Name two advantages and two disadvantages of mitochondrial DNA analysis compared to.. Business Finance Assignment Help

Name two advantages and two disadvantages of mitochondrial DNA analysis compared to.. Business Finance Assignment Help. Name two advantages and two disadvantages of mitochondrial DNA analysis compared to.. Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Complete question: Name two advantages and two disadvantages of mitochondrial DNA analysis compared to nuclear DNA analysis.

Answer needs to be 1-2 pages 350 – 500 words. Works cited section for references need.

Introduce the topic to the reader in 3-5 sentences. Leave the body for the facts. Focus on a strong thesis statement leading into the body of paper. Let the last sentence in the introduction be the thesis statement. What is a thesis? It is a proposition to be tested and weighed.

Question from BCJ 351 Forensic Science Text: Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science, Tenth Edition, 2011 ISBN-13: 978-0-13-504520-6. Author: Richard Saferstein.

Name two advantages and two disadvantages of mitochondrial DNA analysis compared to.. Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Acid and Bases Quizzes Science Assignment Help

E17 – Chapter 13 – Acid & Bases

Before beginning this quiz, please review Chapter 13, watch the powerpoints listed under “Acids & Bases – Structure & Function,” (click here) and your have checked your work in the CL5 – Chapter 12 Solutions Practice assessment. Please also continue reviewing all content topics and resources summarized here (click here).

Using a reliable computer of your choice with Firefox as your browser and having the correct computer and video playback settings for our course, please complete this assessment during its availability period and during a period Blackboard’s functionality works best for you following all directions and guidelines given in this assessment.

  • Question delivery is one at a time time.
  • Once a question has been answered it may be revisited.
  • Changes to your answers after final submission are prohibited.
  • This quiz counts toward your exercise course activity grade.
  • You will allowed only one attempt.
  • Correct computer settings for the course (click here)


Writing a Part of paper Writing Assignment Help

this order is for 4 pages out of 10 pages research. I just need you to write the second part of the introduction which is should to be starts from the previous works on the formation until the diagenesis (SEE THE OUTLINE).and you need to use 10 specific scientific articles in the literature (SEE THE guideline). However, there is a part where you need to write about facies from previous works on the formation (Tonoloway Formation), please try to use facies that close to my facies. My facies are:

-facie 1 (Laminated Stromatoporoid)

-facie 2 (Peloidal/ostracod/oolitic granstone)

-facie 3 (Laminated to graded Peloidal brachiopod ostracod packstone-grainstone)

Paper format:

(Should use the format in Geology, GSA Bulletin, or Journal of Paleontology. (SEE THE GUIDELINE))

*** please use easy and simple vocabulary and if there is anything unclear, just let me know. ***


college level statistical research paper Mathematics Assignment Help

Descriptions and requirements are given in the “project guide” file down below. If primary data is picked, it should be based on normal college students lives in New York state. If using secondary data, it should be based on ordinary public-known sources. Use of estimations, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing is required. Textbook “Mind on Statistics 5 th edition” could be used as reference. Number of Pages is not strictly required but is preferred in single spaced 4 pages along with charts and diagrams. Past sample paper is provided in the JPG documents below.


Correct and complete my paper Writing Assignment Help

As revisions are a major component in the recursive writing process, your revisions should be substantial and include both global and local concerns. This revision may require you to re-organize your material, expand and/or more fully integrate and cite your research, consider the need for further research, revisit your choice of static image or dynamic media by way of your hyperlink, provide more background and context to your introduction, rethink or strengthen your thesis (your call to action), more clearly define the relationship between your text and images, anticipate further your audience’s questions and oppositions, and/or provide a more satisfying conclusion. It is always important to present a polished multimodal argument that attends to grammar and surface issues and proper format as identified by your instructor.

Part 5 asks you to finalize your Multimodal Argument by combining two or more channels or systems of communication that include (1) writing text as argument (2) incorporating static images, and (3) connecting a dynamic visual or auditory component via a hyperlink into a single multimodal project.

Together, in one unified multimodal argument, all three communication modes should (1) educate an audience of non-engaged stakeholders about the topic you have been exploring, (2) engage this audience by convincing them that they should care about this issue, and (3) empower the audience to agree with your call to action.

Your final Multimodal Argument requires

  1. a textual construction that includes linguistic and spatial constructions in the writing of a 1,200 – 1,400-word essay that incorporate compelling and persuasive evidence that supports your thesis;
  2. a visual component, which strategically integrates a total of two static images (photograph, diagram, infographic, graph, map, and/or drawing) that support your argument in important ways. Vary the type of static visuals to avoid including two of the same type;
  3. one dynamic media component via a hyperlink of an appropriate word or phrase that intentionally merges a single video or podcast of two minutes or less into your multimodal argument in meaningful ways.
  4. an introduction and thesis, all major points, full integration of multimodal components, convincing evidence and rhetorical appeal strategies that support these points (including in-text citations from appropriate sources), and a Works Cited page.
  5. an integration of at least 5 credible sources, not counting the 3 sources that document your 2 static visuals and your hyperlink connection.

( I will upload my paper )



Feminism and sexism in popular culture Business Finance Assignment Help

General Description of Assignment:

Write a 20-page original (plagiarism free) piece of thesis-driven research paper from a critical/cultural studies perspective which examines this topic: feminism and sexism in popular culture. You must lay the foundation for the theoretical approach of your study and the justification for doing your study in the “Literature Review” (second) section of the paper. In the Lit Review you will explain your theoretical approach by citing and explaining the importance of published academic research in this area over the past 20 or more years. Write the Lit Review in chronological order, unless there is an important reason to do otherwise. The focus of this paper would be a thorough analysis of the way women are portrayed in popular culture in various types of media such as films, television shows, music videos and video games. The primary research questions that will drive this analysis are as follows:

1. Do these images influence society’s perception of males and females?

2. How is sexism portrayed differently in the various types of media listed above?

3. Has the type of sexism changed in recent times or are things still the same?

4. Do different cultures/ ethnicities view males and females differently?

Specifics of Assignment:

  1. Begin with an “Abstract” on a separate page, which is about 250 words, and which is not part of the body of the paper. The abstract is basically a one-paragraph summary.
  2. Start the body of the research paper with an “Introduction” section in which you get our attention and interest about the topic.
  3. The next section of the paper is the “Literature Review” section. You must include at least 20 academic references (critical/cultural studies published in journals). Points will be deducted for sources not cited in text or in the “References” list—as well as sources listed but not used in the paper. >> Paraphrase more often than quoting! <<
  4. No more than 5 direct quotations in the entire paper. No quote longer than 50 words. (Quotes 40-50 words must be block-indented, according to APA style.)
  5. Include a section in explanation of your Methodology used.
  6. The next section of the paper is the “Findings” section, in which you explain what you have found and report the details of your research.
  7. The next section of the paper is the “Discussion” section, in which you explain the significance of your findings.
  8. All your references must be cited in your text and in the final, separate section called “References” at the end, according to APA style. Start this section on a separate page and not at the bottom of the last page of text. Also, please don’t let any reference run over onto another page.
  9. The entire paper must be written in current APA style, including title page, abstract page, heading styles throughout, fonts, margins, sections, and references.

Feminism and sexism in popular culture Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Modern retelling presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

MODERN-RETELLING PRESENTATION: Please submit a .ppt or .pptx file containing a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow that (1) succinctly and intricately summarizes a classical myth that occupies more than one page of Ovid’s Metamorphoses (other than the myth of Adonis); (2) cogently identifies an academic discipline within which this myth can be studied; (3) clearly and precisely describes a modern retelling of this myth in another artistic source; (4) explicitly specifies which artist/artists has/have created this retelling and when and where she/he/it/they has/have existed and worked; (5) astutely explains the ways in which the myth has changed and remained the same in this retelling; and (6) will take you no more than 10 minutes to present in class. Please incorporate into your slideshow an excerpt from the modern mythic text (if applicable) and at least one .jpg file or hyperlink to a photograph or audio or video recording posted to a Web site (with all of the recorded material lasting no more than 5 minutes in duration).

The slideshow for the modern-retelling presentation needs to focus on a modern retelling of a myth from books 12 through 15 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Please submit as soon as possible a slideshow that focuses on a modern retelling of a myth from books 12 through 15 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. As I mentioned in my comments on your modern-retelling outline, I recommend that you study the “Helen Ruins My Life” chapter of The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood, which is a modern retelling of the story of Paris in the Trojan War from book 12 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.


please complete on time Engineering Assignment Help

Develop a Complete Disaster Recovery Plan to be submitted to the executive board of your company.

Only MS Word (.doc, .docx) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formats are acceptable. Please note that this is a formal writing, all references (peer-reviewed) mostly must be cited appropriately within the text and clearly avoid plagiarism. The paper should have a minimum of 10 pages, 1.5 spacing and Times New Roman font. A minimum of 5 peer review references must be provided. Reference style is APA. You can also have some web references alongside the stated requirement. Please see class syllabus for additional details

note have rereference paper need changes no plagiarism


EPIDEMIOLOGY Test Science Assignment Help

Test is over – the following Power Points

*To revisit the concept of absolute risk.To introduce and compare the relative risk and odds ratio as measures of association between an exposure and a disease.To calculate and interpret a relative risk in a cohort study. To calculate and interpret an odds ratio in a cohort study and in a case-control study and to describe when the odds ratio is a good estimate of the relative risk. To calculate and interpret an odds ratio in a matched-pairs case-control study.

*To calculate and interpret the attributable risk for the exposed group. To calculate and interpret the population attributable risk.To describe how attributable risk is used to estimate the potential for prevention.

*From Association to Causation, Association to Causal,Types of causal relationship, Specificity of the association an Observed Association Is Causal

*To review some possible biases in epidemiologic studies, including selection bias and information bias. To define confounding and to discuss possible ways to deal with confounding in the design and/or analysis of an observational (nonrandomized) study. To define interaction and to present a framework for detecting whether (and to what extent) two factors interact to influence the risk of a disease.



write a well-developed essay (3-5 typed pages) comparing works by two different authors from the course Writing Assignment Help

You are to write a well-developed essay (3-5 typed pages) comparing works by two different authors from the course. Look for a point of comparison to focus your work—for example, a common theme, similar setting, or characters with something in common. You then need to develop your own point of view on what the authors mean and then develop your interpretation and support it with evidence from the text. Your paper should focus on the works we have read (in other words, I do not want you to discuss the authors’ lives). The purpose of your paper should be to improve your reader’s understanding of the works you are discussing and to demonstrate your own understanding of the works. Your paper should not be just generalizations, nor should it be just plot summary.

You will need to illustrate your points with examples and quotations from the literature. When you quote from a work, give the page number from our book in parentheses after the quotation. If you quote from poetry, preserve the line breaks and punctuation as they appear in the original work. This paper is not meant to be a research paper. However, if you do use any secondary sources, you need to add a works cited page and cite your sources properly. Use MLA format for your paper