Need to have read Nora Roberts Angels Fall and have the textbook Think Marriages & Families Kunz 2013 Writing Assignment Help

Need to have read Nora Roberts Angels Fall and have the textbook Think Marriages & Families Kunz 2013 Writing Assignment Help. Need to have read Nora Roberts Angels Fall and have the textbook Think Marriages & Families Kunz 2013 Writing Assignment Help.

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Relate 5 concepts from the textbook and what you have learned about in Chapters 3-7 to the romance novel that you have read in 3 pages. For example, we will talk about traditional gender roles. You could relate traditional masculinity to the main male character you’ve read about. You would first define what traditional masculinity is, and then describe your character and how he shows (or doesn’t) the characteristics of traditional masculinity. You would then choose 4 other concepts to describe and apply. You can use your eye-openers and select-a-quotes to help you write your paper.

After reading the assigned romance novel, students will need to choose 5 concepts (bolded terms or theories) from their textbooks and relate those concepts to what they’ve read in the romance novel. For example, a student could relate traditional masculinity, gender norms, Sternberg’s theory of love, gender differences in love, and the eros style of love to the romance novel.

In order to earn top points, students must first clearly identify the concept they will be discussing, then define it (this should be cited), and then finally apply how that concept is present in the romance novel. For example, if you chose traditional masculinity, you would list and define how your textbook defines traditional masculinity (and cite the textbook!). Then, you would describe how the character in the book displays the characteristics of masculinity in his actions, behaviors, and/or looks. You may also include ways the character does not display traditional masculinity. Be sure to provide clear and specific examples to strengthen your paper.

Need to have read Nora Roberts Angels Fall and have the textbook Think Marriages & Families Kunz 2013 Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

10-12 page research paper on a company, identifying environmental and sustainable issues and suggesting 3 recommendations to improve along with a business case for all three suggestions Business Finance Assignment Help


I have attached the guide lines but the project is a 10-12 page research paper on a company, identifying environmental and sustainable issues and suggesting 3 recommendations to improve along with a business case for all three suggestions. Each suggestion and business case should be 1-2 pages, In the case of my company, taco bell for example, you must first research the industry and Identify the key ESG issues the industry faces. Then access their website for their sustainability report. After reading their various reports, I will provide the links, you must then identify what the brand finds as material, where they’re at currently in their goals, and then then finally indentify three areas they can improve upon and how they can do so. I suggest that you do Health and Nutrition, Waste Management, and emissions/ energy.

Yum Brands is not the best at sustainable practices, which is good for the sake of the suggestions. However, what the professor would like for you to do is to identify what the brand identifies as material issues. Usually sustainability reports include a materiality matrix, but I’m not sure if yum brands does. Currently the Links that I’d provide are YumBrands CSR reports off their website, I believe that this what they use. Regardless, if the compnay does not have materiality matrix this still something to identify as an issue, but I think they do

You should also benchmark the company to multiple competitors in itsindursty

Ie. Read chipotles report and see how they’ve been doing a better job in waste management through compostable paper packaging (not sure if true)

And then maybe compare stock prices to see that chipotles stock is preforming better and what this means to investors.

*note: taco-bell is owned by yum brands which also owns dominoes and kfc, so when looking at yum brands sustianability report. make sure you are able to Indetify when they are addressing taco bell*

* I will include a PDF that has a class presenation that followed the same guide lines and follows a materiality matrix*


Stock value



Yum Brands


Waste reduction and energy :

Yum barnds hub where you can find their reports on many issues and shareholders:


PSY 416 Evolution of Modern Psychology Humanities Assignment Help

A final essay that addresses what the professor was trying to convey in
the semester’s lectures. This should not be a mere repetition of what
the lectures said, nor should it be a collection of class notes from the
semester’s lectures. Instead it should be an integrated essay that
describes the basic themes, concepts, ideas, etc., that the professor
was developing throughout the semester. You should discuss how the
various lectures from the beginning, middle, and end of the semester
made up a coherent story, and, if you think that the lectures did not
make a coherent story over the 14 weeks of the semester, you should provide a discussion of why you came to this conclusion. In brief, your
essay should not merely repeat the words of the lectures, but should
provide a discussion of the material.

There is no requirement for the length, but I think 9-10 is a must.

There is no powerpoint and book for this course. Only the notes. I gave you one page of note and you worked with me before , like a summary of all the writings.

And the final will decide what grade I will get from this course directly. It is very important.


How to Become a Radiologic Technologist Writing Assignment Help

  • To research, write, and present about a health care career of interest
  • To describe how and why you chose this career; your values and goals
  • To describe time management strategies and study skills needed to achieve this goal
  • To project strengths and potential obstacles

Questions to be addressed in the paper:

  • Content
    • The scope of practice
    • The level of education neededlicense requirements
    • The standards of practice and ethical code for this career
  • Self-Expression & Awareness
    • What did you learn about this career that you did not know before?
    • What are some of the success strategies you will adapt, or currently use that work for you?
    • How do your values and goals align with this career?
    • How do you cope with stress?

The paper must be in APA format, 3-4 pages length, plus a cover page and reference page. All phrases of words that are not your own must be cited and referenced, including page number for direct quotes.


Need paper written asap Humanities Assignment Help

Texts to Cite From:

  1. “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted” by Malcolm Gladwell (in They Say/I Say pg. 399)
  2. “Facebook Has Transformed My Students’ Writing for the Better” from The Atlantic [opens in a new window] Link:
  1. “Social Media Is Not Destroying America” from [opens in a new window] Link:…


Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube, most people have some form of a social media account. As evidenced by the readings above, these sites have many pros and cons. Make an argument for whether you think social media is improving society or damaging society overall. Be sure to provide reasons for your claim and offer ample examples/evidence to support these reasons

*500 to 750 words

*MLA Format(8th edition)

*Two citiations

You may use “I” in this essay, but the style should still be formal (no “you” or contractions)



revise/finish research paper Humanities Assignment Help

Hi, I need someone to revise and finish my research paper about the decriminalization of prostitution. I have already started it and have provided the complete citations page as well as the in-text citations with all the research already done for you. The paper needs to be 7 complete pages NOT counting the citations page. I currently have 5 pages completed. I need you to elaborate on my ideas, meet the 7 page length, organize and revise my paragraphs according to my thesis, and correct my in-text parenthetical citations and provide signal phrases for each parenthetical citation. Please fix any other mistakes such as grammar, spelling, and organization.

revise/finish research paper Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Sound intensity levels lab report Science Assignment Help


The purpose of this experiment is to:

  1. 1) measure sound intensity levels (SIL) in decibels (dB) and verify that an increase in SIL, eg. when
    two sources are played simultaneously, are a result of adding individual intensities (in W/m2),
    and not by adding the SILs directly.
  2. 2) establish a relationship between SIL (dB) and distance (m).


Two sound sources of the same frequency are played individually, and then simultaneously, while the
SIL (dB) are measured using calibrated sound level meters (SLMs) tuned to the A-weighting setting. The
A-weighting setting sets a filter on the SLMs to make them mimic the characteristics of the human ear.

Data is gathered on a table, suggested by Table 1 below.

Table 1: Suggested table for gathering the data


  1. 1) Generate a new table, converting all the SIL (dB) from Table 1 to intensity (W/m2), and call this
    Table 2 from this point forward. A suggested format for Table 2 is shown below.
  2. 2) Add the intensities for source A and for source B along the same locations, and put the values on
    an additional column on Table 2. This will be the theoretical (or accepted value) for calculating
    the error in this experiment.
  3. 3) Calculate the error in your experimental value for intensity IA+B (dB), using IA + IB (dB) as the
    accepted value, and record them on the last column of Table 2.
    Table 2: Suggested table for Analysis
  4. 4) Plot a graph of SIL (dB) vs. distance (m) for source A, and another one for source B. (You may
    have a hard time drawing both on the same axes, so it’s okay to have 2 separate graphs). Try to
    draw a smooth curve joining the points on both graphs.
  5. 5) What is the trend that is seen in both graphs as distance from the source increases?

Location #

rA (m)

rB (m)




Location #

IA (W/m2)

IB (W/m2)

IA+B (W/m2)

IA + IB (W/m2)

Error (%)


  1. 6) Theoretically, what happens to the intensity (W/m2) of a sound when the distance is doubled?
  2. 7) Theoretically, what happens to the SIL (dB) of a sound when the distance is doubled?
  3. 8) a) From your first graph of SIL (dB) vs distance (m) for source A, calculate the change in the SIL
    (dB) for source A as the distance doubles from r = 2 m to r = 4 m.

    b) From your second graph of SIL (dB) vs distance (m) for source B, calculate the change in the
    SIL (dB) for source B as the distance doubles from r = 3 m to r = 6 m. You will have to estimate
    the values of the SIL (dB) at r = 3 m and r = 6 m from the graph after you have drawn a smooth
    curve joining the points.

  4. 9) Do these estimates of the change in SIL (dB) values match with the theoretical predictions
    drawn in Q #7 above?
  5. 10) Suggest the sources of error in this experiment (do not write “human error”!), any precautions
    that can be taken, and any improvements that can be made to reduce the errors while taking the

table has been completed for the sound intensity levels, i will attach, please graph the points.


two essay questions Health Medical Assignment Help

There are 2 questions i each of which requires you to write a short essay to answer, each essay requires 600 words. Essay needs to use your own point of view, and needs examples and details to support the point.

1)A goal of Healthy People 2020 is to achieve health equity, eliminate disparities, and improve the health of all groups. Violence (in any form) can be viewed as a behavioral health issue with many health disparities.

Identify and Describe 3 different types of health disparities for the public health issue of violence. Note: Use empirical data (eg. numbers)from published literature to support your claims (citations needed).

For one of your identified health disparities in violence, describe a possible (ie. does not have to currently exist) upstream intervention that could decrease the gap between disparate populations.

2)Dr. Joseph Tanter, MD, is the principle investigator of a major population health study, “Decreasing the Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease in Candyland”. He decides that the best strategy to decrease overall cardiac events in Candyland will be to provide one free comprehensive health screening for children and young adults (21 years and younger). In addition, he plans to recruit 100 adult residents from community events and conduct a randomized control trial to test the effects of a serum cholesterol-lowering treatment. Would Dr. Tanter’s method be an effective intervention to decrease cardiovascular disease in Candyland? Explain Why or Why Not. Provide a comprehensive response that includes examples.


Microeconomics Mathematics Assignment Help

Only respond if you have a good knowledge of microeconomics. This is a microeconomics power point presentation with a voice over. Please use a clear voice that is not reading too fast, would be preferable if you were a female as I am as well. Attatched is the link for the assignment. This is my final assignment before I graduate so I definitely need a high grade. Please only respond if you think you can give that, and if it is done well i always tip well. Thank you. and as always absolutely no plagiarizing. file:///Users/jaymilederer/Downloads/IndustrialAnalysisFall2019.pdf

If the link of instructinos does not show up please let me know and I will copy and paste it all over.


IEEE paper format on Impact of Instruction set architectures (ISA) using Microarchitecture on performance of Processors by using any simulation tool (11-13 Pages) with PPT Programming Assignment Help


Instruction set architecture (ISA) serves as an abstraction layer between hardware and software layers of a computer system.The instruction set or the instruction set architecture (ISA) is the set of basic instructions that a processor understands. The instruction set is a portion of what makes up an architecture.Most modern ISAs can be classified into two classes: RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) and CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer). The recent advances in different instruction set architectures (ISAs) and the way those ISAs are implemented have revived the debate on the role of ISAs in overall performance of a processor. Many people in the computer architecture community believe that with current compiler and microarchitecture advances, the choice of ISA does not remain a decisive matter anymore. On the other hand, some researchers believe that this is not the case and they claim that ISAs can still play a significant role in the overall performance of a computer system. In this research paper we will evaluate applications’ behavior compiled for different RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computers) and CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computers) ISAs using various microarchitectures. In this paper, the effect of 64-bit ARM (ARM-v8), x86-64 and Alpha ISAs on the overall performance of processors will be investigated. For the simulation gem5 simulator will be used.

Above abstract was submitted as a project proposal to my Professor (Please find attached document for the reference, as we referred this paper for the project proposal)

There can be two approaches to the project:

  • Test the impact of different ISAs (maybe 2 or 3) on a single microarchitecture.
  • Test the impact of single ISAs on different microarchitecture (maybe 2 or 3).


We would like to do either one of the above topics.


You can select any microarchitecture, not mandatory to use one list in the abstract.

You can also select any simulation tool, not mandatory to use one list in the abstract.


If the link of instructinos does not show up please let me know and I will copy and paste it all over.