Need a reading response done for theater Humanities Assignment Help

Need a reading response done for theater Humanities Assignment Help. Need a reading response done for theater Humanities Assignment Help.

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From your reading, answer both sections using bullet point paragraphs REMEMBER, STATE THE QUESTION AND THEN PUT YOUR ANSWER FOR EACH BELOW IT.


1. List and describe each of the three components of a play script?

2. How does your course pack describe the difference between a book, a play or a film?


Using the three components or parts of a play script and format described in the module, create an opening scene of a musical or spoken play and if it is a musical, the lyrics of a song in that scene. You don’t have to write the song, just create the lyrics. You can set it to a popular song if it is easier for you to do. Use the following template and your imagination:


Need a reading response done for theater Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

essay writing Humanities Assignment Help

Write a scintillating, well-written essay of 7 pages in response. You must narrow the scope of your thesis and argument to fit the page limit. You may want to look up the meaning of words in the Oxford English Dictionary, if your interpretation of a passage depends upon the meaning or connotation of a certain word.

Your essay should feature the following:

  • a focused interpretive argument about the meaning of Shakespeare’s plays. Keep plotsummary to a minimum; assume that your reader has read the plays once, but may beunaware of deeper implications.
  • a clearly-stated thesis statement early in the essay which articulates your argument. Thisstatement should do more than just announce the topic of the paper, and it should avoid the”similarities and differences” formula. Underline your thesis statement.
  • at least one passage in which you analyze a passage from the playscript closely at some length. This section of your paper should demonstrate your attention to nuances of language and imagery, subtleties of characterization, and key ideas and issues. Fully explain the meaning of all details or quotations you cite, and place details and quotations in their dramatic context. Choose your supporting quotations carefully, and explain the meaning of the passages you choose to cite. Where you choose to quote directly, please cite the act, scene and line number(s) parenthetically after the quotation. Example: When the Archbishop of Canterbury declares that his long discussion of Salic law is”as clear as the summer sun” (Henry V 1.2.86), his tone is one of sarcasm rather than sincerity. For the correct conventions about citing passages from Shakespeare, please consult the “Guidelines for Writing Papers and Quoting Correctly”, which I will expect you to follow closely. Please consult the class Blackboard site for the grading rubric for this essay.

I. At first glance, Sir Toby Belch from Twelfth Night and Sir John Falstaff from I Henry IV andHenry V are remarkably similar characters–both are fallen knights, both enjoy copious drink and hearty merriment, both are ringleaders of a small community of fellow revelers, both have vexed relationships with figures of authority. Compare and contrast these figures, focusing on ONE element or quality that you find particularly important, revealing, or significant. Develop a thesis about how and why Shakespeare revises this popular character type across the two plays. Pay some attention to the question “so what?” as you are developing your analysis: why is the element or quality you’ve analyzed important to our understanding of these characters and the plays in which they appear?

DEVELOPMENT QUESTIONS: This question might be developed in several ways:

• treat Sir Toby Belch as a revision of Sir John Falstaff: what element(s) did Shakespeare choose to change when he returned to this character in Twelfth Night? Exactly how did he change him? Why?

  • you might trace the development of each character in the course of his particular play–do you sense a change in our attitude toward these characters as the play progresses? What accounts for that change (or lack of it)?
  • you might trace this character’s relationship with another character–say, Toby’s with Aguecheek and Falstaff’s with Prince Henry–paying close attention to what that relationship reveals about Toby’s and Falstaff’s character or function within the play.
  • you might trace how these characters illuminate one of Shakespeare’s central ideas, themes or issues within both plays, though in perhaps subtly contrasting or vastly different ways. This list is certainly not complete: you may choose other ways of developing your comparison and contrast.

Note: you need to give me the opening paragraph with your thesis underlined and one body paragraph as early as possible. No late than Sunday


U4 IP: Policies in a Contemporary Global Society Law Assignment Help

Key Assignment Draft

In those states with the three strikes laws, any person who has 2 felony strikes and commits another felony, whether it be violent or not, can be required to serve a sentence of 25 years to life.

Look at the case of Ewing v. California:

The defendant had his third strike when he committed grand theft at a golf course in Los Angeles County. This was not a violent crime but he was subject to the three strikes laws. He appealed this case up to the United States Supreme Court—and lost.

The public has always been worried about violent crime, but just how worried are citizens about nonviolent crime? With mandatory sentencing, society will have many older inmates within the prison system. In the criminal justice community, it is known that inmates “age out of crime.” Can you imagine a 68-year-old man climbing in a window or jumping an 8-foot fence? By keeping these older inmates incarcerated, is this a disservice to society?

State prosecutors have the discretion to lower the charge so that the third offense would not be considered a third strike. For this assignment, you are a policy maker in Louisiana state legislature. You are concerned about the heavy tax burden on your constituents. The cost of the actual running of the prison and costs of personnel will rise.

You are also up for re-election, and the feedback that you have received from your constituents has shown that they are dissatisfied with the law that now stands. They are afraid of violent crimes, not just felonies, and are very aware that the last crime committed by the perpetrator does not have to be a violent crime. They are also worried about the use of their tax dollars to incarcerate nonviolent offenders.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 5–7 pages:

    • Develop a policy regarding the three strikes laws in the State of California. Address the following in your policy:

      • What alternatives would be placed in the law to give the state prosecutor more freedom to manipulate the third strike?
      • Many prosecutors “load up” charges against defendants to force a plea bargain. What can be done to limit or prevent this practice?
      • Will your policy allow multiple counts arising from the same incident to count as multiple strikes? (For instance, a man arrested for aggravated robbery because of the use of a weapon is charged with aggravated robbery and a felony gun possession charge. Should that count as 1 strike or 2?)
      • If one of the alternatives was supervised probation, how would you convince the public that it would be more cost-effective for the person to be supervised than incarcerated?
      • Show the public where you would be saving money by not incarcerating the perpetrator.
      • If brought up in the legislature to be an amendment to the law, could this be grandfathered in to help older inmates?
      • Could this have a backlash from the public, or would they approve? How? Why?

    • Once you are finished with the policy, draft an executive summary of the policy to be used for political decision making.

  • Use 6–10 scholarly resources to support the provisions of your policy. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are not scholarly sources. Look at federal and state legislation and court cases.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


Applications of RLC Circuits Writing Assignment Help

Though we did not discuss them in class, RLC circuits have many practical applications in devices that we regularly use. Please read one or more of the following articles and discuss one or more of the following questions.

Your post should be a minimum of 200 words. These posts should be thoughtful (using excessive ‘fluff’ words, writing off-topic, etc. will lead to an incomplete score). It is not necessary to derive any equations or do any calculations. I am only looking for a practical, theoretical understanding. These posts will be graded as either complete or incomplete. A ‘complete’ grade will result in one additional point being added to your final grade in the course. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

(You may use other sources than the ones provided, but be sure to cite them)

1. What are some different types of filters that can be constructed with RLC/RC circuits?

2. What are some of the practical applications of these filters?

3. How do these filters differ from one another?

4. What are some possibilities beyond filters that RLC circuits are capable of?

5. Any other relevant observations that you may have about RLC circuits or their applications


Independent Research Project (IRP) Computer Science Assignment Help

Use the Excel I provide, the data in the excel is the data set I want to use. And the Word I provide is where you should work on.


In the Independent Research Project (IRP), students conduct an analysis project using SAS primarily and Excel as needed to analyze real-world data.

  • In the first assignment (IRP Research Question and Data Set), you identified the data set you wanted to use, developed a research question, and identified a statistical question that could be answered analytically.
  • In this assignment, you will create and submit a business memo (template attached) that clearly communicates your analysis of the data set you identified in the previous assignment. When you submit this draft of your IRP, you will get feedback from your classmates and your instructor. You should use this feedback to improve your IRP.
  • In later assignments (IRP Memorandum, IRP Presentation, Presentation Questions Reply), you will submit the final version of your IRP, create and submit a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your IRP, present your analysis via a recorded video presentation, and answer questions about your presentation.

Peer Review of Draft IRP

Submit your draft IRP to this assignment. It will be reviewed anonymously by three of your classmates. You will also be asked to review the IRPs of three other students. Please be kind and constructive in your comments. Take the feedback you get from this peer review to improve your IRP that will be turned in the next IRP assignment.



1-1 Discussion: Save the Anthropologists Humanities Assignment Help

I need someone to complete a two part assignment. The first part of the assigment is due in 12 hours and the second will be due by Saturday, Nov. 2nd.

Part One: In your first discussion, you will introduce yourself to your peers and explore the basic structure of the field of anthropology, including its subfields, methods of gathering information, and several key concepts.

To prepare for your initial post, be sure to read the required sections in MindEdge, listed under Required Resources in the Readings and Resources section. Required Resources
Anthropology and Its Subfields 1.05–1.09
Cultural Relativism 1.12
Living Subjects, Agency, and Ethics 1.20
Fieldwork 1.21–1.27
APA Formatting 1.29–1.31

After reading the assigned sections, imagine that you work in the human resources department of a very large, multinational organization working on a growing international health crisis. The new director of the organization has decided to eliminate some positions to save money, and some of the first positions the director has suggested cutting are the anthropologists.

Based on the assignments below, your job is to convince the director why your assigned type of anthropologist (based on the first letter of your last name) is a vital member of the organization. ** I fall into the Linguistic Anthropologist category.**

Introduce yourself to your peers and compose your initial post as an email to the director. Be sure to accomplish the following:

  • Define the broad field of anthropology and include an appropriately formatted citation (APA).
  • Define the specific subfield you have been assigned based on your last name and include an appropriately formatted citation for your definition.
  • Identify three specific tasks or ways in which your assigned type of anthropologist could add value to this imaginary multinational organization.
  • Explain why cultural relativism is valuable to the employees of this imaginary organization and why ethnocentrism should be avoided.

***I will provide details about myself once I have selected a tutor.***

Part Two: Peer Response Guidance: Continue the conversation by responding to the initial posts of at least two peers who were assigned to different subfields. Just as the initials posts were written like emails to the director justifying the anthropologists’ positions, the peer responses should be written as if you are the director responding to the email appeals to keep the anthropologist positions.

What else would you, as the director of this imaginary multinational organization, want to know about this type of anthropologist? Did your peers’ initial posts include enough details to articulate the value of the anthropologists and save the positions?

I will attached the peer posts once someone as been selected.

1-1 Discussion: Save the Anthropologists Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Create a proposal (five to seven pages) that includes the following components: ​ Business Finance Assignment Help

The company is Wells Fargo and the scandal of 2017.

Imagine that
the CEO has charged you, the task force leader, with researching emotional
intelligence (EI) in order to propose a professional development program.
Your proposal should detail how a new incentive program, based on an EI management approach, will foster teamwork, strengthen interpersonal relationships,
enhance communication, and increase overall performance. You need to help
the CEO gain approval for this initiative. Your program’s proposal must include
supporting research concerning how motivational strategies enhance job satisfaction and team output.
Prepare for this assignment by identifying the resources you’ll use to create
your proposal. You will need to provide at least two quality resources such as
the course textbook, company website, business websites (CNBC,
Bloomberg, etc.), resources from the Strayer Library, and/or outside sources.
Note: Wikipedia and web-based blogs do not qualify as credible resources.
Create a proposal (five to seven pages) that includes the following
1. EI and Motivation
Which of the EI building blocks would impact management’s ability to
enhance employee performance and job satisfaction? Based on your
research on motivational theory, describe how your task force would
utilize positive or negative reinforcement to influence the members of
the organization and resolve the issue. Provide examples to support
your solution.
2. EI and Social Skills and Decision Making
Explain how the core concepts of emotional intelligence would
enhance the social skills and the decision-making efficacy of
the management team.
3. Effective Teams
Describe the core attributes of an effective team and the strategies
you would implement to develop team dynamics that will benefit
the organization.
4. Reward Systems
Create an effective reward system for this organization. Determine
the strategies you would incorporate to motivate your employees and
influence behavior.
5. Executive Summary
Prepare a one-page executive summary that you will present to the
CEO in an upcoming executive meeting. Note: An executive summary
is a condensed version of your full report. It should summarize briefly all
the main points in concise paragraphs. It should be written clearly and
should use language appropriate for the audience.


3 papers total Writing Assignment Help

Paper 1— (History 750 bib. doc.) example to look at

1: Pick a meme from the last 10 years from Social Media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It must hold a historical topic from the time period of this class (1877-present). The examples given in the original instructions can be used for the paper also. include the meme on the paper

2: Pick 3 Primary and 3 Secondary sources that can be used as evidence of your claim or argument that the meme, whether it is implicit or explicit in nature, is historically false or tells a one-sided view of events in history.

3: You will do an annotated bibliography of your sources. This must be done in The Chicago Manual of Style:

Note: Books, speeches, letters, and journal articles are cited differently.

Paper 2—- (History 736 paper doc.) example to look at

4: Your paper must be formatted having an Introduction, body of paragraphs, and conclusion, with a bibliography page with your sources at the end of your paper. The font should be Times New Roman, 12 size font, double spaced, and each paragraph should be indented for the first sentence on the left side. This paper is 750-1000 words. For example, use the papers I have had on Blackboard in the content section as a guide.


Chapter Review Questions Writing Assignment Help

Kloppenborg, T., Anantatmula, V., & Wells, K. (2019). Contemporary project management (4th ed). Stamford,
CT: Cengage Learning.

Chapter Review Questions p. 129
(Answer questions 1-6)

The length of the paper should be
enough pages to properly and fully answer all the exercise questions but a
minimum of 3 pages is required. As this is an exercise no other sources besides
the textbook need to be utilized.

1. Describe how a strong
(project) matrix is different from a weak (functional) matrix.

2. Which organizational structure is often used for small projects that require
most of their work from a single department?

3. List advantages and disadvantages of functional, projectized, and matrix
forms of organization.

4. What is co-location, and why is it used?

5. What are organizational values, and why should a project manager be aware of

6. List and describe four different types of corporate culture.


SOC 4492 Crime Victims In Justice System, Response Paper on “The Body Keeps the Score” Humanities Assignment Help

This isn’t specifically the purview of our class – but I do want us to think about what can be done to treat trauma.

Response Paper

Sam is an 18 year old Caucasian man. He has a history of alcohol and heroin use. He has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and experienced physical abuse as a child. Sam was sentenced to prison for aggravated battery. While in jail, he had frequent conflicts with the other incarcerated persons and with the Sherriff’s Deputies. Sam served 10 years in a medium security prison that is divided among gangs (including the Aryan Brotherhood, Norteños and Sureñeos). Sam dropped out of school at age 16 and only has the equivalent of an eighth grade education. Sam is now being paroled and preparing for reentry into the community.

Use The Body Keeps the Score and other course material to answer the following questions in an essay format.

  • What forms of trauma has Sam experienced as a child and as an adult?
  • How have these traumas shaped Sam’s offending? How might they shape his experiences in reentry?
  • Assume that you are a social worker and Sam has been mandated to see you as part of his parole. What recommendations would you make to help with his reentry? What forms of treatment or activities would be most helpful?

Your paper should be at least 4 pages in length. It should be double-spaced and in eleven-point Arial


Need a reading response done for theater Humanities Assignment Help

Need a reading response done for theater Humanities Assignment Help

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