below:Offer a comprehensive approach in each reply.

1) Lucy, a female student at the college where you are employed in the counseling department, identifies as genderqueer and often dresses in a traditionally masculine manner. Lucy is assaulted but not seriously injured by three unidentified men in an anti-transgender hate crime the previous evening. The attack occurs on campus and the perpetrators are thought to be other students. Having walked past your office door while on campus, Lucy recalls that you have a “Safe Space” sign on your office door, sie (Lucy’s preferred pronoun to “she”) comes to you first for support. What steps might you take to help hir (Lucy’s preferred pronoun to “her”)? How might Lucy’s needs be different from a non-transgender student who has been assaulted? What treatment modality formats would you employ?

2) A female staff member in the counseling department is upset that a transsexual woman who also works in the department is using the women’s restrooms in the building. She complains to you as a colleague (she is aware you are a counselor) about being made uncomfortable by “that man in the bathroom.” How do you address this conflict?

3) Sally, a female transsexual student, approaches you as department chair. She complains that a faculty member in the department continues to call her by her male given name and to refer to her as “he,” even though she has asked the professor several times to use her correct name and gender. How do you address Sally’s complaint when brought to your attention as his counselor?

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ACC 522 Post University Ut 8 Judgement Sampling & Difference Estimation Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Unit 8 – Individual Assignment

This is a 3 part assignment

Part 1

Case 11: Sampling for Variables – Difference Estimation

Answer the following questions below. Use your text and other available resources to provide

well-reasoned responses.

1) Carole Mitchell attempted to use judgmental sampling to verify the client’s accrual in this case while Dan Cline opted for statistical sampling. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? Will a statistical sample usually be smaller than a non-statistical sample?

2) Exhibit 11-2 presents the results of Mitchell’s initial testing. Was Cline correct in seeking additional audit evidence? Include in your answer the concept of sufficiency of audit evidence.

3) Statistical sampling is occasionally criticized for preventing the auditor from introducing personal judgment into a particular test. Is this assertion valid? How much knowledge of statistical sampling should the auditor have? Is it typical to obtain assistance from a specialist in developing a sample?

4) Statistical sampling has also been criticized for being a slow, time-consuming process relative to judgmental sampling. Is this assertion valid?

5) An auditor may utilize sampling for attributes in some tests and sampling for variables in others. How is the decision made as to which of these methods should be applied? Is it appropriate to use a cost-based decision when considering the independent auditors’ responsibility?

Part 2

Case 12: Review of Subsequent Events

1) Prepare the auditor’s report that you believe is warranted for the Lakeside Company’s 2012 financial statements based on the information contained in the first 11 cases. Lakeside issues comparative financial statements. Assume that any facts not explicitly covered in these cases would not influence the decision as to the type of opinion to be rendered.

2) Separately, provide an explanation why you issued the report that you did.

Part 3

Case 13: Consulting and other Services

Apply your research. Use your text and other available resources to provide well-reasoned responses.

Scenario: The firm of Abernethy and Chapman was asked to do consulting work for Lakeside that is completely separate and unrelated to the audit of the financial statements. Write a report discussing the potential conflict of interest when an auditor does consulting work for an audit client. Does this relationship cause the independence of the auditor to be violated? Why or why not? Since the Enron debacle, how has the accounting profession dealt with this issue?


ERAU Mean Time Between Failures and Maintenance Cost Excel Worksheet Business Finance Assignment Help

As you have learned from your reading, knowing when a part or system will fail is important for a company. Mean time between failures (MTBF) is the expected time between failures of a part, process, or system and is a common matrix for a firm to use to understand how often a failure will occur.

Assume that you are the manager of a production line and are responsible for keeping the machines running 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. When a machine breaks, it must be repaired and put back onto operation as soon as possible. The problem is that your machines are always breaking down, and you really do not have a good understanding of how often a machine breaks down.

Hint: For this assignment, you will NOT be using the OM software but should use Excel to work the problem.

Step 1: Calculate the MTBF

You decide to run a test to determine the mean time between failures. During the test, you start with 20 operational machines on your production line producing widgets. You record breakdowns during an 80-hour observation period in which three of the machines broke down. One at 35 hours into the test, one at 50 hours into the test, and the 3rd failure comes at 75 hours.

Use Excel and the data you collected to calculate the MTBF of your machines. Analyze your results and place them on the spreadsheet.

Continue to Step 2: Calculate the Expected Breakdown Maintenance Costs . . .

Step 2: Calculate the Expected Breakdown Maintenance Costs

After collecting and analyzing the MTBF data, you were surprised at how often your machines really broke down. At your last company, you remember that they had a service firm that would come in and perform preventive maintenance (PM) on your machines and you wonder if this would be an option to reduce breakdowns. However, before you go to your boss to pitch the idea, you want to see if using an outside PM firm would reduce your cost.

So you do some research on the cost and run another study on the number of breakdowns of your machines.

Over the last 12 months, the machines have broken down at the rate indicated in the following table:

Number of Breakdowns Number of Months that Breakdowns Occurred
0 0
1 7
2 3
3 2

You also do some research on breakdown cost and find that the average cost of a breakdown to your firm is $350. You find a service firm and request a price quote from them. The PM service firm costs $200 per month, but they tell you that you can still expect on average of 2 breakdowns per month even with the PM service.

Use Excel and the data to calculate the expected breakdown maintenance cost versus hiring the PM firm to service your machines.

Analyze your results and indicate which of the options you will recommend to your boss – hire the firm or continue dealing with the breakdowns at the current rate?

Continue to Step 3: Recommend and Submit . . .

Step 3: Recommend and Submit

Submit one spreadsheet containing a tab for each step. Be sure to include a detailed analysis of your results on each of the tabs. Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.

Review the Problems Rubric for detailed grading information.


Mercy College Psychopathology Questions Paper Writing Assignment Help

chapter 11

chapter 11, powerpoints.ppt

Many counselors treat young adults at different points in their careers. Some work in counseling departments at colleges or universities. Assume you are a counselor in the Counseling Department at Mercy College (you graduated with your masters and were hired by your alma mater, YAY!) working with students. How might you address the treatment needs of a student that presents with substance abuse issues but does not recognize that there is a problem, rather their behavior is regarded as age-appropriate, “just havin fun!” Consider on and off campus resources in your treatment plan.


Columbia Southern University Human Resource Manager Memorandum Business Finance Assignment Help

You are a new union representative. Draft a memo requesting copies of documents, policies, and procedures the union has in place so you can begin your job effectively. Be sure to indicate the importance of these documents on your position.

Your memo should be at least one full page. Below is a suggested format for the memo:

To: (Include the name of the supervisor and any others to whom the memo needs to be sent)

From: (Your name and role in the organization/union)


Re.: Specify the Topic (In this case—Requesting specific documents, policies, and procedures pertaining to your role as the new union representative)

Request: Include paragraph explaining your request (For example: “I am compelled to express concern about how we at ____ Company handle issues related to equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment prevention laws. In an attempt to do my job efficiently and effectively, I respectfully request the following documents, policies, and procedures that reflect our organization’s efforts to affirm equal employment opportunity and those documents that reflect the organization’s sexual harassment prevention efforts:”)

  • Name of document
  • Name of document
  • Name of document

Requested date: (when would you like to meet with the company leadership to discuss the documents?)

Be sure close the memo with a sincere thank you for the cooperation of the person(s) to whom the memo is addressed and a desire to work together often in the future. References and citations are not necessary for this assignment.

Please carefully review the instructions and the grading rubric to understand how your paper will be graded. This Memorandum needs to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts presented in this Unit’s material.

You should be specific in your document request. Note that you must write about why the documents are important and why you need to review them.

“You are a new union representative. Draft a memo requesting copies of documents, policies, and procedures the union has in place so you can begin your job effectively. Be sure to indicate the importance of these documents on your position.

You should have one FULL page of discussion to receive maximum points on the assignment. The space for your Memorandum header does not count towards the discussion. A minimum of 500 words is good guide to tell if you have sufficient content.

Here are some Academic resources for your assignment:

Occupational and Safety Health Administration:

National Labor Relations Board:

Department of Labor Worker’s Compensation:

Here is a link to the Organized Labor Navigator at the NY Times:



PS 2010 Columbia Southern University Political Party Structure Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

Create a detailed PowerPoint of 10-12 slides, not including the title and reference slides.

Using the state in which you live (or another state of your choice), create a PowerPoint presentation explaining the state election and campaign process, party politics, and legislative organization and procedure.

Slides must include the following information:

  • a title slide including your name and the state you selected;
  • a political party structure;
  • the types of primaries utilized in your chosen state;
  • state party organizations;
  • state government structure;
  • campaign methods of a state candidate/incumbent;
  • the makeup of your state legislature (e.g., gender, age, profession);
  • apportioning and districting information;
  • the legislative institutionalization of your state;
  • the party issues in your state; and
  • three to four pictures, maps, or graphs.

Slides or presentation should include explanations of the aforementioned points. Please do not copy and paste lists of senators and representatives into your slides. You may include additional information that you feel is relevant, but do not create more than 14 slides. Use your creativity, and organize the material in a logical and understandable manner.

PS 2010 Columbia Southern University Political Party Structure Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Zhejiang University Erotic Themes in Art Annotated Bibliography Writing Assignment Help

Words:1200-1500 words

You are the curator of a small online exhibition!

In a separate file (Word or PDF preferred), you will turn in a description of the exhibition. This document will consist of an introduction (tell us about your theme, and how you are tracing that theme through these works), at least one paragraph per work (explain how each one relates to the major theme, why you chose it, what it can tell us about its particular time period/culture/context, its meaning/function and its intended audience,should be more than 200 words). Finish with a brief conclusion that ties everything together.

lCitations/Bibliography: If you rely on any material that doesn’t come from your class notes, you should provide bibliographic citations in the form of footnotes or parenthetical citations. If you use parenthetical citations, please include a bibliography at the end. If you use footnotes, be sure to give complete bibliographic information the first time you refer to a source, and then you can abbreviate in later references (and you can avoid a separate bibliography).

The introduction should clearly state the theme being explored in the exhibition, name the chosen works in the order in which they are presented–this can be chronological or thematic–and briefly explain the overall concept of grouping these works together. The conclusion should be a reminder of the overall thesis of the exhibition and serve to draw together all of the pieces presented into a cohesive message. This is a good place to wrap up all of your points

lA truly excellent introduction and conclusion that are well-written and complete, with a thesis statement suggesting the analysis that the student will make in the discussions for each work and following up with an analytical statement that wraps up the exhibition.

In the body of the exhibition, you will dedicate at least one paragraph (per work) to analyzing that work in terms of how it relates to your overall exhibition theme and to its particular context. Consider the classic questions of who? what? why? where? and how? as you write each paragraph. How do we see different approaches to the same theme represented in each example? With a minimum of 5 works required on the exam, each missing work will be penalized 13 points, and this will be deducted AFTER the score is determined based on the scale below).

lExcellent choices accompanied by great discussions. The theme of the exhibition is easy to follow through both the student’s choices and the commentary provide for each work.


Amberton University Stress Management Questions Humanities Assignment Help

While there is no required length with regard to your responses, please remember that your response is the only information I have to determine your comprehension of the material. When in doubt as to whether your have included enough explanation/discussion, too much is better than too little.

Assignment 1. State the question, then your response.

1. Define stress.

2. How does acute stress differ from chronic stress?

3. What is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and what is secondary post-traumatic stress disorder?

4. How does stress affect our relationships with others, in terms of social etiquette?

5. What role does the nervous system play in the stress response?

6. List five diseases that occur when the immune system is affected by stress.

7. According to Frankl, what aspect needs to be addressed in coping with stress?

8. Discuss ways to help cope with, manage, and resolve anger feelings.

9. Describe self-esteem and explain the role it plays in promoting and resolving stress.

10. Explain how relationships, values, and a meaningful purpose in life are affected by stress.

11. Explain how ecotherapy affects both mind and body.

Text Book Required:

Title: Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being

Author: Brian Luke Seaward

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Year Published: 2017

Edition: 9th

ISBN: 13: 9781284126266


SW 110 Grossmont College What Is Social Work Self and Its Importance Essay Writing Assignment Help

I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.


Social Work 110 – 2020

Completed Self Reflection Paper is due on Tuesday 14, 2020,

The Self Reflection Paper Assignment

Social Work 110 requires all students to write a 3-5 page paper exploring one’s personal opinion of Social Work as a profession, in the American Psychological Association (APA) format.

What are the Objectives of the Assignment (Student Learning Outcomes)?

A.To assure that each student by the end of the semester will be able to describe the major fields of social work practice and its ability to practice incorporating diversity and various social issues.

B. Identify and describe the impact of personal values as they relate to professional social work values and ethical issues.

C. Apply and communicate an understanding of the importance of diversity and difference in shaping life experiences in practice at the micro and macro levels

D. Present themselves as learners and engage clients and constituencies as experts of their own experiences

E. Apply self-awareness and self-regulation to manage the influence of personal biases and values in working with diverse clients and constituencies

What Are The Research Requirements?

A.Begin your research for appropriate and relevant reference materials.Use the topic headings to help you identify the areas of focus.

B. The essay must include at least two quotes or citations from relevant and appropriate sources.

C. Locating Your Research

1.Draw supporting information from the course textbook, class lectures, any of the resources used in the Research Paper, or any other quality resource.

The Topic Headings – Content of the Self Reflection Essay

  • Using your own words, what is social work? (1 paragraph minimum)
  • Why is social work important to you? (1 paragraph minimum)
  • Why is being culturally humble a necessity for social workers?
  • Why is it important for social workers to be lifelong learners?
  • Why is it important for social workers to practice self-awareness?
  • What are two personal strengths that you think will help you succeed as a social worker? Explain why for each strength.
  • What is one personal challenge you believe you will have to overcome to be a successful social worker? How will you overcome it?

Guidelines for the Self Reflection Essay Assignment

A.General Information

  • The reflection essay should be 3 to 5 pages in length.
  • The bibliography and cover page are not included in the length of the paper.
  • Content must be thoughtful and supported by at least two quotes or citations.
  • Grammar and syntax: Sentences should convey meaning clearly and should be grammatically correct with appropriate punctuation in place.Spelling should be correct.

B. Use APA Formatting (American Psychological Association)

1.Please consult the APA Style Essentials for general document guidelines such as the title page, abstract, body of the paper, text citations and quotations, and references (located in Canvas under “Files”)

2. A sample APA Format paper is available in Canvas under “Files.”

C. The Bibliography or “References” Section

1. There will be one “References” section located at the end of the paper, in APA format.

D.Goals of the Self Reflection Essay

1. Gauge your understanding of the field of social work.

2. Assess the student’s working knowledge of several important components of what it is to be a social worker.

3. Assess if the student has taken time to self reflect and personalize the material covered in class.

E.Final Paper is the finished product that includes a college-level discussion of the topic with accompanying research and supporting evidence.

1. All required topics are covered.

2. At least two sources are used to support opinions.

3. The paper is written in APA format, including citations and the “References” page.

4. Grammar, organization, and writing are at a collegiate level.

5. Please refer to the term paper guidelines in this document for all requirements.

Assuring Academic Honesty and Avoiding Plagiarism


Families & Teachers Partner in Learning Child Development Self Reflection Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Essay Questions (10 points each, 30 points total). Address each of the questions below. Each essay should be 300 words in length. You will be graded for the comprehensiveness of your essays and how well you can support your views with knowledge from the course.

  • The entire paper must be in APA style/format (title page, citations, reference page and 12pt font, double-spaced, etc.). If you are unsure what APA style is then go to the OWL at Purdue for APA support.
  • Do NOT consult any external resources. This means no materials from other classes, books, or notes, etc., no research articles whatsoever, and do not cite Google or any other search engine.
  • If you have questions about this exam then add it to the Help Forum on Canvas, as I am sure your peers might have the same questions. Students may answer questions and I will log on to support also.
  • Upload your document to the assignment titled “Final Exam” in your lab section by Tuesday, December 15, 2020 11:59pm

Essay #1: How did you grow in this course? This can be in terms of course content or your organizational skills.

Essay #2: What are you still curious about in this course? Name a Module from your lab section, then describe what you are still curious about and why.

Essay #3: What is your plan to prepare for your future in the field of early childhood and how has this course prepared you? Even if you don’t know what your career path looks like, how will this course (or a specific topic in a particular module) support your future?

The first document is what I want to write about, and the material for the essay 2 and three