MGMT 2041 Basic Elements of Individual Behavior in Organizations Business Finance Assignment Help

MGMT 2041 Basic Elements of Individual Behavior in Organizations Business Finance Assignment Help. MGMT 2041 Basic Elements of Individual Behavior in Organizations Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Please do Q & A Chapter 09 Assignment- Basic Elements of Individual Behavior in Organizations

and answer 8 questions correctly.

  • You will learn about the role of the individual in the workplace. Questions will focus on the relationship between the individual and the organization, personality, attitudes, perceptions, stress, creativity, and organizational citizenship.

If your answers are wrong, there is an another version to answer the question. I will upload another version for you if you are answers are wrong. I will not give you extra credit for another version. If you are answers are wrong, I will request refund from you. Because some tutors answered wrong questions. Please understand me. I need the correct answers. That’s why please answer 8 questions correctly. You can look up chapter 09 textbook if you need more informations. Please let me know if you have any questions.

MGMT 2041 Basic Elements of Individual Behavior in Organizations Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Topic Two. Can we be responsible for our actions? [i] State and explain Strawson’s argument for the non-existence of morally responsible action. [ii] State and explain the luck argument for the incompatibility of freewill with indeterminism (i.e. what is Humanities Assignment Help

Your essay must be 4 to 6 pages long not including quotes from other authors. Essays shorter than 4 pages will lose points according to the percentage of missing material; E.g. Missing one page = 25% missing = 0 for 25% of the paper grade. Students attempting to make their essay look long by using large gaps between paragraphs or in their headings etc., will lose points.

Use a 12-point font, and double-space the lines except the space between paragraphs.

Be sure to include page references to our text, but you do not require a bibliography unless you use other sources. Use of other sources (including websites) is permitted but must be properly referred to.

Hints: (a) structure your essay into sections (b) explain all quotes (c) explain an idea by using an example of the idea – proves you really understand the idea (d) have a thesis or “pick sides” (e) but always try to explain the reasons behind…everything you say and what the authors say.


​Ethics Assignment Writing Assignment Help

If you were the top sport administrator/manager of an organization, explain the importance of ethics and the steps you might take to prevent unethical and illegal conduct. Explain how the steps listed to prevent these types of conduct utilize best practices related to the following areas:

  • social issues,
  • cultural issues,
  • legal issues,
  • economic issues, and
  • consumer decision-making issues.

Provide at least three strategies you would employ. Give examples of each, and discuss your reasoning for each.

Include the following elements in your paper:

  • Title page: Include your name, the assignment title, and the name of the university.
  • Introduction: Provide a brief introduction of the assignment.
  • Body: Provide your steps, examples, and reasoning.
  • Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion that wraps up the elements of the paper.
  • Reference page: Include a reference page that lists the sources in proper APA format.

Your paper should be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Your paper should be typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font; be double-spaced; and include page headers. You are required to use the textbook as a source; therefore, references and in-text citations should be formatted using APA style.


Summarize CH. 2 of “Islamic Science & the Making of the European Renaissance” in 500 Words Foreign Languages Assignment Help

Read chapter 2 of “Islamic Science & the Making of the European Renaissance” and summarize the chapter in 500 words.

This is a short summary/responses to the assigned reading. The report must show mastery of the readings. It must be coherent and it must be written in your own words. More than 15 words taken from a source will be flagged by the system as plagiarism. Therefore, try to always paraphrase and use your own languages to explain the readings. While you can refer to the author, you do not need to cite. Think of it as an answer to this question: “What have I learned from the readings this week?”


1. Delivering the required content

2. Accurate information and fact-checking

3. Stating the core arguments of the reading

I have attached the link to the reading down below.…

Please make sure that the whole summary is relevant to the reading, and please follow the rubric above.


I need the answer for both of these homework assignments Writing Assignment Help

Given a folder with images in it, create an HTML page named index.html that contains links to each JPEG file in the directory as follows:

  • Write a function that creates a string of the path to a directory.
  • Generate a thumbnail (half the size) copy of each image.
  • Use makeEmptyPicture to create a blank picture in the correct size, then scale down the original picture into the blank picture.
  • Name the new image “half-” + the original filename (e.g., if the original filename was fred.jpg, save the half-size image as half-fred.jpg). The anchor in the link to each full-size picture should be the half-size image.

    Accessing the Internet

  • Since this assignment specifies the picture should be saved as a “thumbnail,” the full answer should include a function that decreases the image to a thumbnail size (saveThumbnail2). However, if the picture pulled from a URL was a thumbnail originally, your function should just save the image without resizing (saveThumbnail1).



Homework Business Finance Assignment Help


  • You are a newly hired analyst at a top company
  • Your starting salary is $80,000 year
  • You are attempting to save about 10% of your income
  • You have the following options for savings and investment.

  • A Company 401K Plan that matches the first 6% Pretax Contributions at a 50% Match rate
  • Your own Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with a balance of $5,500.
  • Your own Roth IRA with a balance of $1,250.
  • Your brokerage account with a balance of $2,500

Based on information in the course, how much would you save each year and in which savings options would you put the money?

Homework Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

BUS363 Total Quality Management Business Finance Assignment Help

Hi there, this assignment is based on Singapore industry.

The requirements for this assignment:

1. It is to be submitted before the due date which is on the 3rd April 2019, Wednesday, Singapore Time. Not your time zone but mine. Due to the many experience with other tutors who do not meet this requirement I had to put this clause in.

2. It is required that the assignment has a lot of research to be done.

3. Citation are APA Style.

4. The english language is British English.

5. Please use the course material provided as much as possible. (Study Guide)

6. Quick response from the tutor is much needed.

7. To submit Question 1 and 2 on the 20th March 2019, Wednesday, Singapore Time.

Thank you for your kind understanding. I hope to work well with you.


PCN 540: topic 6 program evaluation Humanities Assignment Help

Imagine that you are working at an agency that serves victims of domestic violence. You have been asked by the agency’s clinical director to create a trauma-informed care therapy program for victims of domestic violence.

Write a 700-1,050-word essay describing the program you would want to create. Address the following in your essay:

  1. Describe how you would do a needs assessment to determine the need for such a program. Would you use quantitative or qualitative tools? Why?
  2. What tool would you use to measure the outcome of the program? Would you use a quantitative or a qualitative tool? Why?
  3. Research one trauma-informed care intervention you would recommend to the clinical director and evaluate its effectiveness. Discuss its validity and reliability as an intervention. Was the research conducted based on quantitative or qualitative measures?

Include a minimum of three scholarly resources in your essay.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.


Online Math Homework (MyLab Math) Mathematics Assignment Help


My professor requires us to complete online homework through a program called My Lab Math. I have started on all my sections but haven’t been able to complete them. The site url is and on there you will log on with my information I give you. I am looking for someone to help me complete section 3.1 down to 5.1. (Some May be late, but that’s okay) You will see I started on the sections. Once you log on with the information I give you under student, click assignments on the left hand side and it will show the sections.. click on them to access them.


Select an individual – an artist, scientist, musician, writer, or other creative figures – and discuss his or her creative process. What factors contributed to their creative success? Can you identify particular social or personal elements important? Writing Assignment Help

1. The complete topic is “Select an individual – an artist, scientist, musician, writer, or other creative figures – and discuss his or her creative process. You should use primary materials, interviews, works to support your ideas. What factors contributed to their creative success? Can you identify any particular social or personal elements that may have been important?”

And some requirements:

1.Be sure your introduction clearly lays out what you will be arguing.

2. Indent your paragraphs.•Avoid the use of personal pronouns in your essay.

3. Be sure to use transitional sentences to get from one paragraph to the next.

4. Check for run-­‐on sentences that need to be broken up into smaller units.

5. Break up long blocks of text into smaller paragraphs.

6. Remember to cite your sources as you use them throughout your paper.

7. Place any footnotes you have at the end of the sentence.•Number your pages.

8. Make a point of proofreading through your paper when you are done to catch any errors you may have accidentally overlooked.

9. Remove any spaces between your paragraphs.

10. 7 pages means 7 pages


Please make sure that the whole summary is relevant to the reading, and please follow the rubric above.