monthly payment Business Finance Assignment Help

monthly payment Business Finance Assignment Help. monthly payment Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Propose a restructured payment plan on Jen and Luke’s credit card payments to help them pay off their credit cards sooner and with less interest payments. To keep things simple, you may not move balances from one card to another or assume a new card is opened.

Assume Visa requires a $52.50 minimum monthly payment; Discover requires a $110.82 minimum monthly payment; AMEX requires a $229.17 minimum monthly payment.

Update your workbook to illustrate the new repayment plan and answer the following questions:

  • If Jen and Luke only paid the minimum required on their cards, how much total interest would they have paid when the final card balance is $0?
  • Compared to the minimum payment plan in 1), how much money did they save with the new payment plan?
  • Compare the Statement of Financial Positions from the original and the recommended. What is the “wealth effect” of our restructured debt payments?

In attach is my previous work for the same case and it is the file used in this question

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Pandora(jewelry) 4ps-price analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

Just analyze the Price part in 4ps strategy, I wrote one but professor said that is not a real analysis. And he gave me an example with Apple about how to right the right analysis. Can you please write about the Price analysis and then make a slide in ppt? Thank you

This is analysis:

One of Apple’s key product strategies has always been combining hardware and software as a final product. This has helped create meaningful differentiation, starting from the early days when the Macintosh differentiated from Microsoft by not licensing their software.

Another key product strategy has been that Apple, under Steve Jobs, chose their product categories by either creating a new market or fundamentally altering an existing one. That has also been a key differentiator for the company.

In terms of product innovation, interestingly, Apple doesn’t invent any core technologies. They have taken key technologies and been able to wrap them around different (and better) user experiences in order to differentiate and compete. Their innovation is more about the final product – rather than the starting point.

For example, Apple didn’t invent the graphic user interface but Macintosh was the first personal computer to offer it. Apple didn’t invent the MP3 player however they invented the iTunes Store, which is what allowed the iPod to be the number one market leader in digital music players. Apple didn’t invent the smart phone nor did they invent touch screen – but they were the early pioneer in giving smart phones an all-glass display, which essentially created the market for apps, as we know it today. Apple also didn’t invent the tablet, but was the first company to dedicate a separate version of software that focused on finger input rather than stylus input. This created not only long battery life but a different user experience than a laptop – which was the purpose. To complement a laptop and smart phone.

Does this help? I think everyone should/would know what an analysis is…I am looking for your thoughts within the context of each P, after you provide “some” basic info which is, of course, fine, as a starting off point.

I think I’ve been putting in the work to help you learn with the above, what I wrote you in your sections, and also breaking this project up into phases which is more work on my end but it should help you learn more. So if you still don’t understand, it’s imperative you come make either face-to-face or phone appointments with me.


Research Project 1 (Company is Autonation AN) Writing Assignment Help

Your assignments for the Research Project Part 1 and Part 2 are posted as separate files in Content – Syllabus – on the right side of the screen.

Rubrics for the Part 1 and Part 2 of the Research Project are posted as separate files in Content – Syllabus – on the right side of the screen.

The links to APA citation methodology are posted in Content – Course Resources – Writing Resources.

Format of the Research Project (As it is stated in the Syllabus):

Both parts of the Research Project report should be about 6-8 pages double-spaced typewritten pages (without tables and graphs). The assignments for both parts include suitable comparative, quantitative and qualitative analyses and conclude with a specific and supported recommendation and reflection.

The Research Project (Parts 1 and 2) must be posted to the LEO Student Assignments as Attachments. Attachments are limited to a maximum two files in doc, docx., xls. xlsx., or rtf. formats. OTHER FORMATS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE, will not be reviewed or graded.

Please note that hand-written and scanned works, pdf. files, jpg. files, as well as files posted in google drive, will not be accepted or graded.

Please note that Use of APA Citation Methodology is required for the assignment.

All works must be Word processed. Handwritten and scanned work will not be accepted and graded.

In accordance with the UMUC Academic Policy, notes taken for papers and research projects should accurately record sources of material to be cited, appropriately quoted, paraphrased or summarized, and papers and research projects should acknowledge these sources in the appropriate places in the text of the paper as well as in a reference list at the end of the paper, in accordance with accepted citation practices. No more than 20% of the text of the project should be made up of quotes.

The resubmission of research projects from previous classes (whether or not taken at UMUC), partially or in its entirety, is unacceptable, and will result in a grade of zero for the graded exercise.

Written projects must be:

  1. typed, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, with margins no wider than one inch
  2. have footnotes or endnotes, with correct citations
  3. have a bibliography of sources used
  4. include, for each entry, the author, title, city and state of publisher, publisher’s name, year, and page numbers
  5. prepared using word processing software (Microsoft Word preferred), in a manner similar to the preparation of a written assignment for classroom submission

PRESENTATION OF PAPER AND WRITING (15%) of the project grade):

-Organization, Format and Presentation of Paper including the Title page, Introduction, Body, and Summary (4% of the project grade)

Use of Tables, Figures and Other Graphics to Summarize and Support Analysis Presented in the Paper (3% of the project grade)

Logical and Smooth Flowing Transitions and Relationships among Sections of the Written Report (3% of the project grade)

Research Sources and Significance of Research Information and Data, Use of APA Citation Methodology (5% of the project grade)

Essential research data, financial calculations and other documentation as necessary to support your recommendation should be referred to in summary form in your report and attached in detail as enclosures. All major sources should be referenced. There is no set limit to the size of the enclosures, but it is recommended that only essential enclosures be attached. You should use references and bibliography to identify any remaining supporting documents you wish to include.


International Finance Business Finance Assignment Help

Chapter 9:

Go to a source that allows you to assess recent exchange rate movements (such as of KRW/USD trends over the past year (you can use the data you collected for Homework 1.4 for this purpose).

Go to to obtain the current (making sure to include the date you select) futures price for the KRW and calculate (use the annual percentage formula) whether the KRW is currently trading at a (ANNUALIZED) discount or at a premium to the USD. Make sure to include the specific maturity date of the futures contract you select (try to find one with a maturity date of approximately one year from now). You can use the data you collected for Homework 2.1 for this purpose.

Question 1 – Compare the forecasts for the future movement of the KRW using a “Technical” forecasting approach to what would be predicted using a “Market” forecasting approach. How would you interpret what each type of these two forecasts tells you? Which do you thing is more accurate, and why?

Chapter 10:

Consider how your business would be exposed to exchange rate risk. Explain your exchange rate risk, both transactions risk and economic risk by answering the following questions.

Question 2 – Is your business subject to transaction exposure? Explain how and why/why not. Is your business subject to economic exposure? Explain how and why/why not. GIVE EXAMPLES. Overall, do you think that the value of your business would be favorably or unfavorably affected with the expected future movement of the KRW/USD exchange rate? Explain your rationale.

Question 3 – Go to your data collected earlier to assess historical exchange rate movements (Yahoo. Finance works for this) of the KRW/USD. Consider how the dollar cash flows from your services may have changed each year if exchange rates changed over each of the last 3 years. Specifically, assume that your annual revenue will be 285,000,000 KRW and determine the value of that amount in dollars based on the exchange rate today, one year ago, two years ago, and three years ago. Does it appear that your dollar revenue would have changed significantly due to exchange rate movements had you been in business during the last three years? Show your calculations! Assume that you expect the KRW/USD will change over the next year by the same degree as it changed over the past year. Given the futures price of the KRW, and the percentage change of the KRW/USD over the past year, would it be wise to sell futures to hedge the KRW/USD that will be converted to dollars one year from now? Explain why or why not.


writing essay Writing Assignment Help

Total word count: 450

Our readings this week revolve around the relationship between human agency in the realm of culture and the structuring effects of the global economy. If the global food system produces high rates of hunger, obesity, diabetes and other forms of disease, what can be done in the realm of culture, economics and politics to reverse this downward spiral of declining human health? Using at least three readings, provide one solution for each of the three categories (cultural, economic and political) that could reshape our global food system to sustain human health and happiness instead of the current system of maximum profit generation that produces illness, disease and death.

Please answer in THREE!!! short paragraphs (three to five sentences are equal to a paragraph). Quotes are not necessary, but good summarizing is essential. To meet participation requirements, you must post at least Three!!! messages for the week. No outside resources needed, only use the readings that i provided. Need three citation from different readings.

Reading titles: ( all these readings are in the attached file, please check the page number and find these readings in the attached file)

1. “Rooting out the Causes of Disease”–Gary Paul Nabhan. FCR 330-341.

2, “Between Obesity and Hunger”–Robert Albritton. FCR 342-354.

3. . “De-Medicalizing Anorexia”–Richard A. O’Connor. FCR 276-283.

4. “Not Just ‘a White Girl’s Thing’”–Susan Bordo. FCR 265-275.



Write a poem analysis essay Writing Assignment Help

1.Choose one of the following poems for analysis:

Robert Frost “Desert Places”

Theodore Roethke “Root Cellar”

Dylan Thomas “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”

Anne Bradstreet “The Author to her Book”

2.The essay is an explication of the poem, not a simple summary of what the lines say.

3.Develop a thesis that clearly states your interpretation of the poem you have chosen. What is the theme or meaning of the poem, and how do you know? Then provide a thorough explication that illuminates how the evidence in the text supports that thesis.

4.In the essay, you must convey that thinking and understanding to your reader.

5.Remember to explain yourself fully and to illustrate with examples from the poem which you carefully analyze. This is an explication only, so focus on the text itself rather than outside research.

6.Length: At least 2 full pages.

7.Use Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, and normal margin.

8.Following MLA guidelines.

Write a poem analysis essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Case assessment Writing Assignment Help

1. Using what you have learned about the value of information and how it is able to be converted into a meaningful and useful context, review the case study on page 90 of the Business Driven Technology (Baltzan) Baltzan text, “Political Microtargeting: What Data Crunchers Did for Obama” and answer questions 1, 2 and 5. Each question should be answered separately and clearly.

Case Study: Chapter 6 Case, “Political Microtargeting: What Data Crunchers Did for Obama,” pages 90-91.

Review the following video prior to completing your assignment.

Watch VideoHow ‘microtargeting’ works in political advertising

Duration: (7:51)
User: PBS NewsHour – Added: 2/18/14

2. Using what you have learned entity relationships, create an entity relationship diagram similar to the one in Figure 7.2 in your Baltzan text on page 93. The important part of this exercise to begin to understand how the tables in a database relate. Ensure to include primary keys and foreign keys in your diagram. Please use Powerpoint for that assignment.

3. Using what you have learned about the vital role and business value of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in the integration of business processes, answer questions 1-5 for the case “Shell Canada Fuels Productivity with ERP” in your Baltzan text on pages 175-176. Answer each question separately

Case Study: Chapter 12, “Shell Canada Fuels Productivity with ERP,” pages 175-176.

4. How do you think our perceptions influence our creativity? What do you think are the most important motivational aspects for a manager to keep in mind for managing a small group of employees? Why?


Outline of Argumentative Research Paper Humanities Assignment Help

For this assignment, please make sure you submit a properly MLA-formatted document which contains:

  • An original title that indicates, clearly, what the paper will be about. Try for something fun and unique! You can always adjust your title later as your draft progresses.
  • An introduction paragraph, which starts generally and ends specifically.
  • An argumentative thesis statement in bold.
  • At minimum, 3-6 potential body paragraph topics. You can include actual paragraphs if you get that far. Again, this plan of development may change later, and that’s OK.

Optional: You may also want to think about where in your paper you’ll be including an acknowledgement and refutation of a counterargument. Usually the introduction or a body paragraph is where students do this. You can tentatively indicate where you think you’ll put yours, and what that counterargument may be.

Topic: Technology and Addiction


Discussion- Mental illness and the impact on society Humanities Assignment Help

Discussions are fundamental to shared learning, so please be sure to participate early and often! After you have completed the Reading, and without reviewing your classmate’s responses, post your initial response to the following Discussion. Your post should be at least 400–450 words in length and should extend the discussion of the group supported by your course materials and/or other appropriate resources. After you have submitted your initial post, review some of your classmate’s posts and respond to at least two of your classmates; your responses to others should be at least 100–150 words in length and substantive. Refer to your Discussion Board Rubric in Course Resources for specific grading explanation.

Mental Illness and the Impact on Society

For this week’s Discussion, you are to discuss the effects mental illness has on society. To help you prepare with the Assignment, review any of the supplemental sources:

  1. Lockey, C. J. (2013, February 9). To treat mental illness, we need a more reasonable civil commitment law: Guest opinion. Oregon Live. Retrieved from
  2. Editors. (2012, February 23). The neglect of mental illness exacts a huge toll, human and economic. Scientific American. Retrieved from
  3. PBS. (2005). Frontline: The new asylums. Retrieved from

Next, locate one credible source from the Library or the internet about the prevalence of mental illness in the U.S. and the effects it has on society (e.g., criminal behavior, alcohol or drug abuse, negatively impact interpersonal relationships, or homelessness). Use this information to write a letter to your congressperson (without the intention of sending it) to explain the following:

  1. The magnitude of the problem of mental illness.
  2. What is being done to improve the situation (such as your state’s programs or organizations).
  3. How the problem affects a society.
  4. What steps you believe should be taken to combat the problem and reduce the prevalence of mental illness or the specific problem you chose.


three part assignment Business Finance Assignment Help


Select any one of the following starter bullet point sections. Review the important themes within the sub questions of each bullet point. The sub questions are designed to get you thinking about some of the important issues. Your response should provide a succinct synthesis of the key themes in a way that articulates a clear point, position, or conclusion supported by research. Select a different bullet point section than what your classmates have already posted so that we can engage several discussions on relevant topics. If all of the bullet points have been addressed, then you may begin to reuse the bullet points with the expectation that varied responses continue.

  • Many people have participated in a market research survey at some time in their lives. With reference to any survey that you actively participated in, discuss the questions that follow. If you have not experienced a market research survey, take a survey on the Internet:
    • Evaluate how effective the survey was in measuring how you felt about a product.
    • Explain whether you feel your response in the survey helped improve or will improve the product being marketed.
    • Describe how you might have gathered information differently so that the survey was more effective.
  • Explain why it is important for marketers to monitor current trends in marketing. How does a marketing information system identify and measure trends? How would you design a marketing information system for a product of your choice?
  • When Henry Ford marketed the Model T a hundred years ago, he stated customers could have any color they wanted as long as it was black. We have come a long way since then. The types and variety of cars have exploded, and now cars are available in a multitude of colors.
    • Identify the different segments of the automobile market.
    • Discuss the types of people who buy minivans, pickup trucks, sports cars, SUVs, compact cars, and luxury cars. What are the benefits for the auto companies to segment the market? Give reasons for your answer.
    • Determine if it is possible for a company to attract customers from one market segment into another market segment and still earn a profit. Explain why.
  • Martin Lindstrom wrote a book called Buyology describing how marketers use state-of-the-art medical devices to measure how brain activity changes and is stimulated by advertising. The goal is to understand how advertising directly impacts brain activity in order for marketers to develop more effective advertisements, which (theoretically) no one will be able to resist.
    • Assess each of these strategies and provide an example for each category.
    • Out of the four strategies, choose a strategy that best suits growth in a company of your choice and justify how you would use this strategy.



  • Select any one of the following starter bullet point sections. Review the important themes within the sub questions of each bullet point. The sub questions are designed to get you thinking about some of the important issues. Your response should provide a succinct synthesis of the key themes in a way that articulates a clear point, position, or conclusion supported by research. Select a different bullet point section than what your classmates have already posted so that we can engage several discussions on relevant topics. If all of the bullet points have been addressed, then you may begin to reuse the bullet points with the expectation that varied responses continue.
    • Perceived value of a product is directly related to its perceived quality and inversely related to its price.
    • Assuming that we keep the perceived quality constant, explain what would happen to the perceived value of the product if we increase its price.
    • Explain what will happen if we decrease its price.
    • Conversely, if we keep the price constant, explain what will happen to the product’s perceived value if we increase its perceived quality.
    • Explain what will happen if we decrease its perceived quality.
    • As a part of the campaign for a new gourmet foods store, advertisement flyers will be sent through direct mail to high-income zip codes to solicit business from household heads. The mailers will contain information about the variety of products and services offered by the new store. Write the key marketing messages for an advertisement flyer positioning the store as a place where consumers interact with others interested in quality foods for everyday use and entertainment. In addition, select a method to measure the effectiveness of the mailer. Make reasonable assumptions.
    • Using your selected method, how will you measure the effectiveness of the advertisement flyer?
    • Why do you think your method is appropriate in the given situation? Provide detailed justification for your choice.
    • A free-market national economy is experiencing a recession with no apparent end in sight. Determine what two pricing objectives you would recommend for producers of goods and services in the country. Explain why you would recommend these two pricing objectives.
    • Explain the way pricing strategy changes over the course of the four stages of the product (category) life cycle: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Provide reasoning to support your answer.
    • Identify three internal and three external factors influencing the setting of prices. Discuss how each of these factors influences the price of a service.



Project: Creating the Communication Strategy

This course has a major project assignment due in Week 5. It will take more than a week’s effort to adequately complete it. Plan time to start the research and work on the assignment earlier than the week in which it is due.

Using the same organization, you selected in Week 1, imagine that you will be making a Microsoft Power Point presentation to the organization’s board of directors or other decision-making leaders (depending upon the type of organization you are using). Your work this week will consist of two parts for the presentation.

  • First, you will synthesize the key insights you have learned during the past five weeks.
  • Second, you will present an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy, a pricing objective, and a pricing strategy to the board of directors. Because this second part involves new material in the project, it will probably require the most research and analysis to complete this week’s presentation.

The following sections provide greater detail about the two pieces of your presentation.

Note: The expectation for this project is a scholarly presentation. A scholarly presentation has two main distinctions:

  • The notes sections of slides contain research citations, evaluation, and conclusions—just like in a good scholarly paper. In other words, a reader should be able to read your notes section as if he or she is reading an academic paper. The grading rubric suggests a level of critical thinking for the presentation (in the notes section particularly) that is on the level of a good academic paper.
  • Key points and information on the slides are highlighted. A good slide contains no more than six lines of text. The slide should just contain the “big ideas” to help guide your reader through the main points.

    In addition, for this project in particular, the first several sections of your presentation will use material you composed in the previous weeks of the project. However, use the slides and notes sections to show that you can do more than just copy from the previous weeks’ papers. Show that you can summarize the material and present the most important points to your audience.

1: Summary of Key Insights from the Course Project to Date

Using course work (and feedback!) you have completed so far in the course project, summarize key points regarding the organizational mission and how the new product/service and your proposed service delivery enhancements contribute to the organization’s ability to complete the mission.

  • New Mission; New Product/Service (2 slides)
    • Provide a brief overview of the new/improved mission statement and the new/improved product or service you are proposing.
    • Provide the board of directors with supported rationale for how the new product/service contributes to achieving the new/improved organizational mission.
  • Service Delivery Enhancements (2 slides)
    • Provide a brief overview of service delivery enhancements to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Provide the board of directors with supported rationale for how the service delivery enhancements contribute to achieving organizational mission.

2: Communication Strategy

As new material for this week, you need to communicate to your “organization’s” market segment the key benefits that make the organization distinct from the competitors. In addition, you need to announce the improvements in the delivery of the services by the company. Justify an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy that includes the following:

  • Advertisement (5–7 slides)
    • Propose an advertisement featuring the new (improved) services and containing the following elements:
      • A headline
      • A subhead line
      • A brand–positioning statement
      • An artwork
      • A layout
    • Justify traditional and nontraditional channels to carry the advertisement.
    • In the notes section, justify your channel selection. Use research to support your work.
  • Pricing (2–3 slides)
    • Justify both a pricing objective and a pricing strategy for the company on the basis of the information gathered from the case study, an understanding of the competition, and the likely attitude of current customers.
    • In the notes section, justify why the organization should adopt the pricing objective and follow your pricing strategy, using appropriate examples, research, and reasoning.
  • Conclusion (1 slide)
    • Conclude with a statement positioning the brand around the new service delivery.
    • In the notes section, defend the statement. Support your work with research.

Submissions Details:

  • The presentation should be 12 to 15 slides in length.
  • Place any references on the last slide, using APA style.



Hitt, M. A., Ireland, R. D., & Hoskisson, R. E. (2016). Strategic Management. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.





monthly payment Business Finance Assignment Help

monthly payment Business Finance Assignment Help

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