MCWP 125 University of California San Diego The Value Of 60s Arts Research Proposal Writing Assignment Help

MCWP 125 University of California San Diego The Value Of 60s Arts Research Proposal Writing Assignment Help. MCWP 125 University of California San Diego The Value Of 60s Arts Research Proposal Writing Assignment Help.

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Research Proposal

The research proposal will help you develop and solidify your topic and questions, working claim, and research
materials. As Nancy Sommers explains in A Writer’s Reference: “Your objective is to make a case for the
question you plan to explore, the sources you plan to use, and the feasibility of the project, given the time and
resources available” (340). Research proposals are meant to be both informative and persuasive, and they
should communicate to your reader what you propose to do, how you propose to do it, and why it is important.
As you work on your research proposal, remember that you should not assume that you know the definitive
answer to your research question(s). Your research should inform the development of your ideas.

Assignment: Write a proposal by addressing, in order, the following questions posed in section R1-f of AWR.
The draft is a minimum of 4 FULL PAGES to a maximum of 5 full pages:

• “Research question. What question[s] will you be exploring? Why does this question need to be
asked? What do you hope to learn from the project?” (341). First, introduce the reader to your topic and
case study or example. Provide your research question(s) and explain the scholarly significance of
what you propose. Remember to indicate any sources (primary or otherwise) anchoring your project.

• “Research conversation. What have you learned so far about the debate or the specific research
conversation you will enter? What entry point have you found to offer your own insights and
ideas?” (341). What is the scholarly context of the issue or research problem you have identified?—(in
other words, offer a detailed explanation of the existing arguments about your topic). Introduce and
defend your source selections. Indicate plans for key sources. What is your method or strategy for
synthesizing different kinds of source material? What is your working claim (or best response thus far to
your research question)? What will your argument add to the discourse on your topic?

• “Search strategy. What kinds of sources will you use to explore your question? What sources have
you found most useful, and why? How will you locate a variety of sources (print and visual, primary and
secondary, for example)?” (341). How would you characterize the scholarship you plan to use? Where
and how have you found your sources? Moving forward, what are your plans to locate needed source
material? BE SPECIFIC because “I’m using JStor and Google Scholar” is not a sufficient indication.

• “Project challenges. What challenges, if any, do you anticipate (locating sufficient sources, managing
the project, finding a position to take)? What resources are available to help you meet these
challenges?” (341). Remember that this section is not intended for you to air your grievances about
researching; rather, focus on further demonstrating your knowledge of the topic by breaking down both
practical and conceptual challenges specific to your proposed project. What are some of the problems
you have encountered with the case studies, discourses, source material, and/or methods you plan to
use? If there are none, you need to revise your topic, question(s), and/or claim!

Keep in mind that you need to:

• Include a works cited page (additional to the required page length) for any sources you mention or cite
in the proposal.

• Use appropriate reference to your sources. For proposals you should generally limit your use of direct
quotations and paraphrasing. Avoid plagiarism by correctly citing the thoughts, ideas, conclusions and
words of authors and researchers in your paper. For help, see MLA-2 and MLA-3 in AWR. For
questions about academic misconduct consult the syllabus, course reader appendix, instructor,
university online tutorial, or the Academic Integrity Office website.

• Use MLA citation style, Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spacing, and 1 inch margins.

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POSC 405 History of International Law Questions Essay Humanities Assignment Help


(1)The International Legal Order established by the major powers after World War II transformed the Westphalian Legal Order, however, many of the principles of the old order remained intact, albeit in a modified version. Discuss how the United Nations Legal Order changed, modified or retained the Westphalian conception of world order.

(2)International Law cannot stop states from breaching the law, but it does exercise restrain on state conduct. Discuss the role and functions of International Law and its impact on state behavior. Why do nations comply with International Law?

(3)Discuss the history of International Law and how it has changed in the last seventy-five years.

(4)International Law impacts all aspects of human activity on the planet and is likely to continue to expand as the international system becomes more interdependent. Discuss how International Law impacts our everyday lives.

You must demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the readings on the syllabus. All essays must contain appropriate citations from the readings. PLEASE, NO INTERNET SOURCES.

Required Readings:

Christopher Greenwood, “Current Issues in the Law of Armed Conflict: Weapons, Targets and International Criminal Liability,” 1 Singapore Journal of International and Comparative Law, (1997), p. 441-467).

David Turns, “The Law of Armed Conflict (International Humanitarian Law)” in Malcolm D. Evans (ed), International Law (2018), Chapter 27.

Adam Roberts, “The Laws of War: Problems of Implementation in Contemporary Conflicts,” 6Duke Journal of Comp. & Int’l Law (1995), p. 11-78.


University of Purdue Global Purpose of the Tenth Amendment Essay Writing Assignment Help

In a 4–6 page paper summarize the purpose of the Tenth Amendment and what powers are reserved to the states, what powers are reserved to the federal government, and which cases should be decided in state courts or federal courts. Additionally, discuss federal preemption and where in the Constitution federal preemption is discussed. Finally, explain the concept of a state’s Police Power. Make sure that you provide information regarding Supreme Court (federal or state) cases that have discussed each concept.

Note: This Assignment will require outside research. Use at least two credible sources beyond the text material. Also, discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used.

You may consult the Online Library, the internet, the textbook, other course material, and any other outside resources in supporting your task, using proper citations in APA style.

You should also make sure to:

  • Include a title page with full name, class name, section number, and date.
  • Include an introductory and concluding paragraph and demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.
  • Use examples to support your discussion.
  • Cite all sources on a separate reference page at the end of your paper and cited within the body of your paper using APA format.

Label your assignment: username-assignment-unit#.doc. For example, a student named Tina Allen would name her file TAllen-AdminLaw-Unit8.doc. Submit your assignment by selecting the Unit 8: Assignment in the Dropbox by the end of Unit 8.


Top Trends in Cloud Computing Research Paper Writing Assignment Help

Identify the top trends in cloud computing

Once you have identified the top trends, you will choose one that is particularly interesting to you or one that you think is the most problematic, and research more deeply to produce an analytical research paper for your team.

Paper Title (First level position, not bold)

Findings (First level heading, centered, bold)

Top Trends of the _____ Industry (Second level heading, bold, flush left)

An important emerging issue in a trend (and what it means in context to the industry) (Second level heading, bold, flush left)

Ways to solve problems

Conclusions (First level heading, centered, bold)

References (New page, first level position, not bold)

APA format 5 to 7 pages


MKT 1001 St Johns University Marketing Changes Due Covid 19 Pandemic Summary Humanities Assignment Help

Due 10.25


Select a marketing news story, published after September 1, 2020, about a “national” or “international” development related to marketing or a specific marketing company in the US or overseas. Obviously, the positive or negative impact of the pandemic on a specific marketer, or an industry, or the effect on small business, or any current advertising story, product quality story; or stories about competition, global trade, counterfeit goods, sweatshops and trafficking, VR and AR in retailing; product defects – there are so many choices to consider. Any question on a topic, please ask me.

Your news or research sources may come from any business, marketing or advertising news sources, e.g., Forbes, Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Business Week, or any specialized or scholarly Marketing (Ad Age, etc.) source. Please don’t use general media, blogs, etc. as your sources. (If you see an item in the Huffington Post, for example, “google” the item and find a story about it in a traditional business news publication.) If you choose to use a scholarly article, it must also be published after September 1, 2020.

In your paper please briefly summarize and discuss your topic, and then discuss why you selected it and include how the story on the topic relates to a Marketing aspect we covered.

Please make sure to use quotation marks and footnotes if you quote exactly OR paraphrase from the article. MLA format is fine. Also include a Bibliography listing all sources you used for the paper. Topic A PAPERS WITHOUT FOOTNOTES and a BIBLIOGRAPHY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


a) the quality of your writing; this is a University level paper, and University level writing and grammar are expected. You can email the SJU Writing Center for help in editing your paper as they will work with you virtually. If you’d like to submit a first draft early to me, that’s fine. If the draft is fine, no need to rewrite it. (Please use the editor you have in your computer to catch typos. It also helps to catch these, and other errors, if you simply read the paper aloud to yourself.)

b) your selection of an appropriate subject for the paper, and the completeness of your analysis.

c) your use of marketing information in your paper, explaining how marketing relates to your subject, how it relates to your research in the first paper, and how it relates to your product experience in the second paper.

d)if you quote from the MKTG text, you can footnote that by a simple (MKTG13) after the sentence; don’t forget to list the textbook in your paper’s Bibliography List at the end of the paper.



CMU Navigating Cultures Is Requisite in The Modern Work World Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

a. How might the cultural frameworks offered by Hofstede and Hall be employed to navigate national cultures, manage diversity, improve organizational performance (e.g., training, motivation, continuous improvement processes, leadership, management, etc.), and enhance one’s cultural agility in the business arena?

b. Is achieving cultural agility possible while avoiding the pitfalls associated with the perception that acquisition of this skill (i.e., cultural agility) is just another management “fad” mandated by the organization?

c. Are the cultural dimensions offered by Hofstede and Hall universals (i.e., found in all cultures) or just more culture-bound theories from Western management thinkers?

Only use the references from the book that I uploaded.

CMU Navigating Cultures Is Requisite in The Modern Work World Questions Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Harrisburg Area Community College Harrisburg Hersheys Kisses vs Wilbur Buds Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

What is your favorite brand of chocolate? If you’re like a lot of other people around the world, chances are it’s Hershey’s. Hershey’s Chocolate is one of the most recognized brands in the world. They launched their iconic Hershey’s Kisses in 1907, but they were not the first chocolate drop on the market. Have you ever heard of Wilbur Buds? Wilbur Buds are chocolate drop candies that were launched in 1894 by Wilbur Chocolate company, based in Lititz, PA (near Lancaster). Wilbur Buds are still available today but only at their retail store in Lititz, on their website, and at some other small local retailers. Learn more about these brands by checking out the Hershey’s and Wilbur Chocolate websites. 

First tell us if you’ve ever heard of or tried Wilbur buds, then continue with the relaunch activity below. 

New product development isn’t just about launching brand new products but also includes product relaunches. If you were hired as a marketing manager at Wilbur Chocolate, what would you do to relaunch Wilbur Buds? Determine each area below:

  • Target market. (Remember – all of your decisions for the brand, package, price, promotion, and communications should tie back to your target market)
  • Would you make any changes to the brand name, packaging, and/or pricing?
  • What would differentiate this product in the market? (Why would consumers choose Wilbur Buds over Hershey’s Kisses?)
  • What types of social media, advertising, or public relations would you develop to relaunch Wilbur Buds to your selected target market?  


Carnegie Mellon University Extension Period on some Pennsylvania Ballots Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Democracy makes news every day. It plays a prominent role not just in politics but also society, economy, public health, and personal lives. Knowledge of democracy is essential for understanding and functioning in the twenty-first century. So one of the goals of this class is to demonstrate the relevance of the past for the present. Accordingly, we start every lecture with a brief overview of a recent headline on aspects of democracy and how they relate to the history we are studying. You now have a chance to do the same in two assignments.

By the deadlines indicated on Canvas, please turn in an analysis of a recent news article on democracy or a country we discussed. Include the article or its website, and write 1–2 pages analyzing its content and significance. Your analysis should explain

  1. Why you chose the article and why you find it credible or not
  2. How the knowledge you are acquiring in the course is applicable to the current event, for example (but not limited to), definitions of “people” and “power,” factors that sustain or undermine democracies, or lessons from historical democracies.

Here is a suggested list of news sources; you may certainly consult others as well:
BBC News (Links to an external site.)
The New York Times (Links to an external site.)
The Washington Post (Links to an external site.)
National Public Radio (Links to an external site.)
The Economist (Links to an external site.)
Financial Times (Links to an external site.)
ProPublica (Links to an external site.)
The Intercept


University of Miami Capital Punishment Position Paper Law Assignment Help

Position Paper #2 will be on Capital Punishment. In a five page paper explain the concept of capital punishment, is it cruel and inhumane, why or why not is it a necessary part of our judicial system, what crimes are associated with capital punishment, and why does it take so long to carry out capital punishment, etc. These are not all you should write about, they are just to get you started.

You will need at least five scholarly sources for this paper. The total page count will be a minimum of seven pages, which includes the Cover and Reference pages. Please refer to your syllabus for instructions for your paper submission.

APA format is required for this assignment. The peer reviewed scholarly articles can be find on the Lynn Library website or on google. The articles must must be cited and used throughout the paper.

This paper should be written as an informative paper done with research. Include the definition of capital punishment in your own words in the beginning.


The Johns Hopkins Museums & The Coronavirus Pandemic Critical Message Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

For this discussion board activity, you have the choice of two clients. Review the client case descriptions below. Choose one of the clients, and then propose “key messaging” for that client based on what you learned in this lesson week and the details of the case description.

In your post, be sure to explain what campaign objective the key messages will accomplish, what audience the message(s) target, and how your messaging is strategic. For full credit, reference the lesson week’s materials in your post, and as you engage with your classmates.

Be creative! And feel free to add any context or details you would like to each case in order to make it work for your example.

CASE 1: The Johns Hopkins Museums (

Did you know that JHU is home to three incredible museums? Many people, in fact, most people, do not know that these wonderful places are part of the JHU community and open to the public. The JHU museums are in crisis. Coronavirus impacted their already low visitor numbers. They need to plan now for a new campaign to attract visitors when the locations fully re-open next year. The museums would like a messaging approach that works for all of the museums, and emphasizes the connection between the museums and the award winning university. Past marketing research shows that people living within 100 miles are the most likely to visit the museums (but all of this research was conducted before the pandemic).

CASE 2: Panera Bread (

Panera Bread, a fast casual food chain operating in the U.S. & Canada, has survived this difficult period by creating curbside pickup, focusing on its safety efforts and emphasizing its successful “Panera at Home” line of products ( The company is about to take another chance with a new line: Panera at School. Now that the pandemic has ended (yes, wishful thinking from your Professor!), Panera thinks it can capitalize on parents’ need to have quick & healthy foods ready for kids to eat at school. Panera wants messaging that will be consistent with its current brand image, and focus on parents as the audience.

Reading materials may need (include uploaded files):……





MCWP 125 University of California San Diego The Value Of 60s Arts Research Proposal Writing Assignment Help

MCWP 125 University of California San Diego The Value Of 60s Arts Research Proposal Writing Assignment Help

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