N 599 Aspen University Preparedness in Acute Health Care Capstone Conclusion Writing Assignment Help

N 599 Aspen University Preparedness in Acute Health Care Capstone Conclusion Writing Assignment Help. N 599 Aspen University Preparedness in Acute Health Care Capstone Conclusion Writing Assignment Help.

Module 7: Conclusion, References and Formal Paper

This Conclusion section should be about 2-3 pages and content should be separated with APA first and second level headings.

Remember to submit your work following the file naming convention FirstInitial.LastName_M01.docx. For example, J.Smith_M01.docx. Remember that it is not necessary to manually type in the file extension; it will automatically append.

Start by reading and following these instructions:

1. Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.

2. Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources. Choose your sources carefully.

3. Consider the discussions and any insights gained from it.

4. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.


Submit a formal paper describing the Capstone project

Your Formal Capstone Project submission must be professionally prepared and free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. The formatting protocol of the American Psychological Association is the approved format for Aspen University. For detailed guidance refer to the websites and resources referenced in the ProQuest Library.

The specific length of the formal document may vary somewhat depending upon the topic selected, the use of tables, matrices, graphs, or other visual supplements. The following sections should be included:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction (Background, Significance, Justification)
  • Purpose
  • Literature review
  • Method (as appropriate for your project— may include research design, procedures, evaluation methods, etc.)
  • Discussion of findings
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices as appropriate.

The Formal Capstone Project submission should be prepared using the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as appropriate), appropriately paginated using a twelve-point standard style font (Times New Roman) and written using current APA guidelines.

N 599 Aspen University Preparedness in Acute Health Care Capstone Conclusion Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

MGT 112 UC San Diego Business in Australia and Economic Growth Rate Report Business Finance Assignment Help

Please write the part of Country overview and Business overview for each one page with Times New Roman 12 Single spaced. The country we selected is Australia.

1.Country Overview

In this section the team will cover basic information about the country. Most likely teams will extract this information from publicly available sources, but will be careful to highlight important aspects that are relevant to a global business manager. For example, if a given country is +3 hours GMT, that is minutely interesting. If the team is able to translate this simple fact into what it means to be able to do business in that country and how it may clearly and directly impact the competitiveness of domestic firms, then that is somewhat more meaningful. Another example, to state that the political party in power in Turkey is the AKP is mildly relevant. It can be helpful however, if your team is able to inform the reader what policies the AKP advocates, what its ideology is in words and in deed, and what it means to do business in Turkey under the AKP.

Country Overview – focus on facets that are both conducive to and hostile to global expansion

2.Business Overview

As with 1 above, you will most likely draw information for this section from readily available sources. The emphasis is again on very careful filtering of the information to aid our understanding of what makes firms in that country thrive or suffer particular challenges. Given that you are primarily analyzing companies with growth potential, focus on framing your report in terms of how the country may help. You must go beyond superficialities of exchange rates, balance of payments and so on to be able to identify characteristics of the business and competitive environment in that country that makes firms from there more or less formidable in the next 10 – 15 years. For instance, is there a lot of domestic engineering talent that makes for a large and reliable pool of potential hires for product development as the firm grows?

Business Overview – on elements both conducive to and hostile to global expansion


UNT Committee Leadership in Organizational Performance Appraisal Paper Writing Assignment Help

Write a short paper (4-6 pages, APA format) based on a visit/virtual visit to a place that is out of your comfort zone. Choose a place to visit where you will not feel entirely comfortable, and after the visit, will write a paper describing the experience. Some example choices include: a mosque; a temple (Jewish, Buddhist, etc.); white, black, or Hispanic meeting; a gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBTQ) gathering; spending all day without speaking (to experience a disability firsthand); or going through the intake process at a homeless shelter, among others.

You must include the following sections in your paper:

1) Introduction—include why you chose this particular experience that you’re writing about as well as the details of when and where it took place;
2) Your thoughts, feelings, apprehensions, and preconceived notions prior to the experience;
3) A detailed description of the experience, including your thoughts and feelings throughout, interactions with others, etc;
4) Any –isms you noticed or experienced;
5) What you learned from the experience and how this experience will impact your future practice; and
6) Conclusion.

❍ With respect to COVID and the need for social distancing this assignment can be based on

1) A new experience as described above
2) A previous experience where you visited a place out of your comfort zone.


Santa Monica College Which of These Philosophical Descartes and Conway Prepares Us for Repairing World Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Discussion Question

you can google for more information about topic, please no copy and paste.

Answer minimum 400 words

a. Primary Question

Descartes and Conway — Descartes is a Dualist, mind/body problem, and Conway is a Monist, and thinks created beings are sparks of light, vitalistic spirits. Which of these philosophical frameworks best prepares us for repairing our fractured world, our hyperpolarized communities. Why? How? In the process of knowing and loving thyself and thy neighbor, how might Descartes and/or Conway, contribute to healing our local and global communities?

b. Optional – Apply Fascism and “The Devil’s Backbone.”

The Devil’s Backbone takes place during Spain’s hyperpolarized culture that gave way to fascism. Is the US in a similar situation now? How might a return to love unite us to save our democracy? Also, in The Devil’s Backbone, there is much bullying that ultimately becomes a united front, friendships between the young men that overcomes corruption. What does this suggest about friendship, love, community, and Descartes’s ‘good sense’ that one uses to decide right from wrong? Or Conway’s notion of making corrections in our relationships with other people be it past lives of the present? You may take your answers in whatever direction that interests you as long as it is respectful.

JACOB student 1

Reply Thought minimum 250 words

Much can be learned from Rene Descartes that can prove to help and repair the world today. Descartes speaks of what we can know and how much there is for us to doubt in the world we live in. Although Descartes doubtful methods may seem over the top to sum, I’d argue that all doubt is healthy as it gives rise to new questions previously unthought of. People need to ask questions if they are to probably make judgments about the world and make a positive difference. How are we to attempt at rebuilding our society and abolishing its flaws if we cannot have our questions answered or recognize that they cannot be answered? Descartes has established that we that think in his legendary quote, “I think therefore I am.”, but claims that making assumptions relying upon our perception is a path on which we can be deceived. If we learn to reassess our perceptions and personal bias as Descartes recommends not only will we grow closer to finding truth in a world where we could be deceived but also discern the proper path to go down as a society and world. Just as Socrates was in favor of asking questions because of mind-opening power of wisdom, Descartes’ principles force us to widen our minds even further. The more we ask questions the more we learn and according to Socrates, the more we learn, the more empathetic we become. If there is one thing America needs it is empathy. Through the pursuit of knowledge and healthy and justified doubt we push ourselves to improve. We not only become more empathetic but also more capable of locating issues built into our society. Through healthy inquiry we may learn more about COVID-19, Systemic Racism, and what is best for all of us. Descartes’ principles prove that doubt is a powerful way to pursue knowledge and knowledge may be the cure for the ailments of the world.

ERNEST student 1

Reply Thought minimum 250 words

  • In my opinion the philosophical framework that might help prepare us for repairing our fractured world is Conway’s monist philosophy. She describes the imperfectability of the third being “Creatures.” (Man). If we accept this premise then we might be better to work with our neighbors in these hyper-polarized times. Maybe it would make it a bit easier to work on many issues for better or for worse. We can maybe learn from our adversities ( as well as our adversaries) through personal suffering and experience ( “Pathei Mathos”). I believe her quote ” God made all tribes and troops of creatures of one blood. so that they would love one another and would be bound by the same sympathy and would help one another.” Though let us also remember her explanation of perfectibility where we can rise to the level of angels in that everything is spirit. We are much more a like than we are different . Something to remember in the current political atmosphere. Her Kahballah beliefs such that we are all either moving forwards of backwards is important also. We should always meditation / focus to move forwards. Love one another as a fellow creatures of spirited light and energy.


BUS 309 Rutgers University Unethical Business Company Case Study Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Write a case study paper on unethical company

For this paper I have chosen Kroger to be the unethical company.

By the time you start working on the paper, you’ll (hopefully) have read many case studies of business ethics topics in the course. For the paper, you’ll be writing a case study of your own on an ethical issue in business and then writing an ethical analysis of the case.

So, the first half of the paper should be dedicated to the description of the case itself. What is the business that got itself into trouble? What does the business do to make money? What happened? Who was affected? Try to be as detailed as possible and as unbiased as possible in telling the story.

The second half of the paper should consist of two parts:

First, you should analyze the case from an ethical point of view. If the case is about something horribly unethical, try to dig in and discuss what was unethical about it, how the unethical behavior was allowed to come about, and what other options were available. Defend your claim that the behavior was unethical.

Second, you should give some recommendations and advice on how to repair the ethical problem in the business (if possible, if not, how it could have been prevented is fine).

Thus, if you’re writing an eight page paper, four pages will be describing the case, two will analyze it from an ethical point of view, and two will give recommendations for solving the problem or promoting the good acts. Those are the main parts I’ll be looking for, and I’ll complain in comments if you don’t have them all.

Are there things I should avoid doing in this paper?

Yes. 1) No quotations, please. If you use evidence or data from somewhere else, you must cite it, but I expect the evidence and/or date to be summed up in your own words. 2) If you use information from another source, you must cite the source. I don’t mind what citation style you use, but do cite it.

The paper should be relatively free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. We all miss one here and there, but it’s important to proofread your work. Also, please spell the names of your company correctly. Spellcheck won’t necessarily catch that and it shows a lack of attention to details.



Capella University How Do You Do an Evaluation of A Capital Project Worksheet Business Finance Assignment Help

Create an Excel spreadsheet in which you use capital budgeting tools to determine the quality of 3 proposed investment projects, as well as a 6-8 page report that analyzes your computations and recommends the project that will bring the most value to the company.


This portfolio work project is about one of the basic functions of the finance manager: allocating capital to areas that will increase shareholder value. There are many uses of cash managers can select from, but it is essential that the selected projects are ones that add the most value to the company. This means forecasting the projected cash flows of the projects and employing capital budgeting metrics to determine which project, given the forecast cash flows, gives the firm the best chance to maximize shareholder value.

As a business professional, you are expected to:

  • Use capital budgeting tools to compute future project cash flows and compare them to upfront costs.
  • Evaluate capital projects and make appropriate decision recommendations.
  • Prepare reports and present the evaluation in a way that finance and non-finance stakeholders can understand.


You work as a finance manager for Drill Tech, Inc., a mid-sized manufacturing company located in Minnesota. Three capital project requests were identified as potential projects for the company to pursue in the upcoming fiscal year. In the meeting to discuss capital projects, the director of finance (and your boss), Jennifer Davidson, gives you a synopsis of the projects along with this question: Which one of these projects will provide the most shareholder value to the company?

She also tells you that other than what is noted in each project scenario, all other costs will remain constant, and you should remember to only evaluate the incremental changes to cash flows.

The proposed projects for you to review are as follows.

Project A: Major Equipment Purchase
  • A new major equipment purchase, which will cost $10 million; however, it is projected to reduce cost of sales by 5% per year for 8 years.
  • The equipment is projected to be sold for salvage value estimated to be $500,000 at the end of year 8.
  • Being a relatively safe investment, the required rate of return of the project is 8%.
  • The equipment will be depreciated at a MACRS 7-year schedule.
  • Annual sales for year 1 are projected at $20 million and should stay the same per year for 8 years.
  • Before this project, cost of sales has been 60%.
  • The marginal corporate tax rate is presumed to be 25%.
Project B: Expansion into Europe
  • Expansion into Western Europe has a forecast to increase sales/revenues and cost of sales by 10% per year for 5 years.
  • Annual sales for the previous year were $20 million.
  • Start-up costs are projected to be $7 million and an upfront needed investment in net working capital of $1 million. The working capital amount will be recouped at the end of year 5.
  • Because of the higher European tax rate, the marginal corporate tax rate is presumed to be 30%.
  • Being a risky investment, the required rate of return of the project is 12%.
Project C: Marketing/Advertising Campaign
  • A major new marketing/advertising campaign, which will cost $2 million per year and last 6 years.
  • It is forecast that the campaign will increase sales/revenues and costs of sales by 15% per year.
  • Annual sales for the previous year were $20 million.
  • The marginal corporate tax rate is presumed to be 25%.
  • Being a moderate risk investment, the required rate of return of the project is 10%.
Your Role

You are a finance manager at Drill Tech, Inc., who plays a major role in reviewing capital project requests.


Jennifer reiterates that your report is critical for the company to select the project that will bring the most value to shareholders. Your calculations and report should address these items for her and other stakeholders:

  • Apply computations of capital budgeting methods to determine the quality of the proposed investments.
    • Use budgeting tools to compute future project cash flows and compare them to upfront costs. Remember to only evaluate the incremental changes to cash flows.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of a variety of capital budgeting tools including net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), payback period, and profitability index (PI). The analysis of the capital projects will need to be correctly computed and the resulting decisions rational.
  • Evaluate the capital projects using data analysis and applicable metrics that align to the business goal of maximizing shareholder value.
    • Evaluate capital projects and make appropriate decision recommendations. Accurately compare the indicated projects with correct computations of capital budgeting tools and then make rational decisions based on the findings.
  • Select the best capital project, based on data analysis and evaluation, that will add the most value for the company.
  • Prepare an appropriate evaluation report for requestors, using sound research and data to defend your decision.
    • Justify your decision with a clear analysis showing the findings of the analysis and which project has the best chance to increase shareholder value.
    • Use your calculations and data to provide a clear picture of why your recommendation is the right one. This goes beyond just regurgitating the data. Think about how the data can tell the story that will be meaningful to the readers.

Deliverable Format

For this assessment, create two deliverables:

  1. An Excel spreadsheet showing the required cash flow forecasts and capital budgeting tool calculations for each project. Use the same spreadsheet but create separate tabs for each project.
  2. A report providing an analysis of the computations, the project selection decision, and justification for the decision, as well as its impact on the value of the firm. The project selection decision must have an analytical rationale to support it.
Report requirements:
  • Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message and quality.
  • Use at least three scholarly resources.
  • Your report should be between 6 and 8 pages.
  • Use 12 point, Times New Roman.
Related company standards:
  • Your report is a professional document and should follow the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines (found in the MBA Program Resources), including single-spaced paragraphs.
  • Use APA-formatted references.


By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies through corresponding scoring guide criteria:

  • Competency 1: Apply the theories, models, and practices of finance to the financial management of an organization.
    • Apply computations of capital budgeting methods to determine the quality of the proposed investments.
  • Competency 2: Analyze financing strategies to maximize stakeholder value.
    • Evaluate the capital projects using data analysis and applicable metrics that aligns to the business goals.
  • Competency 3: Apply financial analyses to business planning and decision making.
    • Select the best capital project, based on data analysis and evaluation, that will add the most value for the company.
  • Competency 5: Communicate financial information with multiple stakeholders.
    • Prepare an appropriate evaluation report for requestors, using sound research and data to defend the decision.

Faculty will use the scoring guide to review your deliverables in the role of your boss and stakeholders.

Capella University How Do You Do an Evaluation of A Capital Project Worksheet Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Communication in Business FSN Changes in Format of Annual Meeting Short Paper Writing Assignment Help

  1. Read the results of your search of “Good News and Bad News” in your Business Communication for Success textbook.
  2. Read Writing Tasks: Convey Good News and Bad News
  3. In a Word document, you have been asked to create “Save the Date” email reflecting an understanding of how to deliver the “Good News and Bad News” to those who will not want to attend in this format for the Leadership retreat with the following elements:
    1. Delivery of the “Good News-Bad News” message.
    2. Change in format from in person to virtual of the Virtual Annual Meeting.
    3. Dates and time of the Virtual Annual Meeting.
    4. Benefits of the Virtual Annual Meeting.


You will be preparing a series of strategic communications and an outline for delivering them regarding a significant change in the annual retreat.


Financial Service Now (FSN), is a faith-based financial consulting organization that was started in 1998 by Susan Demarco as a local financial consulting practice and has since grown to over 60 locations throughout the Midwest.  The company now employs 175 consultants across the United States who operate from virtual offices, meeting with clients in person but with leadership and co-workers primarily by videoconference.  The company’s business leadership team includes: President, Susan Demarco, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Senior VP of Human Resources who are all based out of a headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The leadership team also includes the Senior VP and Chief Operations Officer, VP of Innovation, and VP of Human Resources, as well as 18 State Regional Directors, all of whom are networked virtually.  All totaled, the organization has 525 employees.  Each regional center meets weekly for accountability and updates, and the Regional Directors meet with their teams every other week.


One of the company’s most popular events is the well-publicized annual meeting which is typically held at a nice destination hotel/resort with great amenities, strategically planned so that participants can golf or participate in fun outings in the morning, have a social afternoon with dinner provided, and the meeting the next day which features great speakers and food.  It is always a rallying time when the company’s leadership celebrates its accomplishments, recognizes its outstanding employees, and announces new initiatives.  However, the rising costs of hotels, transportation, and fuel, coupled with new regulatory challenges for corporate accountability and sustainability, as well as having a mostly virtual workforce, have forced the company’s leadership to question whether this remains a sustainable option. While employees enjoy and value this event, in the past year costs have risen 15-20%, costing the company upwards of $100,000 for the one event, and leadership is not sure that the benefit is worth the cost. They’re also concerned about the continuing pattern of increase and the impact on the company’s bottom line


You have been appointed as the Coordinator of Communication for Financial Service Now (FSN), a faith-based financial consulting firm, and you have been tasked with introducing a new initiative.  Although the new initiative makes sound financial sense to the company’s leaders and helps improve the company’s overall sustainability, it involves a substantive change in the company’s methods that will likely meet with divergent reactions.

The Plan:

Leadership has identified two options to deal with this issue. One is to identify what would need to be removed from the company’s employee support in order to fund the gathering. Lucky for you, this has landed in the finance area for analysis. The other option is to try a virtual meeting this next go around. You have been charged with creating a plan to communicate this to individuals in the organization, and leadership has cautioned you that it needs to be presented as a positive and valuable option. The company has decided to offer a virtual annual meeting this year rather than a destination event, meaning that although they’ll still have the same caliber of the speaker and general focus of the gathering, it will be from participants’ virtual offices rather than a mostly-paid-for destination retreat. 

As the Coordinator for Communications, you now have the challenge of conveying these new initiatives and their rationale to your consultants.  You know these changes will garner a wide variety of reactions, as well as generate rumors, questions, and uncertainty about the company’s future and the viability of virtual meetings.  Plus, it’s a lot to take in all at once.  Yet, you’ve seen the bottom-line numbers and you know what budget and economic realities your leadership team is facing, so you know to help the company succeed through these challenges you will need to make an effective case for this change through a series of well-planned business communications over the next four months to prepare your consultants for the upcoming changes.


Leadership has requested that you prepare a plan and documents for communicating. They have identified the following assignments that you need to complete:

Workshop One: Pre-Planning Outline of communication

Workshop Two: Infographic for Visual Communication

Workshop Three: Save the Date Email

Workshop Four: Inspirational Reflection and Post Meeting Survey Questions

Workshop Five: Virtual Annual Meeting PowerPoint and Oral Presentation Video


Book: https://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/textbooks/business-communication-for-success (:Business Communication for Success)

Article: http://www.benchmarkinstitute.org/wc/ci/writing_tasks.pdf (Writing Tasks: Convey Good News and Bad News )


RLGN 104 Liberty University Week 4 the Gospel Message Discussion Questions Writing Assignment Help

After reading “The Gospel Message” article in the Module/Week 4 Reading & Study folder, answer the following questions (250–500 words total). These questions must be answered in separate paragraphs.

  1. What are various ways the gospel message is perceived in our culture?
  2. What are some specific moral reasons people may reject the gospel message?
  3. What are some specific emotional reasons people may reject the gospel message?
  4. What are some specific intellectual reasons people may reject the gospel message?
  5. What can Christians do to address these objections and better communicate the gospel message?

Note: Scripture, course content, or research must be included in your answers where appropriate and must be cited properly with in-text citations and a reference, works cited or bibliography section at the end of your thread.


PHARM 6521 UMES Decision Making When Treating Psychological Disorders Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

Discussion: Decision Making When Treating Psychological Disorders

    Psychological disorders, such as depression, bipolar, and anxiety disorders can present several complications for patients of all ages. These disorders affect patients physically and emotionally, potentially impacting judgment, school and/or job performance, and relationships with family and friends. Since these disorders have many drastic effects on patients’ lives, it is important for advanced practice nurses to effectively manage patient care. With patient factors and medical history in mind, it is the advanced practice nurse’s responsibility to ensure the safe and effective diagnosis, treatment, and education of patients with psychological disorders.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

For this Discussion, you will select an interactive media piece to practice decision making when treating patients with psychological disorders. You will recommend the most effective pharmacotherapeutic to treat the psychological disorder presented and examine potential impacts of pharmacotherapeutics on a patient’s pathophysiology.

To Prepare
  • Review this week’s interactive media pieces and select one to focus on for this Discussion.
  • Reflect on the decision steps in the interactive media pieces, and consider the potential impacts from the administration of the associated pharmacotherapeutics on the patient’s pathophysiology.
By Day 3 of Week 8

Post a brief explanation of the psychological disorder presented and the decision steps you applied in completing the interactive media piece for the psychological disorder you selected. Then, explain how the administration of the associated pharmacotherapeutics you recommended may impact the patient’s pathophysiology. How might these potential impacts inform how you would suggest treatment plans for this patient? Be specific and provide examples.

By Day 6 of Week 8

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses and respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days who selected a different interactive media piece on a psychological disorder, and provide recommendations for alternative drug treatments to address the patient’s pathophysiology.

Note: For this Discussion, you are required to complete your initial post before you will be able to view and respond to your colleagues’ postings. Begin by clicking on the “Post to Discussion Question” link, and then select “Create Thread” to complete your initial post. Remember, once you click on Submit, you cannot delete or edit your own posts,


Indiana University of Pennsylvania MIDCARE Missing Information Case Study Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

Getting Started

The next step in the case evaluation process after reading the case
is to develop an analysis. This analysis will look at the questions that
need to be answered, identify missing information, and think about
alternatives available.

Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:

  • Analyze complex organizational issues within the healthcare industry.
  • Integrate critical analysis to ensure healthcare organizational success.


  • Textbook: The Middleboro Casebook: Healthcare Strategy and Operations

Background Information

Once the overall situation has been identified (what/how/why), the
next step in the case evaluation process is to review the key questions
that need to be answered. After the key questions have been reviewed,
you can begin to evaluate the information that has been provided. In
addition, you should determine what information is missing or
unavailable. The key to handling missing information is to identify what
assumptions you will have to make to reach a final solution. This
involves understanding what alternatives are available for the
protagonist to resolve the situation. At this point, you can go back to
the information that has been provided in order to identify the best
solutions that are available. You can also determine what information is
missing or unavailable to solve this case and explain any assumptions
that are necessary to develop potential solutions.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Make sure you have carefully reviewed the following:

    1. “Case 6: MIDCARE, Inc.” from the textbook.
    2. Requirements from 6.2 Assignment: Final Case Study – Submission.

  3. Prepare a two to three page paper, with title and reference pages, that addresses the following:

    1. Evaluate the information provided. What information is missing or unavailable?
    2. What assumptions will you have to make to reach a final solution?
    3. What alternatives are available to MIDCARE to resolve the issues?

  4. Turn your work into the instructor by using the Assignment submission page by the end of the workshop.


N 599 Aspen University Preparedness in Acute Health Care Capstone Conclusion Writing Assignment Help

N 599 Aspen University Preparedness in Acute Health Care Capstone Conclusion Writing Assignment Help