Neurobiology, Client Presentation, and Pharmacological Treatment Plans Humanities Assignment Help

Neurobiology, Client Presentation, and Pharmacological Treatment Plans Humanities Assignment Help. Neurobiology, Client Presentation, and Pharmacological Treatment Plans Humanities Assignment Help.

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For this Discussion, review the document “Neurobiology Considerations Case Study: Suzy” and the Learning Resources. How might you treat Suzy? What factors would you consider as you develop her treatment plan? Develop your ideas for how you would ensure that Suzy gets the best care. Use the Learning Resources to support your treatment plan.

Post a brief description of a possible pharmacological treatment plan for Suzy. Explain any neurobiology considerations that informed your treatment plan. Explain the benefits and limitations of your plan. Justify your plan based on the Learning Resources and current literature.

Link for learning resources:…

Case Study: Suzy

Course Document: Neurobiology Considerations Case Study: Suzy
Suzy is a 27-year-old Caucasian woman with no children. At age 8, she
witnessed her mother’s overdose of prescription pain medication. Her mother
subsequently recovered but was addicted to prescription pain medication throughout
Suzy’s childhood. Suzy’s father did not live with them. Suzy’s mother suggested that
this was because of his alcoholism. Rage-filled fights between her parents were
commonplace for Suzy since she was an infant.
Over the last several years, Suzy has become increasingly anxious. It seems that
she is always on edge and worried. In fact, her doctor suspects she may have
Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She has been referred to your counseling clinic in hopes
of getting better. During the first session, you learn that Suzy abuses alcohol
frequently—six to seven drinks at least three times per week. Suzy believes she will
have trouble coming to counseling if she does not have medication to help calm her
down enough to “sit still.”

Neurobiology, Client Presentation, and Pharmacological Treatment Plans Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Read Mini Case 15 Competing on Business Models: Google vs. Microsoft Writing Assignment Help

  • Identify and the main issues found discussed in the case (who, what, how, where and when (the critical facts in a case).
  • List all indicators (including stated “problems”) that something is not as expected or as desired.
  • Briefly analyze the issue with theories found in your textbook or other academic materials. Decide which ideas, models, and theories seem useful. Apply these conceptual tools to the situation. As new information is revealed, cycle back to sub-steps a and b.
  • Identify the areas that need improvement (use theories from your textbook)
  • Specify and prioritize the criteria used to choose action alternatives.
  • Discover or invent feasible action alternatives.
  • Examine the probable consequences of action alternatives.
  • Select a course of action.
  • Design and implementation plan/schedule.
  • Create a plan for assessing the action to be implemented.

Additional resources:

Business Insider: The War Between Microsoft And Google Heats Up:

Casadesus-Masanell, R., Ricart, J. 2009. From Strategy to Business Models to and to Tactics, Harvard Business School:

Forbes: Google smacks down Microsoft:

Motley Fool: This Trends Bodes Well for Both Facebook Inc and Google Inc:

New York Times: Did Google Really Lose on Its Original Motorola Deal?:

Midterm Requirements
(Team PowerPoint presentation(20 to 30 slides with notes))


Finish the competency Science Assignment Help

Biomechanical Competency: 150 pts

You should be competent in ALL topics in the course but to DEMONSTRATE competence you are required to submit evidence for THREE of the topics in each section. (To receive the points ALL competencies must be turned in)

Due: Prior to Exam 1, Exam 2, and the Final Exam (consult calendar)


ALL LABORATORY RESULTS and INTERPRETATION are REQUIRED competencies. Graphs must include Figure Caption and labeled axes and units. The competencies are evidence that YOU understand the concept and can explain it to a colleague. Evidence CANNOT be lecture slides. Evidence CANNOT be an Infograph that you did not make. Include in your competency the following information:

For the competency assignment assume you are a CONSULTANTfor an athlete or a team (BE SPECIFIC). For each competency explain how it will affect your athlete or team.

  • Your name
  • Name of Competency
  • A description of the concept with the perspective of your team or athlete (short paragraph or bullet points)
  • Evidence (Laboratory results, Warm ups, Preparation Guide Application Questions, Class Case Studies)


Assignment need with thoughtful responses Writing Assignment Help

Question1(need 3 Different Responses each with minimum 400 words)

(Course Name: Security Architecture and Design)

Briefly respond to all following questions.

Make sure to explain and backup your response with facts and examples.

This assignment should be in APA format(Minimum 400 words) and have to include at least two references.

Make sure to use the enclosed template(Attachment name APA_for_Students_UC.docx). Any other format will not be accepted.

1- List 2 methods to build visual models of your system.

2- What is the best definition of a trust boundary?

3- What are the 3 most essential questions to ask in threat modeling?

4- In the Star Wars mnemonic, what threat does Luke Skywalker embody?

Question 2(a)(need 3 Different Responses each with minimum 400 words)

(Course Name: Security Architecture and Design)

1- Why do we create models? (Provide two explanations)

2- What are three ways that people might start threat modeling.

This post should be your response to the questions, should be a minimum of 400 words With APA format and 3 minimum references.

Needed 3 different explanations with APA format and references

Question 2(b)(Need 3 Different Replies each with minimum 150 words)

post should be a thoughtful response to the below attachments, and should be a minimum of 150 words

I have attached three word documents, post should be a thoughtful response on each

Needed thoughtful response on both in different files on (doc1, doc2, doc3) attached below

Question 3(need 3 Different Responses each with minimum 500 words)

Having a clear vision of what we are trying to achieve before we take action is a key factor in reaching and accomplishing any goals we set. Do you have a mental image or a vision of who you will be in your career or in your future? Articulating or setting goals for yourself and your career is the first step in helping you eventually reaching those goals. This course is not only to allow the opportunity for you to apply essential professional applications to your respective academic coursework, but we also want to provide you with resources to be a successful employee and meet your career goals.

For this assignment you will complete a 500 word written assignment discussing your current career path and employment goals. Below you will find the questions to be answered for this assignment.

  1. If you are currently employed is it in your desired career? If you are not currently working what is your designed career?
  2. What has been your career path up until now?
  3. What do you like most about your job? Explain. If you are not currently employed, what has been your favorite job that you’ve had in the past? Explain.
  4. If absolutely no obstacles stood in the way of your achieving it, what would you most like to attain in your career?
  5. Where would you like to be in your career in 5 years? In 10 years? In 15 years?

imagine any job title like UI Developer and Linux admin and Business analyst and complete question3

Total i need total of 12 Documents 9 responses and 3 replies


750-1000 word analysis of “Case Study: Fetal Abnormality.” Writing Assignment Help

Write a 750-1000 word analysis of “Case Study: Fetal Abnormality.”

Write a 750-1000 word analysis of “Case Study: Fetal Abnormality.” Be sure to address the following questions:

  1. Which theory or theories are being used by Jessica, Marco, Maria, and Dr. Wilson to determine the moral status of the fetus? Explain.
  2. How does the theory determine or influence each of their recommendation for action?
  3. What theory do you agree with? How would that theory determine or influence the recommendation for action?

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

Case Study: Fetal Abnormality

Jessica is a 30-year-old immigrant from Mexico City. She and her husband Marco have been in the U.S. for the last three years and have finally earned enough money to move out of their Aunt Maria’s home and into an apartment of their own. They are both hard workers. Jessica works 50 hours a week at a local restaurant and Marco has been contracting side jobs in construction. Six months before their move to an apartment, Jessica finds out she is pregnant.

Four months later, Jessica and Marco arrive at the county hospital, a large, public, nonteaching hospital. A preliminary ultrasound indicates a possible abnormality with the fetus. Further scans are conducted and it is determined that the fetus has a rare condition in which it has not developed any arms, and will not likely develop them. There is also a 25% chance that the fetus may have Down syndrome.

Dr. Wilson, the primary attending physician, is seeing Jessica for the first time, since she and Marco did not receive earlier prenatal care over concerns about finances. Marco insists that Dr. Wilson refrain from telling Jessica the scan results, assuring him that he will tell his wife himself when she is emotionally ready for the news. While Marco and Dr. Wilson are talking in another room, Aunt Maria walks into the room with a distressed look on her face. She can tell that something is wrong and inquires of Dr. Wilson. After hearing of the diagnosis, she walks out of the room wailing loudly and praying aloud.

Marco and Dr. Wilson continue their discussion, and Dr. Wilson insists that he has an obligation to Jessica as his patient and that she has a right to know the diagnosis of the fetus. He furthermore is intent on discussing all relevant factors and options regarding the next step, including abortion. Marco insists on taking some time to think of how to break the news to Jessica, but Dr. Wilson, frustrated with the direction of the conversation, informs the husband that such a choice is not his to make. Dr. Wilson proceeds back across the hall, where he walks in on Aunt Maria awkwardly praying with Jessica and phoning the priest. At that point, Dr. Wilson gently but briefly informs Jessica of the diagnosis, and lays out the option for abortion as a responsible medical alternative, given the quality of life such a child would have. Jessica looks at him and struggles to hold back her tears.

Jessica is torn between her hopes of a better socioeconomic position and increased independence, along with her conviction that all life is sacred. Marco will support Jessica in whatever decision she makes, but is finding it difficult not to view the pregnancy and the prospects of a disabled child as a burden and a barrier to their economic security and plans. Dr. Wilson lays out all of the options but clearly makes his view known that abortion is “scientifically” and medically a wise choice in this situation. Aunt Maria pleads with Jessica to follow through with the pregnancy and allow what “God intends” to take place, and urges Jessica to think of her responsibility as a mother.

Apply Rubrics

Case Study on Moral Status

Theory/Theories are identified that determine the moral status of the fetus for all of the people listed in the case study, including a detailed explanation.

Recommendation for action is present, with detailed explanation that shows a deep understanding of the subject.

Personal response to case study includes if you agree or disagree and a detailed explanation that shows a deep understanding of the subject including how the theory determines or influences the recommendation for action.

Thesis and/or main claim are comprehensive. The essence of the paper is contained within the thesis. Thesis statement makes the purpose of the paper clear.

Clear and convincing argument presents a persuasive claim in a distinctive and compelling manner. All sources are authoritative.

Writer is clearly in command of standard, written, academic English.

All format elements are correct.

Sources are completely and correctly documented, as appropriate to assignment and style, and format is free of error.



easy paper Business Finance Assignment Help





A company self-examination. What are we known for? Who do we want to become?
In this assignment, you will create a Situation Analysis for one (1) of the following companies / brands: Fiat Chrysler, IBM, Burger King, or Old Spice

Each of these four (4) companies (Fiat Chrysler, IBM, Burger King, and Old Spice) has been through numerous changes in recent years. For this assignment, select only one (1) company / brand. Use the information listed, as well as your own knowledge and research, to complete the provided situation analysis template. Additional research should include the use of the company’s Website, the course textbook, and other online sources.

Submit the completed template via the Assignment 2 submission link.

Fiat Chrysler


“The formal creation of Jeep Cherokee Automobiles and its debut on the New York Stock Exchange is a historic moment. Today, building on the foundations and aspirations of Fiat S.p.A. and Chrysler Group LLC, we are beginning a completely new phase that will see our Group play a major role in the future of the global automotive industry.”

– John Elkann, October 13, 2014

“FCA’s listing today on Wall Street is the culmination of five-and-a-half years of work to achieve an extraordinary union. It marks the hard-won arrival at a destination. Yet, like so many milestones, it represents not just an ending, but also a new beginning – the beginning of our journey as one global automaker, one FCA.”

– Sergio Marchionne, October 13, 2014

With the formal creation of Jeep Cherokee Automobiles (FCA) and its listing on the New York and Milan stock exchanges, a new group is born.

FCA carries on the tradition of two historic automakers: Fiat founded in 1899 and Chrysler founded in 1925.



IBM – International Business Machines Corporation is a multinational technology and consulting organization. The company was started in 1911 in a small village in Endicott, US. Initially it was known as CTR – Computing Tabulating Recording Company because of the merger of three different companies – Tabulating Machine company, Computing Scale company and International Time Recording company, that gave rise to the current, tall standing IBM. With over 435,000 employees all over the globe, IBM is ranked as the second largest firms.

The company acquired SPSS and Kenexa in the years 2009 and 2012 respectively. Current consoles like Xbox 360, Sony PS3, Wii and Nintendo all use IBM manufactured microprocessors. In 2011, IBM excelled Microsoft with a closing value of $214 billion leaving behind the technology giant at $213.2 billion. A year later, IBM acquired Texas Memory Systems so to expand its technology department further while enhancing the quality and the quantity of its production.

Burger King


Burger King Corporation, restaurant company specializing in flame-broiled fast-food hamburgers. It is the second largest hamburger chain the United States, after McDonald’s. In the early 21st century, Burger King claimed to have about 14,000 stores in nearly 100 countries.

Persistently lagging behind McDonald’s in sales and profitability, Burger King underwent many changes of ownership and corporate governance. In 1967 it was sold to the Pillsbury Company, which, in the late 1970s, brought in Donald N. Smith, a former McDonald’s executive, who revitalized Burger King by expanding the menu and tightening control of franchisees. Pillsbury was itself acquired by the British company Grand Metropolitan (Grand Met) PLC in 1989. Grand Met became Diageo PLC after its merger with the Irish brewer Guinness PLC in 1997. Diageo sold Burger King in 2002 to a consortium of private equity financiers, namely the Texas Pacific Group, Bain Capital, and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners. In 2010 3G Capital, an investment group controlled by the Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann, took over the company in a leveraged buyout. By 2012, Burger King shares were being sold to the public again, but 3G retained a controlling interest. Burger King Worldwide merged with the Canadian doughnut and fast-food chain Tim Hortons in 2014, and a new parent company called Restaurant Brands International was formed. In what some critics saw as a tax-avoiding “corporate inversion” move, Restaurant Brands International was headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

A large hamburger called the Whopper is Burger King’s signature product. The Whopper was introduced in 1957, at a time when its competitor McDonald’s was still selling only small hamburgers. The chain took a new direction by adding hot dogs to the menu in 2016.

Old Spice


The first Old Spice ® product, called Early American Old Spice for women, was introduced in 1937, closely followed by Old Spice for men in 1938. The Old Spice products were manufactured by the Shulton Company that was founded in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz.

Early American Old Spice was developed around a colonial theme. When Old Spice was introduced, William Lightfoot Schultz was interested in maintaining a colonial framework for those products and chose a nautical theme for Old Spice. Thus, sailing ships, in particular colonial sailing ships, were used as a trademark. Through continuous use and advertising, the various ships have become a valuable trademark identifying the Old Spice product for men.

Procter & Gamble purchased the Old Spice fragrances, Skin Care and Antiperspirant and Deodorant products from the Shulton Company in June 1990. Since purchasing the Old Spice line, the company has continued to provide many of the original Old Spice products, as well as introducing several new products that have enhanced the Old Spice line. However, the business’s prime target market were primarily the older generations and was known as the “Grandfather” Smell.

If there was a defining moment when advertisers started to get a proper handle on social media marketing, it was when an ex-American football star called Isaiah Mustafa was drafted in to save Old Spice from oblivion. Promising women he was “the man your man could smell like” would go on to be hailed as one of the most popular ever viral campaigns.

The campaign was so different from much of the formulaic work that prevailed at the time and helped convince other mainstream advertisers that they needed to push the boundaries if they were going to connect with a younger generation of consumer who had become desensitized to the effects of traditional marketing. What made its success all the more astonishing was that the campaign was for Old Spice, a neglected Procter & Gamble brand that had lost ground to more hip rivals such as Axe and whose very name seemed to underline how outdated it had become.

Moreover, it discovered that women were responsible for more than 50% of bodywash purchases – an insight that defined the strategy of the first ad that debuted during the Super Bowl on 8 February 2010. W&K quickly followed up with an interactive digital campaign capitalizing on the popularity of the “Old Spice Guy” in which he responded to personal video messages from his fans.

Its success went beyond the wildest dreams of agency and client with 5.9 million YouTube views on the first day alone. By the end of 2010, Old Spice had become the leading bodywash brand for US men with sales up 125%.

*Remember to only select one (1) brand from the options below (click on Option A, Option B, or Option C to view each available brand).

easy paper Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Las casas Humanities Assignment Help

Analytical: What do you think Las Casas was trying to accomplish by writing this book about the Spanish treatment of the Indians? Who is his audience? (Meaning, who was he trying to convince)? Non-analytical: What struck you most about this document and why?

2. Analytical: What does this short document from 1609 tell us about the relationship between the Powhatan Indians and the English colonists in Virginia. What was Powhatan trying to accomplish and why? Non-analytical: What struck you most about this document and why?

Make sure to address all parts of the question. 2 paragraphs or at least 10 sentences is a safe barometer. please, please answer each question clearly and number each question and put a space between two analytical.


Drama analysis Writing Assignment Help

This essay of at least 800 words must discuss symbols and metaphors used in Ibsen’s “A Doll’s

House” and should include the following components:

1) Discuss the title of the play and the metaphor of Nora as a doll.

2) Discuss the symbolism of the Christmas tree.

3) Discuss the symbolism of Nora’s costume and the tarantella that she dances at the party.

4) Expand your discussion to include other symbols and metaphors throughout the play

Above is the basic requirement.

What I hope the paper:

It should be divided it to 5 parts:

1.Introduction(thesis): I want that the theme about female freedom and Bourgeoisie’s repression of woman (just one thesis!!)

Introduce little about the “A Doll’s House” and your thesis

2. 1) Discuss the title of the play and the metaphor of Nora as a doll.

Because she cannot get the freedom and Nora attached to his husband (something just like this.)

3. Discuss the symbolism of the Christmas tree.

4. Discuss the symbolism of Nora's costume and the tarantella that she dances at the party. The dance is a manifestation of expressing one's emotions, and the husband's request makes the Nova unable to fully express herself.

5 Expand your discussion to include other symbols and metaphors throughout the play.(Conclusion)

!!Every paragraph need to back to thesis! And MLA format is important!Gramma is one of scoring criteria!!


Business Law Two Case Study Essays Business Finance Assignment Help

Please answer the questions posed at the end of each case study in essay form. Each essay will be judged on your capacity to present strong, logical discussions that support your conclusions.

Case Study 1

Lamar Smunt, eccentric millionaire, sends Casimir Roginsky, famous portrait artist, a letter offering to pay Roginsky $500,000 to do a portrait of Smunt’s mother. Roginsky sends back a letter that says: “I’ve had the misfortune of seeing your mother and would need $750,000 before my artistic sensibilities would allow me to undertake such a harrowing project.” Three hours later, after reflecting upon the sad state of his finances, Roginsky telephones Smunt and says: “I’d be delighted to paint your lovely mother. Destroy my letter without reading it. It was sent by mistake.” Smunt disregards Roginsky’s instructions and reads Roginsky’s letter when it arrives. He becomes enraged at the insult to his mother and refuses to allow Roginsky to do her portrait. Roginsky files a breach of contract suit against Smunt.

Discuss Roginsky’s chances of success. Consider the following topics:

  • Offer and acceptance
  • When can an offer be accepted?
  • When can an offer be revoked?
  • The mailbox rule
  • Traditional acceptance under the rule and a more modern view under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and the Restatement
Case Study 2

Wombat entered into an oral employment contract with Tony’s Toy Company. Tony’s has orally agreed to hire Wombat for 3 years as a district manager. Wombat quit his job, sold his house, and moved his wife and five children to another state in order to start the new job. One month later, Tony’s informed Wombat that things weren’t working out and that his job was terminated.

  • Is this contract enforceable under the Statute of Frauds? Remember to carefully read the Statute of Frauds as it specifically relates to oral contracts.
  • Is it enforceable under any other theory under which Wombat may recover damages from Tony’s Toy Company?
  • Are there ethical considerations that apply to this case?

This assignment will be submitted via turnit

Please asnwer the assignement in two seperate essays no more than a page and half each

APA writing style


Mini Project Business Finance Assignment Help





Imagine that you are the Talent Management Director of an organization.

Create a 12- to 15-question organizational development needs survey using Microsoft®Forms.

Include questions that ask leaders to evaluate their teams, team members, and to rate themselves.

Questions could include items referring to:

  • specific job skills and competencies
  • employee qualifications
  • breadth of training offered and available

Click on the “Share” tab and copy the link once your form is completed.

Complete the Workforce Planning Worksheet and paste the link in the space provided.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your worksheet.


Neurobiology, Client Presentation, and Pharmacological Treatment Plans Humanities Assignment Help

Neurobiology, Client Presentation, and Pharmacological Treatment Plans Humanities Assignment Help

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