MGT 498 Fundacao Getulio Vargas Caterpillar Inc SWOT Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

MGT 498 Fundacao Getulio Vargas Caterpillar Inc SWOT Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help. MGT 498 Fundacao Getulio Vargas Caterpillar Inc SWOT Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help.

MGT 498 Strategic Management Journal

Write a 350- to 525-word response to the following prompts in your journal entry:

  1. Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of Caterpillar, Inc. Each SWOT quadrant must contain 7-10 items, (this is not included in the 525-word count).
  2. Analyze Caterpillar’s strengths and include specific examples based on your SWOT analysis findings.
  3. Evaluate the weaknesses and threats for any common themes that might be a risk.
  4. Compare Caterpillar’s weaknesses against its opportunities.
  5. Propose problem-solving strategies to address Caterpillar’s weaknesses or threats that could be mitigated by a business opportunity or business decision.

MGT 498 Fundacao Getulio Vargas Caterpillar Inc SWOT Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

ACC 492 University of Phoenix Week 3 Procedures for Substantive Testing Checks HW Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment Content

  1. Complete problems 20-20
    Complete problems 21-21

20-20 Following are some of the tests of controls and substantive tests of transactions procedures often performed in the payroll and personnel cycle. (Each procedure is to be done on a sample basis or using audit software.)

  • 1. Reconcile the monthly payroll total for direct manufacturing labor with the labor cost distribution.
  • 2. Examine the time card for the approval of a foreman.
  • 3. Recompute hours on the time card and compare the total with the total hours for which the employee has been paid.
  • 4. Perform a surprise payroll payoff and observe employees picking up and signing for their checks.
  • 5. Compare the employee name, date, check number, and amounts on cancelled checks with the payroll journal.
  • 6. Trace the hours from the employee time cards to job tickets to make sure that the total reconciles, and trace each job ticket to the job-cost record.
  • 7. Use audit software to account for the sequence of payroll checks in the payroll journal.

21-21 The Frist Corporation has the following internal controls related to inventory:

  • 1. Only authorized inventory warehousing personnel are allowed in inventory storage areas.
  • 2. All inventory products are stored in warehousing areas that are segregated from other storage areas used to house equipment and supplies.
  • 3. All inventory held on consignment at Frist Corporation is stored in a separate area of the warehouse.
  • 4. The inventory purchasing system only allows purchases from pre-approved vendors.
  • 5. The perpetual inventory system tracks the average number of days each inventory product number has been in the warehouse.
  • 6. Microchips are embedded in each product and when inventory items are removed from the warehouse to shipping, radio-frequencies signal a deduction of inventory to the perpetual inventory system.
  • 7. On a weekly basis, inventory accounting personnel take samples of inventory products selected from the perpetual inventory system and verify that the inventory is on-hand in the warehouse and that the quantities in the listing are correct.
  • 8. On a weekly basis, inventory accounting personnel select inventory items on hand in the warehouse and verify that the item is included in the perpetual inventory listing at the correct amount.
  • 9. The perpetual inventory system subtotals the quantity of inventory in the system and interfaces with the general ledger system on a daily basis to ensure quantities agree.
  • 10. The perpetual inventory system will not accept inventory additions without the recording on a valid receiving report.


Los Angeles County Los Angeles School District and the City of Chatsworth Research Humanities Assignment Help

Depending upon where you live, do the following for YOUR location: (my county is Los Angeles, my school district is Los Angeles School District and my city is Chatsworth)

1. Do research on your county gov’t. Tell me how many people are on the board of supervisors, how do they divide up the county, how do they handle elections (including: how long are the terms in office, does everyone go up for election at the same time, term limits)and who is your supervisor(s).

2. Tell me about a school district that you (or your children) go to. How many members are on the board, who are they and how does the board conduct elections (including: how long are the terms in office, does everyone go up for election at the same time, term limits).

3. Tell me about your city. What form is it (general law or charter)? How big is the council, election info ( (including: how long are the terms in office, does everyone go up for election at the same time, term limits), who is the mayor? Is the mayor elected by citizens or is it a rotation position?


City College of San Francisco Optimal Taxation With Migration Essay Economics Assignment Help


Consider an economy with two sectors H (high-tech) and L (low-tech) and two

individuals 1 and 2. Workers in sector H earn an income level of 10 whereas those

working in sector L earn an income level of 6 (labor supply is assumed to be inelastic).

Type 2 (the high skilled guy) can work in both sectors whereas type 1 (the low skilled

type) can only work in sector L. Both types derive utility from income and suffer no

disutility from work.

The government is considering levying a system of sector-specific lump-sum

taxes/transfers on redistributive grounds.


American Military University Teaching Effective Supervisor Skills PPT Business Finance Assignment Help

Instructions: This project requires you to develop a PowerPoint slide presentation for use as a training tool with brand new supervisors! You are in charge of presenting them on information on how to transition from a worker to a supervisor. There is great satisfaction in taking a brand new employee, helping them to develop their Management, Coaching and Leadership skills, and then watching them excel! With this in mind, your presentation should have and title slide, an overview and body of slides for the audience. The presentation ( 8-10 slides) should focus on what challenges a new supervisor may face, what makes a good supervisor (or bad one) and how to transition to becoming a supervisor. Factors to consider in all forms of communication–Who is your audience? What is your message? Are you trying to persuade? Inform?

Here are some guidelines to get you started: You are the Lead Shift Supervisor and are going to brief a small group of newly promoted team leads with little or no past leadership experience. They have all worked up through the ranks at the Bad Teddy Bear Manufacturing Facility. Your audience ages are anywhere from 25-35 years of age, with various business backgrounds, some with military experience, and some that have been in a little trouble before but now want to move up in the company. Many of them have good friends still “on the line” and will may have a struggle adjusting. Have fun with some of the topics and graphics of course!

There should be an introduction slide, a topic overview slide, 8-10 slides on presentation techniques, a conclusion slide and lastly a reference slide. Use the “notes” feature of PowerPoint to list your talking points on each slide for me to read what you would actually be saying.

The body of your presentation should include at least 8-10 presentation slides, in addition to a title slide, introduction slide(s), and references at the end of your presentation for a total of no more than 15 slides. PowerPoint presentations longer than 15 slides will not be read after the 15th slide. As such, please ensure that all assignment questions are answered within the first 15 slides, as your grade will be based on the first 15 slides received.

The final grade will based on your ability to follow assignment instructions, research conducted, the effectiveness of the training proposed, critical thinking and analysis, and APA format.

Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, include at least three (3) supporting references or sources. Cite all sources properly in the text of each slide, in accordance with the 6th edition of the APA manual, Chapters 6 & 7.



ARSD India Apple Company Financial Ratios Analysis Essay Writing Assignment Help

There are multiple parts to this assignment. Please organize your paper accordingly. Use APA formatting – incorporate a separate Heading for each Ratio or number each Ratio 1. Identify and number/letter each ratio. Provide a separate paragraph for each ratio or use a table format. 2. Please make sure to explain specifically what each ratio means to the business moving forward. This assignment is looking for you to analyze each ratio for your select business, beyond just supplying definitions. 3. Explain which ratios you feel are most important for the business and support your choice(s) 4. For ratios NOT in Morningstar, you are required to perform Internet research and find them utilizing other resources.

ARSD India Apple Company Financial Ratios Analysis Essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

PSYC 2301 Lonestar Time Related Interventions in Children With ADHD Findings Humanities Assignment Help

Minor error in your reference: the “A” after the colon should be capitalized. (…9-15 years: A randomized…)

1st para: “…have been demonstrated…” Last line: subjects (not “subjected”)

p. 2 what does (332) mean?

Check your in-text citations:

You should use et al

Page 3 – delete the sentence “For data analysis…” — this is just the software (app) that was used. You can say what statistical analyses were used or say nothing at all.

Page 4 is unnecessary. You should not have any other references besides the article you are reviewing. Eliminate the other reference and delate page 5.

Overall, well done!


SDSU Chief Financial Officers Way of Doing Transaction with Rich & Rich Inc Summary Business Finance Assignment Help

Mr. Bestall, CFO of the Best Finance Inc., was satisfied with its income statement report. He decided to have a meeting with the analysts following the Best Finance Inc. before filing its financial statements with the SEC. The following conversation was in the meeting.

CFO: The year ended on September 30 should be our most profitable in history and as a consequence, the board of directors has just awarded the officers generous bonuses.

Analysts: I thought profits were down this year in the industry, mainly because of the pandemic COVID 19. Your latest interim report showed losses too.

CFO: Well, they were down, but ten days before closing the accounting period we closed a deal that will give us a substantial increase for the year.

Analysts: Oh, what was it?

CFO: Well, you remember a few years ago our former president bought stock in Jubilee Enterprises because he had an inorganic growth plan. For six years, we have not been able to sell this stock, which cost us $3,000,000 and has not paid any dividends at all. We sold this stock to Rich & Rich Inc. for $4,000,000. So we had a gain of $700,000 ($1,000,000 before tax) which increased our net income for the year to $4,000,000. Last year’s net income was $3,700,000. As far as I know, we will be the only company in the industry to register an increase in net income this year. That should help the market value of the stock!

Analysts: When do you expect to receive the $4,000,000 in cash?

CFO: They give us a $4,000,000 zero-interest bearing note with payments of $400,000 per year for the next ten years. The first payment is due on September 30 next year. Rich & Rich Inc. is an excellent company. They are a little tight for cash because of their rapid growth.

Analysts: Why is the note zero-interest bearing?

CFO: Because that’s what everybody agreed to. Since we don’t have any interest-bearing debt, the funds invested in the note do not cost us anything and besides, we were not getting any dividends on the Jubilee Enterprises stock.

Do you agree with the way the CFO has accounted for the transaction?

Explain your reasoning


ACC 492 UP W2 What Control Can Be Instituted for Each Fraud to Reduce the Likelihood of Occurrence Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment Content

  1. Complete problem 23-20
    Complete problem 14-23

23-20 The following are misstatements that might be found in the client’s year-end cash balance (assume that the balance sheet date is June 30):

  • 1. The outstanding checks on the June 30 bank reconciliation were underfooted by $2,000.
  • 2. A loan from the bank on June 26 was credited directly to the client’s bank account. The loan was not entered as of June 30.
  • 3. A check was omitted from the outstanding check list on the June 30 bank reconciliation. It cleared the bank July 7.
  • 4. A check was omitted from the outstanding check list on the bank reconciliation. It cleared the bank September 6.
  • 5. Cash receipts collected on accounts receivable from July 1 to July 5 were included as June 29 and 30 cash receipts.
  • 6. A bank transfer recorded in the accounting records on July 1 was included as a deposit in transit on June 30.
  • 7. A check that was dated June 26 and disbursed in June was not recorded in the cash disbursements journal, but it was included as an outstanding check on June 30.

14-23 The following questions deal with audit evidence for the sales and collection cycle. Choose the best response.

a.An auditor is performing substantive tests of transactions for sales. One step is to trace a sample of debit entries from the accounts receivable master file back to the supporting duplicate sales invoices. What will the auditor intend to establish by this step?

  • (1)Sales invoices represent existing sales.
  • (2)All sales have been recorded.
  • (3)All sales invoices have been correctly posted to customer accounts.
  • (4)Debit entries in the accounts receivable master file are correctly supported by sales invoices.

b.Which audit procedure is most effective in testing credit sales for overstatement?

  • (1)Trace a sample of postings from the sales journal to the sales account in the general ledger.
  • (2)Vouch a sample of recorded sales from the sales journal to shipping documents.
  • (3)Prepare an aging of accounts receivable.
  • (4)Trace a sample of initial sales orders to sales recorded in the sales journal.

c.To determine whether internal control relative to the revenue cycle of a wholesaling entity is operating effectively in minimizing the failure to prepare sales invoices, an auditor would most likely select a sample of transactions from the population represented by the

  • (1)sales order file.
  • (2)customer order file.
  • (3)shipping document file.
  • (4)sales invoice file.


Bellevue University Pizza Ordering Application Capstone Project Computer Science Assignment Help

You have been asked to develop a pizza ordering application. Here is the information your manager just shared with you about this software development project.

The pizza ordering application allows customers with a web browser to order pizza for home delivery. To place an order, a customer would search to find items to purchase (e.g., specialty pizzas, sodas, desserts, salads, etc.), and then add items one at a time to a shopping cart. They could also view a page that showed the daily specials. The customer could search again for more items if they wanted. They would also have the option to build their own pizza with as many toppings as they like. When all items were chosen, the customer would see the cost of their order and also be prompted to provide a delivery address for that specific order. If not paying with cash, the customer would provide credit or debit card information for use on the current order. The system should have an option for customers to register with the pizza shop. They could then save their name, address information, and e-mail address, so that they wouldn’t have to enter this information every time they placed an order. If they didn’t want to save their personal details on the site, they could register their e-mail address only, which would let them receive coupons and updates on special promotions.

To complete this assignment, make assumptions as needed–just be sure to document any assumptions you make.

Milestone #1

  1. Identify the following information about the pizza ordering application:
    • Purpose or goal of the system
    • Primary user(s) of the system
  2. Assume the role of the customer. Identify 10 user requirements in user story format “As a (role), I want (feature), so that I can (justification/benefit).”
  3. Identify 5 functional requirements and 2 or more non-functional requirements using the “shall” format from Chapter 4.
  4. Identify 5 use case scenarios and create a simple use case UML diagram for each.

Milestone #2

  1. Complete a UML activity diagram that provides a high level overview of the major processes that characterize the pizza ordering application.
  2. Assume a Test Driven Development approach. Identify 5 or more failing tests and what you would do to make them pass. These tests will form the basis of your unit testing strategy.
  3. Identify whether a plan-driven “waterfall” software development approach or an agile framework or methodology might be more suitable for this software development project. Explain your recommendation.

Milestone #3

  1. Identify the evolution and maintenance related items that should be considered when planning to develop the pizza ordering software application.
  2. Identify 10 or more risks that could develop with this project. What is the probability or likelihood that each risk might occur, and what would be the effect to your pizza ordering application if it did? What is your plan to either avoid, minimize or recover from (i.e., contingency plan) each of these risks if they were to occur? Present your risk analysis as a Risk Register in a tabular format, with the highest impacts/effects listed first.
    • Project Planning Assignments:
      • Plan-driven “waterfall” planning approach assignment: Use the 10 user story requirements from Milestone #1 for this assignment. For each user story, identify the effort in person-days and duration of each deliverable. If one user story is dependent on another, identify that relationship.
      • Agile Scrum planning approach assignment: Use the 10 user story requirements from Milestone #1 for this assignment. Assuming a 2-week sprint cycle or iteration, identify how many sprints this software development project will take to complete. Identify which user stories will be completed within each sprint and what considerations went into your sizing decision.
      • Be sure to rank the user stories from highest to lowest priority.
  3. Be sure the most important user stories are completed before the least important user stories.


MGT 498 Fundacao Getulio Vargas Caterpillar Inc SWOT Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

MGT 498 Fundacao Getulio Vargas Caterpillar Inc SWOT Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help