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Modern American Fiction Humanities Assignment Help. Modern American Fiction Humanities Assignment Help.

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The Roaring Twenties came to an end with the resounding stock market crash of 1929 and the resulting Great Depression that followed. Writers began to focus their writing more and more on social commentary in an age of duress.

F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Steinbeck accomplished such social commentary in drastically different ways. Fitzgerald was master of writing about the beguiling, shiny aspects of the material world by which upper and middle class Americans had been deceived. Steinbeck wrote of the plight of the common folk of America.

Compare and contrast how “Babylon Revisited” and from The Grapes of Wrath explore the modern world with the context described above. Give examples from the works to prove each of your points. How do the stories differ in tone and style? How are they similar? How do these differences or similarities add to the authors’ messages?

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Leadership, Gender, and Communication in Movies Business Finance Assignment Help

  • This project is divided into three parts:
    • The first component, the Outline and Summary, is due in Unit 3. You will select and watch a movie from the list below, then create an outline and summary on which your paper and presentation will be based.
      • Tootsie.
    • The third component, Leadership, Gender, and Communication in Movies, is due in Unit 5. You will complete and submit your final paper.

    To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:

    1. Identify and analyze concepts, theories, and vocabulary terms that relate to social dimensions of gender, communication, and culture.
    2. Identify and analyze concepts, theories, and vocabulary terms that relate to gender and communication.
    3. Describe communication and gendered communication theories, concepts, and terminology which are linked to media.
    4. Evaluate the concepts related to gender and communication.
    5. Communicate in a concise, balanced, and organized manner, using APA format and an appropriate amount of scholarly and quality resources.
  • Project Requirements

    To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements.

    • Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
    • Organization: The presentation should be free of errors and logically organized, and contain a balance of text and pictures.
    • APA formatting: Resources and citations should be formatted according to APA (6th Edition) style and formatting.
    • Number of resources: Minimum of 5 resources, which includes the Wood text.
    • Length:
      • Length of paper: 8-10 pages typed double-spaced pages.
    • Font and font size for paper: Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, and 1-inch margins (these are the APA guidelines).


Internal memorandum Business Finance Assignment Help

To refresh your memory of the Ann C. Dorite case, review her interview and your summary of her interview from module 02. For this assignment you just came out of a meeting with the partners of your firm, Susan & Winem. The meeting was short, but its contents were recorded by the partner’s secretary, Betsy M. Akurate, and she states that she will transcribe the meeting and provide a verbatim transcript.

The firm’s partner, Rich N. Moore, asks you to stay after the meeting. He then asks you to write an internal memorandum with two parts. He specifically states that he wants you to submit the memorandum in one Word document to him and he will circulate to the other attorneys.

The first part of the internal memorandum, Mr. Moore tells you, should be a summary of the meeting you just attended. He says Ms. Akurate will email you the transcript of the meeting.

For the second part of the internal memorandum Mr. Moore wants you to read statutes and cases for Ms. Dortie’s case. He is concerned that since the client was walking in the street the city had no legal duty to maintain the streets in a reasonably safe condition.

Partner Moore tells you that the memorandum (i) should be no more than 4 pages as he has no time to read more than 4 pages; (ii) should only discuss the case authority he will give you; (iii) should update the cases and provide him with the citation to the most recent Illinois case on the subject of pedestrian use of roadways with a 1-2 sentence statement of what the rule of law in the case; (iv) should frame the issue in the second half of the memorandum for the Dorite case using the 123 Method; and (v) should provide a list of points and authorities at the end of your memorandum.

Partner Moore’s secretary, Ms. Akurate, then sends you a memo with the following information:

Read as background and include in your list of points and authorities but not discuss in your memoranda the following statutes:
a. 745 ILCS 10/3-102 (2015);
b. 740 ILCS 130/2 (2015);
Read and discuss only the following cases:
Curatola v. Niles, 154 Ill.2d 201, 608 N.E.2d 882 (1993);
Gutstein v. City of Evanston, 402 Ill. App.3d, 929 N.E.2d 680 (App.Ct. 2010); and
Vaugh v. City of W. Frankfort, 166 Ill.2d 155, 651 N.E.2d 1115 (1995)

The memo concluded by saying if you had any questions or wanted to clarify the directions you should contact Mr. Moore’s partner Dan Walker by email as Mr. Moore will be out of town for the next week. She also reminded you attorney Moore likes a table of points and authorities at the end of the memo so he can put in the file for quick reference.


I need the number 1 question in 3 hours and rest will be on saturday. Writing Assignment Help

For question 1, I need it today in 3 hours. For the rest of the question i need it by saturday. Please pay attention with question 2 there 3 questions that needs to be answered- question A,B and C.

1.) Pick 2 characteristics or traits and use Freud’s psychosexual stages, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and Social Learning theory to explain how an individual develops these traits.Make sure you use all three theories to explain, not just one.

2.)Write a one paragraph (7-10 sentences) claim of definition on one of the topic presented in the RESPOND box on page 188 of Everything’s an Argument.

RESPOND BOX TOPIC: College sports programs have become a big businesses.

2) Please answer the discussion question with each reading. Answer for each discussion must be 7-10 sentences using one cited quote from the text, Acting Out Culture, for support.

A) No Myths Here:Food Stamps, Food Deserts, and Food Scarcity ( by Erika Nicole Kendall)

Discussion question: How do you respond to Kendall’s use of term “myth” here? What does this term mean to you? Can you think of specific myth that fits your definition? Cited qoute for support: ” She invested a lot of time and effort into me.” (Kendall, 210)

B) Food’s Class Warfare (Tracie Macmillan)

Discussion question: We make mistake, McMillan argues, when we assume that Americans’ eating habits are solely the result of individual choice. Do you agree? Is there another explanation for these trends that makes more sense to you? Cited qoute for support: We can give people all of the information and advice in the world about healthy eating and exercise.” (McMillan, 216)

C) The Obesity-Hunger Paradox ( Sam Dolnick)

Discussion question: While we tend to think of obesity as evidence of excess or overindulgence, notes Dolnick, the truth is that obesity is much more often caused by poverty. How does this fact change your assumptions about eating, weight, and health? Cited qiute for support: ” Hunger is certainly almost an exclusive symptom of poverty. And extra obesity is one of the symptoms of poverty”

3) Respond to #4 on page 229. You must identify the picture selection title and page in your initial post.

#4: First, focus on how eating is being represented in one of the images you’ve just reviewed. What stands out? What seems most important or noteworthy? And what, by contrast, seems noticeably absent? Then, analyze the ways you think this image uses its dining portrait to define the typical or ideal American family. What behaviors and attitudes does it seem to present as normal? And what values, beliefs, or ideas does this portrait seem to endorse right?



LESSON 4 ACTIVITY 1. TABOO What does Taboo have to do with math though? Taboo deals with a branch Writing Assignment Help



What does Taboo have to do with math though? Taboo deals with a branch of mathematics called “set theory.” To explore this, sit down with your team and spread out all of the cards so that everyone can see and reach everything. Take a few minutes to sort the cards into whatever different groups you feel are appropriate. (See the job aid for more directions and Taboo cards)

Once you are finished, share your groupings with the other team(s) and see what they came up with. Be prepared to defend your decisions!


Let’s assume that we have two sets called A and B. They are like two “boxes” that contain the following things:

A = {b, o, x} B = {c, o, n, t, a, i, e, r}

Since these are filled with letters, let’s say that they exist in the universe of the alphabet:

U = {a, b, c,…, y, z}

Use these three sets as a reference while going through the chart in the job aid.


Sets aren’t just good for organizing objects. They are also an excellent means of representing data that have shared characteristics. Take one of the longest-running feuds of the 20thCentury:

Coca Cola vs. Pepsi

Go to the job aid for details of this activity.



When you consider “sets” as a collection of objects or information, it turns out that most games have some type of set elements (some more than others)! How does your game utilize sets? Specifically:

  • What sets are present in your game?
  • What are the elements of those sets?
  • Are there elements in the unions and intersections of these sets?
  • Can an understanding of these sets help a player develop a winning strategy?



Key Interview Writing Assignment Help

Key Interview: You are to write a two-page paper on an interview that you conducted with an executive. This person
should be a senior level executive with over 10 years experience in his/her field. This interview can be conducted in
person or over the phone.
At the top of your paper, give the person’s name, title, email address and phone number. Points will be deducted if this
is not at the very top of the paper. In this paper, you should include the following: [Please feel free to ask more and
include more]
Why you selected this person to interview?
How long has this person been in his/her position?
What advice did this person give you about business, your career etc.
What lessons did this person share with you that made him/her stronger in their career.
What skills/talents does this person use on a daily basis?
What advice this person shared for making yourself more “promotable”?
How can you take what this person said and apply it to your life?
This paper will be graded very strictly to evaluate the level you engaged with your executive and to see how you will use
the information in your own career development.

Here’s the grading criteria:

30 points Contact information of Executive was provided

30 points Compelling reason was evident for selecting this individual

100 points Student clearly articulated a minimum 4 “key takeaways” or lessons learned from interviewing Executive

30 points Grammar, punctuation and on-time submission

10 points Person interviewed was relevant to his/her career interest or major

200 points

Key Interview Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Physician Credentialing Health Medical Assignment Help


Read the instructions under 11D in the workbook and also go to the Appendix. In the Appendix under “Forms” note there is a sample credentialing packet for a managed care company. Follow the instructions and create a cover page with information you make up about the physician and the practice. Then, list the name of each attachment followed by a description and submit to this drop box. You are allowed to make up all of the information (name, CMEs, etc) and you don’t need to include addresses/phone numbers. Example:

Your submission should include:

Cover page (make-up the information for the doctor and practice).

A list of attachments with descriptions. For example:

The typical credentialing packet has 10 attachments. The most common of these and their purpose are:

1: Physician’s CV. Contains a summary of the physician’s academic and professional work history including any articles he or she published, any presentations he or she made, any research and also a summary of all major CMEs (Continuing Medical Education Hours). The CV provides the credentialing committee with a snapshot of the physician’s education, experience, specializations, licenses, applicable board certification and how they stay current. Even though other attachments provide more detail such as an attachment of CMEs, this overview forms a frame of reference for the committee members to proceed



Marketing and Media Business Finance Assignment Help

Textbook(s) Tuten, T.L., & Solomon, M.R. (2015). Social Media Marketing. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

references goes after each questions, must have 3 references use book for 1 reference and all parts of question must be address, the word count is beside each questions. The list for question 1 is located here:

Blog Posts and feature article

Microblog Post

Press Releases

White paper, case studies, and ebooks



Webinars and presentations



1. Nine different types of content are addressed in our text. Select one of the content types and identify a company that currently uses that type for their business. What are advantages of using this type of content type and what are disadvantages? Expand upon the advantages and disadvantages within your response and included sources to support the points you present. (Word Count 525)

2. A sponsored conversation is an element of social publishing. What does it entail and is this an ethical business practice? Should this type of publishing be illegal? ( Word Count 300)

3. Ford maintains a corporate hub for social media content called Ford Social ( Find another company that has something similar to Ford Social and discuss the similarities and differences between the two sites. (Word Count 425)


Marketing and Media Business Finance Assignment Help


Tuten, T.L., & Solomon, M.R. (2015). Social Media Marketing. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

2 Scholarly Reference and used the book for 1 reference, APA guidelines, correct grammar, the word count is beside each questions, all parts of questions must be addressed.

1. Explain the concept of social publishing zone? What are the channels of content distribution available for social publishing activities? ( Word count 250).

2. How can an organization increase target customers and prospect’s exposure to brand message on its social media sites?( word count 250).


Portfolio Project, Stocktrak Business Finance Assignment Help

if you can do it i can give my stocktrak account so u can use it for this project. i need tales 5 pages.

Build a Portfolio Project and Fact Sheet:

Using the MSU StockTrack contest, create a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual
funds. Prepare a fact sheet for your portfolio which includes the analysis listed below. Use
charts, tables, graphs, and text to summarize and highlight your analysis.

Your analysis must include the following:

  1. (1) Industry/Sector Analysis: (30 pts)

    1. Select stocks from at least 10 different sectors (but, less than 20)
    2. Provide details on the outlook of each sector
    3. Industry Summary must include asset name, symbol, and percentage

  2. (2) Stock Index Value: (40 pts)

    1. Create a price-weighted index for the stocks selected
    2. Create a value-weighted index for the stocks selected
    3. Stock Index Summary must include the stock price, market cap, # of shares for
      each stock used in the index

  3. (3) Portfolio Diversification Strategy: (30 pts)

    1. Discuss Asset Selection Approach

      1. Discuss fundamental Analysis used
      2. Discuss technical Analysis used

    2. Discuss Asset Allocation Approach

      1. Investment Goals
      2. Risk Level/ Tolerance

    3. Summarize percentage of each asset class used

  4. (4) Return and Risk Stock Profile: (20 pts)

    1. Compute portfolio beta and discuss its meaning
    2. Compute portfolio Sharpe ratio and discuss its meaning

  5. (5) Portfolio Management: (10 pts)

    1. Discuss market orders used (must use some type of buy/sell market order)
    2. Discuss rationale for stock trades (buy/sell trades)
    3. Value-added (comparison of portfolio start value to end value).

Portfolio Fact Sheet Format and Content (20 pts): The factsheet should include the following
information. Use tables, charts, and graphs to highlight information. The factsheet should be 4
pages or less. The format and attractiveness of report is important. The following sections and
headings are required.

  1. Objective, Investment Strategy, and Management Approach: Summarize your
    management approach, investment strategy, and objective.
  2. Industry Summary: Provide an overview of the industry outlook; include the
    stock symbol and its percentage composition in the portfolio
  3. Stock Index Summary: Compare and contrast indices created. For price-weighted
    and value-weighted indices include stock price, market cap, and # of shares for
    each stock in the portfolio.

  1. Portfolio Diversification: Highlight your approach to creating a diversified
    portfolio. Discuss why your portfolio matches your investment strategy and
  2. Risk and Return Profile: Discuss risk and return profile of portfolio as compared
    to the overall market; list portfolio beta and Sharpe Ratio

e. Overall Factsheet Format:

  1. Your name, the course name and section number, and the school term
  2. Appropriate use of tables, charts, and graphs to highlight information
  3. Page numbers used
  4. Proof and review for spelling errors, typos and grammatical errors
  5. Attractiveness and easy to understand format
  6. Submit report via Blackboard before midnight on the assigned due date.
    Late submissions will receive a zero.


Modern American Fiction Humanities Assignment Help

Modern American Fiction Humanities Assignment Help

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