Need help asap due today Business Finance Assignment Help

Need help asap due today Business Finance Assignment Help. Need help asap due today Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Organizations with clear techniques of negotiation of contracts help managers prepare for effective, successful contract negotiation. Techniques in one negotiation may not effectively work well in another.

The president of the Brikris Corporation has assigned you to a negotiation team. You are a part of a special project team that is focused on putting together a training seminar for the development of high-performance negotiation skills for various contract modifications.

As a team, you should consider concepts examined so far in the course and their impact on contract negotiation. Consider the various types of contract modifications and the situations that surround those modifications.

Assignment Guidelines

Step 1

  • Each team member must prepare a 1-page Word document with well-developed ideas for best practices of negotiation techniques.
  • This document should include recommendations for (at minimum) 4 primary things that are vital for a successful negotiation.
  • Explain how that idea will ensure a win-win negotiation.
  • This should be prepared in Word and copied to the Small Group DB so that others may provide feedback.

Step 2

  • As a member of this special project team, provide feedback to the posted recommendations of one other member of the team.
  • Your feedback should be well developed and offer a new perspective for him or her to consider.
  • Post comments directly on the Small Group DB, in response to the post of another team member.

Step 3

  • As a group, discuss and arrive at a consensus on at least 5 best practices for negotiation techniques from the list provided by all members of the team.
  • Prepare 1 document with the list of 5, and explain how that idea will ensure a win-win negotiation.

Step 4

  • As a team, prepare a final document for the Brikris Corporation president to review.
  • This document will contain the list of best practices for a high-performance negotiation, as well as the best methods to approach contract modifications.

Each team member will be graded based on his or her contribution to each step of the project. Individual grades may be assigned based on the level of contribution.

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Health care finance Health Medical Assignment Help

The president of Gentiva Health Services is considering increasing her number of Medicare patients served next year. However, to do so she must begin to use RNs for client visits, which Medicare reimburses at $45 per visit. An RN costs $35 per hour versus the current cost of $15 for an LPN or nurse’s aide. The president believes she can increase her patient visits by 15% by accepting Medicare patients. She is also aware that if she increases her Medicare patients, the company’s administrative costs will increase by approximately $10,000 per year because of the claims file complexity.

Use the following websites to gather data:

Use the following volumes for your calculations:

Volume for the year:

  • Flexible budget: 6,000 visits
  • Static budget: 5,945 visits
  • Actual budget: 5,889 visits

Prepare a two-page report that addresses the following:

  1. How many more visits will the company generate if it accepts Medicare patients?
  2. What would be the estimated profit or loss associated with the Medicare service line?
  3. Would you recommend that Gentiva Health Services increase its number of Medicare patients served? Why or why not?

The second task is: Business Plan

Review the quarterly report and develop a business plan for the organization for its upcoming financial year. Be sure to include the following in your organized business plan:

  • Organization segment
  • Marketing segment
  • Financial segment
  • Projected cash flow statement
  • Projected income statement
  • Projected balance sheet

Feel free to take liberties with information needed that is not available in the report.

You may find the quarterly report at

Gentiva® Health Services Reports Third Quarter 2014 Revenue and Adjusted EBITDA Results

To support your work, use your course and textbook readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.


  • Your assignment should be addressed in an 8- to 10-page document.
  • Submit your documents to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

Please follow:

No Plagiarism!

Must have 3 or more references with citations!

Along with a reference page in APA format!

Thank you!


Criminal Justice Capstone Week 5 Individual Project Business Finance Assignment Help

Research Paper

Each student will be required to pick a criminal justice related topic (examples include: Post-Ferguson policing, restorative justice, juvenile justice, drug decriminalization, substance abuse treatment vs criminalization, etc.)and write a 5 page research paper on it. The research paper should be an in depth look into this particular topic that interests you while relating it to the what you have learned throughout your studies. (length does not include title page, abstract page or reference pages) The student will be required to complete the paper in APA format. The research paper will be graded upon the rubric provided. The student should upload the completed paper to the portal on the due date – early assignments will be accepted.


Using what you have learned from the course resources, your peers, and your professor, Writing Assignment Help

You will submit the final drafts of several assignments this week.

Be sure to incorporate any feedback from your professor into your final draft. You will submit:

examine skill sets and develop resources necessary for entering a career path. Compare, evaluate, and assess career and economic markets, utilizing different technologies to formulate best options for a career path.

  • Final Draft: General Resume
  • Final Draft: Job Analysis and Career Plan
  • Final Draft: Cover Letter
  • Final Draft: Thank you note and reference list. (to be completed this week)

All documents should be free of grammatical/formatting errors. Remember that you should be using Arial, Times, or Courier as your font (12pt). All documents should be uploaded individually to this assignment (in .doc or .docx format).


Signature Assignment: Short-Term Funding Business Finance Assignment Help

This signature assignment is designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. The signature assignments may be graded with an automated rubric that allows the University to collect data that can be aggregated across a location or college/school and used for program improvements.

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to allow the student an opportunity to apply their understanding of cash flow management, break-even analysis, and short-term and long-term financing in starting and growing a business.

Assignment Steps

Resources: OECD Database, Corporate Finance

Prepare a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes requesting initial funding of $500,000 to start and run a start-up company. The proposed start-up company could be an existing business model (coffee shop, pet store, etc.) or could be something entirely new and exciting.

Create the presentation in the following format, with at least one slide to cover each of the following areas:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Information about the Industry
  • Marketing Plan
  • Competitor Analysis
  • 3 Year Income Statement (Profit & Loss) Projections
  • Include your assumptions for why and how you will achieve your sales growth and what significant expenses and investments you expect to incur to achieve your revenue goals.
  • 3 Year Proposed Funding Schedule (Sources and uses of the funds received.)
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Academic and Business References

Review the following scenarios and assumption, and explain how it impacts your decision to expand:

  • After Year 3, the investors are interested in your company expanding internationally to possibly outsource labor or to reduce manufacturing costs. What countries would you expand to first, and why? What factors would you need to consider in making this decision?
  • What is the corporate tax rate in the countries you are considering expanding your business to, and how will that affect your decision to expand globally? (Use OECD Database or another resource to determine the corporate tax rate).
  • The investors want to see a decision tree detailing the decisions you would make if you received $300K now and $200K at the end of three years instead of $500K up front.
  • The investors would like your team to provide advantages and disadvantages of using debt financing versus selling company stock to raise capital for growth.
  • Briefly explain the venture capital process. Does it make sense for your company to raise funds through venture capital?

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment



history essay Humanities Assignment Help

Attached Files:

HIST 1301 Core Assessment Instructions:

Carefully read and analyze the following two documents and write an 800 word essay to answer the following question:

Based on the two documents, what role did religion and morality play in the debate over slavery? Do these religious and moral arguments impact racial discussions today?

Having considered these questions, write an essay of at least 800 words that:

  1. Makes a specific argument that can be supported with the specific historical evidence of these two primary documents, as well as lecture notes and the textbook assigned to your class;
  2. Analyzes the historical significance of these two primary documents; and connect them with issues facing our country today;
  3. Analyzes the role of religion and morality in the past, and the nature of the race in the past and today;
  4. Is written in standard English, with all sources and quotes properly cited using MLA format;
  5. Is written in your own words, not copied and pasted from other sources or web sites;

history essay Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Nutrition questions regarding Vegetarianism Health Medical Assignment Help

Answer the following questions related to Vegetarianism. Use at least 2 outside sources, citing in APA format with in-text citations.

  • In the United States, 32% of adults eat a vegetarian diet (Vegetarianism in America, n.d.). What does the term “vegetarian” mean?
  • Do you think vegetarian diets are practical? That is, can someone easily be a vegetarian while living the typical American life of being rushed and busy?
  • Vegetarian diets are associated with a lower risk of obesity and diabetes as well as other chronic conditions. Clearly a vegetarian diet can be a healthy one, but can a vegetarian diet lack nutrients? If so, which nutrients may be lacking? How could these nutrients be measured in the body to determine if someone is deficient in them? Are there vegetarian foods that provide these nutrients or would supplementation be necessary? Are there any interactions to be aware of with the supplements that a vegetarian may take?
  • Do you think that a vegetarian diet would be costlier than a nonvegetarian diet?


Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Assignment Scenario Writing Assignment Help

Attached are the assignment document and a draft of the Query Process I have begun. Scenario: You have been asked to lead a Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) initiative. This small rural hospital is a 30-bed, fully paper-health dependent facility. Although the purchase and implementation of an EHR are not feasible at this time due to the accompanying price tag and other impacting factors, the hospital administrator recognizes although the EHR is currently out of reach, the importance of developing a CDI program is the ultimate step in the right direction. Revisit your Week 3 “Health Record Documentation Policy” (paper-based record policy only) and Week 4 “Data Quality Beyond Borders: Modernizing Health Information Infrastructure Using AHIMA’s Data Quality Model” assignments that have been critiqued by your Professor. Using both materials from weeks three and four, devise a five (5) to seven (7) page briefing to the Chief of Staff also known as the Chief Medical Officer which outlines the following listed below.


Discussion 1: Social Technologies in the Workplace Health Medical Assignment Help

As a nurse manager, it is imperative to understand how social technologies can impact productivity, peer-to-peer relationships, and patient safety within the workplace. Collaborating with HR to understand policies and the organization’s expectations related to the use of social technologies allows nurse managers to more effectively and appropriately integrate today’s social platforms while mitigating the occurrence of inappropriate behaviors.

For this week’s Discussion, below is the assigned scenario. You will then use that scenario to investigate the social, ethical, and legal ramifications of social technologies.

Scenario : A physician in your setting is an avid user of social media. On many of his personal pages, which include blogs about his various outdoor hobbies, he plasters pictures of himself and his friends out drinking. He also tends to post extreme comments about politics and the economy. Many in your setting joke with him about the intensity of his social life, to which he always comments, “Work hard, play hard.” Though his actions are not hurting the morale of the setting, and his posts are always before or after work hours, should anything be said to this physician? In the future, could your setting experience any ramifications because of his presence in social media?

To prepare

  • Review the Learning Resources, focusing on the appropriate and inappropriate use of social technologies in the workplace.
  • Conduct further research on the social, ethical, and legal issues that result from inappropriate use of social technologies both inside and outside work hours.
    • For example, what laws protect the privacy and free speech of employees? How can workplaces legally safeguard themselves from various social technology issues such as defamation, misrepresentation, or misuse by individual employees? Of what legal ramifications, such as patient privacy and confidentiality laws, should managers be aware?
  • Reflect on the scenario to which you have been assigned.
    • How might employee use of social technologies impact the rest of the setting? How might it impact the care given to patients?
    • As the nursing manager who oversees the employee(s), what strategies (if any) would you employ to effectively address this situation?
  • Consider the social technology policies of your past or present workplace.
    • With regard to employee use of social media, do you believe the workplace policy is effective? Why or why not? As a nurse manager, could you use this policy to effectively address the behaviors in your assigned scenario

Post an explanation of the possible social, ethical, and/or legal ramifications of your assigned scenario. Explain the policy your current or past workplace has on the use of social technologies and how effective you believe the policy is. If your workplace does not have a policy, explain what the accepted practices or expectations are for your setting. Has lack of policy led to any problems? Support your responses by referencing authentic examples from the workplace and this week’s Learning Resources as appropriate.


Biopyschosocial assessment/ecomap and/or genogram/treatment plan Humanities Assignment Help

Please copy and paste link into address to watch the video before accepting this assignment, all instructions must be followed. thanks

To practice utilizing a client’s personal information to create a concise, yet robust and appropriate, biopsychosocial assessment.

Students will receive a detailed case ( included in attachment, please read in detail) from the instructor. The students’ assignment is to develop a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment for this child’s needs, and on the basis of this assessment, recommend a plausible intervention plan with one overarching goal, three reasonable objectives, and one relevant task for each objective.

REFER TO TIMBERLAKE & CUTLER Pp. 151-165 FOR SAMPLE AND FORMAT. – included in Assessment 1-4

The paper is expected to have three sections, and be organized in the following sequence:

  1. ASSESSMENT INFORMATION (the “what” or facts that exist or are missing; 2-3 pages) Write this section in a succinct narrative using the following headings.
    1. Identifying Information
      1. Description of the identified client: name, sex, age, grade/occupation
      2. Description of the immediate family and/or others in the household
      3. Description of parent-child interaction with attached ecomap and/or genogram (attached in Appendix A [not part of 2-3 pages]) to understand the child’s environmental context
    2. Presenting Problem
      1. Referral source
      2. History of presenting problem
      3. Precipitating event for the child’s presenting problem
      4. Manifestation of the presenting problem and its developmental and/or behavioral impact on the child’s developmental functioning, and behavior toward others (siblings, peers, parents, teachers, etc.)
      5. Parents’ or caregivers’ understanding or perception of the child’s presenting problem
      6. Teachers’ or school environment’s perception of the child’s presenting problem
      7. Presence of other problems in the child’s environment subject to treatment
    3. Developmental History
      1. Health history
      2. Developmental history
      3. School history
      4. Family (history of caregivers, substance abuse, violence, mental illness)
    4. Current Child Functioning
      1. Present developmental capacity in physical and mental and social functioning for age
      2. Current school and education functioning: Academic achievement, behavioral interaction with peers and adults in school context.
      3. Child’s own awareness and perception of the presenting problem
      4. Child’s strengths and competencies to cope or manage the presenting problem
      5. Presence of family resources, strengths, and capacity for addressing the problem
      6. Presence of any environmental resources or connections
      7. Presence of environmental barriers or challenge
  2. PSYCHOSOCIAL FORMULATION (1 page; of the child ONLY).
  3. TREATMENT PLAN (2-3 pages)
    1. Identify one overarching treatment goal. Discuss the rationale or logic for selecting this goal, and support your choice based on the child’s presenting problem and agency services.
    2. Select two objectives that serve to achieve the overarching goal. Discuss the rationale or logic for selecting each objective and support your discussion based on the information presented in section I of this paper.
    3. For each objective, present at least two tasks. Discuss who is responsible for carrying out each task, the timelines for task completion, how task completion would be measured (including tracking tools if relevant), and why the task is central to problem resolution.

Notes for developing this assignment:

  • Section I is expected to focus on the “facts” in the case without any subjective interpretation.
  • Section II focuses on your interpretation, analysis, or assessment of the situation.
  • Section III develops the treatment plan based on the proposed or recommended data collection and theoretical assessment of the situation.
  • The overall paper is to be 7-11 pages in length. This includes a title page, 5-7 pages of content, a reference page, and your appendix/appendices.
  • The paper should be formatted using APA format, be double spaced, and use font sized 12, Times New Roman.
  • This paper does not need to have an abstract

Please ask me any question for any about this paper. This is my Final assignment.




Points Earned

Assessment Section (2-3 pages): Includes sufficient but concise factual information on Identifying Information, Presenting Problem, Developmental History, and Current Child Functioning


Appropriate Genogram and/or Ecomap included in support of the assessment.


Psychosocial Formulation of Isaiah (1 page)


Treatment Plan (2-3 pages): Includes one overarching treatment goal, two objectives that serve to achieve the overarching goal, and at least two tasks for each objective. Goals, objectives and tasks should be SMART.


You correctly used APA formatting (i.e. cover page, running head, proper in-text citation and reference page, etc.) and the paper is presented in a professional manner.


Total Points


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Need help asap due today Business Finance Assignment Help

Need help asap due today Business Finance Assignment Help

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