My clinical place is Kreative Kare preschool in Brooklyn. I am supossed to make a Business Proposal of how

My clinical place is Kreative Kare preschool in Brooklyn. I am supossed to make a Business Proposal of how to improve oral health and hygene for kids that are attending this school. They are 3 and 4 years old, Hispanic and African American.

Capstone Project Plan Format (Use as an outline when writing your project proposal) Title: Business Plan to Improve Oral health and Hygiene in Toddlers
I. Executive Summary –. You need to explain your idea for improvement in a clear, concise way as leaders often breeze through this section. Think of whom the leader or leaders are that you will be presenting this plan to and what will motivate them to want to implement your plan.
A. Project Need: Describe what the project needs to achieve (purpose of project), include objectives, scope of work, method of approach, main project deliverables, exclusions, constraints, and any interfaces.
a. Example: Discuss how your project can reduce risk and improve patient satisfaction, safety, and reduce cost that result from implementing your plan. Include numerical statistics related to current organizational goals as this adds evidence to support the need for your project and it will get leaders attention quickly.
II. Organization Descriiption – Describe the current organizations structure (your clinical site) including historical information on the organization.

Make sure to include the mission and vision statements for the organization. Describe how your project will impact and correlate with the mission and vision statement and the overall organizations goals.
III. Target Population –Patient Population Impacted or Population Impacted – Describe the target audiences of people who will be impacted by this project and explain their needs. Provide numerical statistics as this adds power to your presentation.
3k and 4k class (3 and 4 y.o African American and Hispanic kids)
IV. Assumptions – Include planning assumptions that you have made related to the availability of key resources that will be needed for successful implementation of the project. Make sure to include at what times (stages) of implementation the key resources will be needed.
V. Business Case – Include the cost estimates to implement the project and details on the alignment of cost with project implementation activities. Make sure to include the timeline (life cycle of the project from beginning to end) in this section.

VI. Project Team Structure – Describe the structure of the team (interdisciplinary members and roles) that will implement the project, who, how many, where, and when. Describe who will be the project manager.
VII. Communication and Change Management Plan – Describe who in the organization needs to be communicated with to implement the project successfully and the change framework and plan you have created to implement the project. Describe process for change management related to project.
VIII. Quality Plan – Explain how quality will be managed and measured during the project implementation and during the project implementation follow up period. Describe any quality assurance tools that will be used to measure outcomes. Consider measuring responsibilities, standards, quality criteria that will be used to measure key deliverables. Define any audit procedures that will be used and how this will impact change management of the project.
IX. Project Controls – Describe what controls will be used for reporting and monitoring of project implementation, the exception process that will be used during the project implementation, and contingency plans for identified risks that might occur during the project implementation.
X. Summary – Summarize the importance of the project related to performance and or quality improvement and why the organization cannot afford not to move forward with the project. Describe how the project will help the organization achieve its goals related to the vision and mission statements.

Capstone Project Plan Grading: Grading will be based on inclusion of all content criteria listed in the guidelines. There are no word limit minimums or maximums as the grading is on the content and process of the project.
Capstone Project Presentation – Present the capstone project at the clinical site and to the class online – The final capstone project presentation is a compilation which includes your proposal, theory incorporated into the proposal, a PowerPoint presentation of your proposal.

Presentation Capstone Project

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