need to read two short articles and refer to some additional information. These are linked in the prompts below. Answer both questions. Make sure each response is double spaced, with one-inch margins, in 12-point Times or Cambria font. The page limit is three pages for each question (6 total pages). This is a strict page limit.

Use your own words to explain the different concepts and arguments you reference from authors or other materials that you cite in support of your answers. Do not include direct quotes from readings! There is no need to reproduce the question at the top of the page or provide a formal introduction or conclusion—this will take up space you could use for your answer. Make sure to answer all parts of each question. The applications you make to the articles and/or additional information will be an important part of your grade, so make sure to prioritize accordingly, while not neglecting the first part of the questions. You do not need to include a reference list, but you should cite course materials referenced in your answers appropriately. For question 1, use the author’s last name to reference the article. Sources are included for the other supporting information. For question two, use the author’s last name to reference the article. 1.) You will need to read and refer to the following to answer question one. a) I WILL LINK ARTICLES IN THE FILES TAB “The Unentitled Kids: California’s New Generation of Star College Applicants”, by Teresa Wantanabe. The Los Angeles Times, Dec. 29, 2021 California’s unentitled generation of college applicants – Los Angeles Times.pdf; b) Supplemental information. Supplemental graphs and info.pdf How does Bourdieu’s theory of the forms of capital and social reproduction apply when considering the experiences and outcomes of people trying to earn a college degree? Briefly define and explain the different forms of capital, according to Bourdieu. Then describe, in your own words, his theory about how the different forms of capital can be exchanged for each other, why someone might want to do this, and possible outcomes. Then, explain how these ideas apply in the article above, and in explaining the outcomes around college completion and graduation presented in the supplemental information provided. You should aim to focus at least half of your answer on making specific and detailed connections between Bourdieu’s theory and the articles. 2.) I WILL LINK ARTICLE IN THE FILES TAB You will need to read and refer to this article about the California Reparations Task Force to respond to “Reparations Could Include Tuition, Housing Grants, California Task Force Says”. By Lil Kalish. Cal Matters, June 1, 2022. Reparations could include tuition, housing grants, California task force says What racial reparation.pdf What would Bonilla-Silva and Omi

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