Mental Health

Mental Health. Mental Health.

Can you help me understand this Social Science question?

Choose a type of mental illness described in your textbook. Design a brochure that would be appropriate for use at a health fair for families of persons with mental illness. Upload with this link. Be creative if you wish, but content is most important. Generally, you will need to include some population information (e.g., statistics), etiology, symptoms, and resources. Have fun and good luck.

Chapter 9, Mental Health, Cox_Intro_SW_PPT_09-1.pptx

Chapter 9, Lecture notes Cox_Intro_SW_LN_09-1.docx

Mental Health

Mental Health

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Mental Health

Mental Health. Mental Health.

Please go to the online library and find a piece of significant health care legislation in your state that you feel is important to the health and well being of the population. An example might be smoking laws, or alcohol/drug related polices. I will leave that up to you.I would like to my paper to be on any Mental health policies or laws that have been passed in Illinois.[supanova_question]

Capstone Breastfeeding resources

Hello!, My final paper needs to be edited. I will add the rubric. my instructors feedback and the turn it in report. Thank you!Feedback

Evaluation Plan: You identified a process to collect feedback from relevant stakeholders (mothers, nurses, families) and you mentioned that data will be collected from the online site for analysis.Area for improvement: You will need to identify at least three indicators that you will use to measure success. These can include satisfaction rates (of breastfeeding mothers), increased use of the online platform for education, etc. You must also select benchmarks for each indicator (ex: 25% increase in satisfaction rates).Time and Resource Allocation: You identified approximate timelines for each section of the project, and you gave an estimate as to the related costs for the organization. Area for improvement: The Table provides a helpful summary of the information. Please see my notes within the paper for more guidance.Conclusion: You provided a good overview of the problem and its significance.Writing and APA issues: Writing and APA issues continue to negatively impact the readability of your paper. You will need to correct these on the Final Submission.Click the View Turnitin GradeMark link below to review comments/feedback I provided within your paper in Turnitin. Your final paper is a big project and you have dedicated a great deal of time and effort toward its development. Thank you so much for engaging in this process and for the heart that you put into your project![supanova_question]

Topic 5 Capstone project change proposal implementation Plan 1 (DISCUSSION QUESTIONS)

Nursing Assignment Help PICOT project is concerning : Nurse Burnout in the home healthcare setting caring for adult patients, due to patient overload, no support from managers or doctors, resulting in nurse shortage. Nursing interventions will introduce programs that encourage all employees’ participation, psychological methods like meditation, communication training, and yoga to improve their mental health. Engaging all nurses in the management training will help reduce the adverse effects of nurses’ burnout.Please answer both questions separately using:-@least 150 words/5 sentences (per question)

-7th edition APA format

-2 sources/references (per question)

– use peer reviewed articles w/citations)

-Do not use direct quotes. *Sources must be a SCHOLARLY one. This means a peer reviewed nursing journal, textbook, peer reviewed medical journal, educational materials, etc. You may not use sources such as Wikipedia, Angelfire, WebMD, Encyclopedias, blogs, etc. These are NOT scholarly sources. Thanks!Please don’t hesitate to contact me for questions or concerns.[supanova_question]

Discussion: Healthcare Trends and Financial Management

research news and other sources of information about healthcare trends in the United States. Describe one trend and at least three implications the trend could have for financial planning within a healthcare organization, such as a hospital or clinic. Your post should include why the trend could have those implications. Support your post with researched and cited statements while following proper APA guidelines.[supanova_question]

Mental Health

Mental Health