Need to prepare an Excel sheet based on the below description? Other Assignment Help

Need to prepare an Excel sheet based on the below description? Other Assignment Help. Need to prepare an Excel sheet based on the below description? Other Assignment Help.

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Tab 1 – A list of all elements in the scope with a notation on each designating the ones you can handle personally, the ones you would require help on with a note as to which portion would require assistance, and the ones you would need to fully sub out to an outside engineering agency.

Tab 2 – A list of all elements in scope with three columns. Column 1 should designate the estimated hours you believe the element would take in the ideal, column 2 should designate the amount of hours you believe the element would take on the high side, and column 3 should include an estimate of associated costs (not personal labor, but hard costs like travel to site, outside engineer fees, printing, contractor costs – ex. contractor needed to dig holes for Geotech)

Tab 3 – A list of preferred software and access to databases you would require access to along with associated estimated annual software fees.

Attached is a project, Company currently working on. doc files show what we need to do. For your convince I’ve also attached the local zoning bylaws.

The project sites need an ANR(approval not required) to move property lines.

That would require a site plan of proposed changes per the jurisdiction having authority.

This site will also need:

  • Site plan with drainage plan for solar permitting/planning board approvals
  • Environment study soil testing for type of soil and environment hazards (ESA Phase 1)
  • Geo technical study
  • ALTA survey

Need to prepare an Excel sheet based on the below description? Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Spinoza “Ethics” Short paper Humanities Assignment Help

2 pages double spaced- no intro or conclusion needed

Explain Spinoza’s account of how the universe causally depends on God (focus on 1p16). How does Spinoza’s theory differ from the prevailing views of the time? (Be sure to contrast Spinoza’s picture of intelligibility—i.e., his understanding of the reason things are the way they are—with a more traditional picture of the explanation of why things are the way they are, having to do with God’s plan for the world.) Why does Spinoza think things could not have happened differently from the way they did? Which position do you find more reasonable, Spinoza’s or the more traditional view? Explain fully.


Spinoza on substance – From his book “Ethics” Humanities Assignment Help

2 pages double spaced — no introduction or conclusion needed.

Spinoza thinks there is only one substance, namely God. Why does he think this? Begin by explaining why he thinks substance must be self-caused, and then explain how Spinoza gets from this claim to the further conclusion that there is only one substance. (For this second step you may use either the argument he provides in the Ethics, or the alternate argument sketched in class.) Be sure to touch on the apparent problem that the fact that a substance can have more than one attribute presents for Spinoza’s reasoning, and explain how he might respond to this difficulty.


Analyze the Scientific Method Writing Assignment Help

closely review a peer-reviewed research article related to a potential education-related topic you might want to research, perhaps for your dissertation or capstone project. Ensure your research article is an original study involving actual data collection and analysis and is NOT doctoral dissertation, a position paper or a meta-analysis of the reviewed literature. article attached

Then, create a critical analysis of the study including the following information when presented:

  • Describe the problem or issue addressed.
  • Describe the purpose or intent of the study.
  • Summarize the research question(s).
  • For a quantitative study, describe both the null and alternative hypotheses.
  • Discuss the theoretical/conceptual framework and how it was used, as well as how well it was used, to formulate and guide the study.
  • Determine if (and how well) the study was justified with the use of an analysis and synthesis of the previous research literature.
  • Discuss the selected methodology and corresponding design as well as the appropriateness of this choice to accurately address the study’s research question(s).
  • Identify and summarize the potential flaws and/or limitations in the study as well as ways to eliminate or reduce them.

Support your assignment with at least 3 to 5 scholarly resources. attached


Stereotypes of Women Professionals in Criminal Justice Humanities Assignment Help


Application: Stereotypes of Women Professionals in Criminal Justice

People in today’s society tend to be fascinated by criminal justice, corrections, and the legal system. Unfortunately, popular culture (e.g., music, television, news, books) often perpetuates stereotypes and has skewed perceptions of certain minority groups, including women. These stereotypes present challenges for women professionals in criminal justice.

For this Assignment, you analyze possible stereotypes of women professionals in criminal justice. Consider how women professionals in criminal justice may address challenges related to those stereotypes.

The Assignment (2–3 pages):

  • Explain at least three stereotypes related to women professionals in criminal justice.
  • Explain how each stereotype may have come to exist.
  • Explain possible challenges women professionals in criminal justice may face because of the stereotypes you identified.
  • Explain how women professionals in criminal justice might address the challenges you identified.

By Day 7, submit your Assignment.



Character Analysis paper Writing Assignment Help

Note: I have all the books in kindle account, I will give when question is assigned.

This class is focused on stories about pre-teens and teenagers developing their individual identities while negotiating their relationships with their families, their communities, and larger American society. These characters come from diverse backgrounds and each have particular challenges that they face growing up in America. In this paper, you will choose two characters and analyze them in order to develop an argumentative thesis statement about growing up or coming of age in a diverse American society.

Step 1: choose your characters

First, choose the characters you will write about. You will be writing about two characters for this paper. They have to be from different books (so, you can’t compare Autumn and Adonis because they’re both from Pinned). Here’s the list of books we’ve read so far that you can choose from:

  • In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse
  • The House on Mango Street
  • American Born Chinese
  • Pinned

Choose characters that you think have interesting similarities or differences, and that you want to spend more time thinking about and understanding.

Step 2: find the question you want to answer

Remember, a thesis statement is essentially the answer to a question. It should be specific (not too broad or general) and directly reference the stories/characters you are writing about. I want you to develop your own thesis statement for this paper. Here are some questions to consider that might help you come up with a thesis for your paper, but you can also choose your own question to think about and answer.

  • What role does family or community play in these characters’ stories?
  • How does a combination of internal and external factors influence the characters’ personal development?
  • How does the pressure of “normal” American society (however that is defined in the book) help or hinder the characters’ personal development?
  • What role does school or education play in the characters’ personal development?
  • What can we learn about growing up in America from the stories of these two characters?
  • How do the authors use the characters’ strengths and weaknesses to make a larger point about growing up in America?

Step 3: re-read and take notes

With your question in mind, re-read specific sections of the books about your characters, looking for information that will help you come up with a clear, specific, interesting answer to your question. Keep track of key quotes or ideas that you can use in your paper. You are not required to use outside sources for this paper – you can base your paper entirely on your analysis of the text from the two books about your characters. However, if you do use any outside sources at all, even for background or fact-checking they must be cited (along with the stories you are writing about).

Step 4: writing

After you have collected your notes and done some prewriting (you can make a list of important ideas, or an outline of your paper), you are ready to write. You can use the first person “I” in your paper, since I’m asking you to share your own opinions and conclusions. Here are the paper requirements:

  • Start with an introductory paragraph that contains your thesis statement and any important context or background information leading up to it.
  • Include 4-6 body paragraphs that support your thesis with details from the story that you interpret for your reader. Avoid simply summarizing the events of the story by thinking about how or why things happen. Explain the clues or nuances that a reader might have missed, or share your interpretation of an image or moment in the story. Use quotes and paraphrases to make your points, and make sure each one of them is followed by a parenthetical citation in MLA style.
  • Finish with a conclusion that wraps up any loose threads of your paper, re-states (in different words) your key idea, and reminds your reader why this topic is important or interesting.
  • All sources that you use, including the books you’re discussing, any secondary readings from our Canvas site, and any other source you use to find out information about the topic must be properly cited with in-text citations and a works cited list in MLA style. Missing citations and sources count as plagiarism and will be reported accordingly. So, make sure that you keep track of your sources of information and use them honestly in your papers.
  • Make sure your final paper is 3-4 pages long (about 1000-1300 words), double-spaced, in 11 point Calibri or 12 point Times New Roman font.

I attached the rubric.

Character Analysis paper Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Module 04 Course Project – Mentor Challenges as a Leader Business Finance Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will create a brief presentation about a challenge your chosen leader faced during a change implementation and how that person overcame that challenge.

Examine at least one change challenge your chosen “invisible mentor” leader faced at some point. How did they overcome that challenge? What are the key takeaways you gain from their experience? If they could say to you, “I made X mistake, and here’s how I overcame it,” what would X be, and how did they overcome it?

Continuing with your chosen leader, identify one change challenge he/she has faced during his/her career, as a leader for an organization. Determine the steps they took to overcome that challenge to be successful. For the assignment, submit the following in a 3-5 minute presentation, including both audio and visual. Be sure to include:

  • Description of the challenge.
  • Explanation of the barriers and resistances they faced.
  • The process/model he/she took to overcome the challenge.
  • The final outcome of the change.





psychopysiological, do u agree with this position? Humanities Assignment Help

Please answer the questions using some reference from my textbook (fundamentals of ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY….R. Comer 8TH EDITION) chapter 8

a. Today there are many more physical illnesses which are considered psychophysiological than when this concept was originally developed. Your professor believes that all medical illnesses could properly be considered psychophysiological. Based on the information presented in this chapter , do you agree or disagree with this position? (20 pts)

Chapter 6 below (refer to text as well)

b. More young people today are being diagnosed with depression than in previous eras.This seems to be a real, not a spurious (false) increase. In other words, it is not because of an increased awareness or changes in the diagnostic system. Based on your understanding of the factors/ variables which contribute to these mood disorders, what do you think might account for this increased incidence? Pay particular attention to sociocultural variables and the zeitgeist of the last decade or two.. (20pts)

ALSO less work citing and more statements in your own words and also opinions.


cast of study analyzing Business Finance Assignment Help

Question Discussion:

  • What are the problems that Kaplan is facing as he takes over leadership at Virginia Mason?
  • What is Gary Kaplan trying to achieve at Virginia Mason? How does the Toyota Production System fit into the strategy?

-Please Answer these questions in 5 pages, each question 2.5 pages.

– Each question should have 7 to 8 citations from case study. Also, you can add real resources.

-single specs.

– it should be academic and strong writing.


There are 3 files:

-Case study

– Questions

– My prof way in our grades


homework problems and paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Please read the attachment follow instructions

Part One


Complete problems 14.8 and 14.9 in the textbook.

Submit one Excel file. Put each problem result on a separate sheet in your file.

Part 2

Complete problems B.1, B.5, B.7,
B.11, and B.21 in the textbook.

Submit one Excel file.
Put each problem result on a separate sheet in your file.

Part 3

problems D.1, D.3, D.6, and D.8 in the textbook.

Submit one Excel file. Put each
problem result on a separate sheet in your file.

Part 4

This I a
group assignment on this part so do what I highlight. I only need to write
about 200 words on my part and the situation is reorganization.

Purpose of Assignment

For this assignment, the
Learning Team conducts basic research related to a business problem. This
allows students to use critical thinking in their research to identify problems
and discuss how to develop potential solutions. This will build a foundation for
the rest of the Learning Team’s assignments.

Assignment Steps

Select a business situation such as reorganization,
office closure, expansion, etc.

Locate 1 to 2 articles from the University Library
about the subject.

Prepare a 700-word discussion of the business
situation. The discussion should include the following:

  • Summarize the issue
  • Identify the problem
  • Explain why this is the underlying problem
  • Relate the research to the
  • Explain how a clearly defined problem
    could help with solutions

Format the assignment consistent with APA


Need to prepare an Excel sheet based on the below description? Other Assignment Help

Need to prepare an Excel sheet based on the below description? Other Assignment Help

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