Need answers for the following questions, few paragraphs answers for each question and some questions also involve coding . They check for plagiarism so must use original work. This is for Web Architecture & Development class. Computer Science Assignment Help

Need answers for the following questions, few paragraphs answers for each question and some questions also involve coding . They check for plagiarism so must use original work. This is for Web Architecture & Development class. Computer Science Assignment Help. Need answers for the following questions, few paragraphs answers for each question and some questions also involve coding . They check for plagiarism so must use original work. This is for Web Architecture & Development class. Computer Science Assignment Help.

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1. Analyze the history, protocols, and architecture of the Internet and World Wide Web.

2. Use client-side markup languages to manage the presentation of information in a variety of browsers.

3. Compare the structure and presentation of mobile-use websites versus traditional web presentation.

4. Use client-side languages to support dynamic, interactive information presentation or webpages in a browser.

5. Assess the moral and ethical considerations of the use of intellectual property and how the web designer can incorporate a Christian worldview into World Wide Web communications.

6. Demonstrate proficiency in client-side web technologies by designing and constructing a website or web application.

7. Assess the technical and usability strengths and weaknesses of commercial websites.

8. Evaluate emerging standards in web markup languages.

Need answers for the following questions, few paragraphs answers for each question and some questions also involve coding . They check for plagiarism so must use original work. This is for Web Architecture & Development class. Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Sociology, Analytical Paper using Marxist theories about Beanie Babies Humanities Assignment Help

Declare your thesis statement for the final analytical paper. Be sure that it contains a clear statement of what you will argue that delineates the main points to be addressed.

This paper is a critical analysis of your topic in popular culture. The goal is to demonstrate what you have learned from studying popular culture by not simply “consuming” it but by interpreting it.

  • First, define your topic in pop culture clearly for your reader. Your topic: Beanie Babies. Your opening paragraph or two can be a direct thesis or they can have a creative “hook” to bring in your reader and introduce the subject. But the opening should explain the importance of the topic; and it should conclude with a clear thesis statement that tells the reader what the main point of your analysis will be.
  • Second, begin your analysis of the topic by doing the following:
    • Apply a theory or concept from your readings that helps you to interpret your subject. These theories and concepts include: Marxist theories of false consciousness, commodity fetishism, and alienation.
    • Demonstrate the larger cultural lessons we can learn from your pop cultural artifact or phenomenon by looking at its message, form, and context. In particular, please explain how it promotes, reinforces, or challenges certain dominant values in the United States or how it is a subject of debate in public discourse.
    • Be sure to use examples. Evidence is everything!

You need to employ at least 3 academic sources (articles from peer-reviewed journals; books; Course Reader). Focus on the course material. This assignment demonstrates what you’ve learned from SOC 325. Please stay away from Wikipedia, online dictionaries, blogs, news media, etc.


All the requirements is there Health Medical Assignment Help

Tonya’s Case: Ethics and Professional Codes

  • Write a 2-3 page paper that examines end-of-life issues in relationship to hospitals, professional ethics, and accrediting bodies.


    We wrap things up by exploring institutions and groups designed to help ensure that hospital staff at all levels think and act ethically in caring for patients. Accrediting bodies are oversight agencies charged with performing accreditation of hospitals and helping to establish standards for health care delivery. Their aim is to keep the quality of care as high as possible and to make sure the care is delivered ethically. Ethics committees are groups of individuals within hospitals that meet regularly to advise staff on ethically difficult cases and to promote an ethical institutional culture.


    By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and scoring guide criteria:

    • Competency 2: Apply sound ethical thinking related to a health care issue.
      • Demonstrate sound ethical thinking in applying ethical principles and moral theories to a specific case.
    • Competency 3: Analyze ethical issues associated with patient care from the perspectives of various health care professionals.
      • Explain professional codes of ethics and apply them in to a specific case.
    • Competency 4: Explain the conceptual framework that health care leaders use to make ethical decisions.
      • Explain organizational documents like mission and value statements and use them to analyze a case study.
      • Explain the role of accrediting bodies and applies this understanding in analyzing a case study.
    • Competency 5: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and respectful of the diversity, dignity, and integrity of others and is consistent with health care professionals.
      • Provides validation and support within written communications by including relevant examples and supporting evidence using APA citations.
      • Produce writing with minimal errors in grammar, usage, spelling, and mechanics.


    Complete the Case Study: Tonya Archer media activity, which is linked later in this assessment.Before you begin creating your submission for this assessment, make sure you have worked through the Tonya Archer case study. This will provide the foundational context for the assessment, for which you will be carrying out independent research by using the Internet to complete the following:

    • Identify the professional code of ethics for your professional specialty or a specialty that you are interested in.
    • With a local hospital in mind (perhaps one you work for), locate the mission, vision, and values statement of that hospital.

    After you identify the professional ethics code and the hospital mission, vision, and values statements relevant to your work and interests, it may be useful to complete the following:

    • Identify which item in the ethical code you believe is the most important and explain why.
    • Name something in the code you would like to see addressed in more depth. Why?
    • Which item in the code do you think would be the most challenging to follow and why?
    • Does your code make an explicit distinction between what is legal and what is ethical? That is, is the code clear that, while an action may be legal, it may not be ethical?
    • Finally, how well does your professional code of ethics align with the mission and values statement of your hospital? Can you imagine a situation in which following one would make it challenging to follow the other?


    For this assessment you will apply some concepts we have learned in the course, particularly those relating to the basic principles of health care ethics, professional codes of ethics, and values of health care institutions. Write a paper that answers the following questions as it relates to the Tonya Archer Case Study:

    • What are the most relevant end-of-life issues in health care ethics as they relate to this case?
    • What should the hospital do? Should doctors simply keep Tonya on life support, as the parents want? Or, since all medical evidence indicates that Tonya’s brain damage is permanent, should life support be removed?

    Support your answer with the following considerations in mind:

    • Explain which principles of health care ethics and which moral theory are the best philosophical foundations for your view.
    • Is your view supported by your professional code of ethics? If so, explain how. If not, explain what your code gets wrong about a case like this.
    • Is your view consistent with the mission statement and values of the hospital you identified in your independent research you conducted to prepare to complete this assessment?
    • Would an accrediting body, like the Joint Commission, support your choice? Why or why not?


    Your paper should meet the following requirements:

    • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
    • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.
    • Length: 2–3 typed, double-spaced pages.
    • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.


bus499 week 8 assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

  1. Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies

    OverviewIn this assignment, you are to use the same corporation you selected and focused on for Assignment 1: Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness and Assignment 2: External and Internal Environments.Research the company on its own website, the public filings on the Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR database, the University’s online databases, the Nexis Uni database, and any other sources you can find. The annual report will often provide insights that can help address some of these questions.


    Write a six- to eight-page paper in which you do the following:

    • Analyze the business-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the business-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether or not you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion.
    • Analyze the corporate-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the corporate-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether or not you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion.
    • Analyze the competitive environment to determine the corporation’s most significant competitor. Compare their strategies at each level and evaluate which company you think is most likely to be successful in the long term. Justify your choice.
    • Determine whether your choice from Question 3 would differ in slow-cycle and fast-cycle markets.
    • Use at least three quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not quality as academic resources.

    Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

    • This course requires use of new Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different than other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.
    • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow SWS or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
    • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.

    Use the Assignment 3 Template [DOC] to ensure that your assignment meets the above requirements.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is as follows:

    • Determine business-level and corporate-level strategies for a corporation’s long-term success comparable to the competitive environment.

    Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic and organization of the paper, and language and writing skills, using the scoring rubric.

  2. By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign™ services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.

ATTACHED IS THE ASSIGNMENT 1. Please use the Assignment 3 Template attached.


Course – Security Architecture & Design Computer Science Assignment Help

Course-Security Architecture and Design

  • Assignment: Week 1 Individual Assignment 1
  • Length: Minimum of 600 words

Briefly respond to all the following questions. Make sure to explain and back up your responses with facts and examples.

  • Use the cover sheet with your picture. Start typing on page 2.
  • This assignment should be written in APA format.
  • Include three references or more references.
  • Include three or more in-text citations.
  • Write with clarity, check spelling and grammar.
  • Recommend that you use Grammarly.

1. When should the architect begin the analysis?

2. What are the activities the architect must execute?

3. What is the set of knowledge domains applied to the analysis?

4. What are the tips and tricks that make security architecture risk assessment easier?


Title: Securing Systems



ISBN: 9781482233971

Authors: Brook S. E. Schoenfield

Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: 2015-05-20



Answer the following Computer Science Assignment Help

Each student is to complete the exercise listed below. Provide documented evidence, in Moodle, of completion of the chosen exercise (i.e. provide answers to each of the stated questions). Detailed and significant answers will be allotted full point value. Incomplete, inaccurate, or inadequate answers will receive less than full credit depending on the answers provided. Plagiarism will be awarded ZERO points (no makeups, no excises). All submissions need to submitted in the appropriate area of Moodle. Late submissions, hardcopy, or email submissions will not be accepted. (50 points).

From Chapter 2, page 81, Real World Exercise 2.4

please go the link and work only on Exercise 2-4 answer all the questions in that exercise, Total 2 pages, APA format, references needed

Answer the following Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Comm 120 discussionBoard Humanities Assignment Help

Adler, Rosenfeld & Proctor II. Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication (14th Ed.) textbook

View the Budweiser “Dude” commercial below.

Dude – Bud Light (Links to an external site.)

After watching the video, respond to each of the following questions:

  • What were the different meanings of “Dude” that you observed?
  • How does this relate to concepts from Chapter 5 – Language?
  • Think about a word you use that serves multiple purposes Give an example from an interpersonal interaction in which you used the word. What were you trying to communicate in your use of the word?

Chapter 6: Body Language Shapes Who Your Are—Amy Cuddy.

Watch this video:Amy Cuddy TED Talk – Fake it Till You Make it (Links to an external site.)

Answer the following questions:

  • What are some examples of nonverbal expressions of power and dominance, according to Dr. Cuddy? Provide an interpersonal example of when you expressed power/dominance non-verbally.
  • How do our nonverbal behaviors govern how we think and feel about ourselves?
  • What is “power posing”? Provide examples of powerful and powerless poses from the video. Also, give an example when “power-posing” might help you in your everyday interactions.
  • “Tiny Tweaks can lead to big changes”—what is the speaker referring to here? What “tweaks” will you make to improve communication?
  • Explain the concept of “two minutes” and the benefits this can have in your daily interactions with others.


Relational Communication Journal: This assignment asks you to reflect on how topics under study apply to your personal life. We will do this by extending course concepts beyond the classroom and into your interpersonal relationships. This course is designed to improve your communication skills. To achieve this, you will articulate your ideas in writing, rather than just “thinking about” your behaviors. Note: Anything you write will be held in total confidentiality. Grades will be a reflection of the quality of your work, not the quality of you as an individual.


Assignment Requirements:

  • This assignment requires that you speak in first person, that is use “I” and “me.”
  • Entry should have two separate body paragraphs. That is, each chapter should have it’s own paragraph of analysis. Designate/start each paragraph with the chapter number (Example: Chapter 1).
  • The content of your paragraph should be clearly connected to the chapter reading. Outside sources are not acceptable. In your post, include a citation/reference from the textbook for each chapter.
  • Do not include the prompt/questions in your post.
  • Yes, spelling and grammar count, so proofread before you post!
  • Entry should be at least 500 words total.


MN 553 Assignmemt Health Medical Assignment Help

Assignment Directions

Mr. Smith brings his 4-year-old son to your primary care office. He states the boy has been ill for three days. Mr. Smith indicates that he would like antibiotics so he can send his son back to pre-school the next day.

History – Child began with sneezing, mild cough, and low grade fever of 100 degrees three days ago. All immunizations UTD. Father reports that the child has had only two incidents of URI and no other illnesses.

Social – non-smoking household. Child attends preschool four mornings a week and is insured through his father’s employment. No other siblings in the household.

PE/ROS -T 99, R 20, P 100. Alert, cooperative, in good spirits, well-hydrated. Mildly erythemic throat, no exudate, tonsils +2. Both ears mild pink tympanic membrane with good movement. Lungs clear bilaterally. All other systems WNL.

For the assignment, do the following:

  1. Diagnose the child and describe how you arrived at the diagnosis (i.e. how you ruled out other diagnoses).
  2. Provide a specific treatment plan for this patient, pharmacologic and/or nonpharmacologic.
  3. Provide a communication plan for how the family will be involved in the treatment plan.
  4. Provide resources that Mr. Smith could access which would provide information concerning your treatment decisions.
  5. Utilize national standards, your pharm and/or patho book and medical or advanced practice professional sources. Do not use patient-facing sources or general nursing texts to support your diagnosis and treatment.
  6. Use references to support your concepts. Utilize correct APA formatting and mechanics of professional communication.

Assignment Requirements:

Present this Assignment as a narrative document, with a minimum of 4, and maximum of 5 pages not counting the cover page or reference page. It is not necessary to repeat the facts of the case in your narrative.

Before finalizing your work, you should:

  • Read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);
  • Consult the Grading Rubric (under Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything necessary; and
  • Utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.


One hour length video with 12 questions to answer Law Assignment Help

Watch the documentary, The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, available on youtube:

Answer the following questions and post your answers by Friday, September 4th at 10PM:

1.What type of work did the women in the film performprior to WWII?

2.Based on the propaganda films recruiting women to work, what was the message to women?

3.What were some of the analogies made in the recruiting film about why women would be able to perform factory work?

4.What was your response to the answers given by the women in the propaganda film as to why they took the factory jobs?

5.Why did some of the women go to the union and what was the employer’s response? Were all the women paid at the same rate? What was the eventual outcome after the case went to the National Labor Relations Board?

6.How did race play a role in the workplace? (ex. shower incident)

7.What were some of the challenges for the women in trying to balance their work and personal lives?

8.What were some of the reasons given in the propaganda film as to why some of the women left the workforce?

9.What did you take from the story told by the woman who came to a co-worker’s defense?

10.How did the media messages to women change after the war? What was the message meant to be conveyed to the women workers in the propaganda films once the war was over? The experience of the women once the men came home? Arguments against women working?

11.What was your reaction to how working women were treated once the men returned home? In your opinion, what impact did women successfully filling jobs left vacant by men during the war have on women in the workforce in particular and society in general?

12.Were you surprised by anything contained in the documentary? Did it change how you view women’s participation in the workforce?

Format Instructions

1.Follow the regular homework format instructions: single-space your answers, with space between each answer.

2.Answer each question thoroughly: each answer should be at least a short paragraph in length.



Microbiology quiz Science Assignment Help

I will provide the chapter’s power point for you to look at. The quiz is 20 questions in 60 minutes.

Chapter topics include:

1. Cell Theory

2. What does it mean to be “alive”?

3. Types of Cells
a. Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote

4. Morphological Classification of Cells
a. Bacilli, Coccus
b. Strepto-, Staphylo-
c. Spirochaetes
d. and some others…

5. Prokaryotic Anatomy
a. Flagella, Pili, Fimbriae
b. Glycocalyx
c. Cell Wall
i. Peptidoglycan
ii. Gram (+)
iii. Gram (-)
iv. Gram Stain
d. Plasma Membrane
e. Cytoplasm
f. Genetic Material (DNA, nucleoid)
g. Ribosomes
h. Storage
i. Endospores


Need answers for the following questions, few paragraphs answers for each question and some questions also involve coding . They check for plagiarism so must use original work. This is for Web Architecture & Development class. Computer Science Assignment Help

Need answers for the following questions, few paragraphs answers for each question and some questions also involve coding . They check for plagiarism so must use original work. This is for Web Architecture & Development class. Computer Science Assignment Help

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