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Metro area Writing Assignment Help. Metro area Writing Assignment Help.

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The Things We Carry Photo Assignment

Drawing inspiration from Jason Travis’ Persona series (see:… (Links to an external site.)), this assignment asks you to document three people and their “mobile lives.” The goal of this assignment is to expand our definition of “mobile media” to include the mobile devices, objects, and technologies that people carry with them on a day-to-day basis. The mobile media that we are regarding as part of metropolitan existence in our contemporary world live in a media ecology with other mobile objects like wallets, keys, identification cards, writing utensils, tools of all sorts, and items that are required to get us through the day while we are on the move.

For this assignment, you will create three diptych photographs: on the top will be a well-crafted portrait of the person, and on the bottom will be the objects they carry on them in a given day. You may work with your clients to curate which objects get displayed (or, alternatively, you can surprise your client while they are out and about, asking them to display the objects they have with them at that moment). These photographs should be well-composed, well-lit, and aesthetically beautiful, in that they are cropped and presented well, to focus on the objects at hand. You will save your final products as high-resolution jpegs, submitting them to the BB site for this class.

The outcome should include a brief 100-250 word write-up describing process and it should include some speculation about how the non-tech objects might be converted into an Internet of Things (IoT) device; be specific how and why you’d do it (e.g., if combs, lip balm, pens, so forth, become IoTmechanisms, what’s being measured; why would it be desired data for user or company and what might be the pitfalls of enabling such an object to become an IoT, be specific about the issues).

You will be graded on the following rubric:

1. Project clearly addresses the goals of this assignment; it is complete and posted on time.

2. Project displays the “mobile lives” of participants in a visually compelling way

3. Project is well edited and photographs are well lit.

4. Photographs are well chosen and framed (it’s likely you have to take many to decide on best)

5. Background for photographs is well chosen

6. Creation of the diptych is done without errors or flaws

7. Photographs are high resolution (or, good enough to not have any blurring)

8. Project includes 3 diptychs

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continue work on previously writing. Wrok on Week 7 module Writing Assignment Help

Topic is Dream Job – Administrative Manager!! you might have to finish week 6 then do week 7 module. becuase week 7 bases on week 6. And week 6 bases on something before which is dream job and sorces(see files below i uploaded). do not digress the subject. i got 0 point on week 6, someone did it wrong.

Week 6 module


Using the Purpose section of your
document plan and reading through the ten sources you’ve selected should
help you determine how you want to set up or format your Fact Sheet.
Because there are many possibilities, next week I will provide a
specific format, while this week I have provided examples for you to

At this point you are reading and
putting together all the information you have obtained into a first or
rough draft. If you need to locate better sources, now is a good time to
do so. Check last week’s module for details on the types or categories
of sources.

For your rough draft, it may help to
combine the skills, duties, or responsibilities-related sources
together. For instance, if you have three sources that relate to skills,
read those three sources and then summarize and report that
information. Do likewise for the duties sources, and then for the
responsibilities sources.

A rough draft does not mean that you
have incomplete sentences, or sections that say “will fill in later.” A
rough draft means that you have put some thought into what you are going
to say, how you are going to say it, and why.

Next week you will have the opportunity
to review and revise your fact sheet into a one page, single-spaced
document, and include the revision tips for a polished document.

This week you will begin to draft the content or information for your Fact Sheet.

Reading assignment:

Technical Writing Process, chapter 4, pp. 101-115.

Discussion assignment:



Wiki’s information:

Various fact sheets (look through the content page and select choices to examine and compare):

Written assignment:


information or content that you are developing will be used in your fact
sheet. At this point, you simply need to put together the information
in a narrative or story-type way, where you respond to the Purpose
section in your document plan. This process will allow you to include
information from your various sources.

You can
separate information using paragraphs, but there is no need to do any
specific formatting at this point — we will apply the structure next


1. One to two pages.
2. Put your name and course information at the top. No other information is required, nor requested.
3. Single-space. Check Paragraph menu for Before & After spacing, and Line single-spacing:

Week 7 module


Let’s take the draft content or
information that you developed in the Fact Sheet draft and revise it for
a more formal presentation.

Your rough draft should have combined
the skills, duties, or responsibilities-related sources together. In
this way, as you revise your draft, similar information can be presented
for your reader.

Next week you will reflect on a “dream job,” and what that means – salary, location, position, hours, perks (benefits), etc.

This week you will review and revise your fact sheet into a one page, single-spaced document using some provided guidelines.

Reading assignment:

Technical Writing Process, chapter 4, pp. 121-134.

Discussion assignment:



Wiki’s information:

Various fact sheets (look through the content page and select choices to examine and compare):

Written assignment:


You have
compiled the information from your sources into a draft form, in a
narrative or story-type way. This response to the Purpose section of
your document plan is a way for you to show how you can professionally
respond to a request to gather legitimate, reliable, and verifiable
facts. The ten sources are a way to “cross-check,” or validate the
various sources of information collected.

As you
can see from the examples listed in the Resources section above, Fact
sheets have many formats and different purposes. I will provide a
generic format for you to follow, as you gain experience in putting
together a fact sheet.


1. One page.
2. Put “Fact Sheet,” your name, and job title at the top.
Single-space. Check Paragraph menu for Before & After spacing, and
Line single-spacing. Also change margins to those specified in the
sample fact sheet.
4. Use these section headings:
— Purpose, Deliverables, Audience, Process, and Resources, and include the word count for each section.

Sample Fact sheet

A sample fact sheet预览文档在新窗口中查看 is provided for you. There are TWO pages – please read them both carefully.

  • Page 1: Contains information about the structure and general content
    information, and word count, with tips on font type and sizing.
  • Page 2: Shows a “finished” version of the fact sheet, with specific word count.

NOTE: Another fact sheet example could have a Purpose (including the Audience section), Discussion or Analysis (combining Deliverable and Process sections), and Resources section.


environmental scan Business Finance Assignment Help

For this group report a great deal of information about the industry and who are the competitors and suppliers will be gathered from the two resources we are interviewing. Interviewing them early will help generate a baseline on how we can conduct the rest of our research. The rest of the research will be conducted using online base resources to understand more in-depth the industry, the requirements, and what Albar can do to generate more business. Furthermore, The textbook will be used to help create a course of action for recommendations for the firm.


Green Pastures Business Finance Assignment Help

Scenario: Green Pastures is a 400-acre farm on the outskirts of the Kentucky Bluegrass, specializing in the boarding of broodmares and their foals. A recent economic downturn in the thoroughbred industry has led to a decline in breeding activities, and it has made the boarding business extremely competitive. To meet the competition, Green Pastures planned in 2017 to entertain clients, advertise more extensively, and absorb expenses formerly paid by clients such as veterinary and blacksmith fees.

The budget report for 2017 is presented as an attachment. As shown, the static income statement budget for the year is based on an expected 21,900 boarding days at $25 per mare. The variable expenses per mare per day were budgeted: feed $5, veterinary fees $3, blacksmith fees $0.25, and supplies $0.55. All other budgeted expenses were either semifixed or fixed.

During the year, management decided not to replace a worker who quit in March, but it did issue a new advertising brochure and did more entertaining of clients.

Develop a minimum 700-word examination of the financial statements and include the following:

  • Based on the static budget report:
    • What was the primary cause(s) of the loss in net income?
    • Did management do a good, average, or poor job of controlling expenses?
    • Were management’s decisions to stay competitive sound?
  • Prepare a flexible budget report for the year.
  • Based on the flexible budget report:
    • What was the primary cause(s) of the loss in net income?
    • Did management do a good, average, or poor job of controlling expenses?
    • Were management’s decisions to stay competitive sound?
  • What course of action do you recommend for the management of Green Pastures?

Show your work in Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

Complete calculations/computations using Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


World Literature Final Essay Assignment: The Aeneid Writing Assignment Help

Please revise the essay (Close Reading 2) in the attached file and extend it to a 6-page, double spaced essay.

You can use primary sources from the book (included in the attached file), or outside sources. Please make sure they are correctly cited in MLA format.

Please make sure MLA format is applied to the whole essay and please double check the spelling, grammar and structure.


To Tutor(s):

This essay is very important to me and please do your best. I will not hesitate the amount of tips if I can receive a result in high quality. Please contact me if you have any confusions.

Please help!

Best Regards.



comment on the discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

write a brief comment no more than 2 lines to following discussion:

Charles Jennings said: We’re moving to a world that focuses on performance and experience. There is a productivity and performance focus, rather than just a learning focus. If you are a Manager of HR or Training, do you agree it? Why?

I Agree with the Productivity & Performance Focus

As a Manager of HR or Training, I certainly agree with the need to focus more on issues that result into high levels of productivities and performances rather than just learning. Organizations that excel in today’s world are those that set strategic performance targets or goals and exceed them. As a Manager of HR, my primary objective would be to have experienced employees who are goal oriented with a focus on high performance. Moreover, it would be a key component of the HR function to ensure that capacity is created for members of the organization to deliver the necessary results on a given job and improve customer’s satisfaction.

The role of HR Managers in modern business environments requires creating the means for individuals to apply skills and knowledge on the job or given tasks so as to enhance organizational performance level. Defining the desired results in advance and building the capacities of employees to effectively performance assigned duties should be the main concern for managers in HR. Learning and trainings are only important to the organization in the event that they yield high performance results, improve productivity and ultimately, grow profit margins.

comment on the discussion Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Reading and Synthesis Humanities Assignment Help

Using On Writing Well by William Zinsser, come up with five principles of strong writing that you believe the author would endorse. Remember, you are not summarizing what the author said in the book; you are using your previous knowledge and the book to create your own ideas about what makes strong writing.

  1. Put your principles into the following format:

    “Strong writers…

    1. (first principle),
    2. (second principle),
    3. (third principle),
    4. (fourth principle), and
    5. (fifth principle).”
  2. For your assessment, select any essay you have written in this segment and analyze your own writing. Reflect on the five principles of strong writing you created from your reading synthesis, and then write a paragraph reflecting how your writing incorporates—or could incorporate with revisions—all five principles. Use actual examples from your essay to support your reflection.

Here is my essay:

There are two things that push humankind forward, which is, curiosity and mistakes. These two things combined are actually the driving force behind human success. This message is broadcast by biologist Lewis Thomas in his work The Medusa and the Snail, where he indicates that without making mistakes and breaking away from precision, humans would “never get anything useful done.” He is right. Literature and history have shown us that without mistakes, people would not be people, and the world would not have been as it is today.

One notable novel that is pushed forward by a character’s mistakes and failures is The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. The main character Holden Caulfield, from the very beginning is shown to make a mistake of leaving behind some fencing foils on the train, and his failure in all his classes led to his expulsion. This ends up the string of events that would later lead him to realize he was the catcher in the rye, the savior of all children. However, perhaps that isn’t the most important part of the story. The important part is how Holden Caulfield thought. This book, set in the modern America, is set on the idea that adults are phony and all think uniformly. Holden, on the other hand, is a cynical child, and he thinks precisely that he is not on the winning side. He rejects society, he rejects the rules of society. This reinforced Lewis Thomas’ point about there being two sides, and without two sides “there can be no action at all.” Without Holden’s stance on the other side, he would not have gone through the events of the book and would have conformed to the rest of society, not having come to the conclusion that he is special and unique in his own way and his purpose in life differs from everyone else’s. When people deviate from society, when they become the “mouse out of his box,” they begin to see things in a different light, and that eventually leads people to the answer that they want. This occurrence does not just happen in literature, it happens in real life too, often in science.

Aside from science accidentally inventing the slinky, or perhaps even potato chips, if it is a “lucky day” in the “lucky laboratory,” we see that science can give us inventions such as the x-ray, penicillin, even the pacemaker. It is amazing what a simple mistake can do. Lewis Thomas makes the point that we should take away the phrase “‘trial and error’” and instead use the phrase “‘trial and triumph.’” The latter definitely has a ring to it, and as Thomas pointed out, a sense of truth because “in real life, that’s how it is done.” Without Wilhelm Roentgen accidentally inventing the x-ray, or Sir Alexander Fleming tossing out his experiments, ending up creating a concoction that advanced medicine beyond belief, or even John Hopps deviating from his original invention to improve the pacemaker, the face of medicine would be much different, and the condition of human health would not have improved as vastly as it has today. Thomas was very straight to the point that humans making mistakes is vital in the process of learning and creating, and these inventions simply proves it further.

In the end, what can be taken away is that errors are essential in human progress, whether it be to figure out a person’s purpose or whether it be in a laboratory experiment. But, the question must be asked, do people just go on and about trying to actively make mistakes to come to a conclusion? The answer to that would be no. As Thomas said, humans are “coded for error,” which means they are prone to make them naturally. The goal would end up becoming to learn from that mistake, rather than being harsh on oneself and reacting negatively. No matter how cliché of a saying it becomes, it is important for people to recognize that failure is the first step to success.


LABOR 210L P 1 01 Labor and Working Class History Humanities Assignment Help

“Like I said, I think the main thing is to review the chapters we read in the book, the Cobble article, and the article on Eugene Debs. Strive to have an understanding of the historical context in which various labor unions, reforms, policies, etc…emerged, developed, declined, etc. For example, what political and economic forces explain why the Knight of Labor, the AFL, or the New Deal emerged at a particular moment? “

There will be 10 questions — all short answer. And none will be tricky. To study- Go through the readings, ask yourself the most central question, outline the question, and try to provide some details to give your answer some substance.

Gilded Age 1870s-1900

Progressive Era 1900-1920

WWI 1914-1918

Great Depression 1929-1939

New Deal 1933-1938

Wagner Act (National Labor Relations Act) 1935

WWII 1939-1945

Taft-Hartley Act 1947


Knights of Labor 1870s to 1890s

AFL (American Federation of Labor) 1886 – Present

IWW (Industrial Workers of the World; Wobblies) 1905 – early 1920s

CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations) 1935 (1955)

Eugene Debs 1855 – 1926

Social justice feminism 1920s-1960s


Terminal Madness Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help

Instruction Watch the Video and then, answer the question

Answer Question 1, need to be Minimun of 250 words

1- Identify and describe 2 areas in technology mentioned in the documentary that have developed into a very useful tool in homes and businesses. Explain your answer as it relates to the timeline of events.

2 – Come up with what people might be saying in 2032

1980: “Computers are just a fad nobody needs one blah blah blah”

1997: “Why would anybody want to order pizza online?”

2014: “What good would a conscious artificial intelligence be?”

2032: ???


Health Data Standards Review the references below and get the ideas from eac Writing Assignment Help

To prepare:

  • Review the references below and get the ideas from each.
    • How does each provide a framework to align the terminologies and data sets used in health care settings?
  • Reflect upon your current health care setting.
    • Does your setting currently use any of the standards outlined by a specific organization? Why?
    • How might standards impact the documentation processes of your setting? Furthermore, which standards might most apply to you in your work as a nurse?

Note: If you are not currently working in a health care setting, select a setting with which you are familiar for this Discussion.

By Day 3

Post a description of the health data standards your setting uses and how these standards impact documentation and your specific nursing role. Explain how standard development organizations impact your health care setting.

Pls get the ideas from this resources/references…

1. Saba, V. K., & McCormick, K. A. (2015). Essentials of nursing informatics (6th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

  • Chapter 15, “The Practice Specialty of Nursing Informatics”In this chapter, the authors explore the connections between various informatics specialties, such as health care informatics and nursing informatics. Focusing primarily on nursing informatics, the chapter provides information on its concepts, establishment, and practice.
  • Chapter 7, “Health Data Standards: Development, Harmonization, and Interoperability”This chapter explains the components that are necessary for health data standards to function effectively. Guidelines for interpreting health data standards are also given.

2. Bokur, D. (2012). To ‘EACH’ its own incentive payment: New CCHIT program rewards groups with EHR systems. MGMA Connexion, 12(2), 33–34.

3. Heymans, S., McKennirey, M., & Phillips, J. (2011). Semantic validation of the use of SNOMED CT in HL7 clinical documents. Journal of Biomedical Semantics, 2(Suppl. 3), 2–17.

4. Kim, W., Lim, S., Ahn, J., Nah, J., & Kim, N. (2010). Integration of IEEE 1451 and HL7 exchanging information for patients’ sensor data. Journal of Medical Systems, 34(6), 1033–1041.






Metro area Writing Assignment Help

Metro area Writing Assignment Help

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