Need help with a research paper for Baiji, a freshwater dolphin found only in China Writing Assignment Help

Need help with a research paper for Baiji, a freshwater dolphin found only in China Writing Assignment Help. Need help with a research paper for Baiji, a freshwater dolphin found only in China Writing Assignment Help.

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I need you to write a research paper relate to BaiJi. a freshwater dolphin found only in China. 5 paragraphs long, around 1000 words

I need you to analyze the species, population, habitat, why and how they become endangered species, what should we do to protect them, and what lesson I have learned from protecting this species. The essay includes bibliography!!!

I have some sites you might want to look for:

The essay comes with 5 paragraph, and well organized. Using quotes and paraphrases should follow the MLA format. 

Need help with a research paper for Baiji, a freshwater dolphin found only in China Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Urban Education Documentary Comparison Humanities Assignment Help

III: Urban Education Documentary Comparison

Waiting for Superman and Inconvenient
Truth About Waiting for Superman
. Both documentaries are viewed and discussed in
class. Prepare a written response to each of the following questions and submit
them to the instructor:

are the negative and positive implications for urban education based on the

is your personal reaction to the documentary? What did you learn that surprised
informed you? How has your perspective changed as a result? 

elements of positive classroom and school climate that stand out in both films.

Why are these important for teaching and learning? 

does this documentary identify as the key issues facing the school in this

are schools, students, and communities depicted in this documentary? 

does the documentary offer as CAUSES and SOLUTIONS to the problems? 

What are the larger
connections to and implications for urban education? Identify 
policies being address, and use outside research to document/support your


Expaning our financial project Business Finance Assignment Help

 write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

APA format paper

APA citations must inncludes author last name, year, p.# or para# and 2-3 references

Over the weekend, you get a call from your brother. He is currently working for a large restaurant chain in their management training program.

“Hi, Lee,” you say. “How’s everything in the sandwich business?”

“Good,” he says. “Great, really. I’m calling because I need your financial brain.”

“Sure. What do you need?”

“Well, now that you have completed these financial projects, we are looking to expanding into other industries and companies. How can you apply financial analysis techniques to other corporate or business situations? What opportunities do you see?

“Okay. Sure. Let me think about this first, and I’ll call you back after this next week is over. I’m working on some time-sensitive things at Apix, and I want to be able to shift my focus.”

“That’s perfect,” he says. “I’ll clear my calendar for next weekend so we can get together—whatever is best for you.”

“Okay! See you soon.”


I need three separate essays for the First Amendment rights Business Finance Assignment Help

Use your own words write Three news summaries about some law. the news summaries need  had something to do with the First Amendment rights or the media. You have merely written about any legal cases in the news. you must find cases dealing with mass media law (e.g., defamation, invasion of privacy, infringement of copyright, infringement of free speech, etc.) Please  do not plagiarism, the similar should under 10 percent. No references.(each essay should have 200–350 words) You can choose some news from There are three seperate essay. you must highlight something about the First Amendment rights or the media.


Need help with Disaster Recovery homework Computer Science Assignment Help


I need some help with my assignment, but please, a few sentences each is not going to work!

the importance of the after-action review and “lessons learned” documents.  How will these help to improve the BC plan?


a list of vulnerabilities that a small business may have in the event of a
major hurricane. What strategies and recommendations for business continuity
will be appropriate for them?

use of after-action reviews has been covered in every aspect of incident
response and disaster recovery. How will the BC after-action review differ from
the DR after-action review? 

are a number of in-house processes that may need to be handled by outside
vendors during BC operations, what are they and how do you identify those
vendors? Provide examples.”

* BC = Business Continuity .. DR = Disaster Recovery




Market Research Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help

The Final Project incorporates all aspects of the Marketing Research course.

The Final Project objective is to write a Marketing Research Proposal. There is no requirement to conduct the actual research, collect data or analyze results.

The Final Project requirement is to write a marketing research proposal and to develop a short survey.

The proposal should be written in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1” margins on your paper. Use APA format to cite any sources used in the paper. The final proposal will likely be about 4-5 pages (plus Title and References pages) in length, but this will vary.

Include the following sections in your Marketing Research proposal final project:

  • Describe the background of the study

  • Define the Management Decision problem

  • Define the Marketing Research problem

  • Marketing Research design: Explain the design of your study and defend why you chose that design

  • Define both the Population and the Sample(s)

  • Defend the chosen Sampling Methodology

  • Evaluate Assumptions and Limitations of the study

  • Design a Questionnaire and defend the chosen survey method.

  • Predict how you would analyze the data if you were actually doing the study

  • Evaluate what you learned from completing this Marketing Research proposal

Market Research Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Business and finance help needed with feasibility study and a discussion question Business Finance Assignment Help

A key piece of research for your feasibility study is to identify your competitors- both direct and indirect.  Every business has competition.  If you claim to an investor or a bank that you have no competition, you just lost the deal.

For example, if you plan to open a night club, you are vying for a share of your customers’ night time entertainment dollar.  What other choices do they have for that dollar?

(Please provide good quality and original response. Thank you!)


Health and medical help needed on discharge teaching Health Medical Assignment Help

The focus
of this assignment is identifying patient’s needs and analysis and synthesis of
details within the written client record and planning an appropriate discharge
plan with necessary patient teaching of the disease process. You will identify
the patient needs and provide the technique used for teaching the content to
the patient. You must also provide the rationale for the teaching technique.

Discharge Teaching
Plan Case Study

Week 2: Sherman “Red”


This case study provides information you will need to know
to complete the Discharge Teaching Plan Assignment. Please see the guidelines
in Doc Sharing for more details and grading rubrics for this assignment. After
you read the case study, obtain the Discharge Teaching Plan form from Doc
Sharing and document your teaching plan for Mr. Yoder.

Case Study

Continuing our story of Mr. Red Yoder, our elderly diabetic

Two weeks later, Red misses his Monday morning coffee at the
local VFW. He has also missed church for the past four Sundays. He usually has
a few whiskey sours a day and needs to take something for sleep (Benadryl). Jon
(Red’s son) gets “irritated with me over my beer and whiskey habits and yells
pretty loud” at times. His friends “worry about him.” “I know it’s only 20
miles to the VFW, but I just haven’t felt like eating the last couple of days;
maybe I’ve got the flu that’s going around.”

Red does not like to cook and usually picks up whatever is
convenient, such as cake and donuts and some fast food. He also loves bacon! The
home health nurse wanted to make sure he didn’t get an infection in that toe
and now she is back to change the bandage. Red relates to the home health nurse
“I’m not sure if I should take my insulin because I’m not eating, but my blood
sugar was 203 when I poked my finger this morning. How can my sugar be that
high when I’m not eating much? I just took off my sock to check on my sore and
my whole foot is red and big. I haven’t looked at it for a few days; it was
just a little pink the last time I checked it. I should have paid closer
attention to those pills I was supposed to take, that antibiotic. “

Red requires admission to the hospital for sepsis of the

Admission notes:

: [assume it is today]

Brief Description of Client:

Name: Sherman
“Red” Yoder

Gender: Male   Age: 80  Race:

Weight: 109 kg (240

Height: 183cm (72


Major Support:
Jon (son)  Phone: 869-555-3452

Allergies: no
known allergies

Influenza last fall; tetanus 4 years ago

Dr. Frank Baker

Medical History:
Diabetes Type 2 diagnosed June 2 (last year).

History of Present illness:

Patient developed an ulcer on his big toe that was treated
at home for 2 weeks. Son brought patient to ER 6 days ago and patient was
treated for sepsis with IV antibiotics.

Social History:

Widower; son (Jon) lives nearby

Primary Medical Diagnosis:


Surgeries/Procedures & Dates:

L4-5 laminectomy – 25 years ago;

Transurethral resection of the prostate – 6 years ago

Nursing Diagnoses:

Impaired Walking;

Impaired Skin Integrity;

Ineffective Health Maintenance;

Ineffective Self Health Management

One week later, Red is being discharged home with home
health for wound care. Please prepare a discharge teaching plan for Mr. Yoder
and his care takers.

Purpose: The focus of this
assignment is identifying patient’s needs and analysis and synthesis of details
within the written client record and planning an appropriate discharge plan
with necessary patient teaching of the disease process.

Points: This assignment is worth a total of 100 points.

Please refer to the Discharge Teaching Plan Guidelines found in Doc Sharing for
details about how to complete this form. Remember
there is a 6 page maximum limit on this assignment.

Type your answers on this form. Click “Save as” and save the
file with the assignment name and your last name, e.g., “NR305_Discharge_Teaching_
Plan_Form_Smith” When you are finished, submit the form to the Teaching Plan
Dropbox by the deadline indicated in your guidelines. Post questions in the Q &
A Forum or contact your instructor if you have questions about this assignment.

Look at the EXAMPLE
in the first assessment area. This is NOT an all-inclusive response and you will need to add your responses
as well. Please be sure to review your guidelines.

Assessment area

Need(s) identified.

Teaching technique or approach to problem identified.

Describe content.

Rationale for choosing this technique/approach.


Special/ age related needs

These are some ideas, there may be others that you

lives alone, is non-compliant with diet.

aging changes such as decreased hearing, visual difficulties.

appears to not understand his
glucose numbers and how that relates to his diet and insulin administration.

health nurse to assist Red and family in proper insulin management and

Ideas for teaching methods/approach based on the
scenario and problems noted. You may have identified others.

importance of diet and insulin management to Red and family and how to better
manage his diabetes.

videos, audio and teach back methods. It may even be helpful to assure proper
reading of the glucometer and administration of the insulin by Red or his

Provide a brief rationale on why you chose these
particular technique/approaches.

For example, Red may have
poor eyesight due to the diabetes and needs audio and demonstration with
return demonstration. He may not be able to see the lines on the insulin

Cognitive issues

Physical barriers



Roles and Relationships


Wound care

Resources/ referrals needed


Help with communication questions Business Finance Assignment Help

  Q: How useful are the rating systems for motion pictures, television, music and video games? Provide support for your opinion. Are media rating systems effective in protecting children? Why or why not?

PS: The written assignment is expected to be typed in English, in a 12-point font, double-spaced, at least 1100 words long, and free of errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Do not include an abstract with the written assignment. Do not include footnotes or end notes. Subjects and verbs are expected to agree; pronouns are expected to agree with their antecedents. For example, we should not write “a journalist should check their sources.” That should be “journalists should check their sources.”

The written assignment asks students to present a clear thesis and to construct valid, logical arguments with supporting evidence in responding to the question. Responses are expected to include at least five relevant, current, independent references. Please note that Bibles and dictionaries do not constitute references. Students may use legitimate, scholarly websites in conducting research but anonymous websites are not acceptable as references. References are expected to be formatted in the style of the American Psychological Association (APA). 


define these 5 terms based on the instruction Computer Science Assignment Help


  1. Enterprise

  2. Integration

  3. System

  4. Legacy

  5. API

– Provide a formal definition with a Source / Reference for
each term

– Simplistically define in layman terms in order for the term or
theory/Concept that demonstrates you understand as it relates to the

and here the example of how u do it..

Emergent Properties – Emergent Properties are considered a unique property
that comes from components joining together to produce a higher-level aggregate

“Emergent Property.” Accessed 9/1/2015.

Layman term: Emergent properties are properties of an entire system that
could not otherwise be achieved without each individual component.


Need help with a research paper for Baiji, a freshwater dolphin found only in China Writing Assignment Help

Need help with a research paper for Baiji, a freshwater dolphin found only in China Writing Assignment Help