Muscle endurance ranking Part 2 muscular strength athlete/non athlete assignment and comparison

Part 1: 1.You well read the chapter in the book for muscle endurance ranking. 3 test from the muscle endurance ranking chapter. 3. Compare and contrast the assessments based on their validity, reliability, objectivity, and utility. Rank the test based on the quality and how you feel. Part 2. Choose an athlete not taking this class.just make up the names for the athlete and non athlete. Perform all assessments with the athlete.meaning make up the numbers from the test and comparison. Create a document that includes the following information: description of the athlete (age, gender, sport, and other pertinent data), the selected tests, the athlete’s results for all selected tests, and a comparison to normative data for all selected tests. Athlete Assessments will be performed for the following components of fitness: ​Muscular Strength (choose 1 upper body and 1 lower body assessment)

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