Milestone 3 Plan Support Writing Assignment Help

Milestone 3 Plan Support Writing Assignment Help. Milestone 3 Plan Support Writing Assignment Help.

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First Answer these question in numbered form:

1. In two or three sentences identify a psychological perspective and explain how it relates to the problem of Veterans Struggling With the Stigma of PTSD. Note: Remember to cite your sources.

2. In two or three sentences identify a psychological concept or theory and explain how it relates to the problem of Veterans Struggling With the Stigma of PTSD. Note: Remember to cite your sources.

3. In two or three more sentences identify another psychological concept or theory and explain how it relates to the problem of Veterans Struggling With the Stigma of PTSD. Note: Remember to cite your sources

4. In at least three sentences, explain which ethical standards you are most likely to take into consideration in addressing the problem of Veterans Struggling With the Stigma of PTSD. NOTE: Revisit the APA Ethics Code and click the arrows next to each standard to view one or more nested standards.

After answering each question in numbered form, then use the information above to complete this prompt.

Prompt: For this milestone, you will identify two relevant psychological theories that will support your future action plan and describe how each of these can be applied to address the problem you described in Milestone One. You will also discuss how the perspectives of psychologists in different subject areas can inform how you approach your problem in preparation for your action plan. Additionally, you’ll describe the ethical implications that need to be considered in thecreation of your action plan.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Plan Support: In this part of the assessment, you will identify theories and perspectives in psychology that will support your future action plan.

  1. Identify relevant fundamental theories in psychology discussed in the course which could be applied to address the problem.
  2. Describe how you would apply these fundamental theories in psychology to address the problem.
  3. Explain how you can use the perspectives of psychologists in different subject areas within the field to approach your problem.
  4. Describe the ethical implications that will need to be considered in the creation of your action plan.

I have attached Milestone 2 to refer to and you may use the references from Milestone 2 for reference and for more information. Do not use outside references. Unless you can use the book: PSYCHOLOGY 5th edition, DAVID G. MYERS & C. NATHAN DEWALL (Chapters 1-3)

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Web Design and Architecture Discussion Response Writing Assignment Help

I’ve provided 2 discussions that need to be responded separately.



Three concepts learned from the video:

1.Difference between summary and paraphrase

A summary is a process of shortening the information presented in a source to give a brief idea about the source whereas, a paraphrase is using someone else’s idea in your own words to present your argument.

2.Use of quotation

When you take information from a research paper and intend to use it as it is, it is important to denote that part using quotations. If not, you will be committing plagiarism.

3.Information about a source in the citation

  • Last name of the author
  • Year of publication
  • Page number.

2-)The video discusses many elements of APA formatting and citations. One of the elements Scott (2016) describes, is the importance of making sure parenthetical citations are in the correct sentence. The punctuation mark should follow the parenthetical citation

A second important element to remember is that one needs to cite more than just copied and pasted quotations from the text. When writing one also needs to provide citations when paraphrasing information from someone else’s work.

Lastly, when citing a source, one should also consider the quality of the source. Blogs and opinion articles are great for exploring a subject, but most likely they are not reliable sources that have been reviewed and scrutinized by other respected professionals in the field before being published. Wikipedia is a source that you can used for general research and is a good starting point to get ideas flowing, but it is not a trusted source (Scott, 2016). Anyone can edit Wikipedia and people take advantage of this from time to time. Therefore, Wikipedia should not be sighted as a scholarly source.


What will you do? Support your answer. Be specific and use the facts from the scenario. Then tell us what the effects of your decision will be. How will the defendant be affected? How will the victim(s) be affected? Business Finance Assignment Help

You are a prosecutor with a background as a police officer. After working for 12 years as a patrol officer in the city where you grew up, you decided to attend law school. Then you returned to run for the office of district attorney in the jurisdiction that you had always called home. You were elected in a landslide win, but now you face a serious dilemma.

Weeks ago, the district that you serve was rocked by media headlines describing an alleged terror plot against your small city. The plot came to light when police arrested two men of Arabic descent and confiscated what they described as a weapons cache from the backyard shed of the house where the men lived. The weapons inventory included handguns, hollow-point rounds, AK-47 ammunition, and a number of assault rifles that further investigation revealed had been legally purchased after Congress refused to renew the ban on assault weapons a few years ago. In a box alongside a collection of handguns, investigators found two complete sets of breathing apparatus, such as might be used by firefighters, that had been stockpiled by some people years ago who feared biological or gas attacks in the wake of the terrorist destruction of September 11, 2001.

A search of the suspects’ house turned up a box full of pornographic magazines and photographs, some of them showing nude children. A crime laboratory assessment of a computer hard drive taken from the men’s house revealed that it contained an assortment of pornographic images, including some of children under the age of 12.

The situation grew much more serious when, following 24 hours of police interrogation, the men admitted to plotting an attack on the city’s elementary schools. As details of the plot unfolded, local newspapers, television stations, and radio newscasters reported that the men had planned to seize the city’s two elementary schools and lock the children inside by chaining the doors shut. The men, said the police, had then planned on setting fire to the buildings and escaping in the initial confusion after the arrival of firefighters. Their escape would be made only after many of the children had succumbed to smoke inhalation and what they had hoped would be a raging inferno. The men, they said, would survive the fire by using the gas masks.

A few hours ago, however, the attorneys appointed to represent the suspects claimed that their confessions had been forced and that the defendants wanted to retract their statements. They refused to enter guilty pleas at arraignment and wanted to go to trial.

That report and a thorough review of the physical evidence gathered from the men’s house left you with an uneasy feeling. Although you felt confident that you could bring child pornography charges against at least one of the suspects, you did not think that their possession of weapons and gas masks amounted to a crime. But the signed confessions now in your possession—if valid—provided powerful evidence of a terrorist conspiracy.

When you talk to the two police interrogators who obtained the confessions, their stories appear to differ. One says that the first suspect, a man named Akbar, had confessed almost immediately, while the second man, Khalid, denied any terrorist involvement but admitted his part in the plot only after viewing Akbar’s signed confession. The second investigator describes a different scenario, saying that Khalid confessed almost immediately after being shown photos of his own children and then being asked to think about what it would be like if he lost them.

You call the two interrogators into your office and tell them of your concerns. After only a few minutes of talking, the first interrogator, a detective named Steve with whom you had worked for ten years while on the police force, candidly admits that the confessions had been coerced. “Look,” said Steve, “you know how it is. We knew these guys were up to something—and it was likely to be big. We just didn’t know exactly what it was, and we weren’t sure we could prove it.”

“That’s right,” said Bill, the second detective. “We’re pretty sure that they were planning some kind of attack, but they wouldn’t tell us what it was.”

You quickly learn that both suspects had been exhaustively interrogated but that neither one had admitted to any terrorist plans. The detectives, however, had been secretly watching the men accumulate weapons and had seen them drive by the city’s elementary schools and linger there on a number of occasions. “We figured that they were planning to hurt the kids,” said Steve. “We weren’t exactly sure how, and that’s when we used the Tasers.”

Both detectives admitted to repeatedly shocking the suspects with Tasers during the interrogation session but claimed that the action was necessary. “The confessions are good,” said Bill. “They’re both signed, and we even Mirandized them before we started talking to them. And the Tasers didn’t leave any marks, so they can’t prove a thing against us, and who’s a jury going to believe—us or them?”

“You mean these guys didn’t actually say that they were planning to attack the schools,” you ask incredulously, “and that you tortured them, that these confessions are entirely fabricated?”

“Yeah, but so what?” said Steve. “We prevented an attack, didn’t we? You let these guys go now, and there’s no telling what they’ll do.”

What will you do? Support your answer. Be specific and use the facts from the scenario. Then tell us what the effects of your decision will be. How will the defendant be affected? How will the victim(s) be affected? Is this a clear right or wrong decision, or is it a gray area?


Post a 150-word response to one of the following discussion prompts Economics Assignment Help

Post a 150-word response to one of the following discussion

  • Discuss how education plays a critical role in financial success. List at least two financial benefits of being college educated. How might a college education affect your long-term financial plan? Consider future income and loan repayment in your response.
  • If you have student loans or plan to use them to complete your program, how would you summarize what you learned about future repayment options? What are some important considerations when borrowing to pay for college?
  • There are many non-loan options available to pay tuition. What can you tell us about two of these options? Have you had experience with them? How would someone learn more about these options?
  • The timing of when you start saving for retirement can make all the difference. Investing in retirement at the age of 25 instead of 35 means you could have $700,000 more when it comes time to retire. What steps can you take to make sure you are investing in your future now? What are the consequences if you decide not to start saving for retirement now?
  • Thinking about your own personal values, how does investing and retirement planning fit with those values? What are some options that you could do now to start saving for your retirement?


• Sunset Limited Paper (APA Style) Business Finance Assignment Help



Web Design Assignment Writing Assignment Help

After watching the video “Web Design 101: Information Architecture Basics,” complete the following steps 1–6 to develop a website plan for a site you would like to develop in the future:

  1. Identify which type of website you will design—personal, organizational/topical, or commercial. Write a brief paragraph describing the website’s overall purpose and its targeted audience. Create a name for your website.
  2. List at least three general goals for your website. You will fine-tune these goals into a mission statement in a subsequent chapter.
  3. List elements in addition to text—photos, music, animation, and so forth—that you could include on your website to support your general goals.
  4. Identify the design tools you expect to use to develop your website.
  5. Identify an available domain name and URL for your website. Research to make sure it is available.
  6. Submit your findings in the format requested by your instructor. Be prepared to discuss your plan with the class.

The paper must following the formatting guidelines in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010), (6th ed., 7th printing), and contain a title page, five scholarly references, four pages of content, and a reference page.

Video Link

Web Design Assignment Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

CHEM43A University of California why the chemical tests work discussion Writing Assignment Help

Lab is attached

Scientific Background (300-400 words)

-Briefly describe the scientific principles and theories that were applied to achieve the objective.

Principles that you should consider

  • How phases changes are used to isolate, purify and identify organic compounds – i.e. boiling and melting points.
  • Chemical Tests
  • Chemical Derivatives
  • Recrystallization

Connect Theory and Practice ( 300 – 400 words)

Apply your understanding of the theory behind the techniques used to identify the new key steps in the experiment, analyze, and briefly explain these key steps worked to help achieve the objective.

Note: Try to explain why a technique was used and how it worked rather than listing the procedures/steps that you followed. The procedures “add up” to a particular technique with a specific goal – what is that goal and why are the steps necessary?


peer review Writing Assignment Help

For this assignment, you’ll switch with two group members, as usual. Work on one group member’s today, and one at home, either tonight or tomorrow. All peer review feedback is due back to your partner by TOMORROW NIGHT at MIDNIGHT, or asap.

Make sure you include a LINK to your creative project, or other way for your partner to access the creative project, at the top of the essay draft you provide to them!!

First, focus on the questions your peer partner has left you in the margins of their paper. Questions may be referring to the essay and/or the creative project.

Second, try to focus most of your feedback around the companion essay. The creative project is only as successful as the essay and how it explains the choices being made. In some cases, the creative project may be lacking, or behind. As you read, leave your comments in the margins, or you may group it all into one big comment at the end of the draft. Here’s what you should be looking for, and what you should focus your comments around:

  • How specifically is the author defining their FORM (ie: reddit, twitter, instagram, blog, etc.)? Does it seem to go beyond the most OBVIOUS and OBSERVABLE traits of the genre? If not, let them know that their definition so far seems perhaps too general, too vague, or too simple.
  • Does the author provide a good model for the form of their creative project, and are they using that model to help: a.) define the conventions of that form, and b.) illustrate how they are using the same conventions in a unique way? A model would be an example of the same form of text they’re trying to create (so, if they’re doing a reddit thread, they should include reference to another reddit thread, etc.) They may include other models as well, pertaining to content. We just want to make sure they are absolutely referencing a model related to the FORM of their project.
  • Does the author actually define their audience and rhetor? Do these places in the essay feel too vague/general to you? Do you feel they could add more to their analysis of audience and rhetor? How so? Why or why not?
  • Does the author focus on both the form AND content of their creative text when analyzing: a.) how their project is “plausible and believable,” and b.) how their project is creepy? Remember that with online legends a huge factor of whether a story is deemed “creepy” is whether it is “believable.” You should be appealing to both how the FORM (website/social media platform/etc., writing style/diction, multi-modality) of your project as well as the CONTENT (characters, settings, themes, plot, messages, atmospheres, etc.) of your project BOTH contribute to the plausibility and realism of your project.

TIP: Remember that your partner’s approach to these topics may not take place in a specific order or way that is consistent with how you approach them in your essay. That’s okay. It is also important to look at your partner’s organizational scheme and logical flow of information and to let them know if there are parts of their essay that feel rushed, confusing, or just plain don’t make sense. You’ll have the first forty minutes of class today to work on this. Feel free to discuss openly with one another as you read and peer edit each other’s papers.


question about interview Writing Assignment Help

• Going to a lecture or presentation There are frequent talks on and off campus that relate to Global Business. I will send emails regarding some that happen in the College of Business. Write a 3- paragraph reflection with the same format as listed below. Attach the ticket or flyer to your write-up and submit to me. (max of 10 points) • Interview someone who has immigrated to the U.S. from another country and works in an organization in the U.S. You can interview a person in your family, a friend, a co-worker, etc. (max of 10 points) o Learn about the challenges that he/she faces: new language, customs, fitting in to the educational system, discrimination, etc. o Learn about his/her process of acculturation: what he/she has maintained from the country of origin and what has been adopted from this culture. o Ask the interviewee in what ways he/she could have been better supported for this transition by the organization they work for. o Finally, based on the ideas that your interviewee suggested for better support of immigrants, what are your recommendations for achievable strategies to support the acculturation of immigrants? o Provide a brief profile of this person (and a LinkedIn link if available) Format for Reports o Summarizing the information of the event you have attended o Explaining why it is important and how it relates to you career o Discussing fully how this relates to what you are learning in this course 12 point font, double spaced and max 2 pages


write summary for each form Writing Assignment Help

write summary for each form be descriptive not sure how many pages this will be put in essay format so i can just put into my essay (case study)

Make sure to include as much detail and analysis in regards to the data you collected off of each of these forms, and how it impacts your STRATEGY, RESOURCES, and TOOLS and my client to be SUCCESSFUL.

plagarism free


plagarism report as well

I’m going to pay a fair price considering I’m not sure how many pages detailed response prob 1-2 paragraphs each as long as its a summery including Strategy, recourses and tools and how this will help my client to be successful.

need this done asap! message me if you want to negotiate price.


Milestone 3 Plan Support Writing Assignment Help

Milestone 3 Plan Support Writing Assignment Help

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