Module 03 Course Project – Weekly Sales Programming Assignment Help

Module 03 Course Project – Weekly Sales Programming Assignment Help. Module 03 Course Project – Weekly Sales Programming Assignment Help.

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As an analytics developer, you need to calculate weekly sales using SAS PROCEDURES. You are generating descriptive statistics for the store sales. It will help store manager to display popular items in the store entrance.

Using the Train.csv file, complete the following:

Step 1: Include PROC MEANS in your SAS script and calculate descriptive statistics that represents weekly sales for a certain department in a given store in a given week.

Step 2: Use title and footnotes to output.

Step 3: Use the label for each output column.

Submit your SAS scripts as well as output screenshots.

Module 03 Course Project – Weekly Sales Programming Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Art analysis writing paper –Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci​​ Writing Assignment Help

My chosen topic is : Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Be the artist! Choose an artist and write a letter from their perspective about an object that they created (you need to pretend you are the artist). Include an analysis about the object’s formal, historical, and contextual information!!!!. Minimum 4 pages of text.

The grading rubric is post in the attached file, please check carefully. Also, there is one example essay, write one similar format like the example essay. Need to pay attention, need to write analysis in three aspects include: formal, historical, and contextual information.


Agisoft assignment Science Assignment Help

Agisoft is a powerful tool used for reconstructing 2-D imagery into a 3-D model. This software can be used to build 3-D figures of statues, aerial photography and mapping, and much more. Unfortunately, Agisoft is not free but you can use a 30-day trial for the professional version. Downloading this software this week should provide you with plenty of time to complete the final project.

In this assignment, you will download and install Agisoft Metashape (called Agisoft Photoscan in the reading) and reconstruct a small set of images. This can take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the power of your computer. Once complete you will answer a few questions and upload all the files in a zip file. Download 7zip if you do not have a file compression software – 7Zip download link (Links to an external site.)

You will also need to use Google Earth Pro in order to complete this assignment, of course, this is a free program available in all operating systems. Download Google Earth Here (Links to an external site.)

If you do not have access to a personal computer (ie. you use university computers full time) please contact me immediately so we can arrange a meeting to compile the photos on my pc.

Download link – Agisoft Download Link


Need to write a research paper. This one is gonna be a final draft. I’m done with 2000 words, requires 1000 more words. Writing Assignment Help

Assignment: You are required to write a research paper that identifies a local or global issue and proposes a reasonable and efficient solution or course of action (the more focused your issue, the easier the essay will be to write). The topic for this research paper is fairly open, although it should pertain to your major or future career in some way.

The research topic should also be arguable and be supported with at least ten academic sources (not including image sources). At least six of the ten sources need to come from academic journal articles or books (from the USF library); the remaining four sources can be more of the same or other academic sources (do not use Wikipedia or study websites).

You can expect to write a project proposal (minimum 200 words not including quotes), compile a 10-item annotated bibliography (minimum 2,000 words, including citations), write multiple drafts plus a final draft (3,000 to 3,200 words, excluding the references page), and compile a references page. You’ll be using APA style format (including a cover page and abstract) and documentation. Please note that additional assignment guidelines will be posted for the proposal and annotated bibliography.

Your audience for this paper is a group of friendly, well-read strangers. Ninety percent of those strangers are at least ten years older than you, and all of them are as smart as you.

Throughout this project, you’ll develop a thesis and offer an analysis of your topic, supporting your claims with published, authoritative information.

Minimum number of visual pieces: 2 (these should be included in your final draft and cited according to APA style; these sources will be in addition to your core ten academic sources).

Format: The final version must be formatted according to APA guidelines. Please use 1” margins and 12 pt. font (Times New Roman or Ariel preferred). The final draft must be submitted electronically via Canvas as a MS Word document or a pdf file (do not email your document).

Grading: This entire project is worth 76% of your final grade.


You’ve just left an all-hands meeting at your company* Business Finance Assignment Help

CIS 500 of 3 Assignment 1:

The CEO’s Challenge Due Week 3 and worth 150 points You’ve just left an all-hands meeting at your company*. The CEO was very upset at the rise of shadow IT projects – a major indicator that the company’s internal information system has failed to meet its needs. Because the current information system is inadequate, inefficient, and outdated, the CEO is inviting everyone in the organization to propose a new operational, decision support, or enterprise information system to replace it. The executives have allocated $5 million to fund the most promising idea. This is your chance to make a difference in the company (not to mention your own career). Write your proposal as a memo that the entire C-suite will review. Include at least these points, in your own words, to be persuasive: 1. Identify the main functions of your proposed information system and why they are important to the business. 2. Describe what types of data your information system will hold and how data quality will be ensured. 3. Explain how the old information system handles the functions you mentioned, the problems that occur, and why your information system will handle things better. 4. Offer evidence of feasibility: Show that similar information systems have been built successfully and that they save more money than they cost. The executives are busy, so keep your memo to 1-4 pages and avoid any extraneous content.

*You may use a current or former employer, but do not disclose anything confidential. Or, you can pick another organization if you are familiar with their internal (not customer-facing) information systems. You can disguise the organization and populate it with famous names. Made-up companies are problematic because of the amount of detail and realism they require



IT425 dic proj Programming Assignment Help

Dicussion 5

Primary Discussion Response is due by Friday (11:59:59pm Central), Peer Responses are due by Tuesday (11:59:59pm Central).

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Summative Discussion Board

Review and reflect on the knowledge you have gained from this course. Based on your review and reflection, write at least 3 paragraphs on the following:

  • What were the most compelling topics learned in this course?
  • How did participating in discussions help your understanding of the subject matter? Is anything still unclear that could be clarified?
  • What approaches could have yielded additional valuable information?
  • The main post should include at least 1 reference to research sources, and all sources should be cited using APA format.

Responses to Other Students: Respond to at least 2 of your fellow classmates with a reply of 100–200 words about their Primary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. To help you with your discussion, please consider the following questions:

  • What did you learn from your classmate’s posting?
  • What additional questions do you have after reading the posting?
  • What clarification do you need regarding the posting?
  • What differences or similarities do you see between your posting and other classmates’ postings?

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Ind project part 2

Key Assignment Final Draft

In the previous 4 weeks, you were first asked to select a system or software application to specify requirements, develop a design using modeling tools, formulate development and testing strategies, and propose an integration and deployment plan. Each week, you contributed with specifications and plans that culminated in an overall Key Assignment System Requirements, Design, and Implementation Specification as follows:

Part 1 Tasks (Objectives from Week 1–4)

  • Week 1: System and Application Overview: An overview of the system or software application and intended users
  • Week 1: Requirements Specification: Detailed requirements specification with both functional and nonfunctional requirements
  • Week 2: System and Application Design: A high-level design in the form of use cases and detailed design models utilizing computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools to represent the data, processes, and interfaces
  • Week 3: Test and Quality Assurance Plan: A test and quality assurance plan that included the various tests and quality control measures that need to be taken into consideration
  • Week 4: Development Strategy: A development strategy that weighs make versus buy or insourcing versus outsourcing acquisition strategies

Make any updates to the first 4 weeks’ content based on feedback from your instructor and your peers. Make sure that the Key Assignment has a good flow and is cohesive in its presentation of information.

Part 2 Tasks (Objectives from Week 5)

In the final week, you are given the assignment to craft an integration and deployment plan for your selected application or system that includes the required resources and work breakdown structure of implementation tasks (you may use Visio Software Application where needed).

The project deliverables are as follows:

  • Update the System Requirements, Design, and Implementation Specification title page with the new date.
  • Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor’s and peers’ review feedback.
  • Integration and Deployment Plan
    • Develop an overall work breakdown structure (WBS) for the 7 system development life cycle (SDLC) phases:
      • Preliminary Analysis
      • System Analysis or Requirements Definition
      • System Design
      • Development
      • Integration and Testing
      • Acceptance, Installation, and Deployment
      • Operation Support and Maintenance
    • Add activities under the first 5 phases that you already performed in Weeks 1–4.
    • Add activities that are specific to the final 2 phases in SDLC for deployment and ongoing maintenance and support.

Part 3 Tasks (Summary Page)

Produce a one page summary to discuss the following two subjects:

  • During the requirements collection stage, how did you gather input and/or feedback from the shareholders who may have different culture background and/or different professional experience to create the final requirements document?
  • Discuss how this project has enabled you to further improve your professional domain knowledge and skills including requirements collecting and analyzing, critical thinking, system design, communication and presentation, etc.
  • Name the document “yourname_IT425_IP5.doc.”

IT425 dic proj Programming Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Apple website design analyses Writing Assignment Help

Find an online work of information design that is rich in multimodal content and interactions. Then, write up an analysis of the site content, media, design and interactions using concepts from Semiotics and Multimodality. Submit your write-up as a PDF. The PDF should include captioned screenshots of the site throughout. There should be at least 5 screenshot figures though more is certainly ok. The word count should be ~1000. The words should show quality thinking and not just be taking up space to use up word count, since that is easy to spot. Use APA citation, 12 pt. font, 1.5 spaced, and Times New Roman font. At the top of the write-up, clearly indicate the name of the online media and its URL. Put your name and SFU ID # at the top.

This assignment will count for up to 3 pts, depending on the quality of the analysis. It shows in Canvas as 0 pts because it is extra credit.


You should drive a stick shift. Humanities Assignment Help

A preparation outline is required for your persuasive speech. Refer to Chapter 11 in The Art of Public Speaking for an example and a complete description on the use and development of a preparation outline.

Your typed, complete preparation outline should:

  • Include your topic, general purpose statement, specific purpose statement, and central ideas statement.
  • Demonstrate the logical structure and organization of your speech.
  • Be broken down into the three main sections of your speech: introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Indicate how you plan to transition from one section to the next. You must include a complete bibliography with your outline.
  • Please refer to pp. 210–213 of the textbook for a good sample preparation outline. You should use this example as a template when creating and submitting your own outline. Your instructor may provide a template to use in place of the one from the text.

For the overall structure, be sure to incorporate the following:

  • A clear and logical organizational pattern throughout
  • Effective, smooth transition sentences between sections
  • The introduction should include:
    • A creative and effective attention-getter or hook
    • A statement relating the topic to yourself and your audience
    • The overarching idea of your speech and a preview of your main points
  • The body of the speech should be broken into logical main points that support the overall theme, topic, and purpose. This speech should effectively persuade your audience to follow a certain opinion or action. Use your evidence wisely (examples, statistics, testimony, and stories), cite all sources, and utilize vivid language.
  • Be sure to review and highlight the main points in your conclusion.

3 supporting views and 2 opposing views

The most important and challenging part of the persuasive speech is the Response to Opposing Views.

Your audience is right in front of you. Be sure to speak directly to them, which means speaking in SECOND Person, i.e., “You”!

A “B Quality” Response to Opposing View will look like this:

1.) “You may believe ……” 2.) “However” 3.) Then respond to this view in your own words

An “A Quality” Response to Opposing View will look like this:

1.) “Like (Name Expert Here), you may believe …..” 2.) Quote that expert 3.) “However” 4.) Respond to this belief in your own words FIRST 5.) Then quote an expert to support your ideas

Here are some excellent Persuasive Speeches to watch:

You Should ….

You may believe …


NoSQL, Microsoft Access, and Pivot Tables Computer Science Assignment Help

Complete BOTH parts of this assignment.

Part A: Write a 500-1000 word paper using Word discussing NoSQL. Use at least two sources outside your text and course material for this paper. Do not use Wikipedia. Use APA format for the paper, and be sure to cite all your sources using APA format. Submit your Word document for grading.

Part B: Use the Week 3 Assignment Pet_Database File for this section of the assignment. In the PET table, delete the PetDOB field and add a numeric PetCost field. Populate this field with appropriate values. Save the changes to the PET table. Create SQL queries to do the following:

  • Display the last name and phone number of all dog owners. Use a subquery to do this.
  • Display the first and last name of owners and the type of animal of all unknown breeds.
  • Display the pet name and owner last name of all dogs.

Save all 3 queries.

Export the PET table to an Excel spreadsheet. Create a Pivot table. Have the cost display as currency. Take screen shots* of two different views without a report filter and paste the screen shots into a Word document. Then add a report filter and choose one value for it, take a screen shot, then choose a different value for the same filter and take another screen shot. Paste those into the Word document containing the first two screen shots. You should now have 4 screen shots in this Word document. Save the Word document as Screen shots. Save the pivot table as Pivot.

You will have 4 files submitted for this assignment: the Word document with your paper from Part A, the Microsoft Access Pet_Database file, the Screen shots Word file, and the Pivot file.

*To take a screen shot, have the proper information on your screen, hit the PrntScr button, and then paste into the Word document.


see instructions Writing Assignment Help

please answer the questions in apa style and do not copy past thank you so much



Chapter 8 – Project Management And Next Steps At HP

When Hewlett-Packard’s (HP’s) Services division decided to focus more on external IT consulting, Ron Kempf, the director of project management competency and certification at HP, brought together the firm’s various stakeholders to conduct a needs assessment to determine what type of training would be needed to achieve the new goal. HP’s decision to expand its consulting and integration business meant that 2,500 client-focused project managers and support staff around the world would need to improve their skills.

Based on the cost of training and the resources it could provide, ESI International was chosen to train Kempf’s division so employees could achieve the “project management professional” designation. The designation has become a standard in the industry, and clients ask for the certification when requesting project bids. As a result, HP needed its project managers to be certified in order for the company to be competitive. Kempf worked with ESI to provide training in various formats in order to meet the needs of the worldwide workforce. The training methods included using HP’s knowledge management system, networking participants so they could learn from each other, e-learning, self-paced instruction, and formal training conducted at a “project management” university.

The training initiative, which has been refined as needed over the years, has been very successful. Kempf credits it with boosting HP’s profit margins and keeping projects within budget. Now, however, HP needs to decide on the “next steps” to ensure that it doesn’t lose its competitive edge since many other companies have the same certifications for their project managers. Also, about 20% of the first group of employees who were trained will retire in five years.

Answer the following questions by applying the concepts learned in Chapter 8. Also, conduct literature reviews on the subject of discussion and use to support your case study answers:

  1. Discuss the role that a needs assessment played in planning the training program for project management staff.
  2. What are the issues HP now faces? What role, if any, will training need to play in addressing those issues?
  3. How would you begin the process of creating a new training plan? Who should be involved? What would be the desired outcome of this training?
  4. HP is a very large company. How might the planning process for training be different if HP were a much smaller company?


Module 03 Course Project – Weekly Sales Programming Assignment Help

Module 03 Course Project – Weekly Sales Programming Assignment Help

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