Need a copy of solution you previously did Computer Science Assignment Help

Need a copy of solution you previously did Computer Science Assignment Help. Need a copy of solution you previously did Computer Science Assignment Help.

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Here’s the link to the assignment you completed 1 year ago for nmstjoly


I have been trying to purchase the answer at /answers/buy/qid/362538 and have been going round and round with customer service trying to get someone to just send an invoice and I can pay it, but they think I am doing something wrong. Anyway, the link above is the same assignment you did previously for nmstjoly 1 year ago. I need to get this turned in by Saturday so if you can somehow send me a bill and the solution after I pay I would really appreciate it. It would be an easy $120 for you, just send me a copy of what you completed before.

The attachment is the image of the payment I submitted using my credit card by clicking the above, but I got a 404 page so either they deleted the file or moved it.

Need a copy of solution you previously did Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

python programming Programming Assignment Help

  • : Hypothesis Generation – understanding the problem better by brainstorming possible factors that can impact the outcome

The Problem Statement

The Hypotheses

1 Demographics

2 Product/Service

3 Possible Outcomes

The data scientists at MetroBigMart have collected 2013 sales data for 1559 products across 10 stores in different cities. Also, certain attributes of each product and store have been defined. The aim is to build a predictive model and find out the sales of each product at a particular store. Using this model, MetroBigMart will try to understand the properties of products and stores which play a key role in increasing sales.

Store Level Hypothesis (Please provide 7-8)

  • One
  • Two

Product Level Hypothesis (Please provide 7-8)

Possible Outcomes (Please provide 2-3)


write an essay in 2000 words Writing Assignment Help


  • Single Discursive Essay
  • On 2 Authors (no more, no less)
  • ONE from the 21st Century
  • ONE from before
  • Compare and Contrast them
  • You should make an argument
  • Which draws on some historical material
  • But which also supports all its key points with close reading
  • Aim for about 2000 words
  • CONSTRUCTING AN ARGUMENTAn essay should have an introduction, a main argument and a conclusionDon’t be afraid to repeat yourselfThe INTRODUCTION should say what you are going to say (your THESIS), and the ORDER you’re going to say it in (your STRUCTURE).The MAIN ARGUMENT should then set out your thesis in DETAIL, and provide EVIDENCE and illustration (in the form of close reading) for EVERY POINT you make.The CONCLUSION should then SUMMARIZE what your thesis was, and state WHY it is IMPORTANT (maybe with a twist
  • Use the poetry and poets for the 2 authors you have to pick from attachements
  • “The gravest charge against commitment is that
    even right intentions go wrong when they are
    noticed, and still more so when they try to
    conceal themselves.”

    Theodore Adorno

    Discuss the role of didacticism in LGBT literature


Finance Assignment using by Excel Business Finance Assignment Help

1. Goal of project:Estimation of fair value of an American option, comparison of this value with the market price of the option, decision to trade (buy or sell or sell-short), and closure of the option after a holding period of at least one day to determine profits.There should be at least 30 option trades and a project report in the format given below.

2. Data:Take following data generated for 15 calls and 15 puts with strike prices, rates of interest and years to maturity, and market prices of options on the opening day or trade day (first day of holding period) and the market prices of the options on the end of the closing period.Following these data are 32 prices of 15 underlying stocks on which the 15 pairs of calls and puts are written.These prices are prior to the trading date with the 32nd stock price (on row 32) as the price as of the close of the day before the trading date and the 1st stock price (on first row) as the price as of 32 days prior to the trading date.The data needed to calculate fair value of an option include the following:

  • Strike price.There are 15 strike prices for each of the 15 pairs of calls and puts.
  • Years to maturity (Mat), the same for the call and put written on the same stock.
  • Yield to maturity (Rate) on a T-bill or any other zero-coupon Treasury bond with a date of maturity close to maturity of the option.15 such interest rates are given.
  • Market prices of the options on the day of opening (Call0, Put0) and on closing (CallM and PutM) of trades.
  • Daily stock prices (the 32 prices given).The 32nd stock price is as of close prior to trading day and the 1st stock price is as of 32 days prior to trading day.
  • The stock goes ex-dividend every quarter starting at 0.25 years from trading date over the life of the option.The amount of quarterly dividend is 5% of the (32nd) stock price just prior to the trading date.
  • An estimate of annual stock volatility (standard deviation of stock’s 31 daily continuously compounded rate of return) based on 32 daily stock prices including and prior to trading day, using the procedure discussed in class.The annual volatility is times the estimated standard deviation obtained from daily stock prices, because there are approximately 252 trading days in a year.The 32nd day stock price is ex-dividend price.

3. Method of Calculating Fair Option Value:Follow the step-by-step procedure used in class to determine fair value of each option using a 5-step binomial tree.

4. Trading, holding, and closing options:Compare the fair price of an option (obtained by using all information as of trading day) with the market price of the option on that day to determine the trade (buy or sell).Note that the trade is actually for the open on the following day, based on information as of close of the trading day.Ideally, you should base your trade on opening market price on the trading day.Decide a trade for each of the chosen 30 options.Hold your trades over the holding period and close the trades at the end of the holding period by selling the options bought and by buying the options sold-short.

5. Profits:Calculate profits from trading, equal to selling market price of an option minus buying market price of the same option.

6. Project Report:The project grade will be based on the accuracy of the reported answers, required to be submitted in a spread sheet of two columns with the question numbers in the first column and answers in the second column attached to e-mail before the due date.

It is required that you submit all workings attached to your email submission.

Answer the following questions for each option:

1 – 15: Annualized stock volatility (standard deviation of continuously compounded rate of return) for the 15 stocks.

16 – 30 Fair values of 15 calls on 15 stocks.

31 – 45 Fair values of 15 puts on 15 stocks.

46 – 60 Trades for calls (write 1 for buy and 0 for short-sell).

61 – 75 Trades for puts (write 1 for buy and 0 for short-sell).

76 – 90 Profits from 15 call trades.

91 – 105 Profits from 15 put trades.

106 Total profit from all trades.


CS125 (C Language) Homework 12 Programming Assignment Help

Sorry about posting this late. The assignment is to implement the pieces of a buffer (in this case an integer buffer) that we have been doing in class.

Make sure that you pay attention to this assignment so that you understand all the pieces. The next two builds on this one and add features that we will learn about. You need to have a good grasp on this part do to the next parts.

Here is the description. Note that the ibufPrint function is already provided at the end. CS125_Asmt12_buffer.pdf

Here are two of the three files, fully implemented. In the hw12.c file, you can move the #ifdef NOTYET line around in main, putting it at the end of the phase that you have completed so far, so that it only compiles only as much as you have implemented to test. hw12.c IntegerBuffer.h



Models for Competitive Dynamics Computer Science Assignment Help

Assignment 1: Models for Competitive Dynamics

Competition has, since the 90s, led to wider gaps between industry leaders and laggards. There are more “winner-take-all” environments and greater churns among industry sector rivals. We have witnessed sharp increases in quality and quantity of IT (Information Technology) investments. We’ve seen striking competitive dynamics, particularly in sectors that spend the most on IT. Some of the competitive dynamics models include the Destroy Your Business (DYB) strategy, the Grow Your Business (GYB) strategy, the Information Systems (IS) and strategic advantage, and the social business strategy.

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:

  1. Compare and contrast the DYB and GYB strategies in terms of the ability to sustain a business in the marketplace over the long term, to be competitive against rivals, and profitability.
  2. Examine the “cannibalization” strategy and determine if it is or is not a better strategy compared to the DYB strategy for growth, competitiveness, and market leadership. Provide two (2) business examples.
  3. Determine whether or not changes in business strategy should entail reassessment of IS. Provide three (3) reasons to support your position.
  4. Examine how firms can use social IT in alignment with organizational strategy and IS strategy. Consider collaborative capabilities, what, how, and who should use social IT for a social business strategy.
  5. Use at three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the integration of enterprise systems with inter-organizational partners.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in enterprise architecture.
  • Write clearly and concisely about enterprise architecture topics using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.

Models for Competitive Dynamics Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

History 2 Humanities Assignment Help

Read from chapters 18, 19, and 20 of the Backman textbook.

Answer any two of the following questions.

1. Why was it that England industrialized first?

2. In what ways did industrialization affect working men and women differently?

3. How did Romanticism differ from Enlightenment thinking. Give examples from writers

and/or composers of the time.

5. What was Karl Marx’s interpretation of the chaos of 1848?

6. What was the role of the Bourgeoisie in Italy and Germany’s unification?

7. What political and historical experiences contributed to the birth of Zionism?

Read from “Mendoza” and answer each of the follow three writing prompts.

Mendoza 1. Provide a summary of the Chapters 1-2 of Part 1.

Mendoza 2. Provide a summary of Chapters 3-4 of Part 1.

Mendoza 3. Provide a summary of Chapters 5-7 of Part 1.

Each answer should be 2 substantial paragraphs in length. Each answer should contain information with citations from the textbook throughout the answer, for example (Backman, page 110) or (Schechter, page 17). Please do not use any additional sources.

If you are attaching a document, you must use one of the following file types: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .wpd, .rtf


Pick ONE reason to explain why Israel is or is not necessary as a Jewish homeland. Humanities Assignment Help

A. For this discussion: Pick ONE reason to explain why Israel is or is not necessary as a Jewish homeland. **This question is NOT asking if Israel should be the Jewish homeland. It IS the Jewish homeland (has been for about 70 years) and will continue to be until an atomic bomb is dropped. It is asking if the state is NECESSARY as a Jewish homeland to protect Jews from global discrimination and violent anti-Semitism that has persisted for thousands of years.

  • There are many topics to choose from (see Lecture/ PP). Thoroughlyanalyze the one reason you choose.
  • Include at least five (5) specific examples. At least three (3) examples should come from the assigned documents, the others can come from Lecture/PP/WOW. Specific examples include quotes, statistics, maps, film clips, and images, etc.


Problem-solving practicum essay.I need nice topic,essay for around 25 pages! and formal deep outline to it Business Finance Assignment Help



Deep thoughts and APA 6th format,GREAT GRAMMAR!

i would like you to write a problem solving essay on something about getting use citizenship (naturalized )and problems about it ( it can be that a lot of people do not know english well but still getting us passport. the citizenship test its too also need 3 ways to solve the problem,choose 1 and explain why)

please help me with the name of topic,essay and outline to essay

i need you to formulate topic nicely and to write essay according to format below

also the structure of essay is must be this way:


1)identify and discuss the problem or issues to talk about (5-6 pages) (about getting us naturalized citizenship)

2)3 ways of solving this problem(i mean alternative solutions 3 options)(10 pages) (for ex. change test questions every year, add more oral interviews,every time change structure of the interview or before getting us citizenship requirement can be to pass esl classes at city colleges of people do not know what to expect because people retelling to each other so even do not know english well they can memorize and pass tests)

3)choose one way of solving to your opinion what is the best to solve the problem and why.( ex. requirement to pass esl course so person who apply for citizenship know english well.


APA format,good grammar,deep own work


criminal justice Business Finance Assignment Help

The assignment is to use any of the
theories that including that of free will (in the Chicago School), a lack of
deterrence for the offender causing crime (the Chicago School), and
Strain/Subculture Theories and research a crime in the news (can be
contemporary or historical). Then use the theory to explain the crime. For
example, famous juvenile delinquency cases can be well-explained by Subculture
Theories. Drug crimes/robberies can be well explained by anomie theory (a part
of Strain, Sometimes there is no real, obvious cause for a crime, as in
so-called “thrill-seeker” crimes–free will/lack of fear of
punishment on the part of the offender (Chicago School) may well explain
those types of crime. 10 pages maximum is the guideline with around 5
references 🙂


Need a copy of solution you previously did Computer Science Assignment Help

Need a copy of solution you previously did Computer Science Assignment Help

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