Need a report and presentation slides of at least 10-15 for the following requirement Writing Assignment Help

Need a report and presentation slides of at least 10-15 for the following requirement Writing Assignment Help. Need a report and presentation slides of at least 10-15 for the following requirement Writing Assignment Help.

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This course project is intended to assess your ability to comprehend and apply the basic concepts related to information security management, such as the following:

  • The ability to discern when a risk assessment should be performed and carrying out the task
  • Understanding user or customer access requirements, whether remote or local
  • Using a layered security approach to establish and maintain access controls
  • Working with other departments, such as the human resources department, to identify and implement methods to prevent unwarranted exposure to information by inappropriate personnel

Your ability to execute the tasks within these information security domains and others will be evaluated against the learning objectives as identified and described in previous lessons of instruction for this course.

Required Source Information and Tools

The following tools and resources will be needed to complete this project:

  • Course textbook
  • Access to the Internet
  • Access to the library
  • Text sheet: Integrated Distributors Incorporated (access_project_ts_integrateddistributors)

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Successful completion of this project will ensure that you are capable of supporting the implementation and management of an information systems security framework. To be able to do so, you need to be able to do the following:

  • Relate how an access control policy framework is used to define authorization and access to an information technology (IT) infrastructure for compliance.
  • Mitigate risks to an IT infrastructure’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability with sound access controls.
  • Relate how a data classification standard influences an IT infrastructure’s access control requirements and implementation.
  • Develop an access control policy framework consisting of best practices for policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines to mitigate unauthorized access.
  • Define proper security controls within the User Domain to mitigate risks and threats caused by human nature and behavior.
  • Implement appropriate access controls for information systems within IT infrastructures.
  • Mitigate risks from unauthorized access to IT systems through proper testing and reporting.

Project Checkpoints

The course project has a checkpoint strategy. Checkpoint deliverables allow you to receive valuable feedback on your interim work. In this project, you have four ungraded checkpoint deliverables. (See the syllabus for the schedule.) You may discuss project questions with the instructor, and you should receive feedback from the instructor on previously submitted work. The checkpoint deliverable ensures refinement of the final deliverables, if incorporated effectively. The final deliverable for this project is a professional report and a PowerPoint presentation.


Purpose of the Checkpoint

Expected Deliverables


  • Understanding requirements
  • Clarification on project deliverables
  • Discussion on project concerns and progress up to this checkpoint
  • A review of the course project’s outline and schedule for completion

Prepare an initial outline of issues and potential solutions and discuss with your instructor, the chief information officer (CIO).


  • Clarification on project deliverables
  • Discussion on project concerns and progress up to this checkpoint
  • A review of the course project’s outline and schedule for completion

Prepare an extended outline of issues and potential solutions and discuss with your instructor, the CIO.


  • Clarification on project deliverables
  • Discussion on project concerns and progress up to this checkpoint
  • A review of the course project’s outline and schedule for completion

Draft the report and the PowerPoint presentation to discuss with your instructor, the CIO.


  • Clarification on project deliverables
  • Discussion on project concerns and progress up to this checkpoint
  • A review of the course project’s outline and schedule for completion

Modify the report and the PowerPoint presentation based on feedback from your instructor, the CIO.



User identification, authentication, and authorization are essential in developing, implementing, and maintaining a framework for information system security. The basic function of an information system security framework is to ensure the confidentiality and the integrity, as well as the availability of systems, applications, and data. Certain information security implementation and management knowledge is required of network administrators, IT service personnel, management, and IT security practitioners, such as information security officers, security analysts, and domain administrators.


You are provided with the text sheet entitled Integrated Distributors Incorporated (access_project_ts_integrateddistributors.docx) to complete this project. You play the dual role of an IT architect and IT security specialist working for Integrated Distributors Incorporated (IDI), a multi-national organization with offices in several countries. Your instructor for this course plays the role of the chief information officer (CIO). Your peers play the role of selected technology staff. Each of the organization’s locations is operating with different information technologies and infrastructure—IT systems, applications, and databases. Various levels of IT security and access management have been implemented and embedded within their respective locations.


Your goals as the IT architect and IT security specialist are to:

  • Develop solutions to the issues that the specified location of IDI is facing.
  • Develop plans to implement corporate-wide information access methods to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • Assess risks and vulnerabilities with operating IT facilities in the disparate locations where IDI now functions and develop mitigation plans and implementation methods.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the current systems of IDI.
  • Address remote user and Web site user’s secure access requirements.
  • Develop a proposed budget for the project—consider hardware, software, upgrades/replacements, and consulting services.
  • Prepare detailed network and configuration diagrams outlining the proposed change to be able to present it to the management.
  • Develop and submit a comprehensive report addressing the learning objectives and your solutions to the issues within the scenario.
  • Prepare a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses important access control, infrastructure, and management aspects from each location.

Self-Assessment Checklist

  • I have considered an access control policy framework to define authorization and access to an IT infrastructure for compliance within the course project.
  • I have considered the influence of the data classification standard in an IT infrastructure’s access control requirements and implementation.
  • I have defined proper security controls within the User Domain to mitigate risk and threats caused by human nature and behavior.
  • I have developed and implemented an effective plan to mitigate risks to an IT infrastructure’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability with sound access controls.
  • I have developed an access control policy framework consisting of best practices for policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines to mitigate unauthorized access.
  • I have implemented appropriate access controls for information systems within IT infrastructures.
  • I have followed the submission requirements and necessary details for writing the report.

Need a report and presentation slides of at least 10-15 for the following requirement Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Color Theory Humanities Assignment Help


assignment is to go IN PERSON to a gallery, museum, showroom, or other
exhibition space and observe and respond to a work of art or design of
your choice that deals with color. To facilitate this, I’ve scheduled,
as you know, a field trip to The National Portrait Gallery

during class on Thursday, February 28. The field trip is required, even if you decide to write about a work of design or fine art.

REQUIREMENTS FOR RESPONSE PAPER:Observe the art at length (30 minutes or more) in person. If
you decide to write about a work of design or fine art at another
venue, instead of at the Portrait Gallery, indicate that you were
physically there by including in your paper a selfie from the exhibition
(or in the lobby of if photography is not allowed inside). You can
write about a single work of art or design, a small group of works, or
an exhibition, but you’ll focus on the close observation of three works in particular

first one

second one

third one

. While viewing the work in person, make notes based on the requirements below. Later, type your notes as a response paper (3 pages). Use MLA format, and cite any sources with a Works Cited page.

Your paper must include the following, using correct color terminology (see textbook, including the glossary):

  • A
    detailed description of the color structure. Discuss the kinds and
    combinations of color, including chromatic grays, muted colors, and
    prismatic colors.
  • The relationship between form and content.In
    other words, how do the colors used relate to the subject matter? Do you
    think the artist/designer made good color choices? Why? What mood or
    message results from these color choices?
  • Discussion of how the
    work of art relates to your own experiences with color so far and to
    your aspirations for work in color. (Suggested prompt: What specific
    aspects of this work would you like to emulate in your own work? Why?)
  • Any other responses you wish to discuss.

Here are a few conventions to use when writing about art:

  • Name
    the artist by full name at first mention in the paper, and provide
    birth year and (if applicable) death year in parentheses. For example:
    Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669). For living artists, you’d write, for
    example: Julie Mehretu (born 1970). After introducing the artist in this
    way, refer to her/him by last name in the rest of the paper.
  • Place the title of the work of art in italics. Exhibition titles should be placed in quotation marks. Series titles are also usually placed in quotes.
  • When
    you list the title for the first time, provide following in
    parentheses: year created, medium, dimensions. For example: (2014, oil
    on canvas, 14 x 11 inches). The degree to which exact dimensions are
    available will vary according to exhibitions. If you can’t find the
    dimensions, give your reader a rough sense of scale. For example, you
    could write, “This painting is about the size of a standard spiral
    notebook.”Or, “This postcard-size drawing….” For fashion and interior
    design, be as descriptive as possible so that your reader can visualize
    the work you’re discussing.


mkt312 week 9 assignment Business Finance Assignment Help


Every one of us is our own brand, and in this assignment, you will analyze Your Brand!

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you address the following personal branding questions:

  1. Examine your personal skills:
    • What is your area of expertise? (business)
    • What valuable skills do you have to offer? (sales manager at verizon)
    • Where can you improve?
  2. Analyze your career goals:
    • What do you want to accomplish? (e.g., obtain a new job, get a better position in your current company, reinvent yourself, obtain fame, etc.) (better position, maybe general manager, regional manager)
  3. Define your aspirations:
    • What do you want to be known for?
    • What steps can you take to get there?
  4. Assess your job personality:
  5. Analyze your current career emulation:
    • Research individuals that are currently in the position that you want.
      • What are people in such positions doing?
      • What displays when you Google their name or a specific job title that you are seeking? Document what you find and address how you can (or have) accomplish(ed) similar achievements.
  6. Examine the potential opportunities for networking within your general career domain.
    • According to the U.S. Department of Labor (2009), career networking is how over 60% of individuals find jobs.
      • Suggest the individuals/groups of individuals that you might use to network within your career domain.
  7. Assess your social media presence:
    • Do you currently have accounts on Linked In, Classmates, Facebook, etc.? If so, what could you do to improve your presence on these Websites? If not, which Websites would you consider signing up for?
    • Are there any additional social media Websites that you would consider maintaining? Why or why not?
  8. Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:
    • Typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.
    • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.
    • Note: There are no reference or SWS requirements for this assignment.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Evaluate the role communication plays in marketing programs.
  • Analyze the advertising tools available to determine which ones to use for a specific situation.
  • Analyze media tools that can be used to enhance marketing communications.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in marketing communications.
  • Write clearly and concisely about marketing communications using proper writing mechanics.

Click here to view the rubric for this assignment.


Your scores:

  1. Hands-on: 14Your ideal work is mainly about engaging with the physical world, for example building, cooking, craft, DIY, working with animals, plants and machines, sports and hands-on therapy. Example jobs include: sports coach, physiotherapist, engineer, LGV driver, builder, mechanic, veterinary nurse.
  2. Information and research, processes and systems: 17Your ideal work is mainly about researching or managing information. This will include analysis, cataloguing and database management, but may include investigating topics in depth, IT, science, maths, quality control, systems and regulations. Example jobs include: accountant, scientific researcher, investigative journalist, legal assistant, book-keeper, health and safety officer, purchasing professional.
  3. Influencing, negotiating, communicating: 16Your ideal work is mainly about persuading other people to do something, buy something or believe in your cause. This includes driving others, influencing, persuading, lobbying, motivating, selling. Example jobs include: sales person, recruiter, fundraiser, event manager, estate agent, public speaker.
  4. Creative use of ideas, materials or situations: 15Your ideal work is mainly about working imaginatively with ideas or designs. This includes jobs in the arts, performing, creative writing, and also visual design, lateral thinking, business creativity, adapting or coming up with new ideas, working in situations where no rulebook exists. Example jobs include: graphic designer, training consultant, wedding planner, public relations.
  5. Supporting people: 20Your ideal work is mainly about working with people, with their wellbeing and development as the main focus of your work. Example jobs include: teacher, life coach, therapist, nurse, learning and development, career coach.
  6. Making new things happen: 17Your ideal work is mainly about achieving things with and through other people. This may involve organisational change, planning, managing projects, leadership, creating a new business, shaping teams, getting results. Example jobs include: project manager, team leader, operations manager, sales manager, business developer.


Encryption and Security Plans Computer Science Assignment Help

Read the following case study (linked below and also available through in the library).

Jackson, C. M. (2013). Estonian Cyber Policy after the 2007 attacks: Drivers of change and factors for success. George Mason University, School of Public Policy. ISSN:1947-2633

Answer the following questions:

  1. What strategic recommendations would you make based on your review of the case study?
  2. What operational security aspects should be considered so as to prevent such attacks in the future?
  3. What sort of an encryption policy, if any, would have helped in this situation?


  • Your paper should be 5-6 pages in length, not including the title or reference pages.
  • Be sure to provide citations from your readings and additional research to support your statements.
  • Your paper must follow Academic Writing Standards and APA style guidelines, as appropriate.


Analysis Essay and need to follow all the given instructions Writing Assignment Help

Analysis Assignment

Length: 1500-1600 words

Mechanics: 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spacing, APA documentation

An analysis requires you to take some theoretical perspective and apply it to specific examples in order to lend them new meaning. Literature often uses a variety of theoretical perspectives – such as psychoanalytic, historical, Marxist, and feminist – to yield new insights into familiar works of poetry, fiction, and drama. To analyze well, you need to understand the theoretical perspective thoroughly, and then you must examine texts closely for evidence of this perspective.

Your theoretical perspective for this assignment will be informed by three essays from our textbook: Weiland (pp. 337-342), Kardos (pp. 343-355) and O’Brien (pp. 356-360). These essays explain the nature of fiction and the importance of engaging the reader early on in the first chapter or even in the first sentence of a novel.

Choose any four specific examples of first chapters of novels provided in the textbook (pp. 361-403): Jane Austen, Emily Brontë, Charlotte Brontë, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Stephen Crane, and Bram Stoker. If you choose, you may substitute for two of these with first chapters of novels with which you are more familiar. Be sure to use the correct APA entry for a book in your References page.

Follow this structure:

Paragraph One: In your introduction, explain the importance of writing a good first chapter for a novel. Rely on Weiland, Kardos, and O’Brien as your sources to help you explain the theoretical perspective that you will be applying to the first chapters that you have selected.

Paragraphs Two, Three, Four, and Five: Each of these paragraphs will discuss one of the four first chapters of novels. Evaluate the first chapter and explain what makes it weak or strong. Think about such concepts as the hook, implicit questions, characters, setting, conflict, narrator or narrative perspective, tone, assumptions or “rules,” stakes, key information, beginnings in medias res, “magic,” audience, etc. How do these grab you or bore you? DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE CONTENT OF THE CHAPTER. Your purpose is to explain how each chapter works and how the information in it interests, confuses, or bores the reader. What in the first sentence and the first chapter of the novel engage the readers and cause them to continue reading? Give specific but brief examples/quotes as support. Arrange these paragraphs logically from the most successful first chapter to the least successful – or vice versa.

Paragraph Six: Make comparisons and contrasts among the four chapters. What makes one chapter superior to – or worse – than the others?

Paragraph Seven: Make some general conclusions about the nature of first chapters.

Use this form for your references page:

Austen, J. (2016). Emma. In L. Behrens & L. J. Rosen (Eds.), Writing and reading across the curriculum (13th ed., pp. 361-367). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Use this form for a complete novel separately published:

Smith, G. (2003). Hidden in the shadows. New York, NY: Doubleday.



Two cases in management Business Finance Assignment Help

First case: Zara International (page 441-442)

Second case: Amazon (page 448 -449)


  • You are to read the two cases on the textbook and address each element of the Case Analysis including the Further Research element. In answering the questions, make sure you support your answers. Explain why and how using information from the course.
  • Each case is about 2 pages long and describes a situation in the company. At the end of each case are four Case Analysis Questions/Discussion Questions including a short “Further Research” section.
  • Your responses to each case must be 2.5 to 3 (no larger than 12 point font) single-spaced pages long excluding other headings and any graphics or diagrams (those should be in an appendix) and using no larger than 1 inch margins and nothing larger than single line spaces between paragraphs.
  • On the section titled “Further Research,” please indicate the sources you used and support the conclusions you reached.

Note: I will prove the textbook and additional materials as info from the course may help

Two cases in management Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Term Paper Writing Assignment Help

Review all materials in Chapter 52 and conduct research on the United States Supreme Court case of Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of Health, 497 U.S. 261 (1990). The full text of this case, along with numerous case briefs, commentaries, summaries, etc., may be found by simply entering the full name of the case into any major online search engine of your choosing. Alternatively, you may use Westlaw, Lexis or any other professional legal research databank in your research, however, use of such is not required. Following your research, review the following questions:

• What was the ultimate numerical vote of the court?
• When and how can life support be withdrawn?
• How does death by refusal of treatment differ from suicide?
• How does a living will work and when does it become of legal effect?
• What is a health care directive and how does it work?

After completing your research, summarize your answers, and, along with any other sources, if any, address and support your particular position/view on the following specific issues, and, specifically, how you would apply the Saint Leo University Core Values of Community, Respect, and Integrity into your actions. Be sure to use proper APA format for citations.

1. What are the potential foreseeable financial, psychological, and medical, yet unintended, harmful consequences to one’s family and friends in failing to provide a properly executed will and living will prior to one’s final illness and death?

2. What are the fundamental distinctions between recuperative medical care and palliative care? Who should be included in the decision to modify care from recuperative to palliative? When, if ever, is the right to refuse any and all medical care appropriate when such virtually ensures the death of the patient?

3. What professionals, medical or otherwise, should be involved in advising decisions concerning end-of-life wishes? How does euthanasia differ from a simple cessation of treatment? Who should make end of life decisions for those who are without a family member to take on such a role?

4. What measures can be taken to ensure the quality of ongoing family and social relationships, individually and as a group, to end-of-life patients? What pitfalls are to be avoided in ensuring maintenance of these relationships? What actions may be taken to ensure the spiritual and existential dimensions of the process are respected and integrated?

You must submit this assignment as a Word document to the link above. The link will take you to an external assessment tool called Chalk and Wire. Instructions for submitting the document will be available after you click on the link above and are also located in the Student Resources folder under Student Handouts.


financial management questions Other Assignment Help

Scott Schneider, CEO of Carolina, Inc., needs your help to better understand and solve some of the financial issues and tasks that Carolina is currently dealing with. See below.

  • Carolina used to keep its excess cash with Fidelity Money Market fund. Over the last few years this fund has been posting an average return of 0.1% per month and you believe this performance pattern will continue into foreseeable future. Carolina invests into this account: 1,000,000 today; will add another 4,000,000 in 1 year and add another 2,000,000 in 2 years. How much will be in this account in 4 years? (Assume constant interest rate and no more additions/withdrawals).
  • CFO of Carolina suggested setting a reserves account of $12,000,000 to replace some of its aging machinery in 2.5 years from today. Company plans to set aside 2,000,000 right away and then start contributing into reserves quarterly (at the end of each quarter) and it can earn 6% APR on the balance. How much needs to be allocated into this account each quarter?
  • Carolina is considering a purchase of a new warehouse for its expanding parts division. Purchase will be financed with a $3,000,000 loan.The term of the loan: 15 years, amortizing (monthly payments), APR of 4%.The first payment is due one month from the day loan is taken.
  • Carolina has being outsourcing all of its local deliveries to Virginia Inc., small local transportation firm. Now Carolina’s management is considering acquisition of Virginia. It is estimated that acquisition will generate annual cost savings of $600,000.For planning purposes you assume these savings will continue forever at this level.If the appropriate discount rate is 5%, what is the offering price that Carolina should make for Virginia Inc.?
  • Part of Virginia purchase will be financed with a conventional, interest-only loan. CEO got quotes from couple banks: First National Bank offers 4.15 percent loans with monthly compounding. State Bank offers loans at 4.05 percent compounded semi-annually. Based on this information only, which bank is offering a better deal for Carolina? Why?
  • Carolina will have to replace few trucks in its fleet at the end of this year. Carolina can lease trucks or buy them today with cash. Lease will require monthly lease payments of $12,500 at the beginning of each month for the next 5 years. Alternatively, Carolina can buy trucks today for $650,000 with available cash. If the opportunity cost of funds is 6.2% per year, should Carolina buy or lease? (Ignore taxes, service costs, down payment, fees on the lease etc. Hint: two options can be compared from cost perspective).
  • Calculate selected ratios for Carolina (for Year 2022 only) in the table below:
  • Carolina’s ROE for 2022 is 12.5% versus average ROE of 21.6% for the industry. What might be a reason(s) for the difference? What needs to be improved to bring Carolina’s ROE to par with the competition? Explain briefly.
  • As with many other corporations, portion of Carolina’s assets is financed with debt. Name three reasons why use of leverage may be beneficial for the firm; three reasons why excessive reliance on debt financing may have negative consequences for the company (shareholders).
  • Find Total Debt Ratio for Carolina for Year 2021. Let’s say, industry average in 2021 was 65%. If Carolina decides to bring its leverage in line with the industry, how this can be done? Name at least two ways how Carolina may adjust its debt ratio to the level of industry average (explain briefly. No need to show calculations).
  • Ratio analysis is commonly used tool in corporate valuation and business analysis. A) Briefly discuss some of the limitations of ratios use (name at least four limiting factors); B) What are possible solutions/improvements to these limitations (discuss any 2 from part A above).
  • Carolina issued a 15-year semi-annual non-callable bond four years ago. Bond has a $1,000 face value, coupon rate of 6% and it currently sells for $945. Carolina needs to issue 10-year semi-annual note. Note will be non-callable and is expected to get the same credit rating as outstanding bond issue. If Carolina wants to issue and sell new note at par, find approximate coupon rate that needs to be assigned to the note. (Hint: similar bonds/notes should be providing approximately same returns).
  • Consider Carolina’s outstanding bond in the problem above: it is semi-annual 15-year bond issued 4 years ago, it sells for $945 and has 6% coupon. If this bond were callable with 3 years prior to maturity, how can one estimate average expected profitability on this bond? (Assume call price of $1060).
  • Carolina is considering an acquisition of Double Crossing Inc. (DC). Before initiating negotiations with DC, Carolina’s management needs to understand intrinsic value of DC (find total firm value and price per share of DC Inc.).
  • Give recommendation to Carolina’s CEO regarding debt financing with bonds: adding which provisions/characteristics to the bond issue would allow to reduce cost of financing (name at least 3 provisions); and adding which provisions/characteristics will increase cost of bonds financing (name at least 3 provisions)?
  • CDG model is known for frequent inaccuracies in stock valuation in practice. What might be the potential issues with CDG model in case with Carolina (name at least 3 reasons why CDG model can be quite inaccurate valuation technique. Be specific, refer to any part of Problem 5 to support your answer if needed).
  • Investor is considering two individual investments (out of set A-E above) to be added into existing, well-diversified portfolio.
  • Briefly explain the concept of “market efficiency”. What will market efficiency mean for the validity and usefulness of all valuation methods/models (multiples valuation, CDG, FCF models and CAPM)?
  • What will be the amount of each monthly payment?
  • Alternatively, Carolina can use 20-year, monthly amortizing loan with 4.6% APR. How much more in total interest Carolina will pay if it goes with 20-year rather than 15-year loan? (Assume no pre-payments, refinancing, late payments etc.)

From this point answer any 7 questions and leave 8 questions blank

Use information below for questions 7-10 below.

Carolina, Inc. Balance Sheet














Total CA



Fixed Assets



Total Assets



Liabilities and Equity







Total CL



LT Debt



Other LT Liabilities



Total LT Liabilities



Total Liabilities



Common Stock



Retained Earnings



Total Equity



Total Liabilities and Equity



Carolina Inc. Income Statement




Total Revenue






Fixed Costs






Operating Income






Income Tax



Net Income



Briefly comment on key aspects of Carolina’s financial performance vs. its competition. Which area(s) may need to be substantially improved and why?


Industry Average

Current Ratio


Total Debt


TA Turnover





Industry Average






TA Turnover





Use the following information:

Debt: $320 million

Common stock shares outstanding: 50 million

Expected FCF in 2016: $75 million

FCF growth rate: 3.0%

WACC: 9%

For the next question use the table below.

St. Dev.


Coefficient of Variation

Investment A




Investment B




Investment C




Investment D




Investment E




  • Which investments would risk-averse investor add into portfolio (i.e., choosing low risk investments is the primary goal)? Why?
  • If she is planning to invest in a portfolio of 2 assets only. As a rational, risk-averse investor, which two investments should she select? Why?


Financial Analysis Project Assignment Help

On your first job assignment as an equity analyst, you need to analyze one of two companies: Alphabet, Inc. (GOOG) or Facebook (FB).

Please complete the following tasks:

  1. Download the annual income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements for the last 4 fiscal years (2015-2018) from Google of Facebook from either: SEC Website, Annual reports, Google Finance or other site. Enter the company’s stock symbol and then go to “financials”. Copy and paste the financial statements into Excel. You can also use a subscription software, such as CapitalIQ, and utilize the Excel plug-in.
  2. Find historical stock prices for the firm (Google and Yahoo! Finance are a couple of sites that have this information). Enter the stock symbol, click on “historical prices” in the left column, and enter the proper date range to cover the last day of the month corresponding to the date of each financial statement. Use the closing stock prices (not the adjusted close). To calculate the firm’s market capitalization at each year-end date (a total of 4 days total, for each of the 4 years), multiply the number of shares outstanding (see “Basic Weighted Shares Outstanding”) by the firm’s historic stock price.
  3. For each for the 4 years of statements, compute the following ratios for each firm:

Valuation Ratios

Price-earnings ratio (for EPS use diluted EPS total)

Profitability Ratios

Operating margin (Use operating income after depreciation)

Net profit margin

Return on equity

Financial Strength Ratios

Current ratio

Debt-equity ratio

  1. Obtain industry averages for your respective firm from ( Enter the stock symbol at the top of the page in the “Symbol lookup” and then click on the “Financials” button, and then click on “Search”. Scroll down to “Valuation ratios”, and compare the firm’s ratios to the available industry ratios for the most recent year. (Ignore the “Company” column as your calculations will be different.) Comment on each firm’s valuation compared to its industry.
  2. Analyze the performance (from profitability ratios) of your firm versus its industry and comment on any trends in each individual firm’s performance. A few sentence is adequate.
  3. Identify any/all strengths or weakness you find in your firm. A few sentences (1 paragraph) is adequate.



Legal Research Paper Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help

For this, only Proposal is needed and it’s for a Legal Research Paper. The related materials refer to the Legal Environment Today and Business Ethics. Don’t have to be compeletly relative within text in books but it’s a Legal topic for Business-Law. All the instruction is attched in the doc. I would like to do the topic something relates to online sports betting and it’s legalization, if you can purpose a good topic or question about it. (personal interest). PLEASE read the instructions attacthed carefully thx. ( five preliminary sources )


Need a report and presentation slides of at least 10-15 for the following requirement Writing Assignment Help

Need a report and presentation slides of at least 10-15 for the following requirement Writing Assignment Help

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